Otome Game Review: Norn9 (Translation Fails)

Intro: In a distant future, a young boy named Sorata joins the ship Norn with a young woman. There, you will follow 3 girls as they learn to protect the people on-board with their powers. Just wtf is Norn9 and the fates of all on-board? Why are they being attacked? And who is the traitor among them?

My play order: Kakeru ➔ Senri ➔ Akito ➔ Heishi ➔ Sakuya ➔ Itsuki ➔ Ron ➔ Masamune ➔ Natsuhiko

There’s 3 heroines each with 3 men they can woo. We have Koharu, the most adorable thing ever, Nanami, the reserved and also adorable ninja, and Mikoto, the pampered princess who takes on the burden of others at her expense:


Tbh, I can’t decide who my fav is. Koharu is just so HNNNG and cute and I loved her. I feel like she got the worst canon dude but thankfully Senri/Masa was there. Nanami was holding a lot of darkness that’s only revealed in Akito’s route and I like the quiet and blunt heroines. And tsuntsun Mikoto not only has gorgeous ass hair but she gets the hottest of all the dudes. Like holy crap give me Natsuhiko.

kakKakeru: Looks handsome & is voiced by the wonderful Yuki Kaji but HOLY FLIPPING NO!! A do-S who bullies Senri, this jackass pairs up with Koharu. At first I was honestly convinced these two were the cutest thing ever and deserved that OTP medal. Not only does he fall for her out of nowhere, but the whole backstory had me going “Are u really in wuv with her dude?” I guess you could argue he was attracted to her innocent nature and well, she’s so flipping cute. Like if I were a guy hell yes I would fall for her! She’s like that pure

Kakeru’s daddy won the worst father of the year award. The earring he wears turns him into papa’s slave & apparently cuz of this he came up with the brilliant plan to get everyone to pair up at the beginning of each route so they can determine who the traitor is. Which makes no sense considering he asks the women to choose their partner & in some routes Koharu never chooses him lol. Ur saying he was so focused on pairing w/ her he just let her pair up w/ another person?

tumblr_mnv0em5jwh1st97tlo1_500It was cute at times-really, there were cute moments. But damn. I just didn’t believe in his ❤ for her. Hated the route. He can have the peach tree.

tumblr_inline_mo5wcfyba81qz4rgpSenri: Thankfully Senri’s route was believable when he fell for Koharu. Due to Akito kicking down his door he is forced to lol communicate. Koharu is “too bright” for him since she’s so nice to everyone and she genuinely wants him to open up. At first he doesn’t want to forge any relations with others since when they reach their destination they could be enemies in war. He’s constantly mumbling to himself and trying to shove his chores onto others.

norn9-cg-028Koharu still tries to befriend him but she gets more than friendship 😉 His route was pretty short but like 10000000x better than Kakeru’s and this one had NO plot. Like it was literally character development and yet I loved it. I really wish this guy had more time to shine but I was still glad with what we got. He was definitely what I needed after the mess that was Kakeru’s route.

norn9-cg-123Akito: To say I was excited for his route is an understatement. He’s the cook and always snaps at people when they compliment him or do smt stupid. I liked how the mystery built up regarding their relationship. At times it felt a little too angsty but it was still entertaining and I felt bad for Nanami with how self-deprecating and self-loathing she was.

Now, idk wtf the translator was doing but it’s like they felt they decided to change his personality. This has the Japanese voices so when you compare the translation usually you can go yeah that makes sense. Or it works.

I just…listen, a tsundere can be a pretty rude person. But holy shit. The translator chose words that made him sound like a pompous butthole! He called Mikoto a shrew several times, told Nanami to stfu, etc. It rlly effected my level of enjoyment. I was too busy going wtf to the word choices when he got flustered. Or upset. The translation made him sound too cruel and like hellloooo I can understand what he’s saying like wtf?!

This issue made me reluctant to continue his route until I was just playing it to finish it. So


Get it, girl;)

when the revelations came out about Senri and Nanami and her powers I could tell that I normally would be going POOR BABIEZ but instead I was like, is this over yet? It had all the elements that I would love: a tsundere, a strong heroine, a complicated past that gets in the way of the budding attraction and yet I couldn’t care. At all.

norn9-e3838ee383abe383b3efbc8be3838ee3838de38383e38388_0013Heishi: Hiroyuki Yoshino is amazing. His voice was great. Now if this game did anything, it twisted my biases. Not only are tsunderes my fav type but I usually am not that enamored w/ flirty tropes or, with Heishi, the dumb genki guy. The last route that gave me actual dokidokis was Saint Germain’s and like, how the hell can anyone top that? He still made me go “Oh thank Jesus” cuz this route was good.

