Meet Miura Daichi, an amazing singer and dancer and Reines Des Fleurs

Sorry everyone, been pretty busy with classes. As awesome as it is to pursue a career you love, it really takes a lot out of you by the end of the day, month, year, etc.

Due to the reviews Reines has received, and after playing through 2 routes, I can safely say I was disappointed. The writing was bad, so it’s a good thing Hinano is so well-versed in Japanese or else I never would have understood those plot holes and out of character moments. And turns out the answer was the writing was pretty bad to begin with!

So while the game has GORGEOUS art and some decent music, I found it a slog to get through 2 routes. Even with my limited Japanese, I could tell there was something about Reines that was lacking, or rather, that they had too much of *less bad endings*

Like really? Hinano was a trooper and managed to do ALL of them. And I could only attempt 2! Definitely a disappointment.

U so pretty so why must u be so terrible?

Other than that, I snagged a copy of Miura Daichi’s new album, Fever because the dude seriously is amazing!!! If you like Kpop especially, you’ll love his music! His album showcases a wide range of his vocal talents, and I was pretty impressed.

And the dude choreographs his own dance along with writing his songs! Needless to say, the guy is crazy talented. And you REALLY should support him!!

His music ranges from sounding like Justin Timberlake to Bruno Mars etc.

And CDJapan truly is a godsend for buying Japanese stuff. So…you know, you could check out his stuff and maybe buy his album? It’s pretty cheap and I chose unregistered Sal or something and I literally got this in 4 days.

There are 14 songs in this album, along with a dvd (which I can’t watch cuz region 2 lol) but the music alone is amazing.

Please check out these songs of his. They are drastically different, so you can see that he has a wide range of music to listen to! (My personal fav)  HE COMPOSED THE DANCE TOO YOU GUYS

(I think I might be in love with him)

26 thoughts on “Meet Miura Daichi, an amazing singer and dancer and Reines Des Fleurs

  1. Neko-chan says:

    LEAFY! I missed you! (Excuse the nickname I just gave you…If you prefer to be called someway else please tell me XD).

    I seriously feel bad to hear that about Reines Des Fleurs; I definitely thought it was better than that, but I guess a nice decoration doesn’t make the cake tasty….

    Even though fairly like K-pop and Japanese music I never thought Miura Daichi was this good! o-o I go through some circles of people that always tend to complain about Japanese music being low quality and weird compared to what kpop artists have to offer. Now I feel like I can say one or two on the topic by showing this guy to them! Thank you! (If I can share something with you too, by the way of Japanese music, I have a big crush on Matsushita Yuya and I’m planning to get his “Best of Best” album from That website has many Korean and Japanese albums at very low price and I bought from them before, I can say they’re safe!)

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Awww Neko-chan!!! XD haha I missed you too!!! It was terrible not using WordPress at all to see what everyone was up to:( And haha I don’t mind whatever you want to call me! I like nicknames!
      Yeah…the pretty art definitely got me haha and I don’t regret the low price I paid for the game but it was sad to see how the art was the only saving grace.
      O that’s right! Most people assume Jpop is pretty “meh” and even then, Jrock to a lot is pretty ok too. And sadly, I have to agree. Kpop is modeled to appeal to wider audiences after all.
      Awww no problem haha I just thought he had a lot of talent and wanted to share his music with everyone!!
      Yuya Matsushita is soooooo pretty!! And he sang for Drrr!! He has such a good voice too! Thanks for introducing him to me! XD

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      • Neko-chan says:

        Sure, I don’t mind. 8D

        Yes, Yuya is very pretty *-* He acted as Sebastian in all the Kuroshitsuji musicals as well. Fun time, fun time !
        I’m sure there are men like that in the US, just kind of underrated. X-X So I take you’re from the US, Leafy? (I apologize if you mentioned it before. I have a bad memory >.<)

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        OOOOO the romantic city! 😀 I have a friend who’s Romanian and his accent is sooooo sexy!

        Haha, yeah I try to as well(that’s a new phrase btw, we usually say see the glass half-full) but not all of them are like that. It’s just that it’s the social norm to see women as tenders of the kitchen.
        The higher a woman’s education, the less likely she is to get married in the US. And considering how heavy an emphasis is put on youthful women, it doesn’t help much for those who want to put their career first.
        Big Boobs/Butt=a prize.
        That’s not to say there are no good men here. There are some who respect women but I would try not to expect gentleman from here if you do visit.

