Sweet Fuse At Your Side

Intro: Saki’s uncle, Keiji Inafune, is opening an amusement park featuring rides based on video games like FF. Saki shows up to support him when terrorists lock down the park and kidnap Keiji and several hostages. In order to free them, 7 warriors must overcome the trials Count Hogstein has set. Should they fail even one, Hogstein will kill the hostages. If one of them tries to escape, they will die. Saki volunteers as tribute to save Prim Keiji. However, Hogstein isn’t here to play fair. Why were they chosen in this game and will the warriors survive? Or will they condemn both themselves and the hostages? 

*Has a very 999/Zero Escape vibe and while at first it may seem the focus is the relationships between Saki & her comrades, revealing Hogsteins’s identity/motives is the main draw. You can only uncover this after playing through the secret character’s route. If anything, the romance feels like a complement to the main plot. You only need to complete one route in order to unlock the secret character.

My play order: Wakasa > Meoshi > Mitarashi > Urabe > Shidou > Shirabe > Secret Character

The first 3 routes are practically spoiler free so feel free to read my summaries if you want^^

wakasa9winkWakasa: CV: Yuki Kaji A pop idol that makes all the girls swoon but Saki can only go excuse me, who dafuq are you supposed to be? Wakasa is the coward of the group and immediately books it during the 1st trial. It takes all of them to prevent him from sealing their fates as dead men.

If anyone likes character development, Wakasa’s route is one of the best. For such a frightened, annoying, selfish, and vain person, he managed to become one of my favorite characters. He starts out as this pompous guy who believes he is the next messiah cuz he’s in a boy band and surely everyone has heard of him. Wakasa is only here to save his own ass and will stick to whoever he thinks can keep him alive.

2363a43b78f379acc6946d51799916bcAnd then he realizes that he doesn’t want to be that person anymore when he endangers Mitarashi’s life bcuz he was only looking out for #1. The near death experience hits everyone, but for Wakasa, it breaks him. As he struggles to piece himself together, Saki’s bravery inspires him & he realizes that he needs to grow the f up.

His route gives nothing away but it excels in showing the growth of a person put under extreme situations. Wakasa went from an annoying but understandably scared shitless boy to a selfless, strong, and compassionate individual. His friendship with Saki was a huge driving point in his maturity and the romantic aspects enhanced the story when it finally kicked in. A very good route.

91f57eb7f94b672db1354be5def6a48cMeoshi: CV: Masakazu Morita: The gamer who knows every detail about the park cuz he’s played all the games the rides are based on. He’s socially awkward due to a very traumatic experience in his past that has haunted him his entire life. He only came to the park bc they were handing out free DLC for his game lol

Because of this, he keeps to himself, gets creeped out when others talk to him, and can be very abrupt. He displays ninja skills lol he must have learned from Wiifit or smt in the 1st trial and Saki immediately goes DAYUM SON. Also idk wtf he’s wearing but it looks like he’s in some straight jacket. (this is explained in Shidou’s route and his own)

For most of the route we get to see Meoshi proudly inform the others about his knowledge of games, show off his level 9000 gaming skills, and how he matures. Honestly, it was a nice route. I liked how it challenged his anxiety and social awkwardness. He was forced to work with other people to survive and learned that interacting with humans isn’t bad.

I was surprised at how much this guy had to put forward. He had to cast aside all his fears to protect Saki when the time came despite his frail body. Meoshi was upset that he couldn’t be the hero in video games and finally got the chance to be that hero.

tumblr_mvsmafzwfp1rwl0duo1_500I liked his route except the ending made it seem like he thought Saki was second to his games…which contradicted the whole point of his route! WTF. It was cute but afterwards I couldn’t help but think she’d break up with him later cuz he didn’t pay her much attention.


sweet_fuse_psp_ryusei_mitarashi_11Mitarashi Dango: CV: Satoshi Hino: An escort in Ginza at the club “Ulysses” who is easily angered and settles things with his fists.I wasn’t too sure what kind of escort he was as in Japan you have the normal male hosts that are forbidden from involving in sexual activities with clients bc lol it’s “classier than prostitution.” They usually are there to talk to women who need to vent and be complimented whilst wasting a ton of $ on alcohol. But considering how he’s always telling her that he cannot “fulfill her dreams” that she isn’t yet aware of lol I think we all what kind he is…

His route constantly makes innuendos of his job like how he dresses up and role plays for women and Saki could only go ┐(‘~`;)┌. He’s like a grizzly bear in that he’s very gruff and talks like a yakuza, but the moment he realizes he cares for Saki he’s soooooo unsure what to do. His job requires no attachments and no favors and considering they’re in a life or death situation, he’s afraid of losing her.