He has telepathic powers and sometimes lol  can’t control them and broadcasts his thoughts/feelings to everyone. He asks what she’d do if he turned out to be the traitor but she says she trusts him completely.

2016-03-21-232748He grew up in the circus cuz his parents abandoned him. Like holy crap every parent in this game needs to die in a fire. He starts to realize how beautiful Nanami truly is and says she’s cute. At first she’s all wtf does dat mean weirdo ಠ_ಠ but she gets the dokidokis when rofl Heishi tries to express what it means to FEEL things for someone. He grabs her wrists and shares his emotions with her saying it’s not what he’s actually feeling. Just a past experience but lol he’s blushing so much and like idk how Nanami buys it cuz she’s all ok u totes don’t like me. But when she starts feeling those same things for Heishi she panics because of her powers.

Natsuhiko and Ron just have to ruin everything. Heishi tells Nanami his dream is to have a family and asks if she’ll help him and she says YES lol. Of course, this is where shit hits the fan and sure enough Natsuhiko and Ron are here to kill them but Ron decides he wants her for her powers. To protect Heishi, she erases his memories.

2016-03-21-232738Ron threatens to kill Heishi if she tries anything so she avoids Heishi and like nooooooo poor dude doesn’t understand what’s going on and thinks Nanami hates him. As with every route Itsuki’s dream scenario happens and this is when they confess. In the real world, Heishi and her try to discuss the issues at hand but bcuz Ron is still threatening his life, she can’t do much. She tries to push him away saying she took his memories but he doesn’t give af and kisses her saying he loves her despite that.

Things happen and they decide to run away together. Idk wtf they were thinking but in one of his bad endings they suddenly pulled a yandere out of nowhere so I’m sitting here going wait wut. It literally scared the shit out of me cuz like no. Heishi this isn’t like you. Stop that.

Oh well. Everything else was good. I didn’t mind that whole angsty as hell jealousy part. I didn’t care much about anything because I really liked these two but dat bad ending was like a 180.

2016-03-21-235728Sakuya: He’s got long hair, he’s the princely type and he’s elegant af. What could go wrong?


He’s childhood friends w/ Mikoto & was sickly his whole life so when Mikoto received her powers, everyone including himself, considered her a goddess. This praise drove her to the brink where she could only think of becoming a shoulder for others and neglected her own happiness. She could only find peace with Sakuya, but alas, fate had other things in mind.

One day Sakuya was gifted with the ability to see into the future. He can’t control it or choose when/what he sees but nonetheless he foresaw that he would die when he fell in love. While Mikoto made him swear he wouldn’t love anyone, Sakuya felt deep down in his kokoro that finally he could be the shoulder she needed!

2016-03-21-235748Sounds nice and I guess I could understand how possessive he is. I just didn’t like him the more his route went on. He was always hinting that cuz she’s a girl she can’t do certain things. Dat she must be a flower that looks pretty and nothing else.

And omg she completely became that dumb flower. She was such a strong character and his route tore all that down. Love doesn’t make you weak, it can only build you up. But not with Sakuya lol.

To make things even greater he tells her that now they’ve finally confessed to each other he needs to visit her bedroom tonight cuz he’s been waiting. For 10 years. To do her. DUDE WTF?! Mikoto never goes ew stfu even tho he told her as a KID he wanted her. He wastes no time trying to take her on a date or anything. He’s just well now that everything’s done let’s do it! NO.

2016-03-22-001331Itsuki: The other part of the Mikoto love triangle and the perverted flirt.

When I first saw him I thought hot damn he’s got a man bun. Ugh, I’ll give him that he isn’t so annoying as the usual pervy tropes but I really don’t think this trope does anything for me. At the best I end up going, eh, I guess that was nice. At the worst I think go away and never ever come back. Gross.

I appreciated how he valued his friendship with Sakuya (are they even friends idk) or smt cuz he saw that Mikoto would b better off with him. So he tried to ship them. He never got jealous & it was refreshing to watch the development. U rlly see that he’s just a “commoner” who puts her happiness above all others. He’s afraid to let her go but also to really care about her so after he kisses her he hides in his room becuz he’s terrified of his emotions.

Idk why but Mikoto goes to see him and you have NO CHOICE in this. They do it. Like I was sitting there going omg they’re gonna do it. Wtf? Omg they did it. Dafuq?! Cuz like what exactly do they know abt each other? I don’t even. Wut? It just happens no matter if you’re going for the Tragic Love End or not. They will always do it. Always.

tumblr_inline_mo65hqg9v91qz4rgpIt came out of flipping nowhere and then things happened and bam the route was over. Do you have any idea how many turns this could have taken? He’s cast as the street rat and yet in less than an hour of playing this route they have sex and frolic away. I really wanted so much more from them. He had so much potential!!

