The Liebster Award!? Oh My.

First, I wanted to thank all those who have ever visited my blog-even accidentally! You have no idea how happy it made me to think someone cared at all about my terrible posts and thought they were worth their time. It means a lot to me. And NEKO-CHAN!!! Thank you for nominating me. have lost the ability to even so hard. What is life?

What is your most favorite anime/manga and why?

…Can I cheat? While it’s great to sit back and find a show which doesn’t take itself too seriously, or is bright and colorful, I can’t choose a newer show. The whole reason I got into anime was due to the unique storytelling. It was  “cartoons for adults” (and no, not the hentai lol) and I really want to list two so I’ll go ahead and choose just one…so hard to do.

I swear, this is NOT some dumb romance show. It’s so much more.

The Vision of Escaflowne was the first anime I watched and to this day, I still consider it one of the best series and most underlooked. It takes the cliche premise of “girl falls into another world” and twists it. Hitomi is relatable but has definite flaws. She’s in love with love, and adores the sempai who will never notice her. Yet she’s also charming and gets Prince Van out of trouble just as often as he does for her.

If you’re not into mecha like I am, I have to urge you to still give this one a shot. Despite the aged art and the initial cliche set up, this is truly a gem among anime. I have yet to discover a show that deals with romance, action, adventure, and fantasy in a way like this. The closest I can come to is either Moribito or Romance of the 12 Kingdoms, but even then, they don’t come anywhere near the depth this show has. Please overlook the outdated style. You’re in for a treat! (Just DON’T watch the movie first) It’s basically Fushigi Yuugi but done right and without that terrible romance lol. (Sorry if you like that show!)

Is there a particular anime/manga/book/movie that made you cry for being able to relate to it a lot?

I have to choose Wolf’s Rain. I will be delving into spoilers, but first, the whole show has this dark somberness hanging over it. You spend the show getting to know all of them so well that you know them as well as your best friend. And of course, tragedy befalls them. One by one. And it tears you apart. If you’re an animal lover, especially, this show will get you. Still, you shouldn’t skimp out on this.

You are presented with Kiba, the hero, who is searching for Paradise. Only wolves will be able to find it during the end of the world, but they have been driven to extinction. Except, they’ve actually found a way to take on human form to survive. Unfortunately, their journey to find Paradise will bring out the best and worst in them, and may or may have not been worth it.

This is considered a classic for a reason, and if you haven’t seen it, you should do so.


All of the characters die and you have to decide if they ever found Paradise based on what happened. The worst death for me was Toboe’s. He was the pure, innocent, young wolf who loved humans.

The whole scene had me crying for about an hour because he was not only my favorite character, but in a way, his death was a blessing. If he didn’t die there, he would have undergone a much crueler death at the series finale.

If you could choose to be part of a fictional world (whatever type of fiction) what world would you choose and what would your role be in that world?

Uh…I’ll stay away from Harry Potter since that’s so common. I’d like to live in some awesome fantasy world and be some badass, but I’m a pretty weak, lazy, and indecisive person. Loath as I am to admit, I’d probably be in constant damsel-in-distress situations, though I’d still do my best to get out of it…so maybe not a complete damsel? Still, I would LOVE to live in Diana Wynne Jone’s Howl’s Moving Castle World and be a Witch and meet my own Howl lol, or I would like to be a tochigami like Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss. I love fantastical settings and magic and bishies, so as long as I could get myself out of a tough spot, I’d be pretty dang pumped to live there.

Is there any fictional character that you’d just wish for him/her to exist and marry him/her?

Holy muffins, you choose tough questions!!! Good ones though:) Quite a few. I’ll be quick:


Kind, compassionate, blushy, and devoted to his love. He’s everything I hope to find in a guy one day. He starts off ready to kill the heroine because she will awaken the Sky Demon, which is what he is. However, he starts to fall for her during their journey and discovers that he might not bring destruction to his world after all.