He distances himself but Saki is adamant about her feelings for him and these two KICK sweet_fuse_psp_ryusei_mitarashi_3ASS. The only way you can even begin his route is if you constantly blow up at him and belittle him lol (do M anyone?) bc he likes his women strong and with their own minds. Thank you, Mitarashi!!!  (ノ´з`)ノ

I really liked how action packed this route was. The others were too, but the writers def took advantage of the fact that Mitarashi is this beast that can bend trees with his bare hands (ok maybe not that part).

sweet_fuse_psp_kimimaro_urabe_9Tarzan Urabe: CV: Junichi Suwabe: The Oracle of Shinjuku and gentleman of the group. Saki sews a part of his robe for him and thinks to herself that she should poke herself with needles more often if it means he’ll bandage her rofl do M much? As with every route, Urabe betrays them and they assume he died in the explosion. However, Saki can’t bring herself to abandon him if he’s still alive. So she runs off without the group to search for him.

This route was instant love. From the get go they both acknowledge they’re attracted to each other. He was a part of Hogstein’s plan since the beginning bc he has daddy issues. Turns out these issues were real since the dad was a murdering yakuza and he’s been plotting with Hogstein to kill daddy…wtf.

Saki somehow is able to look deep into her kokoro to accept this and clings to him throughout. While yeah, dude was keeping her safe, I couldn’t bring myself to care. Like holy crap dude. U call ur dad evil and yet here ur trying to kill him, and are endangering others, and now ur all dayum Saki’s some FINE woman there. No.

Anyways they reunite with the others and lol all of them tell Saki that it’s a shame Urabe snagged her since they all thought she was pretty fine. He turns himself in and after 2 years he and Saki live together.

Idk guys…I was super interested in his route from the get go but dayum talk abt insta love.384b8fa09107a16ee5c386ddb755daf2 I understand attraction can form at first sight and there have been studies that show men are usually the ones who instantly fall for someone, but I couldn’t take the route srsly. He had a lot of demons of his own but we never once got closure on his dad or the fact that he tried to kill everyone and then ditched it all to save Saki simply cuz she was pretty….no.

shidouShidou: CV: Kenichi Suzumura: A police officer who gets on the nerves of many due to his views on justice. Especially Saki, who he pisses off for telling her to STAHP TOUCHING THINGS UR A WOMAN!! Thankfully, Saki doesn’t take shit from no one. She immediately tells him to stfu and get his head out of his ass. Just bc she’s a woman doesn’t mean she’s going to endanger them, especially considering SHE saved their asses and will continue to do so when he believes all hope is lost. Thank you Saki! XD

As you can imagine, both Saki and I weren’t happy with this bishie. Shidou, Wakasa and Mikami were the closest to traditional otoge love interests in their design, and Shidou already was pissing me off. Thank Jesus this guy realizes he said smt super sexist and messed up and apologizes to her. Saki and him both admit to their impulsiveness and figure things out like responsible adults. I’m so proud of you.

Things happen, Shidou is a badass who really just wants to do what’s right, and omg this route was so good. Like I can see why he’s the canon and I approve. Ugh one of my fav moments was when he was watching Saki lol and Wakasa calls him out on it and they sound like cats bcuz they keep saying grin. OMG it was great.

sweet_fuse_psp_subaru_shidou_10This route delved into the question of why each of them was there in this game to begin with. They discover it has smt to do with a car accident that left many dead and welp, I’m guessing they never caught the ones responsible? Once again, Hogstein gets away but now we have more answers. A really good route that patched up that mess that was Urabe lol. The romance progressed naturally and he never suddenly was all I WUV U I must lock u up like Urabe did on their 3rd day….

