If you love otome games, you NEED a Vita to play them in English!

For YEARS we’ve been anticipating any kind of otome game other than the mobile ones or Hakuouki. Hatoful Boyfriend could only keep me satisfied for so long.

And now, THIS is happening!


Amnesia comes out on Steam and Vita via PSN.


Code Realize comes out this October for the Vita. Physical copy


Norn9 this November also for Vita and physical.

I cannot even begin to express how happy, thankful and ecstatic I am to find we aren’t just getting 1 or 2 new otoges, but 3! If you want other future otome games to even be considered, you owe it to yourself to pick up a vita and buy them. I know it’s expensive, but you aren’t going to be able to convince them otherwise that there’s a market here.

Don’t ask to get a rom or iso or whatever it is you need to steal the game-that’s literally what you’re doing. Idc if you have a Japanese import copy, what you’re doing is hurting a potential market for English audiences. I don’t want to sound harsh. it’s fine if you’re making a translation of a game, I download them too. However, if there already is an English release and you’re trying to get a FREE copy of it, well, I hope you know that that’s wrong.

If you truly want more of these niche games, you need to support them. So far, this is 5 total otoges released for us by IFI or Aksys. And if we want more, we must support them. It’s expensive, I know, but compared to import prices, we really have a steal for the price we have to pay for an English localization.

I hope you enjoy your games and don’t forget to let IFI or Aksys know that you really appreciate what a risk they took to bring us these games! One that I hope no longer is a risk after we support them 😀

21 thoughts on “If you love otome games, you NEED a Vita to play them in English!

  1. FantaMinette says:

    If you consider the price of a vita it might look expensive but if you look at all the game you can actually enjoy with this little machine, you are far from a loss. Buying a vita was kindof useless a little while back but if it’s going to be the next otome console, just buy one guys. There is nothing to regret from this move. And xmas is not so far anymore, I mean what a wonderful gift you could ask, right ? Vita games aren’t that expensive at all. Let’s show some love to IFI !!

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  2. Neko-chan says:

    LOVE when I see people encouraging other people to buy otoges instead of download or hack them (Yes, I’m looking at those Voltage games hackers out there in particular, besides the iso/cso rippers that have brought the PSP to its fall. Also knowing that Voltage games have been hacked hurt me deeply considering the almost 200€ contributions I happily gave Voltage and for any out there that did the same. It’s unfair!) It’s not that hard to save up money when there are certain priorities and goals set; even 3 bucks once in a while count instead of buying coffee at Starbucks every morning (I guess you can see how this particular topic is touchy for me lol). And as Fantaminette said above, PS Vita is definitely not a loss considering the amount of games one can play on it, on the train, on the bus, in school breaks or anywhere you want, considering it’s also portable.
    Oh an add about the possible otome game releases too. Some time ago there has been an announcement that maybe not many people know about. Poni-Pachet announced that they were going to take the chance to localize “Ozmafia!!” otome game, despite the game being illegaly streamed and pirated and they were perfectly aware of it. Poni-Pachet is also an independent group in Japan, so they would have to face certain difficulties. According to their official twitter the game is now at 58.76% translated with the three Oz boys’ routes complete signed 14th of August, though, so at least the project is not dead. Not sure if it’s going to be a Steam release or a PSN port though, but nice to look forward to. 🙂 I definitely look forward to them all. XD

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Wow never knew about Ozmafia. That really stinks! And thanks so much for your input! Like you said you could easily drop that money for Starbucks to save up for a Vita or a Voltage game. If we want more of those games, we need to vote with our money. I really hope Ozmafia makes it and ppl stop illegally downloading games. It’s pretty depressing.

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      • Neko-chan says:

        There are more factors to consider. Aksys games, which will bring both Code;Realize and Norn9 and is also behind Hakuouki and Sweet Fuse localizations, seem to think so. The man in charge of Aksys’ editing specifically mentioned how bringing in Hakuouki was a gamble, but in any case, if it didn’t have success, they would have passed it as a game released for educational purposes, seeing Hakuouki’s historical setting. However, the game sold a lot more than Aksys ever imagined it would, so they started thinking more seriously about other titles that would work, but in a way they’re re-writting the meaning of “game” for the West since for most Westerners “visual novels” would fit more in the same category as illustrated books, rather than games, which of course, is wrong. XD Also, Idea Factory (which is the publisher for most/the best otome games in Japan) opened their international branch and they’re very sociable on their faceebook page. It was them with the good will to localize Amnesia because of fan demands (initially they were just going to localize their JRPGs like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Fairy Fencer f), also seeing how Aksys already scrapped Amnesia at the time (as well as Diabolik Lovers) for being “too dark” (looking at Toma and Ukyo here *coughs* as for Diabolik Lovers the whole game is “too dark” so I didn’t expect any less lolol). Now, Idea factory having an international branch with whom western fans can communicate with is a BIG step forward for the otome game industry as long as we keep supporting them, of course. So after this long rant of mine, yes and no. I don’t think that anybody else besides Aksys or Idea Factory themselves would gamble to bring in more otoges to the West, YET as far as “localizations” speaking for the PS Vita at least. The mobile game companies such as Voltage and Solmare started a trend which 3dpublisher, Accela and even more started following, releasing new otome games everytime I look away XD but these being digital releases are, overall, cheaper and safer than physical PS Vita releases (also because most of them are short, low quality and not even voiced; one of the main problems with localizing Japanese games in general is buying the rights for the voice acting which can get to huge numbers that few companies would feel comfortable to give). So, in conclusion, I think that some companies do think that otomes have a chance, but most of them are not willing to invest into them YET. They would need safer ground for that.