Prince Kai/Emperor Kaito

Stars Above! From The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, this retelling of Cinderella backslapped me. I hated Cinderella. I thought it was dumb. The Prince couldn’t even remember what Cinderella looked like! Here, he’s adorable, has a personality, and made me swoon. I would literally marry this dude on the spot if possible. *Fans myself* I thought I was done with YA, but look! So if you were unsure of starting to read books again lol, please put his series on your list. If this sexy Prince doesn’t do it, then you have your pick of the dark and shy teddy bear, Wolf, the sexy space commander and flirt, Captain Thorn, or loyal (and maybe tsundere?) Jacin. The final book comes out this November, and I would love it if you would check this out so we can squeal about the epicness it contains.

Instructor Atsushi Dojo

If you watch 1 live action adaptation, make it this one. Toshokan Sensou, or Library Wars, deals with a topic all of us anime/manga/any nerds would find horrifying: censoring all media deemed “unworthy.” Anything the government doesn’t like, it can take away. Iku Kasahara enlists into the Library Defense Force to protect the right to Freedom of Expression, but faces the Instructor from Hell: Dojo. As you will guess RIGHT away, he is the “Prince” who rescued her in a bookstore and the reason she joined the LDF. However, she never got a good look at him so she doesn’t know it’s him.

He’s short, always cracks down on her, but in the end, genuinely cares. A little too much. Their chemistry on screen sizzles and it was thanks to this movie that I bought the entire manga series and now am dying to watch the last movie . Okada’s performance as Dojo was spot on to the point that I can’t see anyone else as him. And he doesn’t abuse his superior authority over Iku to bring about romance. In fact, he’s afraid she’ll find out he’s her “Prince” because he has no idea how she’ll react. Thank God her character develops lol and that chemistry. It’s hot.

Rurouni Kenshin

Just like Library Wars, this live action blew me away. It was really good, and Takeru Sato!! ❤ Not only is he handsome, but he can act. And  he IS Rurouni Kenshin. This guy is humble, has quite a dark past, and has a good heart.


The tsundere, afraid-of-women, mrymidon from Fire Emblem Awakening for the 3ds. If you can’t afford a Vita to romance some hot dudes, pick this up. Lon’qu and the female protagonist meet and immediately, she starts hitting on him. This stern, skilled fighter who cowers at the sight of a woman learns to grow past his fears after he falls for you.

  • Lon’qu: In our recent battle, did you…do something to me? Cast a spell? Slip me a potion?
  • Avatar: No, of course not… Why do you ask?
  • Lon’qu: I see… Then this feeling in my heart is from natural causes.
  • Avatar: Er, Lon’qu, are you feeling all right?
  • Lon’qu: No, it’s frightening…but wonderful… You see, Avatar… It appears that I’ve grown…quite…fond of you.

Prince Chrom

Also from Fire Emblem…I have a thing for Princes and dark-haired, blushy men lol. He’s so adorkable. You are missing out on a lot of stuff, my friends, if you’ve not played this.

I need to stop right now lol so that’s it for my fictional boyfriends;)

What is your opinion about the direction anime is taking nowadays?

I honestly don’t have too much time to watch much anymore. However, I’ve noticed it a lot of anime coming out are either being geared towards specific niches (otome, otaku) or they’re just very stylish. I’m not trying to say there aren’t any out there trying to tell a good story, but if you look at what’s coming out now and compare to what has come out in the early 2000’s, it’s pretty drastic. We used to have masterpiece’s like Monster, Wolf’s Rain, and Full Metal Alchemist. Now, we get a lot of stuff like Diabolik Lovers, moe, and harem/reverse harems. However, we have been getting good stuff too! We’ve gotten Akatsuki no Yona, Nagi no Asakura, Mushishi, etc.

Light Novels have been lending to this pool of entertainment, and with these come more live action adaptations. While it’s not as common to see fans watching these, I think we should. I recently delved into them, and while there are a lot of bad ones (AOT, Future Diary) there are tons of great ones. Library Wars will satisfy those who LOVE romance and action. Rurouni Kenshin is worth a look too, as well as the newest romance movie, Heroine Shikkaku that outsold AOT at the boxoffice.

