Otome Game Review: Shall We Date War of Prayers


Intro: Angela discovers she’s a Sailor Scout Prayer Maiden. Granted special powers, PM’s protect a kingdom with the aid of their knight, the only one able to awaken their powers for battle. The only problem is she can’t fall in love. Or she’ll will die a horrifying death and her kingdom will be destroyed. Still want to become a Magical Girl? (All rights to NTT Solmare)

For Matthew’s and Christopher’s route, I’d recommend a skim through that if u’r wary of spending $.Matt’s in particular was problematic & you might enjoy my rantish review more than the route if u pay for it. Either way, up to u, and I hope u enjoy! ^^


Want to form a contract with me?

tumblr_nzs19pjowp1qd1w54o6_500Liam: I’ve already written a review on him because his route was so good I had to let you all know. He was the first route I played and due to his story, I took the plunge and bought every other route. Basically this deals with Angela’s crystal refusing to choose a knight. So she runs into the magic tailor, Liam. He’s got a snarky little mouth on him and is responsible for every Prayer Maiden’s dresses. He’s always busy since he’s constantly getting requests cuz he’s that GOOD at what he does.

Angela and Liam quickly become good friends as she learns to control her dark crystal & the group that wants to destroy the laws that force PMs into slave labor. They cannot fall in love or have any happiness of their own because if they do, they don’t pay their crystal enough attention to keep their powers in check. And the shadows consume them, kill them, and destroy the country they were protecting. ( ╥ω╥ )

tumblr_nzs19pjowp1qd1w54o5_1280The route consists of Liam and Angela being SMART & keeping their feelings to themselves. They’re terrified of breaking the delicate harmony between them & causing another “fall of Nox.” But Angela suddenly blurts her feelings to him and that’s when they both push each other away. It was smart and I was glad these two weren’t just hung up on their FEELS. They knew the consequences. Which is why this route did so well building the tension to the point where any person would go insane in their situation.

I really felt for them and can’t help but want someone to foolishly cast aside everything for the other. But they can’t.

I won’t be spoiling the endings but ALL of them were worth it. The Prayer Ending is the best, the Alone Together was good, and Eternal Darkness was rightfully titled…

Liam’s route was honestly worth the money and I highly recommend his. His extra stories were great as well and were a little spicy if ya know what I mean;)


img_9219Matthew: ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ Oh boy…this was basically angst + implied incest + WTF

Angela chooses Matthew to become her knight and she gains Fire powers and a pegasus. He’s the typical ouji-sama trope and takes his duties as a knight seriously. He calls her “Princess” since he believes she has earned the title.

Their first encounter against the shadows involves the archer Evan and his PM, Zoe. Just as things are going well, Matt and Angela get dragged into the portal for 3 days. They are equals despite how he wants to protect her as his duty calls for. But she don’t need that cuz she’s independent.Although…she’s had like zero experience and suddenly she’s a badass? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unlike Liam’s route, Angela has duties to perform to show the people of Granatus she’s a worthy PM. Matt becomes a strict “drill sergeant” as he teaches her to dance and the closeness of him freaks her out so much that she’s too embarrassed to dance. But she gets through it and Matt tends to her bruised feet after noticing she’s been hiding the pain during the banquet. (ノ´з`)ノ


Zoe is suddenly taken away into a hollow with Evans and Angela learns of the prejudices the survivors of Nox feel toward Christopher.

Matt turns out to be very insecure when compared to his accomplished twin bro Christopher, who bested him in all things as they got older. “Do you not like change, Mathew?” “I at least believe that the only ones who can cope immediately are the ones who have the ability to do so.”

I liked Matt’s route -until those ENDINGS happened dear Lord-and honestly he’s the kind of guy I’d go for in real life: hardworking, blatantly honest, sincere, and compassionate. He was surprisingly insecure and I appreciated how Angela and him balanced each other out. I did get a little annoyed with how self-sacrificing they both are. I wanted one to be a little selfish since when dangerous situations happened, these two would stop to argue about how they couldn’t stand to risk them being hurt.

