OZMAFIA!! Otome Game Review

Intro: A girl is fleeing from a man who will kill her. She gets away only to run into the Mafia Boss of the Oz Family, Caramia. With him are the Tinman (Axel) and the Scarecrow (Kyrie). When she decides (or they decide lol) her name to be Fuka, she will be thrust into an adventure of what it means to be human and what the world she is in truly means. All while being a freeloader surrounded by ikemen and NTRing them, of course.

TRIGGERS IN THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final thoughts below:


You smell like shiet, dude.

Caramia:  Even if you haven’t bathed in ages you’ll still get the girl! In order to progress, Fuka had to act like a wilting flower. She gives Caramia the power to decide whatever he wants (like what her name should be) and she’s all “Thank you, Mr. Caramia! What ever would I do without you?” Have some self-respect. Not that there’s anything wrong with sometimes wanting someone to make decisions for you. It’s just that if that’s the key to earning a man’s kokoro NOPE.

But don’t worry-if you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to cheat on your man who is dating you because you smell like a past love, here you go!! Bad End 1: Caramia admits why he likes Fuka to Kyrie & she overhears. When she confronts him he says “How dare you listen in on me, woman!” then ignores her.


Like any self-respecting person, she realizes she’s done with his butt & takes Kyrie up on his offer. She meets him in the middle of the night and they do it. WUT? Fuka spreads her legs the instant she chooses the other man toy.

Screenshot (21)Bad end 2: When Fuka said she wished the mafia families would stop fighting, Kyrie got the brilliant plan to set Heidi’s farm on fire so the other families would kill each other off cuz, you know, it gets rid of violence (ლ‸-)(-‸ლ)

Bad end 3 Fuka sees him with a ho from the mansion so this time she goes to Axel cuz Caramia implies that sleeping around for information is part of his job…

Good ends: They make up and he SHOOTS HER on accident. Depending on the ending he either loses his courage and remains a coward for the rest of his sorry existence. Or gets his courage back to rescue her.

Screenshot (28)Scarlet:  Fuka decides it’s time she made friends with another girl so for a long ass time she thinks Scarlet’s a she…

Scar develops a crush on Fuka who is tstl. If he says he’s insecure about his height, don’t keep talking about it! Don’t keep saying he’s girlier than you!! Can u not read the atmosphere???

He says she needs to carefully decide which family she’ll join. Except she has to go screw that up in End 2…When they sneak out of town she stupidly falls over the railing into the woods. How do you even?? Scarlet grabs her just in time and gets injured instead. He says it’s because if she got hurt the Oz family would kill him. Yeah sure  ( ◉◞౪◟◉).

So they sleep in da woods and it turns out Caesar is hunting them. Scar pushes her ahead. Fuka begs Caramia to save Scarlet & they go “Bad Fuka. You spent too much time with him so now you have to choose.” WTF. She joins the Oz family in order ti save Scarlet and avoids him from then on? Axel was like wtf ? Did she not wonder how Scar would feel? Hell no.

Screenshot (29)

Why are you tormenting this poor guy, Fuka?!

He has to chase after her since she won’t talk to him and almost confesses but stops himself in time only for Kyrie to cockblock. End 1: Hamelin returns, Scar asks to join the Oz family to fight Hamelin, and Scar tells Fuka he’s in ❤  with her. End 2: He sides with Hamelin but he gives up so Scar becomes the don of the Grimm family so Fuka can only meet him on “business terms.”

What the actual fuck?!!! NO KISS CG, NO NOTHING!! Friendzoned till the end. His route was good & I love him even if Fuka doesn’t. She could’ve had something with him in End 1 but nooooooooooooo.

tumblr_mq4w81nq721rnllf5o7_1280Axel: To amend my broken <3, I went for the Tin Man of moeness. Axel is blind without glasses & loves sugar. A lot. Most of his interactions involve pancakes or sweets. He even proposes the Oz family should make a chocolate river. He at first doesn’t trust Fuka but realizes she’s so friggen dumb that she’s no threat at all. She went after him when he got captured by the Wolf Gang by herself because no big deal. Yeah, they’re after me but I must save Axel despite having no defense skills whatsoever!!