Due to plot lol he does smt to her powers and I couldn’t help but rage cuz since he and Heishi can control dreams and use telepathy, couldn’t they summon Kakeru and tell him who the traitor is? Like wtf?

And idk if this is just the translator “censoring” things but in one dream they do it lol and it says smt like they stayed up all night doing things. Like I’m pretty sure the original said smt diff but it wasn’t voiced.

Oh well. I guess it was ok but damn. They went from one kiss to last base too soon.


Where is your hand?!

Ron: Is always high af so he’s wears sunglasses cuz he’s cooler than you. I rlly liked how Nanami instantly was biting his head off. At first I was like holy shiet girl, that’s a little harsh, but this guy’s radiating mega pedobear ultrawaves and he’s always walking around w/ his tits of steel. Srsly, has no one seen that in Itsuki’s route he uses barriers with his nips? Like omg I couldn’t stop laughing at that. Nanami is 16. Ron is 25. 25! Like if she was 18 I would’ve been more “ok” with the events but holy…

I was majorly creeped out. I couldn’t believe he had a route with her-if anything, Mikoto should’ve been paired with him as she’s the oldest. I’d have loved to see Itsuki or Sakuya with Nanami.

In the first chapter, I shit you not, he asks her to become his lover. Then while shopping, Setsu spills a drink on her and it smells and makes her nauseous. She escapes to the woods where she faints. When she wakes, Ron is there. He undressed her to help her body dry since she was soaked from the rain. Immediately she thinks he did smt. He assures her he didn’t but then goes u wouldn’t know anyways if I did. I should have *creepy chuckle.

tumblr_nvr0epotxn1uioideo3_500He asks if she thinks murder is evil then pushes her down and forces a kiss on her saying you couldn’t escape if u tried and u’re prolly cute if u scream. NOPE. He lets her get up and she punches him so hard his glasses fly off his face. Dude why don’t u keep them off? Sure u got one diff eye color but this is an otoge. Not like that’s weird, right? lol

Anyways in the bad end she becomes some doll and loses her eyes. In the good end he sets Aion on fire after stealing Koharu’s powers, takes his eye out, and lets Nanami erase his memories. So lol he becomes a doll in the end. Ugh I hated how Nanami became this lifeless girl who just did whatever Ron wanted. He even told her to kiss Natsuhiko in the bad end and she freaking did it. Ew.

Also how the hell did he fall for her? The route felt like he was just some perv who preyed on Nanami cuz she had powers, was younger,and liked him. Just stay away Ron. Die.



Masamune: Idk what the translator was smoking but apparently Masa’s the oldest on board…when rlly Ron is. Wtf. Masa is the “gentleman perv” and leader of Norn. Koharu is so worried about how easily he could be tricked into doing jobs on his own that she stays up all night to study mannerisms lol. Koharu is all zomg I get the dokidokis when u help ppl and just she’s so freaking adorably innocent omg. He turns around crying rofl but Nanami ruins the moment by comparing the two as father and daughter….

Anyways he bcomes her megane-sensei and warns her that Itsuki is the enemy of women. Koharu is so confused abt how he rants that all men who promise good things r vile so she asks how the prince & princess fall in

Kakeru get sick, she tries to help yada yada Lol one of the bad ends involves Heishi and Namami making cookies with Koharu for Masa but turns out sweets make him drunk? He grabs the girls and Kakeru comes in and:

He leaves and Masa abadons the World to build his own kingdom while giving the girls “lessons”…

If u continue on Koharu finds him sneaking away with the cookies in the middle of the night to eat them. She’s glad he didn’t throw them away and goes to leave but she lol steps on a twig (dem darn twigs r always tripping up our heroines lol) & he suddenly creepers up 2 her and goes fuck ur cute and kisses her. She decides to read a book abt kissing (a fairy tale) and Masa talks to Sakuya abt it. When she asks Mikoto what kissing means Sakuya tells her it’s only done on special occasions.

She flipping tells him point blank that she’s been thinking abt how he kissed her and he falls out of his chair and asks why he did it. He apologizes and she thinks he means he regretted doing that and to make matters worse he says they prolly shouldn’t b partners. We get constant flashbacks where he’s all sorry that was a mistake.

tumblr_inline_o0pp37lu1n1tgbnyl_500It takes Itsuki’s dream powers for him to realize OH she actually wanted me to kiss her. Like a lot. Like this much:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lol but he never went um bad things? like most ppl would. Once again translator spoils shit when Masa tells Koharu it’s alright. He tells her to have faith in him but the translator says instead a ton of shit that wasn’t even there. Like we won’t be separated. I can’t tell you now etc.