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      • Neko-chan says:

        Yes, I know, I tried to be unique ! 8D and cake is tastier…no, I just simply crave cake. I apologize. XD
        Funny to know you think Romanian accent is sexy; we don’t usually get that, but I’m glad to hear ! *wink wink*

        Wow. Now that’s something I heard for the first time about the US. But, sincerely, I don’t think that any country is the face of “gender equality”; Italy is pretty much the same when it comes to it (women must be housewives!) and if somebody tells you differently, it’s probably a lie.
        One of my biggest dreams is to visit America so…who knows. Maybe we’ll be meeting at least!…someday. XD

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Oh hahaha sorry I thought that was a saying where you lived! My bad lol. 😛
        I love Romanian accents!!!!!!!!! So do my friends!!!
        Yeah, it’s sad to think that people don’t take us as seriously as men because we don’t have male-genitals.
        We’ve been discussing gender-roles in communications and a lot of guys are seriously rethinking their beliefs, so that’s good!:D
        I hope that if you do visit, you’ll still really like America! And yes, that would amazing!!! If you ever do visit, let me know! Maybe we could hang out:D

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  2. Laramie Castiel says:

    I’ve managed to avert the Reine “disaster” thanks to Jyuuguchi, Hinano, and now, you! =) I’m quite disappointed since the premise seemed quite promising and gave the impression of the story having effort placed into. Not to mention the drop-dead gorgeous artwork (not just character designs, but the scenery as well).

    About the Miura Daichi, I recall reading his influences are Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Usher, and it definitely shows in great ways. He can compose, sing, dance and has loads of presence to ensure I won’t forget his name… Unlike his competition, the God-knows-how-many Johnny’s idol pretty boys. Most of them are totally replaceable and are almost indistinguishable from each other (it’s even insulting to Miura to put him on the same level as them).

    I can’t and likely never will never empathise with the mad love J-Pop and/or idol otaku fans have towards those boring, individuality-stripped, no-personality, mass-produced, tightly-controlled, talentless robots (read: treated as money-making packages, not as artists/people) that are known as “idols”… and I’ll leave it at this before I just become plain spiteful. Let’s just say I LOATHE the idol culture and its influence on otome media. Especially the latter. A LOT. In the end, this is just my opinion and it is making thousands of girls happy, so it wouldn’t be fair to ignore that good it brings.

    As for the Region 2 issue you mentioned, have you considered purchasing an external Blu-ray or DVD drive? They’re plugged in via USB and you can easily find ones on eBay that aren’t region-locked. Depending on what your media player software is, you may have to switch between regions (but you can get around this by using region restriction freeing software). So far, I’ve never had to do any switching even though I don’t use any region restriction freeing software and I play Japanese (Region 2 and A) and Australian (Region 4 and B) DVDs and Blu-rays.

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      No no no don’t worry at all! I love hearing other opinions-and this I have to agree with you on! After hearing so much about the horrors idol groups go through and then seeing how people viciously attack each other for liking a different kpop group (I’ve seen this less often in Jpop groups, though it still happens) I find myself feeling conflicted. Sometimes the muisc is super catchy and I enjoy it a lot, but considering how rude a lot of the fanbase is, I can’t enjoy it as much as I would like to.
      And even otome companies put this in their games-the horrors of idol groups-but only sometimes, from what I could see. I dislike idol otoges so much, and I don’t understand why so many are coming out all the time. It’s going to be the same thing again.
      I sincerely hope Miura has better luck with the industry and for now it seems like he isn’t dealing with too much most other groups do…then again, I don’t really know. I’m just really pleased to have found someone who has TALENT. Compared with all the kpop/jpop groups out there, Miura isn’t glamored up. He does his thing and they just have like 12 people in a group, most have gone through plastic surgery, etc. and no offense, but they don’t seem as hardworking/talented as Miura. He’s one guy who puts everything together. I’m not saying the others don’t work hard, lol, to anyone who might take that the wrong way.
      I’m glad I could find someone else who dislikes the idol industry!!

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      • Laramie Castiel says:

        I’m glad you didn’t get offended. Now here come a torrent of opinions! xD There are more than just a couple of parallels between the idol and otome fandoms, IMO. Perhaps that’s why- from a marketing perspective- they mesh together so “well”.

        I realise my comment made me sound like a music snob, but this couldn’t be further from the truth- my taste is quite generic for the most part. Militant hipsters/music snobs/metal-heads piss me off as much as rabid no-brainer idol otaku. I loathe the way they act like the artists/genre they like are the only ones with talent who produces any quality music at all. It’s one thing to enjoy specific genres for whatever reason, but another to dismiss everything else in one fell swoop just because they don’t fall under such narrowly-constructed personal definitions of “good music”. Talent and technical ability don’t necessarily produce good songs, nor does a lacking of both always equals shitty, worthless music.

        Anyway, I like many “mainstream” artists, and definitely listen to them more than indie or otherwise “less famous” artists. I listen to anything at least once and don’t discriminate between genres. I don’t care how the song is critically received, categorised genre-wise, composed or whom it’s sung by as long as I enjoy it. Yes, the overall quality of music is taking a dive for many reasons, but not everything and anything in the Billboard Top 100 or top of the Oricon charts is worthless garbage and not everything created by the “starving indie artists” are musical High Art. You just have to dig for the good stuff, and that goes for anything, really. Sturgeon’s law!