And there’s man nipples.

shirabe2smileVash the StampedeShirabe: CV: Ken Narita: A journalist haunted by his friend’s death. His daughter is kidnapped by Hogstein and lol idk wtf the writers were thinking, cuz they literally sacrificed Shidou’s character by allowing Mitarashi to enter the next game while the perfectly healthy Saki helped Shirabe findd his daughter. Mitarashi was gravely injured and they’re like yeah, go after Shirabe. Daijyoubu dakara! No.

Shirabe’s route delves into the accident that links all the players together. His friend was killed in an accident that the police decided was simply an accident. Thanks to the fact that Meoshi was a witness, it gave him hope to find out the truth. However, Meoshi was only in the 2nd grade and was too afraid to let anyone know what he’d witnessed. So he never came forward.

04c44e4f06c036ef800201f20affcf45I don’t really understand the appeal of ossans. I mean yeah, I get the whole crush on sensei thing but…idk. I liked how Saki did prove her maturity but seeing these together made me go shit, father and daughter right there. To make things even more awkward, they get the best kiss cg. What the actual f?! All the others were too “tame” or it looked like they were pressing the tips of their lips together but they went for it in this one.

mikami1Mikami:CV: Chihiro Suzuki: If you really just want to get to the bottom of everything, pick one of the characters you think you’ll enjoy the most and then sit back after the ending credits…because now it’s time for answers. Obviously u don’t want 2 raise affection w/ anyone which makes her super suspicious and no one likes her prying lol. Mikami’s route is particularly dark compared to the other routes of this game.

There are 2 plot points in this game: Hogsteins games, and the treasure boxes u collect at the end of successful games.Turns out these are hints laid out by Hogstein in the hopes that the warriors will realize they’re all here cuz they’re all related to the accident. And since the Bloodstained Hospital blows up in every route, they can never learn of his identity and motive.


dear lawd tie it back up, Saki!

The most terrifying cg in existence pops up and it’s only the first one. Like holy shit. Saki stumbles into some warehouse thingy and finds someone tied up in an animal costume. Guess who it is? This creepo is freed from his furry bonds and proceeds to stare w/ yandere eyes at Saki saying hey there might be a traitor among u lololol like dayum dude. How suspicious can you get? He then tells her to call him by his first name even though they just met and proclaims he’ll free the hostages…sure dude. Sure.

He’s a pretty smooth liar so unless u played either Shidou or Shirabe b4 his, u might accept some of his lies. If u played either of those routes or all, then already ur gonna be like HMMMMMM.

Dude shows up on their boat as one of the piglets and I’m sitting here all SHIT. This is how Mai was kidnapped. He smells of citrus too…like how does he have the time to do this?

Anyways it was really just a story about a man wanting to be free from the pain of his family dying and how revenge can warp you.

Fantastic ending song.





Final Thoughts: The whole point of this game was what revenge can do to a person. In a lot of movies where the villain thinks up this grand plan, their backstory is usually a mesh of the usual cliche mess: they lost someone/thing and cannot be saved from their pain. Saki gets the chance to save this man and give him the redemption he needs when his whole life he’s believed several people are guilty for being heartless when his family was murdered.

Tbh, I was expecting this game to be darker than what it was marketed as. However, what I got wasn’t bad. In fact, it was really enjoyable. Not once did one of the characters overpower Saki. They didn’t drag her around or force kisses on her. Saki herself was very strong character and I was so thankful she had a mind of her own. There was a surprising amount of humor and lightheartedness at the core of it. A hope at the end.


All of the characters were fleshed out and despite how I really didn’t like Urabe’s route, I could empathize with him. I could understand a little why he did what he did and his actions and sudden obsession with Saki. It made sense, even if I wasn’t fond of it. 

One thing that’s really rare for visual novels is for the characters to genuinely feel real. This one managed to not only have characters (designed by Ace Attorney artist Tatsuro Iwamoto) that looked more human than the usual, but I honestly could empathize with them. They had so many flaws and so many good points. They were gray, not black or white, and it was lovely.


Saki herself was a very empowering lead. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to have a female lead who is either sexualized, downplayed because she’s a woman, or is literally just a male character with boobs. She is none of that, and it’s such a shame that she isn’t more prominent in the otoge/gaming community. She’s no badass but when she sets her mind on something, she puts her all into it. And she gets rewarded for getting pissed off!! Thank you.

