What to expect this Summer from me

I’m not dead. I’ve been pushing through finals week and I take my education VERY seriously. As such, you won’t be hearing a lot from me until the days of torture are over. And I usually study weeks in advance.

While sadly, my finals aren’t going too well, I wanted to let you all know I’m still here and after today, I will BE FREE! 


As such, I will make it my mission to give you plenty of reviews and impressions on video games (otoge, rpg, jrpg, sprg, etc.) as well as study Japanese more. I’m hoping to improve a lot this summer with my studies so I can provide better content for you.

I want to use my Japanese to eventually:

  • Review Drama CDs
  • Review Otoges
  • Review Imports

So, what can you look forward to this summer??


I Am Setsuana Releases this July 19 for PC and PS4. Vita release was cancelled. This is an homage to the 90’s rpgs. As such, we should expect a very heartfelt story. The title, イケニエと雪のセツナ, Setsuna of Snow and Sacrifice, is written with the character for sadness. However, this kanji is one that encompasses more than the meaning. And regarding the trailer, it looks like a tragic romance. And I want it. (Even if there’s no romance, I’m still getting it. It’s freaking gorgeous.).


Fire Emblem Fates. I’ve been addicted but had to put it down cuz finals. I am almost done with Birthright (which is a cakewalk) and I plan on discussing the translations, the unfair “Blame Takumi” thing, and a review of all 3 games. I was lucky to be one of the very few who got the Special Edition, so expect a thorough review of each game. Spoilers shall be marked accordingly. If you haven’t already picked it up I can vouch that it’s worth your time.


To say I preorderd this shit faster than lightning is an understatement. Is out now on mangagamer. I shall play this immediately so expect a review shortly after its release. I will have college papers to get through for transferring, but I promise to deliver in a timely manner with a review. Get this on steam and mangagamer in English. Please remember that supporting English releases ensures a greater possibility for future otome games in English.


I will FINALLY play Hakuoki to completion. I gave up before I even started one route because school, and honestly, I wasn’t really into this otoge. But I shall play it to finally see why everyone loves this. I can only hope I was too stupid to realize its greatness back then.


An unboxing and review of Yo-Jin-Bo The Bodyguards. This is out of print and one of the very few otoge licensed in English. It’s only on PC that I know of and I was lucky to snag this for a very cheap price on Ebay for my birthday. (It’s like $5oo now 0.O)


Welp, gotta finish it eventually:P


I’ll start by saying I’ll have to wait until I can find a copy of Hotel Dusk for a reasonable price. Unfortunately it’s very expensive. It’s a visual novel DS game that was brought to my attention by Lehst (thank you!) focusing on crime scenes and investigating and the art is fantastic. I’m very interested in playing this game and hope to do so this summer. If not, expect an eventual review because it looks pretty damn good.


Guys, if you haven’t played The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky you are MISSING OUT. It’s a jrpg with a female protagonist named Estelle. The game is literally about how she falls in love with Joshua and how his past brings a very dangerous plot to light. I cannot recommend it enough. They are on steam and psn and psp. It’s fantastic and I’ve never had so many FEELS before as I have with this. There are 2 games, First Chapter and Second Chapter. I shall be reviewing both. I must first finish the FC because they are long games but it feels like your time is sucked away because they are SO GOOD. If you like otoge, you will be very pleased with this game. If you like rpgs, you will be very pleased with this game. If you have a heart, you will love this game.

Out of all the games on this list, this is the one I recommend to everyone. No matter your age, your gender, your preferences in games. Play it.


A gorgeous remake of Odin Sphere is coming to multiple platforms this summer. Focuses mainly on romance, story, and combat. Many have praised this game for the realistic and heartfelt romance in this game and I look forward to this as well as the combat system.


A classic that everyone’s heard of. The romance is pretty good so far and Maester Seymour is a creeper. I don’t think I’ll be playing X-2 but who knows?


FF 8 is also another classic game that was literally just a romance. That’s all it is. However, the battle system enraged some because of how you needed to focus not on slaughtering enemies, but on stealing their magic to stock up on. I haven’t yet played this so please forgive me if I didn’t explain this correctly.


