I played a Voltage game…

I caved when I saw the art. Figured it was a good one to try out, and well, I was rather pleased.

I am NOT a fan of mobile otome games. When I got my first Android, I flipped out. THEY’RE IN ENGLISH!? I had to play them! I had no idea what the flip GREE was, so when I saw they  were ticket based-meaning you can’t continue the story unless you wait until the tickets replenish (which take a long ass time) or to just buy the route, I stopped. A lot of the games had pretty weird English grammar, poor translations, and just juvenile stories.

My friend told me that there were some that were indeed worth a second look. So she said, try out “Love Letter From Thief X” and welp, here I am!

I’m perfectly fine with paying for routes-the company has to make money to see we have a market, and plus, this is a business. Yet I can understand the dismay some might have when they discover they have to pay to continue a story that had got them hooked. Only thing I can say is, “Just freaking buy it!” Unless you think it sucks from the start then just no lol. I just wish more otoges would come out to the Vita in English. A lot of girls would buy the system for that, trust me.

So I chose Takuto simply because he and the heroine immediately just “work” together. They both love the same foods, both understand what the other is thinking and their banter was just entertaining. Plus, who doesn’t love a sexy tsundere? (I mean, he is one, right?)


He’s 24, an engineer that always chokes on his food, and has a gruff demeanor. The guy has a very gentlemanly side to him though, and he’s not honest with his feelings. And he’s got family issues (a common trope).

Basically the heroine (you) work at a museum. And you let some thieves get away with stealing art-somehow you don’t get fired-and then when eating with your bestie, Randa, you are approached by Takuto and Hiro. Takuto’s all pissed that there’s no more noodles. Since you haven’t touched yours yet, you can choose to offer it to him since he’s pretty butt-hurt over this. If you do, he’s all “WHY THE HELL’D I DO THAT, UR GEEEERRRRMMMS ARE ALL OVER IT! BAKA!” I can’t recall how many times he calls you an idiot ( and sadly, a lot of it is true.)

Then you get kidnapped and meet the Black Fox group who steal art that your grandpa made because they need to steal it to stop other thieves from doing so….but there’s this other plot besides it which was so ridiculous that it worked that I just went along with it. So you come into this picture to help them since they need your fingerprints. And to force your cooperation, one of these sexy hunks must become your overseer. So you get to choose!!

And I just HAD to choose this cranky guy. It was too good to pass up.

While I adored his route, there was one thing that bugged me to no end. HE DIDN’T GET A KISS CG!!!!!!!!!!! Like wth!? I was all ready for it, and then it freaking ends! So you can onny imagine my baffled face at the end when I was asked to rate his story (and the translations, which were, btw, really good!). It’s a minor thing and yet a major thing at the same time-so I had to give the story 4 stars. He kisses her several times BUT NO CG.

U disappoint, son!

I played the game again with a guide to see if I messed up, but NOPE. So, yeah, I’m pretty mad about that. Hopefully, he gets a kiss cg later in another route that I have to purchase.

Another thing that bugged me was the very submissive heroine. Like HOLY CRAP girl wth are you, a rug? She was SO infuriatingly dumb and always apologizing for stuff. I get it-different cultures. But damn. This was hard to deal with. Thank God we’ve got QuinRose lol

I’m so glad my friend made me play this BUT that lack of kissing cg really threw me off. As expected, there’s no voice acting but the translations thankfully were done well. The story was just so stupid but it worked and that’s what made me click that “Purchase Route” button.

I will definitely consider more routes in the future and more Voltage games HOWEVER, I really am not a fan of mobile otoges. I love the games on my Vita-which is why I’m SOOO ready for Norn9, Code Realize and Amnesia.

Overall, I recommend it! I was very critical at first, but I enjoyed it enough to post this lol and to say that if you’re looking for a new Voltage game, or looking for one as a noob, this is a great starting otoge.

What are some of your recommendations?

16 thoughts on “I played a Voltage game…

  1. Neko-chan says:

    I tried lots of Voltage games, but this one definitely came out when I kind of “stopped”. Hahaha. Voltage games always tend to look “the same” once you’ve played one; there are just different settings to them (or at least the first ones I did play lol); one I particularly enjoyed was “10 Days with the Devil” though the endings were, to say the least, too cheesy, but the guys were all very likeable. “Dreamy Days in West Tokyo” is another one that I enjoyed and “Seduced in the Sleepless City” was good for a taste of “maturity”. “Pirates in love” and “My Forged Wedding” are the first two otoges released by Voltage, which are also fairly entertaining. You definitely won’t get disappointed by at least a few of their games and it’s really nice to see more on mobile devices; supporting them will definitely bring us more stuff for the Ps Vita! (You’re right. I’m playing to buy a PS Vita only for these games. XD)

    Nice written post, by the way! Keep up the good work.

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Aww thank you so much! It really means a lot that people even read my ramblings lol. I will have to look into those games you mentioned and yeah, they seem very similar to each other. I do hope that we get more otoges but that developers don’t decide to place them on mobile markets. I really don’t like playing them on my phone-and unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Steam either. The Vita should have been advertised more and these otoges should be as well to get the interest stirring.

      You can find them for really cheap on Amazon-get the slim if you can! They’re under $200.

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  2. FantaMinette says:

    I am really not a fan of mobile games. I tried 10 days with the devil but my ipod touch is too old and suck so it was just painful xD. What saddens me the most is the lack of voice acting (It is a really big deal to me) I played diabolik lovers and (even thou this game is just not my type at all) the voice acting made the game to me. Also, really, i think our otome market is walking up, slowly but it does. Idea factory as started a trend that might show others how they can make money out of our otome love! let’s hope for the best! I really enjoy your reviews Leaf ^-^

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  3. Little Miss Sassy says:

    “I can’t recall how many times he calls you an idiot ( and sadly, a lot of it is true.” — So true! She didn’t even become badass enough after they recruited her. Thankfully, Voltage games are getting better tech-wise, and story/character/writing-wise.

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