It doesn’t take a pro to realize this is wrong. Even some casual anime watcher can see this isn’t right. WTF IS DIS SHIT?!


tumblr_mow30vt37b1st97tlo3_500To wrap things up I liked his route a lot and I honestly think he’s best for Koharu. He felt like he actually cared about her well-being and did all he could for her. She was able to rely on him and while it was “traditional” and some feminists might go nope lol I honestly really liked this route. They worked together and I don’t understand why he was the least fav character. If anything, creepo Ron should be dead last.

Can we all praise Koharu’s seiyuu? In this cg she nailed the emotions & I admit I teared up. For the first time EVER she was able to be selfish, to cry, to be upset. And she needed to let that out. Thanks Masa. U r perf.

I liked how important the friendships between the girls were in this route and I was surprised with how much was centered around Mikoto x Sakuya. I also liked how Akito was so kind to her. Like why didn’t he have a route with her? Omg his tsundere level would’ve been over 9000!

norners027Natsuhiko: To say I was glad I was almost done is an understatement. I was so. Done. With this game. Natsu is like da man everyone wouldn’t stfu abt all over twitter. Like dayum calm ur tits y’all! Mikoto decides she ain’t got time to watch anyone so she goes investigating on her own (well Sorata tags along) & presents her lol drawings to everyone of Natsu.

Ron pushes her off Norn & Natsu catches her. From there we have Mikoto doing what most YA heroines need to do: instead of going shit he’s hot! they should be defending themselves against the enemy. Thank you for being smart. I was surprised with how brave she was and even Natsu was like whoa girl.

Anyways unfortunately all dat tension quickly falls apart. Like it was cute that he made that hiyoko to comm w/ her even tho she didn’t know she was rlly talking to him but ugh they get stranded, he loses his memories, he tells her I WUV U and then they do it. Like it even said that even if she wanted to escape he was too strong. 

Next morn, Ron comes to kill them but things happen, he gets his memories back and turns out Shiro is dead. And Kakeru kind of went insane lol and welp that’s all we ever hear about him.

Idk, I mean his route was the best for Mikoto and refreshing cuz we finally aren’t on Norn and the plot didn’t dance around and shove romance in to distract u from said plot holes. The sudden ero scene was like wut rofl and as sexy as he is I was like why is dis even happening right now? WTF.

*Le heavy sigh

Sorata’s Epilogue:….My head hurts due to “plot what is consistency syndrome?”….


The Translations:

Let’s get this over with. The translations aren’t kusoge but they sure as hell aren’t good. Like I’m all for supporting localizations of otoge because guys. This is a niche market-we have to beg for these games and even then it’s rare we get one. So yes buy this if you want to show them you want more games because this is the only way you will.

Don’t pirate these games guys. You rlly are doing more harm than you think. Please look up what it takes to even localize visual novels if you think they’re not expensive to do so.

Even so, with the Japanese I know, I want to provide a little info regarding these…”translations.”


So from my understanding, Aksys was behind schedule with Code Realize and Norn9, so they had to speed up the process and get these games out. Idk why…but if you know please let me know^^


Not only does Koharu call the guys Mr___ and other times doesn’t, we have stuff like this. Idk how snow could be scary but hey, some are deathly afraid of  pickles and mustard (I mean no offense to them). But everyone knows that YUKI is snow…

There are a few cases where the character speaking has the wrong name.


He’s sitting next to Mikoto and somehow this happens? Like lol how? And when she freaks out, normally Sakuya would be threatening Itsuki if he did do smt lewd like this but they think she’s overreacting…meaning there’s no way this happened or the translator failed sooooooo hard.

There are plot relevant spoilers that are revealed when really the characters never mention it.

The translations can ramble on and on with stuff that never was originally there. For instance, two ppl will be discussing Heishi’s cooking or smt and it goes ON and ON and half that shit isn’t even there. Like I’m sitting there read the text but the Japanese voices have already ended and they’re STILL talking and none of it is what was said.

I could go on and on and on.

The thing is, as annoying as this was, it wasn’t a deal breaker. Yes, it pissed me off that this wasn’t fixed. That stuff was added as filler that never existed. That the wrong vocabulary was used.

But like I said, it’s rare enough to get these games. Guys can complain that otoges only come out but when you take a look at the games coming out for them there’s so much. And they even get eroges and stuff. Steins Gate, Xblaze, and a whole slew of mangagamer games. Like this list goes on and yet all I hear is that they don’t have much????