Like chill, you two. I get it, but srsly.


“What if I said I wanted to take you right here and now?”

And can we please also chill on the touching? I mean Matt wasn’t prude at all but it’s like if the prayer maiden is forbidden to fall in love or she will die and her crystal will destroy the kingdom then WHY is Matt constantly getting all up in her space? I get ur trying to create sexual tension but for someone who knows FIRSTHAND the consequences from his bros mistake why are you letting your emotions guide you so much? Like DUDE.

Yeah, she totally won’t take that the wrong way.

And yet he can’t tell her his feelings but spouts this stuff instead? Suuuure.

The girl hate….like why? The other maidens were so awesome in Liam’s route but here Sophia flips out at Angela because she lurves Christopher and doesn’t understand that he’s stalking her because he wants to use her powers (killing her in the process) to revive his dead lover. It ruined her character. In Liam’s route she was like an older sister and cared about the heroine. They were great friends bonding thru this sad role they were destined for.

Every time Sophia was there, she was glaring, spouting jealousy and being an asshat. No thanks. But then I realized Sophia was this way in every other route except Liam’s.

The Eternal Darkness ending:


Christopher gets Angela to accompany him to “purify” Anabel since she’s the Divine Object…Divine Object. But he tricked her and uses up all her magic which will eventually kill her.

Not earning any points here Chris.

Unlike in Liam’s Eternal Darkness end, Angela doesn’t die. She instead somehow survives lol and decides to just kill off the “afterthought” of Anabel. Christopher just like gives up lol and leaves and I was sitting there going wtf? I thought u DESPERATELY needed 2 purify her so u could send Anabel’s soul into reincarnation. Guess u didn’t really love her lol.

So Matt’s cured from the spell Anabel cast on him and fails once again at confessing his feelings. (; ̄Д ̄)   So since a prayer maiden will die if she falls in love she decides to keep being a prayer maiden along with her knight to keep the people of Granatas safe….

I was so confused. Several times throughout the route Angela EXPLICITLY says that she can cast aside her job of being a maiden and then she’s free to fall in love without the consequence of DEATH. And yet she’s all “OH NOS I must keep my FEELS inside no matter how much it pains me!!!!” even tho she could RESIGN and be with her knight.Are these two that stupid?


SO yeah, the bad ending was dull and had lazy writing, with Christopher sauntering off after the LOVE OF HIS LIFE WAS ERASED FROM EXISTENCE BY THE HEROINE like its no big deal, the heroine torturing herself with keeping Matt with her when she could just quit the job and like marry the dude?

And Matt never mentioned this to her either…and failed so hard at confessing that she mistook his obvious multiple near-confessions to mean he only thought of her as someone he swore to protect? Like he flipped out during the end fight and almost died by his aniki’s hand and she’s all “dang, he sure doesn’t see me in a romantic light.”

You are so dumb.gif

Thankfully in the Alone Together ending Matt and Angela aren’t so dumb. They confess, she purifies Anabel, and they resign from their posts. BUT INCEST INNUENDOS GALORE OMG: They decide to start their honeymoon before the wedding and Chris is all “Someone just couldn’t keep it in their pants” lol and then to make everything more AWKWARD Chris goes “I want to be an uncle” and Angela goes “We’re on that!”

Except…the next thing she says is that Anabel will be reincarnated REAL. SOON. Chris is horrified.

Chris is going to have to bone their future daughter.


And even worse, she doesn’t know how children are created…like WHAT? She’s all “they grow in cabbage patches!” and Matt goes “Uh, I think I’m gonna have to teach you, um..” and she’s all “Don’t go all drill sergeant on me again!”

Guess their honeymoon wasn’t what Matt planned on.

And then they kiss and we get a CG and I’m sitting there going WHY DIDN’T LIAM GET A KISS CG?!!!!!!!!!

Prayer Maiden Ending:

Best of all. I mean no contest ESPECIALLY considering the awful endings before it. Like srsly, why did the others fail so hard? And how come Liam didn’t get a single kiss CG but Matt got two? TWO?!!!! Angela purifies Anabel, she gets to remain a prayer maiden, and 7 years later she marries Matt. If the other endings hadn’t been an option, I’d rather prefer that.