The translations were ok. Honestly, there were many times where Aksys felt they needed to stylize the characters diction and it worked. The Japanese wasn’t as colorful as these translations, but that doesn’t mean it was far from the original. Yes, there were instances where a few extra lines were tossed in that weren’t there in the Japanese version, but I think it only served to help bridge that gap for players who are new to Japanese games. And it isn’t the mess that Norn9 was.


The music was good and fit the scenes well. Some were a little repetitive but others were catchy. It ranged from electric guitar to soft orchestral to jumpy electropop. The art was really good and for some it might take a little to get used to but it fit the game and I liked how these characters looked more “realistic” than usual. Instead of focusing on which characters looked hot lol, the player was able to grow attached to the person beneath that-which is something I very much appreciated.

My favorite characters…this was hard. I liked Shidou but thought his route was better. I liked Meoshi as a character, but his route ended up a little contradictory in the end. Wakaska HOLY CRAP I didn’t expect for him to become my favorite in both route and character. He started out as the most infuriating, annoying, Bieberwannabe piece of shit and then BAM he grew up. He matured and I loved it. Best one right there. Shidou would prolly come in second. Mikami was a very cool character broken down by so much hatred and pain and I wanted everything to be alright. Idk, I guess I was expecting smt more from  his route but I was really, really, really, happy that he wasn’t some crazy yandere.


Everyone respected each other and it was easy to believe in their trust. I really liked how it wasn’t this super dark game when that’s what I signed up for. I wanted the darkness of 999 but I got a hopeful story of redemption and growth. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Give this one a try. It’s more visual novel than anything, so prepare for reading. And it was a very good one at that.

Pick it up on PSN for $9.99 or on your PSP if you go old school 😉

What did you think of Sweet Fuse? Who was your fav character?

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42 thoughts on “Sweet Fuse At Your Side

  1. Reare Noella

    Hey Leaf ❤ (´ω`♡) man, you're getting more active than usual,huh. This gonna be my longest comment ever, so lets do this ;D

    Wakasa: Hmm.. Kaji Yuki.. An idol? A spoil one as well? Then changes 180 degrees? That's an awesome yet typical character otome game for you!

    Meoshi: A emo gamer? Oh man, that's my type of guy //shot// I like when there is a guy playing games like it's their worldly duty lol, BUT I still want to be the most important person in their life (´ε` )♡

    Mitarashi: (lol that dango joke, now I feel hungry and can't stop thinking about dangos and my brain is replaying that dango song from Clannad lmao) but I feel that Mitarashi will be my fav among the guy (maybe Shidou?) and he sound like a tsundere (is he not?) and have a superhuman power? Affection + 100000!

    Urabe: Mixed feelings. Can't say anything about him (¬_¬;) moving on!

    Shidou: le canon, a sexist? Usually I'm pretty bitter about sexist. (;⌣̀_⌣́) and otome game had me become a feminist without me knowing it lol. Saki sounds so badass here, I love it when heroine becomes the ultimate badass in the game, yeah? But Shidou had prove me wrong about sexist guys so *throws confetti* congrats you're my fav lol.

    Oh a man nipple? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING LOL (⊙_⊙)

    Shirabe: Cant say anything either coz' there is nothing to say about him only wtf with that CG omg

    Mikami: What the actual fuck, I hate it when yandere suddenly appeared like that omfg! That crazy ass CG though, it mAde we scream out WTF, holy smokes what the fuck is that shit? (yeah, my language folks ;P)

    Thanks again Leaf for the review! *waves hand like crazy*

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      1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        The drama cd? I actually asked my friend for her cds because lol turns out she has a bunch and it seems she has one in the series you asked about. She should be sending those in the mail soon so I’ll look through them and let you know! ^^

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        And sorry I never got the notification for your other comment!!
        Haha yeah Urabe was smt and Shidou isn’t sexist. He just sounded like it at the beginning. I agree, I def became a feminist after playing these games. It’s so important for women to stand up for themselves.
        Thanks so much for reading, Reaere and again, so sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier!!

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      3. Reare Noella

        Nah, it’s fine you probably just saw ‘Hey Leaf <3' right? Don't worry it happen to me all the time :D. Lol I didn't expect that your friend has them but it save a lot of money XD say to her I said thanks and hi for me, kay'? XD

        Otome game makes our daily life a huge change lmao. We became feminist and really (some people) picky about guys apparently, not gonna lie there XD

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  2. pokeninja90

    Awesome post! I love that you called Shirabe, Vash Stampede! I secretly thought the same thing when I played it lol! I started with Shidou, and I absolutely adored him once he stopped being a butt. But I agree his sexist talk in the beginning pissed me off, but at least he changed that crap early on.

