Best drama I’ve seen in YEARS


To be frank, I don’t have patience for kdramas and jdramas. They’re long and drag on-especially kdramas. They have the sparkle and high production, but take FOREVER to finish. Jdramas look lower in quality and their comedy can seem weird or even unsettling if you’re not used to that kind of comedy. And their kissing scenes can be awkward.

This doesn’t have an awkward kissing scene!!! XD

Today, I present a SHORT 10 episode jdrama from anywhere of 46-56 min each, with a very good looking production, great acting, and a story that made me cry, laugh out loud, and tense up.

I want everyone to experience this just once because it’s something you’re missing out on.

Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku:

Kyoko is a girl who wakes up each morning and finds he memories have been wiped. Every time she sleeps, her memories are reset. All she knows is that she is the Forgetful Detective and a man named Yakusuke is always running into her. And while she doesn’t recall the days she spends with him, he does. And he’s working on helping her figure out who she is.


It’s based on a light novel series by the same guy who wrote the Bakemonogatari series and I wasn’t happy about this. I don’t like ecchi so color me surprised to find that despite having a male protagonist, he isn’t sexualizing Kyoko. The romance is one of the BEST I’ve seen in all media and it’s a shame if you pass it up.

I dislike detective and mystery shows. I don’t find them fascinating and being that Japan LOVES them, I have to say this one made me a fan. The heroine isn’t dumb. She’s smart, badass, and funny. The love interest, Yakusuke, isn’t just that. He’s kind, a little cowardly, but truly accepts her faults.


For the first 8 episodes you will see Yakusuke fall into the prime suspect spotllight. The poor guy was named with the character for misery so he always is being convicted. And Kyoko is there to solve the case. He falls for her and tries to get her to remember him while helping her when he can.

Are you tired of those dramas where the guy acts possessive, treats the heroine badly and doesn’t think of her wants? Yakusuke isn’t like that. If you have an ideal man, I think you might rethink it after this show. The last two episodes follow the mystery regarding her memories and the blooming romance.


It was tastefully done. I had SO MUCH FUN. I was engrossed in each epsiode. The characters were great, the mysteries were great, the acting was great and omg why haven’t you guys seen this?!


And not to mention the most catchy ending song ever? No 1 by Kana Nishino!

Don’t let Kyoko’s white hair shy you away. Please watch this. If you’re really disappointed in dramas, please watch this. I can’t recommend a better one. It has it all: romance, mystery, good comedy, a witty heroine, a swoon-worthy male lead, great writing. And it’s 10 EPISODES.

Cast: Masaki Okada ❤


Yui Aragaki


Arioka Daiki-Yep, from Hey! Say! Jump!


Rio Uchida

uchida rio.jpg

Mitsuhiro Oikawa


I really hope you all see this! It’s all subbed here and PLEASE tell me what you think! I loved it so much I will rewatch this!

Watch here! :

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