Overall: Started out great, went downhill, and the endings just made me facepalm. Only the PM was good.

tumblr_nzzmx6eiko1s1h5i1o1_500Evan: “Fine, but if you pass out from boredom, I’m kissing you, okay?”


Evans was marketed poorly but DON’T GO!! He isn’t just your flirty trope. And like Liam, has a fantastic route.

Evans is a scholar obsessed with minerals. He becomes her Knight & she gets Lightning powers & goes to Sapphirus, the richest country in the land. While it looks pretty, on the outside the slums pose a drastic difference and the nobles could care less.

Evans starts off as the typical flirty oujisama type that I usually can’t stand. He uses excessive flowery language to compliment women and does nothing but fall to their feet to serve them. But in reality, he’s just really kind and a strategist: he came from the slums and through hard work became a Lord. He knows too well the backstabbing of Sapphirus so plays up the flirty act and buys everyone gifts.

He goes above and beyond, even remembering birthday’s of the children of his servants and throwing them grand parties. He hires those from the slums since it’s hard for them to secure a job. (ノ´з`)ノ

He lends Angela the”key to his heart” that turns out to be a key to his study. Filled with books. YES PLEASE. Best man already. He wrote a thesis and many other books concerning minerals and he calls himself a pack rat due to his extensive collection on tomes and rocks-some that fly, some that break unless a maiden touches it, etc.

Listening to Evans speak so passionately about stones bores Angela but she likes seeing this side of him. They turn to the discussion of what makes a country? He says he believes it’s the people and that’s why he believes all lives are equal and he wants Sapphirus to get their heads out of their powdered butts and realize it.

He then gives her a ring which will like protect her or something and the next day she has to learn how to dance and eat properly. Evan’s is very gentle and doesn’t let her frustration at not being able to dance rub off on him. He brings her food, boosts her spirits, and takes her to a place where Levain ores grow.

“With a little polish, you will become a magnificent gem, with a shine all your own.”

Then shadows attack and Evans and her fight them. They get into an argument during it because he’s too stuck in his ways about protecting her and she wants to fight and keep him alive. When its over:

Heroine slaps Evans: “People who don’t value their own lives can’t value those of others! Evans. What do you think a Knight is? Because its not a Princess’s accessory.”

img_9888The two get closer and Evans continues to try and get her to let him buy her things lol. He doesn’t understand that she doesn’t care for luxurious items but tries to work with her. But he still buys her stuff anyways since she’s his princess.

Of course, these two fall for each other and UGH it was so beautiful. Like this dude was so precious and he doesn’t know how to stop from falling and she’s already in love and ugh. It gets to the point where before he realizes she likes him he’s already falling and you can see it happening and it’s so hard to watch because you know he’s going to have to either try and push her away or just go for it. And btw, Liam freaked me out in this route like WTF happened to him?

Angela begins to realize her feelings for Evans and feels terribly insecure because she’s battle scarred and Evans is dealing with gorgeous vixens. Like, I feel ya girl. We all feel insecure about ourselves and it doesn’t help when you’re in a situation like that. She leaves and Evans runs up to her and she tells him how ugly her hands are compared to the ladies he was with.

To console her he grabs her hand and presses her fingers to his lips. Angela “trembles” and he drops her hand like he’s been shocked and that’s when he understands that she has feelings for him.

Sophia once again butts her way into the route and freaking lets loose shadows. Simon her Knight is all NOOOO and rushes to save her. Evans takes Angela away and they come up with a plan to fight against her.

After the fight, Sophia retreats to the hollows and that’s when evil Anabel possesses her and plans to destroy all the Prayer Maiden’s to get rid of the laws forbidding love.