I really liked his route but staph with the NTR shit. Axel really loved Fuka but they had to make her spread her legs the moment she switches to someone else. WTF Fuka? Do you not see what a keeper you have?!

tumblr_mqk2sqbwkv1rnllf5o2_1280Brothel: Aka what Cero rating is this?! Fuka realizes she can’t stop fukaing other ppl when creeper Dorian reveals the Mansion isn’t a salon…Manboy tries to get her away but it’s too late. Fuka can’t stop.

She gets either  1: pronounced “dead” to the public and branded as Brothel property. If she gets preggo, she’ll be thrown into a room and her baby will be raised in the brothel. Considering how Dorian sees her as a beautiful prize, he most likely has something up his sleeve to prevent that.

2: Fuka, ManBoy & Alfani tie Dorian (who pretends to be a PRIEST) up and make him agree to her plans. They pull out his portrait and she’s all time to pay bitch. Thus, Fuka becomes the boss of the brothel. Only thing I didn’t get was Kyrie didn’t want anyone to touch her from the Brothel. And he sold her. She should’ve pushed Dorian off a cliff…but she’d need to use what little brain she has for that. For such a disgusting route, there was only one pro:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fuka was drugged, raped, etc in this route and her S&M preferences shone through…but what I couldn’t even at was that ManBoy pleads with her to not come back-practically telling her if she does that’s it. Yet she returns the next day! And never once mentions or complains about the fact that Dorian drugged and raped her.

Cero C, baby.

tumblr_mqm2szkwjn1rnllf5o2_1280Pashet: This is not a yuri route. It’s really about female friendship. Please don’t make it into a yuri when she blatantly admits she likes Axel. I freaking loved her omg. Pashet is the best friend we all want: the gorgeous, strong woman who can look after herself. And yet she’s very sensitive and has a difficult time expressing herself.

I wish I could be like Pashet. Who doesn’t want to be a badass? However, her strength and rejection of her femininity poses a very harrowing trauma for her: rejection. Pashet falls for Axel and Fuka encourages her in her endeavors to win his kokoro.

What I loved about Pashet was that she wasn’t afraid to point out the blatant sexism of the culture that can be applied today. She wanted to be equal to the men. She was so afraid of getting hurt and making friends with Fuka, who was the dumbest idiot in all of Ozmafia.

A fantastic best friend route and honestly I can’t decide who I want to ship Pashet with: Axel or Scarlet? Axel because she likes him and I want her to be happy and Scarlet because it seemed they could be an item considering they talk about each other in each other’s routes. It’s like Axel is her dream guy but Scarlet could be the prince to sweep her off her feet. XD

And honestly, she should have been the main character.

robin02Robin Hood: As if the Brothel wasn’t bad, now you get this guy. The only Doctor in town who’s overworked since the Brothel is frequently “burying” people, the mafia’s shooting everyone, the Wolf Gang, etc.

Basically, Hamelin shows up late to Robin’s wedding and shoots his “human” bride (she ain’t immortal). Caramia didn’t get her to the clinic because the priority was protecting the town. So Robin’s locked her in a life-preserving tank until he can save her…except it ain’t going well. 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

Stuck as a vegetable, Snow White must listen to her groom grow more and more yandere with each failed attempt to revive her. When Fuka strolls in he makes it clear that girl I already put a ring on it so no trying to seduce me. Her feelings grow and the conceited bastard gloats about it to his wife.


Lol, love you? Please.

Fuka discovers his wife and flips out. He of course gets pissed and decides to kill Hamelin when she says he’s in town. So he uses her feelings for him to drug her so she can’t see him run off with guns he stole from the Oz family….End 1: then proceeds 2 torture Hamelin. But toobad cuz they’re all immortal! Robin gets arrested and Fuka’s all I’ll wait for you! He returns to the clinic cuz no one wants his job. End 2: He tells Fuka he’s in love with her but really it’s just cuz there’s no other way he can get some now that he killed his wife….

