Your chance to get Beastmaster & Prince in ENGLISH!!!


Gloczus has brought Hakuoki and Amneisa Memories to Steam and mobile and want to bring over Beast and Prince. This otome game features the heroine becoming the protector of 4 princes who’ve been turned into animals.

The heroine is badass, the guys are ALL worth it, the art is gorgeous, and it has an amazing ost.

And we’re getting BOTH the first and second game all in one!

I even asked for this game on a post I made about possible otome games!! XD I am so happy. Of course that’s only possible if all of you support it.

To get this game on Steam, please PLEASE back the kickstarter here:

You are all going to love this game. Every dollar counts and really if you like otoges at all, you should be supporting this. Ask for money if you have to-I got my parents to agree to it as an “early birthday gift” to back them.

PLEASE support this. There’s only 29 days left to do so and they need $150,000 to get this. With your help, WE CAN! I can’t beg all of you enough. This is worth it. Srsly.

If it does well on kickstarter, it will be ported to IOS and Android….and there’s even a possibility of a Vita port. Thought that is a LONG way away.

PLEASE GUYS. Please. Spread the word. Back this project. SOMETHING.


14 thoughts on “Your chance to get Beastmaster & Prince in ENGLISH!!!

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hm, I don’t think they can since considering they’re putting 2 games for 1 and they are already RIDICULOUSLY expensive to translate/localize, I think it’s a miracle this is even happening. Which is why I hope it succeeds. If it does, this will be one more push that proves there’s a market here. And while I agree and would like other things and a Vita release, I don’t think they can think of that atm considering the risk this is. I really hope you pledge something if you can-even just a dollar!! Everything counts. And if you can’t, please spread it around to those you know!! ^^

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      • krystallina says:

        Well, it might be close space-wise to fit both games on a cartridge. But I would still think 2 otome PSP games could be released in one Vita cartridge even with English text. But if it’s sticking to digital, then obviously size doesn’t matter much.

        I think if they did a limited run (or a print-on-demand), they could do well. Many people would rather put $25, $50 to getting a disc rather than buttons. The Vita is already getting kicked around by companies. It doesn’t need its games being skipped for other devices. I’ll still be rooting for the project to succeed though!

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        I heartily agree but then again, it would make sense to port it to steam. As you said, the Vita’s being kicked around and releasing it in PSP format is already tricky. I honestly would love for that to happen….but it’s not a smart financial decision on Glozcus’s part and they are essentially a business. They’re doing this for money like any company.


  1. Reare Noella says:

    Well, the countdown is long over, but in the end it failed 😦 what a shame, this was a very decent game and I love to shove this game to my lazy friends who refuse to learn Japanese. I probably sent around USD$250 (but at least I have a VERY early birthday present + christmas present too XD) but tbh, I thought it was actually a bit fishy why they need that much money, I think it would need maybe around 35k or so, but hey who am I to judge 😥

    Well, not to mention, the group had already started another kickstarter.. Kinda sounds weird since “one does not simply started another kickstarter after another”… After a while, the group is demanding a lot more money than before. That just add another fishy feeling…

    So I think I will stop support any kickstarter plan by this group. But I’m feeling quiet moody since I was really expected this game to somehow suceed… *sigh* I wish too see my hot little Erik in arabic-like clothes with my hot lion 😛 I want too see all the bros wearing Sardine clothes! Where’s my Dirk?!

    But life must go on right?

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      There was this post that explained why it failed and honestly is worth checking out:

      I don’t think this group is fishy tho I get what you mean. They really didn’t know how to advertise it. And they are a business so they can start another kickstarter if they want. Also these games are ridiculously expensive just to localize due to getting permission to use the seiyuu-which costs a TON-translations honestly are expensive, and etc. If you search google about why otoges/visual novels aren’t really localized that often, it’s due to these insane prices.
      Not only this but otoges are a niche market. It sucks but this is a game for women….and this isn’t a selling point in the gaming community. You could argue that there is a fanbase here but honestly it’s really small. And most of them pirate these games…I can’t even begin to tell you how many ppl have privately messaged me on twitter asking me to give them free copies of Amnesia…just no.
      Anyways sorry about my rant but really these games are super pricey for a reason. The asking price wasn’t too much but they did need to advertise before hand and really push this before launching a kickstarter. Because this was going nowhere, they had to keep increasing the tier costs to try and get closer to the goal..but it didn’t work.
      Hey, it’s alright!:) Even if it failed we still can prove that there’s a market. If everyone pitched in to support Mangagamer’s Ozmafia, who knows? THey might make more games. And let Spike Chunsoft know you want Kenka Bancho-they said if they get enough tweets and demands for it, they will really consider localizing it.

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      • Reare Noella says:

        Well, I don’t know the exact prices to translate the whole game but I’m pretty sure it won’t take a $150k even it is expansive. I totaly agree about the lack of advertising, I didn’t know about this up until I saw Hinano’s post. Again, the selling point is WAY off track. I mean usually most people don’t play Japanese otome game due to language barrier and it really isn’t popular in some countries (some only thinks that Japan is famous for ‘awesomely drawn comic’ and ‘cute cartoon’!!) :O

        But about the pirate problem… Well, I have seen a lot of pirated game (especially Amnesia and UtaPri) and I admit that I have tempted to buy the game (Alice in the kingdom of heart or something) but I soon realise the super bad quality and messed up seiyuu so I kinda realise that my money was printed to fly away from me 😛 but really… Really, there are people asking for free Amnesia?!! If it was me, I would probably tell them GTFO XD and swear a lot, complaining like crazy

        Nah, it’s fine if you rant, I wouldn’t mind XD but I agree 100% that we can still market otome game!!!!

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Hmm well the game was actually a remake of the first 2 games bundled together so I think the amount was right.
        Lol don’t worry I’m starting to swear a lot now lol on the internet. And hey I started off that way too. I had no idea they were actually pirated versions cuz I was stupid lol but I deleted and threw away everything and purchased the real product later.
        And yep, I’ve blocked their butts lol

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      • Reare Noella says:

        Well, you have a point there, my dear Leaf *shoves a drink* and swearing will always be my official language no matter where I am *sips drink* even though I don’t swear in public and try to hold it in as much as I can 😛

        I must say, you are truly a badass ;D *claps hand loudly*

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