To lure her out, Evans and Angela pretend to go on a date to piss Sophia off and get her to come out. We learn of her plans and then after Angela can’t keep in her feelings anymore and Evans goes OH SHIT.

tumblr_o1breggcss1stfpqoo1_1280He pushes her away and since he has no idea how to convince her, he belittles her feelings, tells her she’s imagining it, that he only thinks of her as a sister, etc. It was so hard to read. Angela gets pissed and after Evans tells Tiara the maid to bring her her fav desert, she barges into his room at night. She tells him that she loves him and at the least they should discuss this. She plans to abdicate because it’s too dangerous since the crystal has been acting up.

Like FINALLY common sense! Evans pushes her onto his bed and is all you know I’m a man right? And Angela replies that it’s fine if it’s him. Freaked out, Evans gets off her and leaves, and Angela breaks down.

I was pretty mad because Angela was right. She could quit but then we find out it ain’t that easy. “Once a Crystal has been accepted, it will continually convert magical power inside someone’s body, until it runs out of power or breaks.” Which makes sense in every route so far. And even if she’s not wearing it, the crystal can still go berserk and kill her. (・人・)

So Evans is protecting her. When Sora says Angela could be an old lady by the time she’s free, Evan’s says he’ll wait for however long it takes.

Sophia (who’s really Anabel possessing her) once again barges in to take advantage of Angela, whose heartbreak is feeding the shadows. She decides to go with her to break the laws forced on them. I mean yeah that’s dumb af, but Sophia was almost like a savior to her in that moment.She takes Angela with her but lol NOPE she didn’t mean they’d fight together. She drains Angela of all her power so she can use it to destroy the world’s reason.

Melissa and her knight, Matthew, and Mamoru and Simon rush in to help Christopher and Evans fight Anabel/Sophia. And lol Troy comes too. Turns out he’s a healer!!! I really want him to have a route holy shit.

Sora finds Angela’s dying body and she tries to fire power at Sophia, but she’s too weak. Then because deus ex machina, her crystal decides it doesn’t want to kill her and revitalizes lol.

Never Ending Darkness End: Everyone but Chris and Simon retreat and they go missing. Melissa is hunted down and then Angela is next. Sapphirus is destroyed and Evans and Angela forever battle Sophia.

Alone Together End: Evans proposes that he may be able to change the crystals. If he can adorn them with levain or something, they wouldn’t rely on a PM’s complete focus so falling in love wouldn’t be lethal.Sophia and Anabel agree and Angela purifies her. Like, damn, talk about quick. But that explains why Evans gave Angela the axium.That saved her life in the end when she should have died and gave enough power to her crystal to revitalize…so I guess it wasn’t deus ex machina lol.

Sophia is no longer a bitch, Angela and Evans abdicate, and they get married. As they pack Evans things, he kabedons Angela saying he’s a weak man and would like to pluck a blooming flower and all lol. To ruin the moment the books from the shelf come tumbling down on them.

They set sail for an unknown land for a mineral hunt honeymoon lol after their marriage.

Prayer Maiden End: They purify Anabel. Angela and Evans continue to serve Sapphirus and Evans makes it a law to allow the poor to have rights to education and assistance, as well as the right to work anywhere.

Evans get suuuuper suggestive that day and if it weren’t for the shadows again, Evans might have really “plucked the flower” ;P That night he takes Angela out to see the moon with him and wants to trade her somehting for the axium ring he gave her. Angela says she wants to keep it since he have it to her and it saved her life, but he says he has something even better. He slides a ring onto her finger and proposes.

Definitely a great route and thank God I played it after Matthew lol because I was so pissed. This one was just as good as Liam’s and I’m still unsure which I liked best.


Meet Uchiha Sasuke. If you decide to play him last, the other routes will have filled in enough to get what’s going on but you’re really missing out on a ton of things. From the other routes you expect Chris to be what he’s been in all the routes but the whole thing is so diff from everyone else’s.

As every other route will say: He falls in love with Anabel during his knighthood, pursues her, and she falls for him. Her crystal breaks and she dies. And the entire kindgom of Nox is destroyed.

To make things worse, Anabel can’t be reincarnated because she was so pissed that she couldn’t have happiness that her negative feelings manifested into a kind of spirit called an “afterthought.” This is the thing that possesses Sophia in almost every route and tries to destroy the world.