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        I figuredAksys and IFI were the only ones ready to risk it. And I’m so glad they are. I didn’t know that they didn’t expect Hakuoki to do so we. You pointed out a lot of interesting facts and so far, it seems favorable for us. I hope we support them enough to continue this. Thanks for your insightful comments as always, Neko-chan! I’m not the only one these comments are enlightening!

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  3. Laramie Castiel says:

    I bought a PSV waaaay back for reasons not related to otome games at all. I ended up giving it to my sister since she had more use for it back then. Since I found another good deal online, I ended up getting one for myself. Still haven’t played a single PSV otome game since I’ve been trying to slay through other games I bought. :S It’s too bad the three localised PSV titles don’t interest me very much. However, since they’re in English, I’d be able to get through them much faster and it won’t be as much of an investment of my time like reading them in my second language (Japanese). While the PSV will eventually get cracked (they always find a way), I hope that time comes as late as possible. My wish is for Black Wolves Saga to get ported as a twin pack for the PSV, and for THAT to get localised. I guess it’s an “old” game now so the relevance isn’t really there…

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      I hear you. Maybe they might localize a game that will interest you? Even without otoges there are still plenty of Vita games that are worth a look-especially now that you can price match games since the prices have plummented. I was able to get Gravity Rush for $16 instead of the $40 list price. There’s also the GREAT Zero Escape series that is ending soon since the 3rd and final installment is coming out. And there’s some FF games if you like those, and the PS1 classics which are very much worth the price. Still, I can see why some are hesitant on the system’s purchase.

      And Black Wolves Saga? Never heard of that lol. Have you made a review on your site? If so, I’d love to read all about it! 😀


      • Laramie Castiel says:

        I thinkI may have worded my initial post poorly, sorry about that. I do own a Vita already and am happy I bought one. It’s true- there are games outside of otome-ge I have been keen on, such as Persona and the Danganronpa series. I love Zero Escape and will definitely be buying the last installment! 🙂 Looking forward to it.

        Black Wolves Saga (BWS) is an otome game “franchise” released in 2012 by Rejet (back in the days Rejet was actually a cut above the rest). Basically put, it’s a dark political fantasy that touches upon madness, obsession, disease, racism and discrimination. There are two games- Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope. You don’t need to play both to appreciate BWS, but I think it’s worth doing so. Bloody Nightmare was released for the PC and focuses on the Cat tyrants more (in other words, it’s more plot-oriented and is much darker than Last Hope), whereas Last Hope- which was released for the PSP- is more focused on the characters and is less “full-on” than Bloody Nightmare with an emphasis on the Wolf race. (Link to Bloody Nightmare: https://vndb.org/v8095).

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      • Laramie Castiel says:

        I’d say that you can get the general gist with basic Japanese, but if you want to appreciate the more “complex” aspects of the plot, your Japanese would have to be intermediate or better. The game has its own in-built encyclopedia for made up words or phrases that may warrant further explanation for some.

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  4. Cho says:

    I am looking forward to picking up each of these titles for my Vita — I bought one in the first place in part for the potential of otome titles getting localized, and I also wanted to play Sweet Fuse and Hakuouki.

    There are lots of other interesting story-driven titles for the Vita as well, for anyone considering looking into one. For mystery there are the Dangan Ronpa games, for horror there is the Corpse Party series, and for sci-fi there was recently a port of Steins;Gate released. It’s an exciting time for visual novels, isn’t it? The Vita also has some fun and cute games like Tearaway, Hatsune Miku, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. :>

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Awesome! I hope you enjoy the vita when you get yours-it really should have been marketed better. It’s an amazing device.
      I have unfortunately played Danganronpa yet but there have been a lot of comparisons to Sweet Fuse in terms of horror and suspense (though not on the same degree of violence) and I really enjoyed the character development for each male lead. And for once, they weren’t all pretty boys.Their personalities and growth made them so likable. And the story did get pretty intense at times! 😀


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