Youtubers who plays untranslated Otome games with English subtitles!!!

Some of us won’t learn Japanese but  really want to check out some of the most talked about otoges. Luckily, there are some awesome youtubers who’ve got you covered!


Dirili not only does let’s plays of Amnesia, Code Realize, and Norn9, but she’s paid a translator so she can show us Reine Des Fleurs, Trigger Kiss, and you can even vote for a game!! She reads all of her play throughs and her voice is honestly one of the most pleasant to listen to.


If you’re at all curious about untranslated otome games and would like to see the entire story in ENGLISH please check out her channel and twitter. And consider donating to her patreon: she’s investing a TON into these translations all for us. If you do, you can help choose the next game she gets translated for us.

Dirili is also a wonderful person. She’ll take requests and takes time out of her busy schedule to listen to your comments and requests.

Here’s her twitter




One of my otome games for the PS3 will never get translated-except now I can watch a let’s play in ENGLISH of this otome game!! The game is Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows and is an awesome fantasy rpg otoge.




Verde is also a professional translator. She’s doing a series for Yanderes and has several other videos all related to Japanese, translating and video games.

She’s translating the otoge Bocchimusume for western releases.

Her twitter

Both of these ladies deserve more followers than they currently have and are such nice people. I can’t recommend them enough and I truly hope you check them out and consider supporting their work and spreading the word, or even helping with a tiny donation.

I hope to see the day when they have the following they truly deserve.

Please keep doing your thing-we ❤ you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Youtubers who plays untranslated Otome games with English subtitles!!!

  1. Nozomi says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know this was a thing o; thanks for sharing ❤
    I've watched some Let's play videos, but I had no idea people translated games this way, I'm in love with Dirili's voice and the audio is so clean I feel like I'm listening to a podcast ;w; I love that she narrates everything, just like her, I like to just play videos while I work or do something else while listening to the audio.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cat says:

    Omg I had no idea this existed! :0

    I’ve subscribed and followed them, I’ll definitely check out their LP, it sounds very interesting (≧∇≦)/

    Ty for blogging about this and letting me find them ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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