As you can imagine, Chris is pretty depressed and emotionally traumatized since he was partly responsible for all that shit. His life now revolves around destroying shadows and finding something to reincarnate Anabel regardless of what he must do. Be it harm civilians or endanger innocents.

Angela is on the beach after realizing her crystal hasn’t chosen a knight and Sora is keeping her company. She comes across Chris, but mistakes him for Matt cuz she doesn’t know they’re twins lol. Chris completely ignores her despite how she freaking yells at the dude and only responds when Shadows suddenly attack them.

Angela’s all let me help, and Chris is all, pfft, hell no. I must do this yadda yadda. Shortly after he realizes that he might need to use her power anyways and when he transforms her, Angela discovers her power is darkness.

Tbh, I wonder if they plan on making a Wind power available since literally before this Angela comments on how there are 4 powers and Wind is the only one she hasn’t used.

Chris is such a badass he cuts everything down like a boss. Dude could have been blindfolded and he’d still KO their butts and Angela takes note of how he might have just been trying to use her powers to keep her from harm since she wouldn’t budge.

She tells him that OMG dude ur ma knight and he’s all (¬_¬;) and then walks off. Angela follows him to where he wants to meet Troy and then she falls and cuts her knee. Like DUDE she’s never battled before, she’s exhausted and u keep doing ya thing-like I get it, u don’t want to get close and all but DUDE.

WOP ChristThankfully, Mr. Stickuphisbutt comes back for Angela and lol presses a flower on her knee to heal her. Angela immediately shoots questions at him like how come u so strong and dang u must have been a badass ur whole life, right? and Mr. Stickuphisbutt continues to (¬_¬;) but then throws this cheesy ass line:

“Being scared isn’t a problem. Inner strength is about kindness.”

Guess he must’ve remembered his knightly instincts or something cuz he proceeds to help her to her feet and walks slower.

Except when they meet Troy, Chris is all I don’t want a PM. So Troy calls in his bro Matt and tells him that Angela must take Chris to Granatus since he has no country anymore and Granatus was Angela’s home. But we have to sit through this awkward bro-angst.

Lol then he’s all tsundere and goes I’m not doing this for you. It’s a knight’s duty!! Like sure Chris, sure.

And then Liam shows up ❤ while Troy speaks to the bros alone. Liam I missed you! Unfortunately he’s only here to say: “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll get away from him before you’re forsaken.” (・人・)

When she heads back to Troy, he says Chris will cooperate and then is all you must form a CLOSE bond like what? You know what happened to Nox.

Angela tries so hard to get Chris to quit emoing around so she starts to ask questions and every freaking time she does he goes ヽ(ー_ー )ノ and I wanted the option to smack him so bad. But we can’t so she decides to talk about herself and he tells her to stfu.


And then things turn to shit. Angela meets her role model, PM Melissa and she and Matt get ready to tear down the shadows. Chris loses it and attacks. Angela calls out several times cuz like she’s in danger if she doesn’t transform. Melissa tells her to call out to him like she already hasn’t omg, but he’s all ur safer this way.

Chris makes her walk into the middle of all the enemies to transform her. Luckily he’s such a badass cuz she’d be dead otherwise. Thru girl power, Melissa and Angela seal the hollow.

Angela is glad that Chris isn’t injured even tho his bro’s been yelling at him but he emos on about stuff. They get horses as he continues to emo…but then he basically tells her he’s only taking her bcuz PM’s attract Shadows, which he wants to kill.

Some villagers are in trouble and she has no time to cast magic so she jumps in front. Butthole is all why’d u do somehting so stupid!!! Duh, dude u suck as a knight of the ppl. After the villagers are all SENPAI WE MISSED U to Butthole and he runs away.

So they hate Matt but ❤ Chris, despite how in Matt’s route they said they DETESTED his bro? What is consistency.