Farming, romance, and just a good time. Story of Seasons is a great game to relax with and there’s even event CG’s for your bachelor/bachelorette so they amped up the otoge elements:P


I shall finally finish SMT IV. I got sidetracked but I remember really enjoying this dark game. Now, it’s my first time playing an SMT game and I don’t mean to brag but what are people talking about when they complain about the difficulty level? They all say it’s in the beginning and I breezed through it. Idk, maybe Pokemon taught me smt lol but apparently there’s a learning curve to overcome…actually Minotaur was a pain in the ass (but he’s your first boss waaay later on)


I played this a LONG ass time ago. This was the reason I got into otome games. The romance that bloomed between Luke and Tear made me realize that romance was possible in video games. It’s for the 3ds and PS2 and there’s even an anime (but I cannot recommend that unless you’ve played the game).It was because of this game that I discovered Trails in the Sky and then Harvest Moon. And then otoges. I want to do this game justice with a proper review.


I love my tactical rpgs guys. Grand Kingdom is looking promising.


Another tactical rpg with slight otoge elements depending on which character ending you get.


Go back in time to correct the past and experience a sprawling narrative with great characters, a fun battle system, and a nice romance.

I’m in the process of finishing up some games not listed above for review.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

If you like what you see, please follow or share! Thank you.

18 thoughts on “What to expect this Summer from me

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    Good luck with the rest of your finals! I only have one this time around but I know how much of a nightmare they can be!

    I can’t wait for Ozmafia, I pre-ordered mine a while ago and I am so excited!

    Yo-Jin-Bo is a really fun game, I hope you like it! Also I absolutely adore Hotel Dusk and it’s sequel! It was hard getting the sequel but so worth all the digging and convention bartering! I have reviews coming out for those soon too…can’t wait to read your opinion on it when you get to play!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Thank you and good luck to you too! I forgot I had one online final so I can just bs that one tomorrow:P
      No way, really?! That’s so awesome. I love comparing reviews with others because I feel it draws us all closer as a community. ^^ And I also cannot wait to see your reviews.

      Liked by 1 person

      • pokeninja90 says:

        Online finals are the best! Mine is open book too so I get to coast for my last final! Wooot! Yeah I wrote them a little bit ago but I never found the time to post them lol. But I love Hotel Dusk the mystery is awesome and I love how it reads like a book!

        Now the sequel is hard to come by in English, the developer went bankrupt just before release so it was only released in Japan and the UK…I had to get my copy at a convention and that was a few years ago…but it was so worth it

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        WHOOOOOOOOOOOO same here! Philosophy is such an easy course. Just a lot of writing lol What is yours?
        Hotel Dusk looks soooooo good and I really hope I can play it.
        OOO so that’s why…dangit. Well, if HD is as good as others say, I might be despereate to get that sequel lol ;P
        Nice! That’s a fantastic way to get it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • pokeninja90 says:

        Health Behavior Theory…it’s super dense, but the professor gave us a lot of skits and fun projects so it wasn’t so bad.

        HD is definitely worth it! Yeah but getting HD was nowhere near as bad as when I tried to get Phoenix Wright Trials and Tribulations…I had to go to four states until I finally found it in NY

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  2. Cho says:

    Good luck finishing those finals!

    Oh, Tales of the Abyss! I love that game. Luke is such a great character, and I like Jade and Guy too. And all the girls are nice as well. And Mieu. 😉 I played through the game with a friend, and that was lots of fun. Was really surprised by the level of depth to the world-building, and by the kinds of themes the storyline focused on.

    I was looking forward to the sad Setsuna game, but it’s not coming to Vita after all it seems. I might just have to pass on it! I still need to pick up Norn 9 anyways though some time, now that I’m done with Code: Realize. That was a lovely VN! Wonderful artwork, and all the characters were easy to like. Van Helsing was my favorite route — I was really drawn into that particular series of events. And Aleister turned out to be a fascinating character.

    I have been enjoying all the story-focused games on the Vita. I recently picked up Virtue’s Last Reward (a sequel to 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors), which mixes visual novel with “escape room” puzzle-solving. A final entry to the series is releasing soon, so I thought this was a good time to get on that. 999 didn’t have much romance, but I really enjoyed all the plot twists in its mystery. I recommend it, along with the Dangan Ronpa titles. Very unusual stories, and very memorable characters.

    Not sure if I’ll be playing much of anything this summer though — I’ll be busy with my new job, and I’m always reading books. And studying Japanese! I always need to study more, but I’ve been doing better at that lately. Still a ways to go before I can feasibly read a VN (etc) in Japanese though, ha ha.