        That all being said, this doesn’t mean I’ll defend by-the-numbers, uninspired, blatantly money-grubbing music practices just because I like a song or its artist. I like plenty of mainstream J-Rock and J-Pop artists and their songs, but I’ll NEVER defend the idol culture and its 90% of the time and IMO, shitty music.

        So yeah, I agree with you about the “conflicted” feeling very much!

        I wouldn’t have a problem with idol otome games if they weren’t so derivative and devoid of anything unique or interesting about them. They’re 90% of the time (but not always, of course), about some self-insert Sue producer/manager/random that became one of the two saving/reigning in some generic idol group filled with generic moe archetypes with generic costume designs. The main drama resolves itself simply with no real negative long-term repurcussions of dealing with the violent/insane fans/rivals that are apparenlty, one of the only two main dramatic turns an idol otome plot is allowed to take (the other being the “hide-from-the-paparazzi” thing). Furthermore, the music- one of the main selling points, supposedly- isn’t even that great!

        Also, the creators’ desperate attempts to emulate Uta no Prince-sama’s popularity and cash in on the rabid male idol otaku fangirls/otome fanbase doesn’t help one bit. Seriously, every time I go to otome news sites or check my Twitter feed, there’s something about some 2D idol who is pretty much indistinguishable from the last 2D idol I happen to come across before. I’m so sick of idol otome garbage that I fear I may literally become vomitous soon.

        Exactly, about Miura Daichi. He isn’t recognised as much as his less-talented peers for the crime of being… “normal-looking” by celebrity standards. The sad fact is, if he looked more like Abe Hiroshi, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I’m not even a huge fan, but it’s super-annoying to read comments by dumbasses wishing he were as good-looking as “[insert name of generic idol here I wouldn’t listen to a cappella even if I’m paid to]” or recommending him to lose weight ostensibly to “become a better dancer” (he’s not even fat, for God’s sake!)

        Just because he hasn’t gone under the knife a few thousand times to become a super bishie clone or sold his soul to his record label and the whims of retarded fans, he doesn’t get as much recognition as someone of his talent truly deserves. At least he has a fairly dedicated fanbase that dig him for less shallow reasons, like yourself.

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        OMG YES. And no I didn’t think you sounded like a music snob lol. You made a lot of great points!!
        Uta was a hit, but no way will any idol game ever measure up to it, or the anime. Tbh, I wasn’t in love with it but I saw the appeal. The whole “self-insert” is fine by me!! I mean, ever since people mistook me for Leaf from Pokemon at a convention (and I wasn’t cosplaying at all lol) I self-insert in Pokemon Leaf green and Firered. And it kind of didn’t help that I admired the fact that she was the first female option for the games and I played them when I was 10, so you know, FULL IMMERSION WORKED XD
        (That’s why I named my blog Leaf lol)
        But the whole NO PERSONALITY Mary-Sue is something I can’t stand! At least the heroine from Amnesia had a reason for this-as dumb as it was-because it worked.
        Now idol otoges are just “U ain’t no hotty, so why not pretend to be in a situation surrounded by a bishie harem of SINGING MEN who will fall for you!” I have to admit, it ‘s sounds so great on paper-but the games are anything but.
        I would love it if a game actually talked about the controversial matters that idol groups endure, but that’ll never happen.
        And I really dislike how that idol persona is carried over to dramas. They can’t KISS because it would ruin their “pure” image and the companies would get in trouble. So while Kdramas can sizzle, Jdramas are lucky to get close (My CInderella had a very good one though!)
        I get that it’s another culture and some ppl would even bash us for saying things that sound like “white-washing” but rlly, I think this should be discussed! We can’t change it, but we can sure talk.
        And yep. Looking at Miura, I can easily say that I find him more attractive than most of those glamoured men. I thought they were the bomb at first lol but after seeing Miura I thought, “Wow, they all look the same…” and the more I watched his vids and saw kpop/jpop, the more I found about the harsh reality celebrities go through. And I admire Miura for not doing that. He’s handsome already, and while he may not be the “standard” for the idol groups, it says a lot that he still goes through and does his own thing and people still love the guy! I feel like anyone who tries to make their own self in a glamorized, vain industry deserves respect.

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  3. bobaandgames says:

    Oh I’ve been a fan of Miura Daichi for a long time too :D. I found him through his collaboration song with BoA, lol. He’s a really good dancer and I like his style and voice. My favorite song of his was The Answer and I have had that song on my iPhone playlist for a long time lol.

    He usually choreographs with S**T KINGZ, which is one of my favorite choreographer groups ^_^. So when I discovered him and found this out I was like wow a match made just for me xD.

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