Ugh wtf. Like had no romance been shoved into this route, I would’ve been fine. Fuka, idgaf how he gives u the dokidokis. He’s married. End of story. But he’s not blameless either. Dude eggs her on the moment he realizes she likes him. Someone’s sexually frustrated.

sou02-1Soh: The moment Fuka ran into this Kyubey I knew he was either yandere or a major creeper. He’s Caesar’s 2nd in command lol and owns a shop he calls his “lover”….

He’s this friendly genki dude who decides the best option is to get Fuka out of Ozmafia after she joins the family. Except your plan sucks ass, Soh. She falls ill during the trip (or he does depending on the ending). Caesar goes after them and depending on the ending, Fuka is found by Kyrie and taken back where Soh decides to erase himself from her memory.

And only he will remember their time together.

My first playthrough I was all why my baby!!! But then we learn what the actual shit this guy has done…..

OZMAFIA!!.full.1547813Caesar: Can u taste the tsuntsun?? Only they didn’t give this guy much screen time so all the glorious stuttering I was craving was lost. He’s the Big Bad Wolf and Dorothy’s magic so he constantly wants to reunite with her…so like is this a form of incest or is the game’s way of saying it’s canon yo? \_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways he’s like some NEET who was controlled by Hamelin when the game began (I’m assuming. Never got clarity on that) and he depends on Soh to do everything. He’s not completely useless cuz he can make jewelry and fight well with a sword.

Only peeve was this dude was like Fuka is mine. I own her blahblahblah. I wanted a LOT more of this guy bc like where is my glorious tsuntsuness? The stuttering, the deredere?!

hamelnHamelin: Aka forever screwed over. The day of his friend’s wedding, (Robin Hood) Soh controlled Hamelin and made him shoot up the church. Because he’s immortal and most of those in the mafia are too, he’s given up on being understood. So he just shows up hoping someone will find a way to kill him.

。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

I suspected something like this because of how the plot was unfolding but having it confirmed is like dayum. That sucks. Hamelin doesn’t catch a break throughout his entire flipping route and only confirmed my hatred for Soh.

29721e4f55577b510a0eb7f6686939c2_480Kyrie: And the asshole of the year goes to!!! Actually Soh gets that award but Kyrie himself deserves a similar trophy. To say I was secretly hoping he might be like Saint Germain was an understatement. I was like he has the swagger, the clothes, the eloquent speech…it must be!!

Alas, it was not meant to be.

As funny as some of his lines were, his character was literally the essence of NTR. Dude only loved Dorothy and never cared about Fuka. He only cares about Dorothy so I guess he decided it was better than nothing??? His character was writtien poorly considering how he states he won’t let anyone from the brothel touch her, yet he sells her to Dorian in the brothel route.

What is consistency??

I did feel bad for the dude but I honestly was fed up with this asshat by the time I had to play his route and didn’t gaf. I didn’t agree with how he viewed sex as something to just do without feeling and he pissed me off to no end during the NTR routes.

The reveal: Remember the tower in the town square? Turns out it ain’t SAO so you won’t be getting out of here once you reach the 100th floor. The Wizard of Oz lied to you. Dorothy never clicked her red shoes and went home.

She wanted to live in Oz forever but you can’t do that cuz lol if you try and use magic for yourself, you turn into a witch! She locked herself in a tower with Todo but decides it ain’t enough after creating her own Mii country.

She wants to be the adored Mary Sue!! Thus Fuka was born. She leaves da tower but that messed everything up so she was split into 3: her body is now in a coma, her magic (Caesar), and her soul (Fuka). Should’ve thought that thrpugh, Dorothy. Todo is like I gotta get her back and it becomes this weird ass plot of NTR x yandere where Soh, who is Todo, is manipulating everyone to get Fuka to merge with Dorothy. So he can be with her forever.

He’s a dog.

They get back to the tower and Fuka wishes for peace so all the people who died/killed themselves revive. And somehow she’s such a special snowflake that she can now exist in the town Dorothy created.

So Dorothy and her dog/tower yandere kun watch over Ozmafia forever while Fuka hos areound for all eternity….

And remember the op song? Now look back at Kyrie and realize damn, the whole song and the game was about how he got NTR’d by a damn dog/tower yandere thing.



Final Thoughts:

NTR the game.