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      1. pokeninja90

        He definitely looks like Vash lol! I was so happy when shidou changed…I was like “Noooooo, you’re too good looking to be such a prick! Fix it now!” And then it happened and he was adorable! I also really liked Meoshi’s character too! Definitely my top two of the game!

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  3. Cat

    I loved Sweet Fuse so I’m super happy to see you review it and be positive, and reflect what I liked about it on your thoughts section! Indeed, I liked all of them, found them interesting and very human. I played it after doing a route in Hakuoki, and not enjoying the game (I plan to replay the game completely so I can better judge it instead of what I did >_< ).
    I loved the gameplay/mini-game in it, it was interesting and made me engaged and made me think while never being too hard or frustrating (^v^)

    I have fond memories of the game, and it made into otome games (but then there was none to play afterwards ^^' ), and I'm glad to hear the translation is good like I remember it being! (≧∇≦)/
    I really liked Vash Stampede, and Wakasa and Shidou and…all, because of their improvement and growth throughout the game “ψ(`∇´)ψ

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      1. Cat

        Happy Easter! (● ̄(エ) ̄●)
        I totally forgot to say it (⌒_⌒;)
        I only did one route too and got bored! /high fives
        It’s a bit of sacrilege to not like/experience Hakuoki, so I want to play it again and complete it to see where I am about it afterwards (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
        I’m always happy to see people like Sweet Fuse, since it made me get into otome (●♡∀♡) (Yo-Jin-Bo was nice but then there was nothing else, Hakuoki had potential but didn’t grab me, SF was really the one to make me interested xD )

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Lol don’t worry about it! ^^
        Haha yeah I have to rectify that but still even if I don’t like it or you don’t that’s fine. Not everyhting will be adored by everyone.
        Haha I actually am going to be writing a review for Yo Jin Bo! I finally got the phsyical copy and it’s coming in sometime in a few weeks! XD


      3. Cat

        I was told I judged too soon Hakuoki and to not mind that the MC is a total doormat but it’s impossible when I know there’s good characters out there, like Saki. But I’ll try to be more open minded next time ^^’
        I definitely won’t be apologetic, but I want to say “these are why I don’t like this game” without feeling guilty I didn’t give it a fair chance (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
        Oh, I’ll look forward to your review! I remember it was sweet, cute and funny. Not mindblowing, in story/scope, but to me better than Hakuoki by far and a better introduction to the genre (ノ^o^)ノ
        I’ll look forward to it! ┗(^0^)┓

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      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Same! I was soooo annoyed with CHizuru. Like holy crap girl at least speak up for yourself lol.
        Hey we’re all entitled to an opinion so if some rabid fangirl can’t accept your faults with the game, too bad^^
        Haha tahnk you so much Cat! And let me know when you’re gonna write up reviews. I;d love to read them! XD


      5. Cat

        My first review I did, back in 2014 and that for now is still up I think, I complained about Chizuru and it was why I couldn’t continue with the game. It took her years, goddamn 2 years, like WTF. /face meet brick
        In two weeks, day 13, Starry Sky in Spring is getting one of my reviews like I did got Amnesia 😛
        Hakuoki I’ll have to start from beginning, I don’t remember squat plot wise (except stupid Chizuru) and I totally deleted my save when I ragequit heh
        Sweet Fuse I already did a review back in 2014, I am super embarrassed by anything I did from that time. The writing…oTL
        I can only imagine in two years I’ll cringe hard at the way I’m writing these ones too :’)

        I’m going to see if this year I get some closure with games in English that I started, so I can start weening myself off and going down the Japanese route more. I dunno how I’ll fare with that since they’re all RPG oTL
        /needs to finish N3 but has lost steam and is only at the beginning of it :’D

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      6. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        OMG yes I am so excited to read it! XD
        Haha hey I think my writing is terrible but I still post them. ^^ You might be just hard on yourself. You could always edit it if you’d like. I’d love to read your reviews!
        And if I can finish a Japanese otoge, you can for sure. Especially since you’ve had what, 4 years of studying Japanese? ^^


