Shall We Date? War of Prayers: Liam <3

“Some say darkness and shadows are all alike, but…you’re crystal is a gentle color. The color of night. Perhaps the night darkens the skies to help people rest their weary bodies from a long day’s work. If it darkens for someone’s benefit, then that makes the night a kind thing indeed.”


Liam is the “Magical Tailor” of Sanctum, and becomes the “knight” for the heroine when her crystal doesn’t choose her destined knight. He’s the man who can literally use magic skills to mend clothing for all of Sanctum-and the Prayer Maidens.

He’s a diligent worker who loves his trade, puts on puppet shows for the children, and is genuinely a great guy. Liam has a difficult time expressing himself, so to cope with this he writes the heroine letters (that reveals more about his sweet side).

“Got work after breakfast. I’ll show you around the island if you like.” And in tiny script at the bottom, “Looking forward to working with you.”

Mr. Darcy, anyone? Minus the rudeness, or course.

Basically the route revolves around coming to terms with the fact that if she falls in love with Liam, she will die. And the crystal will destroy Sanctum. I don’t know why this happens. Maybe the Crystal requires utter devotion to protect the kingdoms from the Shadows, but all I know is that this wasn’t discussed.

What was though, was the fact that even the knights serving the other Prayer Maidens didn’t fully agree with the rules. One of them had the misfortune of being the cause for the destruction of his kingdom and the death of his Prayer Maiden, who he loved.

Liam, as you’ll all immediately realize, is against the laws forbidding love. He struggles with his feelings for the heroine, and she does in turn. Unfortunately, her feelings grow.

“But love isn’t something you can turn off like a switch…”


Liam quickly realizes that she is falling for him and tries to distance himself. It was well done, because the tension was built up perfectly. Both of them cared a lot about the other but if they acted on those feelings at all, it would be the ultimate form of selfishness.

And maybe that’s why the Crystal kills the Maiden if she falls in love. Maybe it’s rooting out those who can be worthy of protecting a kingdom…but even so, is loving someone so wrong?

I thoroughly enjoyed this route and how the two were honest with each other. They communicated, which is tantamount in a relationship.

I highly recommend Liam’s route!! I want more forbidden love stories, and this did remind me a little of Saint Germain, except he without trying to murder the heroine lol, so that always gets points!!

The FEELS, anyone?

There are several endings to get: Eternal Darkness, Prayer Maiden, and Alone Together.

25 thoughts on “Shall We Date? War of Prayers: Liam <3

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    So I absolutely love Liam! I am on chapter 6 right now but I absolutely adore liam! When Christopher pulled out her wand in front of him my heart just about broke to pieces for him! I hope to be done by tomorrow!

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