I first want to thank Mangagamer and Poni-Patchet for giving us a chance. Even when some people spit in their faces by stealing their work after they begged us not to. And gave us another chance to prove ourselves. So, if you’re interested at all, please buy the game.


I was very impressed with how much love was put into the translations. Expect quality work here with a recently released patch that fixes all the typos. Please be aware that from the beginning this game was never fully voiced. Well, they were, but apparently after the game was done they decided YOLO gotta add more lines!! So not everything is voiced. 

Music was okay, I loved the op and ed songs, the art was gorgeous, and we were given a ton of saves.



I have no idea what the common route is. Maybe there never was one.

The eye catchers. This annoying melody plays while in the lower right of ur screen silhouettes of the ikemens flash past. It was fine at first…but it kept happening. It was sooooooo annoying holy shit. I lost track of how many there are. 

What is with NTR in this game? I’m all for celebrating sexually confident characters. Do it. Just don’t make me watch as Fuka can’t decide who she wants, then the moment she switches to someone else she spreads her legs. Where is the development?!  Why does she only bang the second guy?! Why are we rewarded for infidelity??!!

My best friend was raped, so it’s a big deal to me when rape is handled poorly in media. Ozmafia throws this into the brothel route and we have to watch as Fuka brushes off the traumatic experience like it never happened. I understand that people have their own ways of coping, but the writers added it for shock value and tried to pretend it never happened. It was never detailed, but it was clear what occurred. 

Every flipping Oz character suddenly had inferiority complexes the moment Fuka dated one of them & OH NOES NTR galore. WTF. Were they not capable of being happy for their friend? All it served was to extend the routes because YOU CAN’T COLLECT ALL THE CG’S UNLESS YOU CHEAT ON THE OZ BOYZ. 

Fuka had the characterization of ditto. One moment she’s this dumb flower, the next she’s innocent abt BDSM & then suddenly she’s participating like she knew all abt from the get go. She was infuriatingly stupid at times & molded herself to match the needs of the men.

Kyrie is a creeper. “Father” Dorian needs to burn in Hell. I want ManBoy & Alfani to escape. Scarlet my baby was friend-zoned by Fuka and the one ending where they had a chance, she screwed it up. Scarlet deserved so much more but he’s too good for Fuka despite how much I liked them. I ship him & Axel with Pashet.

So many plot holes…like who is the Wizard of Oz???

I can’t say I liked this game b4cause so much NTR, poor Scarlet/Hamelin, Robin Hood should’ve never had a route, and ugh Fuka. 

I didn’t have any expectations for this game.  I’m glad I got to play it but I won’t be replaying this one. 

Of course, you’re free to disagree with anything I said and form your own opinion. If you’re interested, please consider buying the game to decide for yourself. 

* For optimal enjoyment I suggest playing routes from different families every other play-through to keep things fresh. NTRing ur ikemen is the only way to get all the CGs and to view the epilogue.*

My play order: Caramia>Scarlet>Axel>Brothel>Pashet>Robin Hood>Sou>Caesar>Hamelin>Kyrie

Thank you, Poni-Patchet and Mangagamer!! DON’T STEAL GUYS.


If you want to try Ozmafia, please consider using my affiliate link. RIP college debt. You can get the LE Physical Edition or the Digital Edition.

LE comes with the game, a Steam copy, and cute character badges! xD

Ozmafia! LE

If you like what you see, please follow or share!

What did you think of OZMAFIA!! ? Who was your favorite character? What would you like to see next in English?

44 thoughts on “OZMAFIA!! Otome Game Review

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    WOW! I am still amazed that you managed to finish the game so quickly!! You have me even more hyped for the game than I already was, but I have to finish DMMd first! Awesome review, had to skip the spoilery bits, but I loved what I could read. Also I love that you always stress purchasing the games! Otoge definitely need our support!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dialmond says:

    Congrats on finishing the game!
    So true about the plot holes :’) Also the story was too jumpy at one point I was playing one part thinking the story continues after the loading screen but it just jumps to another
    AND THE NTR ROUTES I WANTED TO FLIP TABLES ((idk y they needed to add drama :’) ))
    I actually liked Kyrie ((am so weird)) idk y but yeah HAHAHA hopefully i can finish the game before sunday xD I feel that I cant handle the NTRs ((i just skipped one NTR route))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha thank you dailmond!!! ^^
      Yes I agree. It only seems to happen with the Oz characters so thankfully the other routes don’t jump around.
      And omg yes the NTR was too much. It was like they felt they were lacking in drama lol
      And no worries. We all have our types, and if you like Kyrie, that’s awesome! XD I actually feel really bad for him after the epilogue revealed everything.
      Whooo!!! You can do it!!! If you want, try a guide to see which NTR routes give you CGs and which ones you can just skip ^^
      Have fun and let me know what you think when you’re done!


  3. Cat says:

    I’m really interested in this game for the little shota Scarlet ufufufu
    The NTR I’d be okay with if it wasn’t obligatory, I don’t like cheating/dumping cute boys ಥ_ಥ
    I’ll have to wait to buy it, since I currently don’t have money ORZ
    I’d like to see them localise sequels and fandisks of games we got, doesn’t make sense why they haven’t yet. I’d love to see some sweet otome games brought over, or plot heavy that isn’t drama of triangle relationships (^_^;)
    What about you? What would you like to see brought over?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reare Noella says:

    I think I did left a previous reply regarding Ozmafia *checks back* yep, I did.

    My biggest issue with the game is THERE ISN’T A GODDAMN PLOT NOR COMMON ROUTE!! I mean, the idea was interesting combining mafia + The Wizard of Oz but really, Fuka was basically made into a walking prostitute and literally NTR everybody. That fact is enough for me to scratch the whole game. Because seriously, WTF you have a brothel ending in a game, Poni-Pachet?! Especially Kyrie, why the fuck did you even sell Fuka??!! Then you got mad at Fuka later on after she had sex with Dorian and Alfani??!!

    Patshet is one of my favorite female character among otome games! She’s so adorable and I love how cute and pure she is and admits she loved Axel. I think Ceaser and Axel is my favourite guy in the game since the others is like… yeah, they are like that. Somehow, I always love the minor guy instead of the cannon or any big shots in the game.

    Anyway, I’m somehow relieve and happy at the same time for you. Now you probably can see why I’m not a big fan of this lol. My experience was worse, I played Kyrie first… then Caramia followed by Axel so the entire Oz family pretty much destroyed my pure otome heart lmfao. I will fangirl Kyrie if he didin’t has his brain on lololol.

    Anyway, thanks for the review as usual Leaf ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      RIGHT?!! Lol I was sitting there going I can’t even remember a common route! There was no plot the game was literally Dorothy’s fantasy of being a Mary Sue to ho around with the ikemen lol.
      Same, I have a hard time liking the canon dudes too.
      Haha omg you started with Kyrie and the other Oz members in a row??? Gurl, how did you survive? lol
      Awww np, I’m so glad my review was alright! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Neko-chan says:

    It’s so funny how your last guy (pick) was my first. I personally really liked Kyrie XD But 1. I am partly biased because he looks like Break from Pandora Hearts. and 2. I just love overly-rational people because I’m an overly-rational person who sometimes lack common sense. hahaha BUT I only just played like 2 routes in this game and between Kyrie and Caramia, Caramia BORED ME TO DEATH. At least with Kyrie I had somebody to mentally argue with (mentally, because heroine was too deep in her own “huh? what does that mean??? please be Mr. Obvious with me because I’m stupid 🙂 “). But, as rational as he appears to be and all the traits that I can give him (unlike the average otome game guys who usually just settle in one or two personality traits), the lack of plot really shocked me too. I kept waiting for a plot-related climax that never came. If there was anything that I had hoped, was to get some sort of explanation from Mr.Brains-I-can-do-everything-because-I’m-perfect-KYRIE! And if he didn’t give me one, I kinda lost hope in anybody else giving any “plot” to me. And Soh? goddamn I got spoiled, but I SWEAR to you that when I met him for the first time I was literally like “This guy is too nice. I’m scared of people that are too nice. Please dun be another Toma :<" )…I guess my instincts never seem to fail me…

