Uta No ☆ Prince Sama Music 3

carpal tunnel rhythm game with “episodes” that let your man idol talk to you. You win points every time you play a song that you can spend in the shop to purchase clothes for your idol ikemens as well as different backgrounds for the music game screen. Not only can you play this without knowing any Japanese, it’s super cheap!

I personally suck at rhythm games so yeah….But the music was soooo good I had to keep trying!

There are 3 modes: Easy, Hard, Pro. If you successfully get an A or higher 3x in one of the difficulty settings, you unlock an episode with your idol ikemen. You also unlock new songs, character accessories, and new backgrounds by successfully completing a song.

To unlock cross songs like Original Resonance, you must play through a song of the characters involved in that cross. Once you do, BAM! you’ve unlocked greatness.

Since I haven’t played the otoges I had no clue wtf was going on in these episodes (short little interactions with one of the idols) bcuz they kept talking to Haruka like smt had happened between them. Especially Masato and Tokiya-like damn, they were deredere. So just go into this thinking you’ve already captured the idol ikemens and you’re good!

But then…as these episodes progressed I realized HOLY CRAP Haruka practically doesn’t exist. They mention her yes, but really you’re watching these idols through a tv screen…and so it seems like you’re some himono onna who’s stalking them. So Haruka may have a default name but she sure as heck isn’t there. YOU are the lonely rabid fangirl watching their every move…


You can tell they’re pushing the advertising for the Uta Pri CD’s really hard with this game. Not only are the songs not complete (you get just enough to make you ❤ it and wish the whole song was there) but it came with this:


Practically everything has English in this game. The menu items, the music screen. It’s all in English!! You’ll only have a few instances of Japanese but it’s so intuitive you wouldn’t even need to know what hiragana are lol. So no language barrier. Pick this cheap game up.

It’s a cute little music game that makes you realize how much the otoges need to come to the vita like RIGHT. NOW. And that’s happening! ^^ I’m not big on music games but this one was fun and come on guys, the songs were catchy af. And my husbando was here. Singing. And I could dress him up. Just HNNNNGGGG


*All of the songs in this game are listed at the end of the video above.

Definitely worth picking up. The episodes aren’t too hard to get the gist of. The Japanese is pretty basic and it’s mainly about the idols getting together to discuss random things like how Tokiya loves red candy. And if that’s not happening, you somehow are ntring every dude in this game. You thought Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side was daring enough to let you date 2 guys at once? How about dating every. Single. Idol.

Pretty cheap too! If you want to purchase Uta Pri Music 3  through my link, you can help support my blog! Thank you so much!!




17 thoughts on “Uta No ☆ Prince Sama Music 3

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Lol hey otoges are lengthier so don’t worry! 🙂 I will admit I had my bro do the more difficult songs cuz omg he’s like a pro at these gams lol. But yeah I was surprised I finished it so quickly. Thanks for recommending this to me, Cat! I really am glad I picked it up!!


      1. Cat

        I’ve put 5h into Music and that’s just the easy songs :’D
        Oooh, brother to the rescue!
        Yay, I’m glad!
        I’m finding it does murder on my hands, so I’m probably not going to play more than this one. Unless I get really thirsty for rhythm again ^^’

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cat

        Ahahaha! Make him work! XDD
        Not only is it nasty, I have some problems from using too much of PC/gaming. I can’t play DS for too long without getting my hands to cramp, so I definitely don’t want to get anything serious >_<

        Liked by 1 person

  1. krystallina

    I want to play these so badly, but I don’t think my hand can handle rhythm games anymore. ;_; And I’m sure it’s going to be a while before the next otome UtaPri game since they’re going to port all the old ones…sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reare Noella

    UtaPri.. This title is still famous as ever, huh. How many years this game had made a debut, it feels so nostalgic lol. You’re not the only one suck playing rhythm game, I lose that kind of game, EVERY SINGLE TIME. But UtaPri’s song is always catch and fun 😀 and English too? Woah, thanks a lot, Leaf I’m going to spend another $30+ even when I’m broke

    Liked by 1 person


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