      7. Cat

        I think I write too differently from what I did in 2014, so no point editing them, it’d be faster to just make new posts. But that involves work ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ /shot

        Omg noooo, not at all. I started in December seriously, so it’s been only 3 months, before then it’d been tries that didn’t even last a week and just me learning english keywoards for kanji >_<
        I'm actually really proud that I've now finished two games in Japanese, Amnesia and Starry Sky in Spring, and I'm looking forward to play the two games that won my poll: Starry Sky in Summer and Arcana Famiglia. I'm also pretty scared because AF seems to be more complicated in plot and themes, it won my poll second place so if anything I'll postpone it and add it to the poll again when I'm more confident :'D
        If I think about it, I don't even know the 2150 joyo kanji, that is considered to be basic/normal much less anything above that :'D
        I really do need to gear up my studies and get those kanji on my belt, it's tiring having to look almost everything up ;_;
        But yeah, definitely not 4 years of studies, if I had, I could read just about anything I want. I'm stuck with games (gladly mind you!) because I need voices to understand~
        I so plan that in this year I'll be done with the Joyo kanji and entered intermediate level, but that's a plan. I don't mind even if it takes 1 year and a half or two years. I'm just trying for this year cause I'm impatient as fuck ^^'

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      8. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Well if you ever decide to write reveiws for them, I’d love to read them! XD
        Haha sorry I thought I read that somewhere then. Yeah, tbh, I just dived into Soukai w/out much Japanese vocab or grammar and yet I was able to get what happened which was really weird. I struggle a lot so there are times where I feel like setting it aside but like you said, it’s fine to plunge ahead bc it’s a whole new language and if u keep trying to get every detail ur gonna burn out.
        Haha I need to get going on that as well! We can cheer each other on with our progress! XD


      9. Cat

        Thanks! ❤ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
        Well, in my About page you'll see I've tried to learn Japanese for almost 10 years now. If I'd stuck to it, I'd be advanced by now haha /cries
        Ooh, I did that with Amnesia! I had just started N5 studies on Memrise, but I got through that game just by listening to them and getting things in context, it really helped me though, I learnt a bunch! /high-five
        Just sit back and enjoy the ride is becoming my mantra for gaming in Japanese, and why I'd never do RPG or anything that I could be lost in. I already get lost in RPG in English ffs xD
        Yes let's cheer each other ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
        You can do it, fighting, go go!
        Best I could come up with XD;

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  4. krystallina

    I really liked Mitarashi, Meoshi, and Shidou’s routes. Shidou I was a little disappointed didn’t have the “She’s a high school girl!” struggle in his route, especially since he’s a police officer. But I really think Sweet Fuse could have been a neat anime. I think a lot of people would have liked all the video game references. All the guys shaking in fear from Saki would have been funny. ^^

    And, come on, Aksys, no one believes Wakasa is 17.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Mitarashi was such a sweetie^^
      Yeah, I thought Shidou would say smt too esp since he did when it came to Urabe.
      OOOO I never thought abt that but an anime would be really neat. And lol Saki’s rage was the best.
      ROFL yeah they upped the ages to make the audience more comfortable with the idea of Saki dating ossans and welp the shota had to be aged too lol

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  5. Lehst

    Shirabe Shirabe Shirabe. ❤
    I want to marry him.

    Lol I didn't think he was like old enough to be Saki's dad at all. The cgs just looked romantic to me. I mean, I knew their ages but I guess I'm partial to men that have been around the block? (well no not really, I like many kinds of characters lol.) I really liked how they do eventually address the age gap in their conversations. And I think I liked the route because Saki's characterization that playthrough paralleled a lot of what I would do. While some other routes make Saki's personality a bit different, which makes sense since her choices are different too.

    The story and Saki totally rock. I liked how all the facts of the case lined up and are filled in with each route.I really enjoyed Shidou, Meoshi and Wakasa routes too.

    I couldn't get into Urabe and Makoto's routes like at all, but still liked the plot details that fit into the overall picture. Mitarashi… I was disappointed with his route. I like how the characters aren't one dimensional but really didn't go for his "kid at heart" nonsense. I LOVE him as a supporting character though, and the game would be seriously lacking without him. His banter with Shidou is hilarious too. x'D

    I wish this game had gotten more buzz. And merch too. But I guess the art wasn't fluffy enough, and I feel like games with a complete and cathartic ending don't get much hype since the fans aren't all like "omg we need more, I want to know more about this character and what happens next." I think Sweet Fuse is awesome because it does feel complete all wrapped up with a bow.

