Hakuoki Movies Gets Localization


Hello everyone! Just wanted to update and share the (late) news. The Hakuoki films are getting blu ray and dvd releases this year!!! They’re a remake of the anime with MUCH better animation, a higher budget, and less history and more romance between the canon pairing.

You can find more about the Hakuoki movies here. It will be released by Sentai Filmworks and it looks like the cheapest place to preorder right now is Righstufanime.com. at the price of $25.99 for the blu ray!


I’m posting this because the more support these get, the more likely it is that other companies will FINALLY see that there’s an audience here. You could argue that with the upcoming release of Ozmafia and last years’ Code Realize, Amnesia, and Norn9 that we’re getting somewhere…but otoge are a niche. It’s really hard to believe this even happened.

So if you want to support otoge here’s how: buy stuff related to it. Especially if it’s localized in America.

Here are some other otome related items being released:


Besides this, an anime for Ozmafia and Code Realize are being made. Continue to support otoge by buying the games that have been released in English:


Sweet Fuse At Your Side

Amnesia Memories

Yo Jin Bo 


Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth


Have fun! XD

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13 thoughts on “Hakuoki Movies Gets Localization

  1. Reare Noella says:

    I’m not even suprise that Hakuouki is are getting bluray but I’m even MORE suprise about BroCon and the fact that Code Realize is having an anime so soon. Like SERIOUSLY. That was quick lmao. I know CR is popular but I didn’t exactly expect they have an anime so soon…

    I wonder what Ozmafia going to turn out? That game wasn’t for my taste at all..

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Yeah lol Hakuoki just steamrolls everything….tbh I don’t get the hype. I’ve only played one route but seeing as every single game in that franchise is literally either a remake or a spin off I just can’t…
      Yep, I don’t even like BroCon but I’ll get it. And I have’t heard any news on Code but I hoep the anime is good. Like all I want it my baby Sainty G to get a really good moment. I know Lupin is canon but they could srsly make a series of this with Lupin as the main guy and Cardia slowly helping the others through his route.
      Haha have yet to play Oz but I hope I at least enjoy some of it 😛 THanks for reading! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        All I can say about Oz is good luck because seriously that game isn’t something I will recomment so GOOD LUCK AND SURVIVE lmao. I mean is NOT THAT BAD but something I wouldn’t fangirl over it.

        BroCon… It was ok I guess? Tbh, the light novel was good and detailed, the game was so-so but the anime… It feels like they jumped A LOT and wasn’t as detailed as the novel. The plot was umm.. Interisting? Having 10 guys fawning over you isn’t how I roll 😛 some character was ok but some were really made me want to punch them in the face and fight them like John Cena XD so I have mix feelings with them

        I want my Fran moments too… But I totally agree on you about how Cardia should help the other guy through out his route! It will be nice if they can balance each guy at the same time not Lupin, the canon all the time. It will be interisting too see Cardia getting voiced over!

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha well thank you! I will do my best when Mangagamer releases it! XD
        Whoa,there’s a light novel? I never knew that. Yeah anime adaptations almost always fail lol.
        OMG how could I forget Fran! Ugh I loved him and I was so glad he was able to find some happiness in the end. Smart guys are the best;)
        Yes! I’m a little worried Cardia won’t be as strong as she was in the game.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        As for Hakuouki, I won’t be suprise if they had live adaption, musical play or anything but I really wonder how will they act the rasetsu though. That’s something I will really watch lmao 😛

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      • Reare Noella says:

        Bear with me as I’m replying with my old iPad *bows down*

        Yep, it did have a light novel, I think Love Colored Sky aka Rin did have a translation for a few of them, check it out if you’re interested, it’s a lot more enjoyable than the anime, I promise you. It makes perfect sense why the bro loves her than the anime unlike the anime, total random love confession alert lmao. My biggest worry is that anime will destroy the image we had towards otome game like CR. Anime adaption always fails, no comment about that XD, IT RARELY SUCSSES.

        Ahh, smart-nerdy guy? Totally my fav ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        Btw, I notice your English is smooth as silk so I’m betting you’re somewhere from… UK (le timeline). Sorry, my English is pretty terrible since it’s not my first nor native language so most people had a hard time dealing with it 😛 and this is the time where my bedtime had passed.

        Oyasumi jikan!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        Lol really? What a nice sister, if it was my bro, I just shoved the answer to him and let him think why XD. Well it’s a long story, so here we go!

        I’m actually half European (french-italian) and Asian (chinese) ^^ I was born in Sicily so my first language was Italian (when italian speak English… U know the drill XD), a decade later, I grew up in Sabah, Malaysia and started speaking the national language, Bahasa Melayu with Sabahan dialect (Indonesian is very similar to Bahasa Melayu especially my Sabahan dialect, so I can speak Indonesian pretty fluently) and Cantonese since my mom is Chinese.

        In conclusion, I speak Italian, English, Bahasa Melayu (+Indonesian), Cantonese and lil’ bit of French and Japanese. That’s why English isn’t my strongest point


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