What first catches your eye when you have to decide to watch/read something?

I don’t judge the show/manga on art anymore. I used to believe I wouldn’t like it unless I liked its art. Lol. If I had never given Escaflowne or The Rose of Versailles a chance, I would have never seen those gems.

Generally, I read the description if it’s something I’ve never heard of. If I’m not sure, I’ll look for reviews, but I never take them too seriously. You can’t assume someone can tell you if you’ll like that show/series even if you share a lot of the same opinions.

Do you play video games? If yes, what do you prefer?

Anything. Seriously. I started with Pokemon, then eventually fell in love with The World Ends With You.

It focused on music and story. It’s super short but left a huge impact on me. It was because of this that I got into JRPGS like Radiant Historia, Fire Emblem, Valkyria Chronicles, and the Tales of. Each focused on their stories and characters with glorious soundtracks.

It was due to these games I discovered Otome games. These games all had romance, especially Fire Emblem, Valkyria Chronicles, Trails in the Sky, and Tales of the Abyss,-and it hooked me. Were it not for the budding love Luke and Tear felt for each other, I would never have realized a video game could not only be fun and addicting, but could make me care about the characters.

From there, I discovered Harvest Moon and Rune Factory 4….and the rest is history for otome games!


I’m getting more into WRPGs but they haven’t hooked me just yet. I still really adore and have a special place in my heart for Jrpgs and I just recently finished Kingdom Hearts for the first time in my life. Jrpgs introduced me to a meaningful romance that isn’t dependent on the sex that is too prevalent in western games. It’s disturbing that women are viewed as a prize for slaying a monster or that her only role is to be a one night stand.

I’m in no way saying there are no games that does romance right (Shadow of the Colossus, Nier) but I’ve just noticed this. And I’m sure you have too.

What is your motivation that keeps you blogging?

To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would ever read what I wrote. At all. I started this because I had opinions I wanted to share, fangirling I wanted to let out, and friends to make who had similar interests.

If it weren’t for discovering the many kind and helpful people on here who had as much fiery passion for their fandoms, I would have quit. Everyone lends such great advice, accepted me right away, and read and commented on what I wrote. Like WHAT!? I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that even one person has ever seen my embarrassing blog.

I hope I can improve through my posts for you!

If you were stranded on a deserted island with a fictional character, who would you like him/her to be?

I’d love to have another girl with me since I want a friend…but I love romance lol and I would choose some guy who was dependable. Someone who would learn to accept me, and me him, and grow closer to. Of course, he couldn’t be some boring dude. We’d have to have fun. Race around the island, have contests to catch the most fish, invent magic or something lol.

I honestly would be fine with any of the guys I listed above! As long as he wasn’t a creeper I’d be pretty fine with whoever. It’d help that he was smexy;)

What is your opinion of reverse harem anime/manga/otome games?

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them! XD  I adore Akatsuki No Yona (though they didn’t go the reverse harem route) and Kamisama Kiss. I enjoyed La Cordo and had a lot of fun with Ouran, despite it being a parody of such anime.

In manga, I have to like the end game. The anime tries to capture a route for each guy since they don’t want to anger fans, but it can get pretty disappointing. Still, I think they’re a blast! They don’t need to be taken seriously but you can still see it as your OTP strutting their stuff.

As you guessed from my games, I love otome games. I already pre-ordered Code Realize and Norn9.

Is there something in particular you would like me to cover on my blog?

Light Novels and live action Japanese films! They don’t get much coverage and it would be a great way to introduce others to this whole new world of amazingness. You already cover amazing stuff and I think you could make this shine. You would draw a lot of attention to this and make it interesting!


OMG thank you SO much! This was really fun and I didn’t expect how long I would take to plan all this out. Sorry I wrote so much but I hope the pictures helped break it up:) Thanks for this amazing opportunity and everyone KEEP BEING YOU! ^^


FantaMinette: Posts great stuff ranging from anime to manga to how she makes her own dolls! She’s very talented and keeps her blog interesting^^

Imoutoplus:  Posts guides for otome games and talks about how she learned Japanese to play some of them. She has a very engaging style of writing.