Becuase this might as well be the most shojo route ever, the village of Granatus beg Angela to make a cherry pie and she does. Idk why she asks Chris can I make one lol cuz he might as well say no. But he must want pie too cuz he’s all fine whatevs.

OMG he gets so freaking tsundere over the pie. She keeps trying to feed him and he is all nope, don’t want any, but he totally keeps looking at it. I couldn’t imagine what being in her position was like-she’s doing all she can to be a great PM for her peeps and Butthole is just emoing around.

lifeopieThus, because of Pie, tsundere Butthole was awakened.

Angela asks him to dance and he proceeds to both unintentionally insult and intentionally compliment her at the same time. Like dude, I can’t tell if I’m supposed to be pissed or impressed that u covered that up so smoothly.

Too bad Melissa and Matt r in trouble. Shadows are specifically targeting PM’s so Chris is all u stay out of this but Angela fights back and goes I’ll be the decoy. If he’s such a badass, might as well cuz he can save her. Except when the last hit doesn’t work right he blames Angela for her idea. WTF.

But he feels pretty crappy about how he’s been treating Angela and stalks her out to the gardens in the middle of the night to apologize. He tells her he doesn’t want to become her knight, but her companion, and she agrees cuz it’s a start. Then the most awkward CG. He’s supposed to bow to her crystal but it looks like he’s smelling her boobs lol.

Angela asks Matt about Nox but he says his bro should tell her. He then basically gives it away by asking if she knows why PM’s can’t fall in love and turns out FREAKING TROY DIDN’T TELL HER SHE CAN’T FALL IN LOVE. He sucks at being a um, wait, what is Troy supposed to be?

Guys, what is Troy supposed to be? He can’t be a PM, he’s a kind of healer, but like WHAT DOES THIS GUY DO? Is he a king? WTF is he? Why doesn’t he tell the PM’s they will die if they fall in love? YOU HAD ONE JOB.

They receive a message from Sapphirus for help and on their way, some mermaids show up. They thank Angela for her help as a PM and make the ship sail faster for them and Chris prolly thought Angela was cute cuz he grins lol. But Angela was cute no matter what so dude lighten up.

And then the dokidokis happen. She tells herself it’s just an innocent curiosity. But he’s hot. Don’t know ow long that’ll last. They crash into Zoe’s room  thru her window to rescue her. When they defeat the shadows a shard of ice lands on Angela. Freaking Sophiebitch is back. Chris doesn’t want to save stalker girl lol and suggests they don’t visit ROFL.

Liam is back! ❤ ugh I wish it was his route again.He warns her again about Chris and then leaves. Before leaving for Albus, Chris tells Angela she reminds him of snow. It has two sides to it, and she asks if there are 2 sides to him. They get closer and when they rech the palace, he refuses to go in.

Stalkers are scary. Sophia watches them and her envy draws another hollow into her room. Angela somehow stops everything and falls unconscious after depleting most of her magic. Chris realizes he’s falling for her so he literally discards his promises to her and flees, telling himself he won’t make the same mistake again.

Turns out Troy’s been hiding some stuff: the crystals were designed by the world as a purification system so a country could be wiped out due to overpopulation and too many shadows…so knights and princesses were always paired to ensure that eventually that a strong bond would become love and destroy the country…

Anyways they purify Anabel and depeneding on your ending ya get diff results.

Prayer Maiden End: All I will say is that Liam was in love ❤ with Anabel and confessed to her, Chris and her become protectors of Nox, and they’re allowed to be together becuase theire lurve was SOOO pure that it wouldn’t disrupt the crystal…like sure, wait till that turns sour. And Sophia is RIGHT THERE and she still loves Chris while they’re proclaiming their undying love.

Worst of all was that it’s implied that Chris still loves Anabel. Like he keeps saying WE SHALL PROTECT THIS COUNTRY MY BELOVED ANABEL LOVED.


Final Thoughts:

A magical girl otome game is something that hasn’t been done before for mobile games (at least so far) and I liked it. It was fun and Liam and Evan’s honestly were worth it. The music was really good for a mobile game and it actually felt like I was playing an actual otoge-as in, not a mobile one.