We have literally 5 of these games. That’s it so far. So don’t even go there. (Not counting the multiple ports of the same Hakuoki game)

I’m not at all saying that hey go buy this half assed translated game. No. I’m not sure at all what I should even say. It’s up to you. 

In the end it still had the same plot and gist and it helps if you know any Japanese no matter how little. In a way I learned a lot from this lol. Of course this doesn’t excuse the translations at all but I won’t be boycotting this. If you want to support otoge and get more out then go buy this. If you’re one of those snobby purists then don’t bother. Get the import cuz u must be fluent or smt idk.

All I can say is that this is up to you. It was actually kind of hilarious seeing these translation fails and made me feel smarter when I knew that the dialogue was off.

Final Thoughts: 

Dayum for a game that’s so loved by the otoge community that was a let down lol. I didn’t know why half of these couples fell in love. I didn’t get why they had sex so early on when they could have spent time on improving the writing and building up that tension so that when they did do it, it was a payoff. Instead I was like wtf.


I did enjoy some routes: Heishi, Masamune, Senri, and Natsuiko…but like I only really enjoyed Heishi’s the most but even then the bad end ruined his character and his good end was like wtf is dis shit?

The plot was a mess and there’s no denying this game was a fanservice to reverse harems. Not all of it was bad. There were some really interesting concepts such as the resets and I really wished the plot had a stronger presence. Instead it was all about angsty hormonal teens on a ship. 

I liked how there were 3 heroines and they were voiced. They each had their own personalities and they each had a set of guys. I just felt like most of the pairings were wasted. Kakeru was a turd that never deserved Koharu and his only lover shall be a peach tree. Sakuya…and Itsuki…ugh no. Ron is pedobear.

I will purchase the fandisc if Aksys releases it but I’m not excited for it. If anything, Code Realize is what I’m salivating over.

The music and art were great as expected. Everything else was a varying mix of cute to wtf. I just…I don’t get why this game is sooooo freaking popular. At all. Am I missing smt? Sure the translations weren’t great but I understood the Japanese enough to get what was missing or wrong. But ugh I just didn’t really like this game. It had good moments but what a let down.

If you want to play Norn9, I rec the Japanese version if you understand the language because….the translations were THAT BAD.

If you decide to do that, please consider buying Norn9 through my link to help my blog and college debt thank you!!!

What did you think of Norn9? What otoge are your favorites/least favorites? Who was your fav character? Least? Are there any games you want to see localized?

Please feel free to disagree with my opinions on this game.

If you like what you read, please consider following or sharing. Thanks so much!^^

41 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Norn9 (Translation Fails)

  1. pokeninja90

    Amazing and detailed post!

    So I definitely got this in the last PSN Flash Sale….I had heard mixed reviews about the game so I didn’t know what to expect…your review has prepared me for the worst lol so at least now I’m an informed player! But I agree even if the game is not so awesome we should still support the market and buy a copy rather than pirate…or at the very least wait for a sale…

    So far I have no complaints with the game…but I’m not very far yet.

    I guess I want them to localize Diabolik Lovers…I’m curious about what all the dissertation is about (it know it’s horrible tho)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Aw thank you so much Poke and lol sorry if I ranted too much. I kind of stayed up past midnight with this lol.
      And well….honestly I would say dia is a waste of ur $. I’ve already played the game for the psp and like dear lord. If u get uncomfortable at all with sexism, verbal/sexual/physical abuse, triggers etc this game is NOT for you. Idk why ppl like this franchise-no harm in a guilty pleasure but when the community starts saying that the guys need to rape her cuz she deserves it…no.
      Of course, this is all my opinion and you have yours^^ If it gets localized I will grudgingly support it lol

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  2. Cat

    I have a feeling the translation probably helped with the story not making sense/being full of plot holes. Reviews from the game in Japanese that I’ve seen don’t complain about that, but it could also be they cared more about the romance ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙
    I kinda wonder where you saw people pirate this game, since only the Vita version got localised, unless you’re saying the PSP game in Japanese? ⊂(ο・㉨・ο)⊃
    I so hope more console/PC otome games get localised, but I also think quality of translation is important to get a feel for the characters (●`・(エ)・´●)
    From what I understood Aksys outsourced both games to a translation team, and because they were both supposed to be quick, they got shafted a bit. Even Code Realize has some pretty heavy typos going on, but it’s the more polished of the lot.
    I hope Aksys doesn’t give up since I really enjoyed their Sweet Fuse localisation >__<

    Sorry if I rambled :')

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Yes the PSP game. And I also meant for several otoge there have been pirated versions and someone found a way to do so with the steam release of Amnesia.
      I see. That makes more sense. Thanks for the info regarding the translations. Code thankfully was given more care.
      OMG yes Sweet Fuse is amazing!! I’m almost done with it too and I’m in love with it! I’ll be writing a review on that also.
      And not at all lol! I love it when people ramble or rant. It’s so cool to see what they’re thinking.