    Anyway, you were sure fast. I keep going back and forth between routes for the walkthroughs. (I saw there were some around but I like making my own 🙂 ) And I noticed how the PSVita vesion of Ozmafia was more complicated and had a few CGs that you could only get if you made certain choices, yet in the version we got, they appear by default, which is kinda of sad XD I think we could have also got Axel's love triangle in Kyrie's route and viceversa in the PsVita version, but hey, I don't complain ! I'm happy to be able to support yet another game, and for Poni-Patchet being total newbies, the game is still quite nice. It's a continuous "What is consistency?", yes (from what I could notice as well), but I have played worst and i totally think that in the end it deserves all the money. (Though, some of the translations kinda annoyed me, like the overuse of Italian when they weren't even speaking Italian, but overall, that's still okay). I really hope people will keep supporting. I'm still in shock as to how Amnesia started selling for 5€ on Steam during sales. I have no idea what happened, but it makes me feel like it didn't sell as much as they would have hoped….

    Anyway, enough of me ranting, great review, Leafy !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hahaha no don’t worry, I love to see what others think on games. It really intrigues me so don’t feel like you’re limited!! ^^
      Agreed on the plot. I do think that the “plot” was that Dorothy wanted her own reverse harem and be a Mary Sue…so that’s Fuka 😛 So in a way she has the excuse that she doesn’t have a plot other than to NTR and ho around lol.
      And I also agree. Even though I didn’t like the game, I still want others to support it if they’r interested instead of stealng. Even Poni-Patchet themselves asked the fans to just buy their game!!!
      I think Mangagamer wanted to immerse the audience more into the functions of the mafia so I didn’t mind that they had words like don, familigia and stuff. It actually taught me some stuff lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Neko-chan says:

        I’m really sad that you didn’t end up liking it as much though. For 30$, I hoped it would be way worth it. Well, till now I don’t dislike it, but my two completed routes told me absolutely nothing yet. I’m inbetween a “good” and an “average” as a rating, at the moment. And, oh! While I see why some people don’t like NTR, is it bad that I kinda enjoyed the idea of having love triangles? XD I felt like shit to “cheat” on the guys and I absolutely disliked how stuff kinda turned to normal even after heroine broke up with said guy like in Kyrie’s route. Like, why? That doesn’t normally happen. If you do NTR then stick to the angst and drama, game! But anyway, unfortunately there’s no cure to piracy. We can just hope somebody would feel bad/ guily to even think of pirating it after reading our posts and understanding the situation ^^’ I do like the idea of PSVita-only releases sometimes, rather than PC. Even though less people would be able to play them, there’s no PSVita emulator, so there’s no way to pirate it : <

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha yeah most of the routes that I liked (Scarlet, Caesar, Hamelin) didn’t have any romance (well, Scarlet was friendzoned and the others were rushed or just messed up) so btwn that, the NTR, and how I didn’t find any of the guys particularly amazing (except Scarlet who was friendzoned :P) I was pretty bummed.
        But it’s fine. The main reason I even bought this was to show support for the otoge community. I used my bday money to buy one on mangagamer and one on steam. I hope it helped somewhat to show there’s a market.
        And yes I would love Vita exclusives but considering how horribly Sony is treating it right now and basically condemning the system, it seems more and more unlikely that we’re going to get any soon in English.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. kurorisa says:

    yeah I read about the NTR stuffs that’s why I don’t get the game in the first place ): if I were to, my only sole reason is probably because of Scarlet, and Satoi’s art. I’m not gonna lie the art is really pretty but all the NTR made me really sad orz

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha well if you change your mind, be sure to pick it up when it’s on sale! XD Yeah, Scarlet and Satoi’s art was like the only saving grace. And Patchet but even then there was like no good romance in this. The only routes that did never progressed bc Caesar/Hamelin got slapped by the writer, and Scarlet was forever friendzoned 😦


      • kurorisa says:

        I forgot but I think they added a special route for Scarlet in the vita ver? I could be mistaken though :/

        yea like I did with amnesia. bought it when it was super cheap thought I wasn’t gonna play it forever XD still ozmafia might not be on my list because of the massive NTR ):

        Liked by 1 person

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