The stories were concluded in just 16 chapters and the little side stories were enough to get your fix if you wanted more of ur man.

If you want to play this, I recommned saving Chris for last because his route explains everything in detail that wasn’t in every other route. Unfortunately, I couldn’t love the dude. He felt like he still was pining over Anabel to me and couldn’t 100% love Angela. Matt’s route….oh boy, yeah read that one if u want bc he might b the one route to stay clear of if you wanted to avoid spoilers in this review. Of course, if u loved him that’s awesome and great for you!!

Matt’s route was also plagued with the most typos to the point where I would sit there and stare. Like how did Solmare not see this stuff?

The heroine herself was great for a mobile game. Usually we get these meek, dumb girls that won’t stick up for themselves are or tstl (too stupid to live). While Angela had her moments of stupidity, she never pissed me off and I genuinely thought she had great moments of her own.

For those complaining about paing for this….wtf? Like this is what some ppl are making a LIVING off of. U can’t whine about a cheap 16 chapter story for only $3.99 that honestly has GREAT music and cg’s and a complete story. Your money’s worth has been covered twice with one story, really.

I recommend this and I am very pleased I have started to give mobile otoges a chance. While I still really am not a fan of them, this game showed me that there are mobile otoges that are worth it. I recommend any route before Chris’s if you play, and Evans and Liam were my favorites, with Liam being the most fav.

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  1. pokeninja90

    Awesome review…i had to skim some of the spoilery bits tho… as you know I absolutely adore Liam, he is perfect! Someone else recommended Evans to me so I guess he and Chris are next!

    Side note do you have a twitter or tumblr so we can talk more off wordpress?

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  2. Reare Noella

    Hmm… my friend played le game and lend it/showed it to me, she told me “Play Liam and Chris but STAY AWAY from Matt” (I have a lil’ bro, and we’re pretty close like best friend, and I’m not really on par about incest). But I loved Liam route and what?? He has no kiss CGs? That’s kinda unfair (・人・) but overall it was ok, I suppose? Not really my cup of tea but it looks like it’s worth trying. Thanks again for this review Leaf-san~~~~

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      1. Reare Noella

        Lol sorry for the late reply, for the drama series could you do either Tempesta or Nero? That will be awesome ;D and yeah the plot for Shall We Date was pretty interesting but the incest really kills the mood 😦 otome games really like the idea of incest and it’s not making me happy by one bit and I’m sure this goes to everyone else.

        Well, thanks a lot ;D and good luck in translating/summarizing! Gambarimasu!

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  3. Neko-chan

    Omg Cristopher and Liam were the only one that I was actually interested about in this game haha You made me really curious now…but I must resist! Btw I love your review writing style XD I had to skim a bit through the spoilers because I want to get into it knowing as little as I possibly can, but you should really write more!

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      1. Neko-chan

        Ooooh I have no doubts I will adore Liam as well from what you said XD haha I’m keeping away from saying anything about Evans yet, because I usually deny my love for the “flirting types”…though in some games they end up being my favorites, but sssshhh.

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      Wow thank you so much, YvoCaro! And haha yep:) Instead of going to StarBucks or smt, ppl could easily just go without it for one day. Make some of their own at home. Games like these don’t ask for much and some of them really do offer so much for the little they ask for:) And definitely! I want the heroine to stand up for herself because it’s bad enough that so much media makes them passive:(

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      1. YvoCaro

        I’ll never understand why they still make female characters like meek people without their own opinion or strength!
        And talk about paying for a game: see what we pay for a Nintendo or Vita game!

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        ROFL exactly!! It’s sadly going to be a while before women in media are portrayed better, but we’re getting there. Code Realize did great and Trails in The Sky is all about the heroine and how awesome she is and the romance is done soooooo well.


  5. otometantei

    Liam’s route is GREAT, thanks so much for recommending it to me 🙂 I’ll play Evans now, Matt and Chris, no thanks…

    Also, ugh, why does there always need to be a character with a dead ex-lover?? -___-

    Great review, Leafy!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person


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