      1. Cat

        Unless they know Japanese, I’d say they don’t gain much from pirating the PSP version of the game ^^’
        There’s always pirated versions of anything that’s popular or in demand, my wish is if they do pirate that they’ll end up buying and still supporting the industry. I play fan translated games, which is pirating, but when Danganronpa got localised I supported it and bought it on the Vita~
        Aksys has gone on record explaining why Norn9 translation was like it was, if you care to read more in detail~
        Sweet Fuse made me really into otome games, but there were none besides it and Hakuoki back then, so I ended up forgetting them until recently :’)
        I’ll look forward to your review then! (´∀`)♡
        Thank you! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        See that’s what I mean-as long as you still support the games and buy them, go ahead and pirate. Lol if you NEVER support them but say you will, then hell no. However, this in itself promotes a bad habit for ppl who never will buy the game and instead only pirate. If you support the games I have no problems with you-I have problems only with those that never try to give back, blame companies for not localizing these games, and when they finally do, they don’t support.
        Do you have a link to this? ^^
        And aww thank you, Cat! It’s so nice to hear that I’m not really failing at this lol


      3. Cat

        I got pretty sad there were sales right when I don’t have money and couldn’t support CR or Norn9 like I wanted to + Ozmafia preordering ;_; /cries a river because she wants to play and support them

        Yeah, if you promise to support them when you can but that day never happens, it’s really inconsiderate. Specially when there’s some people that say that but then spend money on other things like coffee every day/smoking. If they have money for that, they could save it for games. I speak of this as someone that squirrels money to save up for all her purchases ^^’

        I’m going to see if I can find a job (I need to go to my doctor to help me with my depression, it’s currently kicking my ass), but if I get a job I’ll be able to support games more than I currently can. I really want to buy Ozmafia, and for that I need a PC ;_; oRZ

        I don’t like when fans blame companies and boycott. Like specially as someone that doesn’t approve bad translation, the only way I wouldn’t support them is if they went down the machine translation route. Then I don’t have respect to try to foist on us fans that kind of half-assed product ⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃

        I can’t for the life of me find that link. Maybe it was tweets instead, and those are pretty lost in the ether oRZ

        You’re welcome! You’re definitely not failing, what?! You’re super pro at this! ❤

        Sorry, I got kinda long-winded haha ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃

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      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Np:) don’t worry about the link.
        And I hear you. I was only able to afford these games because I’ve saved up and been working. And I have anxiety so I can kind of understand what you mean about depression-not gonna pretend I do though.
        And absolutely. One thing that most people don’t realize is that unlike books, games aren’t considered a failure if they don’t sell x amount in so many days. Sales records are calculated for each purchase over time so even if you can’t get it right away, that’s fine. Don’t beat urself up abt it.
        Preorders only serve to show the hype and to gauge how many units of a product should be stocked in advance. Then they tack on the estimated amount of copies that will sell after the preorders.


      5. Cat

        I remember a Aksys worker on Twitter explained how translation goes and such, but I don’t remember who it was ugh
        I wish XSeed came into otome localisation. Their work with Trails in the Sky and Ys has shown lots of love and passion, they do it right! Plus no censorship, so I’d see them bringing games like KLAP without problems ;P

        Games are definitely expensive, I like getting them on digiral sales instead of secondhand to show support since here in Portugal there’s no market and importing is pricey even more UK/Spain ^^’
        Anxiety is definitely hard to fight too, so you’re doing amazing! /hugs

        Oh I didn’t know that! I’ll definitely keep it in mind :0
        I wondered why Amnesia went into 2$ sales for so long/so many times on Steam, I wonder if it had something to do with that/trying to get some money back through sales. Not that I think that was a good strategy ^^’
        I’ve been told Norn and CR will probably go on sales in the future, so I’ll try to catch them then if they do the sales in the EU side it’d be good, cause I don’t have an US account and switching around in the Vita involves jumping through hoops ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃
        You seem very knowledgeable about this game market stuff :0
        You’re pretty amazing (^(エ)^)

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        I really wish XSEED could too:) I’ve always wanted to play the Y’s series. Do you have a recommended starting point?^^
        Aww thank you cat. And the same to you-I can’t even imagine what that must be like. *hugs back*
        Haha well not really. I just happen to read a bunch of articles and my dad is really smart when it comes to economics and stuff.
        You’re really amazing too! Being able to speak another language and communicate with others is crazy insane!