    I want another game like it … As far as the characters really feeling human, the only thing I'd compare this game to is Hotel Dusk. Different gameplay but the depth of interaction really sold the "world of the game" to the player. Plus that bit of tense mystery aspect, yet moments where you take a break to eat some dinner.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha yeah, Idk I guess I just couldn’t feel anything but “He’s her dad” when I saw Shirabe with Saki. Still, I get your reasoning. ^^
      And I have to agree with you on the childish side to Mitarashi. It’s very cliche but I’m glad I liked his route.
      And yes. This game honestly deserved so much more recognition…but maybe it’s due to the fact that these seiyuu weren’t as well known when it first came out (with the exception of Kaji Yuuki)
      Idk if you’ve played it but the Zero escape series is really good. There’s no romance but it has a very similar plot. Also, if you want romance and a strong female lead in a fantastic rpg, look no further than The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It’s in English for steam, psp, psn, etc. and is one of those rpgs where the story and romance were the main focus of a game instead of mindless moe and terrible flat characters we now have. I cannot recommend it enough and will be reviewing it soon.
      Thanks for the rec! I will def check out Hotel Dusk. It looks like something I’d really like!!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Lehst

    Yeah Zero Escape rocks too! I haven’t seen Trails in the Sky, I will definitely have to look it up. Sounds awesome thanks!

    Hotel Dusk even has some Easter eggs on a second playthrough, but one is all that is needed to experience the magic. There is a sequel but its a stand alone story with the same MC. They didn’t bring it to the US, but the English language PAL release works on any region’s DS and 3DS just fine. Just thought I’d give you the heads up if you get into it.

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  10. Annesthesya

    Good review! A friend gave me this game, so I searched for reviews and even though the art is not my cup of tea, looks interesting. Also YESSSS KAJI YUUKI. (≧∇≦)/ But I still don’t know if I will start so soon, since I have many tests and schoolworks coming and I want to finish ALICE=ALICE.

    By the way are you playing any game right now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Thanks so much! Yeah the art isn’t the typical stuff but it really fits with the tone of the game so you get used to it.
      And good luck! Lol I have the same issue like good Lord just one week and they drop a bomb on you with assignments.
      Yep! I don’t know how to put up banners on wordpress for otoge, but I’m on the last route of Yo-Jin-Bo and will review it sometime tonight.
      And then I’ve been going through some of Dance with Devils and Guilty Alice.
      How is ALICE=ALICE?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Annesthesya

        Good luck, you too!
        Oh, I saw on Twitter you playing Yo-Jin-Bo (sorry my memory is really, really bad ;3;) and looks lots of fun. Will play someday. I’m also slightly interest in DwD (mostly because of Shiki & Roen \(≧▽≦)/ and maybe Urie)
        Let’s say, it’s more of a supplement to the drama cds, it’s short. But I don’t find it to be a bad game, it is still enjoyable, lovely art, I like the OP song and some BGMs and the protagonist is like me (she’s bored to death of the average day). The japanese is simple, so I’m also training with the game which is a good thing. So yeah after all I think it was worth it, since I was expecting a Wonderland themed yet simple (and enjoyable) otome game.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Thanks Annesthesya!
        And that’s so good to know! I was worried the Japanese would be too difficult for me but then again, there’s only the occasional supernatural vocab.
        And yep! Just finished Yojinbo and it was really fun! Def recommending it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Annesthesya

        I’m also a beginner studying japanese so I understand and I have the same worries, but I think the most VNs you play the better you become, so don’t give up!
        I’m looking forward to your review ヽ(^Д^)ノ

        Liked by 1 person

  11. TwoHappyCats

    Ooh yay I loved reading this! I’m even more excited to finish playing through it now. I agree, i really love the MC. I find in Otome games the MC is sometimes just incredibly bland (I guess to help players project themselves onto the character) but it was nice seeing a kick ass MC who doesn’t take any bs. I loved getting angry at Shidou when he kept saying “oh you’re a woman you can’t do that!”

    Liked by 1 person

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