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Thanks so much, Cho! Just one more to go!
      Yeah, Jade is a pretty cool character.
      Haha well maybe if the reviews for Setsuna are good, you might pick it up? Or get the Japanese copy for the Vita? I’m bummed about that too but I really want to play it so I guess I’ll have to just choose PC.
      I’m so glad you liked Code Realize!! Van is such a badass and I loved how dark his route was.
      Argh I completely forgot to add the Zero Escape series onto this list!! Since the finale is coming out I’ve been dying to try the series. Gonna pick up 999 soon and I already have VLR so I can jump on that after.
      OOO Danganronpa looks awesome.
      And haha I’ll still play games even if there’s no romance in them so feel free to recommend anything. I just noticed that a lot of my followers are here for otoge and games with romance elements ( I do enjoy them too) but I also play a lot of other games.
      Haha good luck with your studies. Looks like we’ll both be investing time into Japanese! And books are the world’s greatest thing. Congrats on your new job!!
      And you’d be surprised with how much progress you can make with Japanese VN. I recently finished Soukai Buccaneers! for VIta and it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t insane. And I’ve only been studying seriously for a few months now.


  3. Krystallina says:

    I thought there was still a chance for Setsuna on Vita if there was demand? Along with the Mystic Quest remake. Did I miss a new announcement?

    I forgot about Ozmafia. I will definitely pick that up.

    X-2 has my favorite battle system of the entire FF franchise. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and you can pretty much decide how much difficult you want it to be. But even at max level, you can still get your butt kicked.

    Hakuoki was the game that got me into otome. I kind of saw it once or twice on sale on PSP, but it didn’t seem like my type of game. Then I preordered the 3DS version when it was offered to me at a discount on a whim, and I forgot to cancel it before it shipped. Well, played it, and I fell in love with it. Be interesting what you think of it. My first route also turned out to be my absolute favorite, so that’s probably also why I think highly of it. Would love to see Shinkai come over here. I don’t know if it could pull off getting a physical release though… Come on, Aksys!!


    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      If you’re curious the reason they ditched the Vita is found here: http://www.polygon.com/2016/3/15/11238124/i-am-setsuna-vita-western-release
      Awesome! I hope you like Ozmafia too!
      OOO really? Then I might play X-2. Thanks for the positive recommendation!
      Haha I actually have the 3ds and ps3 version of Hakuoki….so I’m not sure which to play but the ps3 has animated portraits of the guys so I might go with that one.
      Ah that would be awesom if we could get that over here! Aksyss please do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Krystallina says:

        The director did come back and say if enough people requested Setsuna on Vita, they may change their mind. I remember a Twitter campaign for it. So there’s still a chance!

        Yay, play X-2! The International version is one of the best International/Final Mix version of any Square Enix game IMO.

        Definitely play the PS3 version. The 3DS just has some short (2-3 minute) stories. You’re going to want to see the fandisk section anyway, so you might as well play the whole thing on the same console. If you pay attention to the chapter/dates, you can jump between the main game and fandisk to kind of emulate Shinkai for the main guys. Plus you unlock some nice themes! I have the Souji theme on my PS3. ^^


  4. YvoCaro says:

    Nice post, you’ve sure got a lot of gaming plans now that finals are over! You’re always teaching me something new, now what does Otoge stand for? Very interested in Legends of Heroes, going to look into that one!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reare Noella says:

    Aww, you doing drama CD too?! You can do it!!! I Am Setsuna is one of my to-do-list to!! I don’t care about the lot anymore because the art had made it all up (♡˙︶˙♡) Fire Emblem too????!! Oh gosh, I really hope you make an awesome review of it!! I love Kamui and co. Never got tired of it~~~~

    Well congrats on FINALLY able to play Hakuouki and have fun with it ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ and lol you haven’t finished Amnesia ye? Can’t blame you, most otome gamer had played that game an made a review out of it. Probably everyone knows what the game is all about.

    ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ anyway salute for surviving your finals and lots of good luck from me~~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha thanks! I realized I still have a long way to go befor I can do drama cds because I really need scripts to go along with them otherwise I have a very difficult time understanding what’s happening. I’m thinking of taking the JLPT just to use as a milestone of sorts to help encourage me.
      Yes, Fire Emblem is fantastic!!! Did u play Awakening?
      Haha thanks! And good luck to you if you have finals!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

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