      7. Cat

        XSeed whole existence should be gracing us with otome games ffs, they’re the niche company and so ballsy, I don’t know why they don’t 😦
        Sometimes I wish I’d make my own company/join a company just to translate/bring awareness to otome games but I’m learning it as a hobby and have no idea if I’d like to translate. Translating is such a different skill from understanding. It’s why I respect companies and fan translators, they do such a massive work for the fans 🙂
        Oh man I fell so hard for Ys 1&2 chronicles, PSP and PC version I believe. I love, loved the bump system and could not get into Ys Seven (which I bought digitally and regret, haven’t even finished ^^’) probably because it became an action RPG. Ys Oath in Felghana was good, though no bump system it feels like a mix between Seven and chronicles. Personally, the bumping system was super fun and so was the puzzle/magic because everything was connected and used really well/cleverly.
        So if you want to experience Ys, the bumping system is definitely fresher than when the games/remakes turned into ARPG like KH oRZ
        Depression is a bitch, mostly because of lack of motivation and energy. Like zilch to exist/eat/do anything. I can’t wait to go to the doctor and see what she tells me I should be doing/taking tbh.
        That’s really good though, I get lost in the whole finance&economic sector of news, regardless of which language I read it in haha ^^’
        AW, thank you. Just wait until I had Japanese to what I can communicate in, then I’ll be OP 😛 /just kidding


  3. krystallina

    Yeah, I was really surprised when Aksys announced Code: Realize and Norn9 were going to be released back-to-back. Firstly, from a business perspective, it would seem to make sense to give one title a few months of sales and then have all the fans craving for more otome have something new to look forward in a couple months.

    But I was even more concerned when it came to the translation. Two text-heavy games in two months? It seemed like quite a challenge. And, unfortunately, it didn’t pan out as well as everyone would have liked. Pushing one back a few months I think would have given them time to clean up the dialogue for both games. If (crossing my fingers!) Aksys picks up more otoge, I hope they space their releases out both from a business perspective and a quality perspective.

    From Otomate, I’d love to see Binary Star and Clock Zero licensed. They both look so pretty, and their stories sound interesting. I don’t get the obsession for Diabolik Lovers either. I’d like to see other studios’ games get a chance in the West as well.


    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Definitely not a smart move but maybe there were benefits we will never know?
      I think there’s a chance we can get another otoge. We just have to be vocal about this on twitter and other sites. And actually buying their products. No matter how many ppl want a game, it’s not gonna happen if they look at sales records and see they can’t make a profit.
      The thing I like about Aksys is that they count on selling big titles and when they make enough $ they squeeze in little projects to make their fans happy-such as otoge.
      I do admit I would like XSEED to start churning them out but since they’re a small company, I’m not sure they’d risk it. Yet.
      OMG Binary Star!! And CLock Zero I heard is supposed to be really good. Lol yeah, Diawifebeaters is smt else…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. chiE

    FINALLY, I found someone who likes Masamune more than kakeru haha x”D
    I feel kinda betrayed when the anime focused soo much on KakeKoha :”)

    and They’re going to release some new FD ‘Act Tune’ rite, after Last Era.. I haven’t even finished that one ww the after story are soo diabetic //w\\
    the system using multiple heroine and all of ’em are voiced is really amusing me ❤ we can clearly feel the emotion when the heroine have voice ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      OMG yayaya! I thought I was alone in this too! *high fives you*
      Lol yeah I just watched 4 eps of the anime and like omg they’re really pushing the Kakekoha. 😦 Masamune is the better choice. Srsly. And he wears glasses!
      Whoa another fandisk? Crazy.
      Thanks so much for reading, chiE, and I hope we can become good friends! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. chiE

        Woohoo! *high five too*
        Ikr ;;w;; but they do have pretty effects and background there.. ///
        I think otomate starts to cowmilking this one just like hakuoki series ww
        But I love norn series, so i guess there’s no prob haha xD
        Yeay<3 thank you too for replying ❤ will check out your other reviews ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Hahaha! XD
        OOO I’m glad you’re a huge fan of this then:) I wish I liked it more than I did but I did have fun with 4 of the routes and I will buy the next game if it’s released.
        Do you have any other fav otoges?


