Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Conquest, & Revelations Review

Intro: I’m reviewing the Special Edition. Unlike Pokemon games, each game in Fates is very diff, with lasting consequences. As a male or a female, default name Corrin(customized to your liking) you are tasked with the harrowing decision of siding with your true family, Birthright. Or choosing to defect to those who raised you, but stole you from your real family, Conquest. Or choose no side in Revelation. Prepare for battle & strategy as you lead your units against the enemy, and don’t forget to fall in love along the way. Everything in Fates is up to you & every decision impacts the game.

*I shall be going over gameplay, my experience, story, suggestions, and who I married. The censorship of Nintendo of America will be covered as well. Final thoughts below.

*If you don’t agree with any opinions I have of this game and it’s characters, that’s fine. Please be respectful if you wish to state your thoughts. Thank you.

fireemblemfatesbirthrightreview_mainpic-730x411Birthright: For those who’ve never played a FE game. It’s not to insult you, as Conquest hearkens to the older games, and for those inexperienced with srpgs and the like, it can be pretty daunting.

You can choose in all games to play in Classic (if a unit dies, they’re gone for good) mode or Casual (they return after a battle). To make things even easier they included Phoenix, which allows fallen units to come back the next turn.

If you return to your true family, you must fight against the family who raised you. All to defeat the power hungry King Garon, your “father.”

This is the game that allows more experimentation. You have more $, more freedom to switch to different classes (such as a Maid/Butler, Sword Master, Pegasus Rider, etc) all through the use of seals. BR allows you to experiment and won’t fault you for slip ups.


The trailer isn’t lying to you with those amazing cut-scenes. All of them are in the games as they appear in the trailer.

For my first play through, I started off as a Hoshidan Princess. You are given a Boon and Bane to choose during customization, along with a talent (second class) that will affect how well Corrin fares in the game. I wouldn’t worry too much about this during BR as it’s the easiest game but I’d advise you never lower your HP or SPD. Speed is critical in FE, allowing units to attack twice in a single turn. If your enemy gets the chance, you’re in trouble.

You can romance units and marry off others through support conversations. Some are more entertaining than others, some more romantic, and some…more awkward than others.


If you reach S support with one of the characters, you can marry and have children. But don’t worry, you get a special little animated and voiced clip of the character confessing to you 😉 Same-sex marriage is also an option.

I married the tsundere OP archer, “Jesus Pineapple” Takumi, who has can walk on water/mountains, is not effected by terrain, has 6 movements, and one of the best archers ever in FE history.  (u prolly saw all over my twitter). Now if you’ve seen the #BlameTakumi everywhere, I have to ask why?

When Corrin struts into Hoshido to learn the truth of her heritage (in every game), she ends up causing her and her sibling’s mother’s death. Unlike the fanservice this game throws at you with everyone immediately forgiving Corrin like nothing happened, Takumi is the only one who grieves realistically.

He doesn’t forget what happened and expresses his anger toward Corrin. Throughout the game(s), he struggles to let go of that anger when he realizes she never was to blame. He forgives her and if you talk to him, you learn he forgave you a long time ago. Their support convos was one of the most romantic in the game(s) and worth every second.


Takumi pisses (western) fans off because unlike the others, he immediately doesn’t trust Corrin. If you grew up learning that Nohr is an evil country and one day your kidnapped sibling has returned, then you’re mother is killed in a plot led by their kingdom, how would you feel? Then your family brushes aside the incident after the scene is over, because lol Corrin is love.

One of the arguments I hear the most about Takumi is that he’s racist. Yes, he is. Then again, so is most of Hoshido: Hinoka refers to Nohr as Nohrian scum just like Takumi does. She berates and trash talks them during her and Sakura’s rescue from a horde of Faceless. But no one harps on her. Or Oboro, who everyone either pairs up with Takumi or to be their WAIFU.

Takumi is also rude, a brat, harsh, critical, etc. (just like Jakob lol) and yet he’s one of the more well-written characters. Even having a whole subplot dedicated to him in every game. As such, I found it extremely satisfying both story wise and personally to marry him in the game.

And he’s a total tsundere who ranked as the 3rd most popular in Japan.

BR literally is the typical jrpg plot of here is evil bad guy>defeat him>yay!!! sprinkled in with depressing scripted character death scenes, so there’s not much else to say.

Some characters can be saved, and while I won’t say who, try and achieve A supports with those who decide to join/serve you. BR has a notorious chapter 15 where one of the characters dies if you fail to do so. And some deaths are unavoidable (like in chapter 26)

BR is a fantastic start to the franchise if you want to take the dive, but Awakening is just as beginner friendly and has similar mechanics including marriage and otome like confession scenes. These games are more updated however with newer things.

fefconquest1280jpg-0d7f92_1280wConquest: Considered the toughest of all 3 games, this one limits everything you were allowed to do in BR. With less $, seals, and no grinding outside of chapters/paralogues/invasions, Conquest is designed to challenge you, just like in previous FE games.

You attempt to thwart your father from the inside of Nohr with your family as Garon tries to kill you by sending you on suicide missions.

I was underwhelmed by BR so when I tackled Conquest, I ramped the difficulty up to Hard and went Classic mode. Not to brag, I’m pretty good at these games, so I could’ve done Lunatic Classic, but I wanted to get all of these done for a review.

I can certainly see why so many people rage at this game. Chapter 10 is infamous for the battle against Takumi and his army, swarming you on all sides. You must defend your side of the map for 11 turns, praying you’re prepared, that you’ve set the characters at the right places, that they won’t die before the battle’s over, etc.