LitaKitano: Anywhere from anime to favorite characters and lists that show off her awesome personality! She’s always writing something new and fun.


  1. How did you discover/get into anime/manga?
  2. Why did you make a blog?
  3. Yeah, you might have a waifu, but what about…a HUSBANDO?! Tell us all about this sexy beast, and don’t limit yourself to any amount of guys. The limit is up to you;)
  4. Is there an older manga or anime series you wish others knew about? Let us know!
  5. What tropes do you love and hate in manga/anime?
  6. People will always tell you that “anime is for kids”, so why not let them know why anime has had such an impact on you and why it isn’t something just a kid would enjoy.
  7. List some of your favorite characters and tell us why we should love them too!
  8. If you could visit your favorite character for a year, who would it be and what would you do?
  9. Have you seen any live action Japanese movies? Which ones did you like? Not like?
  10. Would you like to see more light novels for girls? (Ones that aren’t ecchi or fanservice that is usually out there)
  11. What is something you really want to recommend to others? It can be ANYTHING.

16 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!? Oh My.

  1. kurosama238 says:

    Congrats on the award! Glad to find another Fire Emblem Awakening fan, am a massive Chrom fan too. Have yet to play through Lon’qu ‘s supports, am in the middle of trying to get my avatar to marry Freddy 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Neko-chan says:

    I’m like uberly happy about all the new games and titles that I found out about just now. Like Fire Emblem looks so good XD
    I’ll definitely try The Vision of Escaflowne out someday! I am about to finish Monster, and wow, I sure am glad that I didn’t get turned off by the art. Now after diving into the story, I find them all beautiful, even Lunge! hahahaha It was the hit on the head that made me realize that even what I consider “bad art”, can actually turn pretty

    It’s really funny that you said you wanted me to cover Japanese films because I just posted a post on Japanese dramas and the reasons why they’re not so popular compared to other stuff XD I will gladly cover up some of them as I watch them since I’m kind of a newbie as well. As light novels it’s a bit tougher but I do plan to also start buying some titles that I particularly fell in love with ! Thank you for the trust and for the nice words!

    I’m really happy to see that we have so much in common and that you put so much effort into this post. Thank you! And don’t give up on blogging, people will always be here to support you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Awwww Neko chan! XD You are way too kind, really!
      And yes, Monster is sooooo good!
      Haha, I noticed that too. Bad art just becomes more beautiful, kind of like how we gt smarter as we age? Ugh haha bad comparison lol.
      OOOOO really? I will def check that out when I have time! (Srry, trying to keep up while in class lol) I really hope dramas get more attention-though it seems only kdramas are the ones that do well. Not that I hate them, but I find them way too stretched out and glamored up…idk that’s just me lol. At least they have good kiss scenes, unlike jdramas lol.
      Hey, we’re both newbies! XD If you can, I would recommend Toshokan Sensou the first movie live action, Rurouni, and Blue Spring Ride. Of course, a lot of fans were pissed that Kou wasn’t the typical hottie in that film, but he grew on me. Last Cinderella and Hotaru no Hikari were two jdramas I highly enjoyed-mainly cuz of Fujiki Naohito lol-and I liked the kdrama Secret Garden. Absolutely hilarious!
      I’ve started to recognize more and more celebrities now and I started watching talk shows too and it’s surprising when an actor/tress you know shows up.
      I’d love to hear what recs you have for that and light novels! Been having a hard time finding ones I like.
      Me too, Neko!^^ It’s almost like we are sisters! And same to you! You always put so much thought into your posts. I love reading what you post!!!!!
      Aw, same! Never stop writing. I’ll be here!XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Neko-chan says:

        My reply comes so late, I’m sorry Dx
        Or it’s like love. Even if we might not initially feel attracted to a person, his or hers personality makes them look beautiful for the person that likes them :3
        Also, no worries! My uni life has been quite busy for me as well ! So take your time !
        I have this friend that is VERY into Kdramas more than anything else. Actually it was her that convinced me to check dramas out to begin with, but yes, I can’t say I share the same love for kdramas even if they are more high quality than any other asian drama. As you said, a nice facade doesn’t make the story. There are some stuff that I have seen that I actually really liked about k-dramas, but you’re right when saying they’re too streched out and often fall too much into fanservices and eyecandy instead of just going to the point…or it might be the actual way they deal with the story that looks too trivial most of the time…or I’m just more used to the Japanese vision. I really do not want to sound bashing XD
        Thank you for the titles! I will add them to my MyDramaList :3

        For light novels I really like the Durarara and Rokka no Yuusha ones :O I wish I would have time to read more of them though…I’ll do my best though !

        I like the idea of “sisters”! We really do seem to share lots of believes, hobbies and themes and I’m always happy when I am allowed to voice my opinion without the other person to feel hurt or offended even if he/she does not agree. (I seem to have met lots of people like that lately; outside the blogging community XD) I do not tend to say that something was “nice” if i don’t really mean it just because the other person liked it. Of course, I will never bash that something, I will just say why I didn’t like it, but some people can really take that the wrong way and question my tastes :/
        Good luck at school and I’ll look forward to your posts/replies! :3


  3. bobaandgames says:

    Dude, we play like all the same games xD. I know I’ve said this before, but I seriously think you’d love the Persona series, as that’s the game that directly led into playing otome games for me. Do Persona 3 Portable and play the female protagonist. Akihiko + Koromaru make that protagonist completely worth it.

    Ohhhhh how did you like Trails in the Sky? I was on the fence about buying it since I heard the sequel just got released, so my interest was piqued. Ugh maybe after Norn9. Next paycheck next paycheck >_>.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      OMG Boba, I think I finally need to give it a go;) Thing is it’s been a little offputting that that is the only entry that allows you the option of a female protagonist but I think I need to try it:)
      You NEED to get it. Steam or vita psn, which ever. If you like any of the games I posted but with a much more epic scale and romance that grows realistically and relatibly, you seriously are missing out. They just released the last chapter: Second Chapter, which will finally cure those who went through the WORST cliffhanger imaginable. I cannot even begin to recommend this game enough!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Maniacal Book Unicorn says:

    I loved reading your answers!! Congratulations on all the awards! I loved almost all the anime you mentioned, though haven’t seen The Rose of Versailles or (I’m ashamed to admit this) Howl’s Moving Castle yet. Also I felt the same way you did about Wolf’s Rain, though after first seeing it any time anyone asked how I liked it my answer would be: “It was terrible! I mean, it’s just…they all struggled so hard…and then…*tears up*…I’m never watching that horrible thing again!!” Then I’d curl up in the “corner of woe” lol. I’ve only recently noticed that my reply has changed to something more rational, and I can almost manage to say I loved it without my eyes watering 🙂

    Also, I’m not sure if the ping worked but just in case: I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award 😊 I didn’t notice till now that you had so much to catch up on so I’d understand if can’t accept it. If you’d like to participate please feel free to take your time replying, and you can see the rules and questions here:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Wow, Maniacal Book Unicorn, thank you so much! *cries* You are so kind!
      Haha yep. I felt the same about WR for a while but I guess getting older changes your perspective?
      I’d def recommend Rose of Versailles if you have time. Def a more female empowering show.
      Also, Howl’s Moving Castle is fantastic. Eng Dub is great. I cannot recommend it enough and I think you’ll love it!
      I’ll do my best to clear up some time for this award-thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Maniacal Book Unicorn says:

        Lol, you’re welcome 😊. I just saw it a few years ago but yes! Let’s just go with that answer lol. Okay then I’ve moved both up on my crazy long list of things to watch. Thanks for the recommendations!
        You’re welcome and don’t sweat it. Take your time 😊


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