      3. chiE

        Yesshh I actually fall in love more for the heroines than the dudes haha
        Specially mikoto-chan ❤ since she's voiced by ayahi-chan and is a badass chara xD
        Yes I do, and hell lot of them ww
        But lately I fall in love with Taishou Alice ❤ the same scenario writer as shinigani to shoujo ❤
        AND CORDA 4 YESHH , i'm still waiting mine to arrive tho :')
        What's your fave currently??

        Liked by 1 person

      4. chiE

        She’s actually very much capable of doing that ww
        But actually I like ron too, specially on the fandisk /// he’s so much more tame there ww

        Liked by 1 person

      5. chiE

        Well, he kinda is err was(?) www
        But he’s still adorable in his owm way, or it’s just me another creepers who attracted to another creepers ww

        Liked by 1 person

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  6. maverynthia

    It’s not that I’m a snobby purist, but.. I think maybe boycott Aksys. I realize they are more or less holding otome games hostage but, I hear they have licensed SOME MORE GAMES like so many more otoge that if they were running behind here… OH BOY. (Bad Apple Wars, Code Realize FD, Collar X Malice, & Period Cube). Supporting other otoge people that have “done it right” is the best course because it shows that otoge can be profitable, but that us fans aren’t going to stand being walked on and treated like second class audience because they KNOW they have us hostage. Basically call their bluff. THey could say that “Well see it doesn’t sell!” But then other companies could be pointed to and used as an example of “It will as long as you do a good job.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      I completely understand. I don’t think it’s right at all to sell us a half assed translated game but it’s difficult to be “Oh just boycott them” bc I’ve had a lot of ppl tell me that they never will learn Japanese, don’t want to, and it’s easier for them to just see the final product and later hear about the results of said translations. Like I said, I don’t think it’s right at all and it honestly did impact my enjoyment of this game, but for those who don’t know Japanese, some of them might not care…which isn’t good considering we have to beg for these games anyways and we deserve to have top quality…but what can we do?
      I don’t want to boycott them bc honestly, Aksys games is one of those few companise out there still giving the otoge community a chance and I hope that through our support and feedback, they’ll fix future issues.


      1. maverynthia

        Well, then maybe wait for the games to go on deep discount or something. Since paying $40 for a half baked game is… :/ :\ It’s what I did to Norn 9 after I saw the screen shots. Waited for a sale and bought it then.

        As for support and feedback 😡 Aksys Games actually has been blocking people on their twitter for being critical of their translations/issues with the games. They’ve basically plugged their ears up and are going “la la la can’t hear you”. Which has made me fearful of the 4 games they have, because if they can’t handle two at a time.. what makes one think they can handle four.

        I think this last slew of games they release will hopefully be a make or break point for them. If they are all good like Sweet Fuse was then maybe that will make up for it. If they all end up like the messes that are CR and N9… =_ = Maybe it’s time to tell people to not support them, or at least wait for a sale on the games because $40 isn’t worth the time and effort they put into them.

        I just kinda wish that Idea Factory Itl would step up their game. We only got Amnesia from them…. aaand that’s it. I don’t know if it sold well or not. (I bet people were wanting a physical release like all their Neptunia stuff) Then there is NIS… which has the Uta Pri property that NISA could cash in on. T^ T

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Whoa, really? I didn’t hear about that. That really stinks….
        I don’t think we should get our hopes up for IDF tbh…which is sad considering their translations were very good. They cater mostly to tween/angsty men fan boys who salivate over lolis and stuff…and they’re making a good profit out of it since they keep churning out Neptunia like no one’s business.
        And about Uta, the seiyuu’s would cost a ton of money. While there are a lot of fans over here, how many of them have a Vita? How many are just fans of the anime? They have to factor those in along with translation costs and seiyuu costs. I hope we get it over here in the West but I’m not holding my breath.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. maverynthia

    I totally forgot that !f had that Kickstarted for that one otome game… that failed. While all the bishoujoge stuff gets funded 1000% >_<
    But yeah, they churn out Neptunia WITH physical releases (we don't even get that) every 6 months or so it seems =_ =.
    Well NISA is doing the Psycho Pass VN, I don't know the voice specifics on that. They usually release the Japanese voice tracks so. I wonder how many fans we have that would buy a Vita just for the game. I bought my Vita for the Aksys releases so it's not out of the question.
    I'm not going to hold my breath either, but it might just happen if NISA wants to be like Aksys and expand their repertoire from lolicon punishment games and Disgaea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Yeah…poor Beast Master…
      And honestly, sex sells. Sure, Disgaea might not fit that category, but that’s essentially what’s being sold. Guys can tell us all they like that “they like the gameplay” or “story” but everyone knows what it really is rofl.


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