So I’m new to Otome games…but I spent way too much.

The result of too much free time and too much love for Harvest Moon, RF4, FEA, Sweet Fuse and Hakuoki.

Beyond the Future, Fix the Time Arrows is super cheap and for the PS3.

I forgot to include Tokimeki 3 here.

The clear files are from a convention where I met the producer or something from Petite Reve, an otome company who sees a market in the US for otome games. After, I rushed home and found their first game, Soukai Buccanneers! on Ebay for super cheap. I also met the singer for the opening song, Sakina! She was so sweet and even though my Japanese sucked, she and I still had a fun time talking. She’s very talented for someone so young-lol, not much younger than I-but still. I hope someone translates Beyond the Future. It’s pretty fun!


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