There are several other chapters that gave people a difficult time, but for me, I feel like I should’ve done a Lunatic run considering I only lost one unit throughout my run.


It’s advised that you have an idea of who you want in your army. Some good options are Camilla, Leo, Elise, Niles, Mozu, Effie, etc. but all of it is up to you. This is your game.

Seals are very limited as is $, so focus on who you want to use those seals. Keep in mind that your Boon/Bane and Talent matters in Conquest.

Marrying units can still be for fun, but thinking about the advantages/disadavantages those unions provide is advised. Conquest is all about strategy. Reading the map, learning your way to victory.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment and have fun. It’s just more limited in regards to the difficult and limited resources.

Ironically enough, the most difficult part of Conquest for me was choosing a husbando. I fell in

2b58bc8002c34163f0876c70b935b3ba tumblr_o3244bhzrz1v45i71o1_250  d337335b199c18515f5880a28fe54d86

SO, I married all 3 of them (Leo/Xander/Niles) on separate files to play through 😛 Considering that there was still one game left, I decided to keep Keaton for another run of Conquest or Revelations since I wanted to get all the exclusives done in Conquest.

Conquest, plot wise, has more of a legit purpose than BR did. In BR you were just shown that King Garon is evil and must be killed. Conquest fleshes it out enough to give you more of a reason to actually defeat him.

One particular scene that wasn’t intended to be funny had me laughing my butt off. When Garon threatens Corrin’s life for choosing Nohr, he decides to leave her fate to Anankos the Great Dragon. The whole scene was so awkward and unintentionally funny when he looks at the ceiling, the camera shifts to it, and waits. Then he goes, “Ok, guess he’ll spare you:P”

Corrin is also unbelievably stupid in some chapters, refusing to believe their father is evil, or downright being shocked by the notion of such a thing. There are even times where she mouths off to Garon, which would result in her death, but her siblings have to step in to cut her off.

Conquest is definitely more challenging, especially in the latter half of the game, but by no means is it impossible. It presents a more gray outlook, offering you decisions to kill enemies or spare them.

1825685_0Revelations: If you weren’t able to get your hands on the Special Edition, you can purchase Revelations as DLC. What angered many is that it was pitched as the “True Path” when really, it’s just another path you can choose.

Yes, there’s another villain pulling the strings of the events of the 2 games. But in no way does this mean you can’t enjoy Fates if you decide not to play this.

Corrin chooses not to side with either Kingdom and goes around recruiting all of these characters on her own. It makes for interesting dialogue. You aren’t as limited as you are in Conquest. You can grind and have more $, but like Conquest, you are still given objectives to spice things up.

I can’t say much more about Revelations because it’s vastly different to the previous games plot wise. I enjoyed it for what it was, but there are flaws, and by no means is this a true path, though I can see why they marketed it as such.


Final Thoughts: Let’s start by talking about the whole localization mess. I’m sure everyone already knows about it, but to simplify things, petting was removed, some conversations were flat out cut/changed/etc, there were tons of lines that were poorly translated, there are a lot less choices for character customization, and the dual audio track was removed, so it’s only in English. And honestly, it’s not bad. Some (Hana/Felicia) had cringy VA’s. Most were good. Azura was particularly great, esp when she sang.

I wasn’t pleased but I still wanted to play it, and yes, we were given less content. Yes, a lot of the translations weren’t correct or were changed. But I still had fun and come on, as much as this game tries to tell you that this is WAIFU EMBLEM, that’s not what FE is about. 

Fire Emblem Special Edition

It’s about strategy. Plain and simple. I’m not going to even deny that I love shipping the units, because everyone knows I do. But I will say that yes I’m mad we didn’t get the petting. However, it didn’t piss me off so much that I outright refused to get it.

And it’s fine. Because even without the petting, FE Fates was just as fun as I’d hoped.

If you want to read up on the localization, it’s all over the internet.

With the introduction of new classes like Butler/Maid/Songstress, etc. there’s a lot for fans to enjoy. For the first time in the franchise, there is a male Pegasus Rider, an archer that can fend for himself, and a whole slew of new additions to keep things fresh and interesting.

Before buying the game I was a little hesitant bc the trailer made it seem like it was literally waifu emblem. And I wasn’t okay with that because despite how much I love the supports, I’m a sucker for good srpgs. Thankfully, it isn’t too in your face, but sadly, after your mother’s death literally in the beginning of the game, everyone forgives you because you are Corrin and can do no wrong!!


And the one character who actually grieves over their mother’s death is hated by western fans (Japan loves him just as much as I do) bc he didn’t join the reverse harem  (ლ‸-)(-‸ლ)

Thankfully, he receives a ton of character development and if you played Conquest first, be pleased to know that he was redeemed in BR and lots of haters even felt terrible for hating on him.


BR is easy. Too easy almost, but enough for someone new to the franchise. Don’t expect anything mindblowing plot-wise from the games. Conquest has better gameplay and let me finally strategize lol. Revelations was a mix of the two and fresh.

Personally, I highly prefer the characters in BR, but prefer the gameplay in Conquest. As such, it was so good to see Revelations meshed the two together.

If you are still butthurt over the missing content, I can’t really call you out on that. However, you are missing out on a fun game and it looks like the FE franchise is here to stay and grow into a hit. Maybe. Hopefully. But if you insist, just import it 😛 

Also, nothing is canon in FE so don’t be butthurt over that. What you want to be canon for you is canon for you. Not anyone else.

I still HIGHLY recommend you play Awakening if you’ve not because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has the marriage and otome confessions and a fun cast. And it’s friendly for beginners.


I recommend Fates and if you want the Special Edition, well good luck. There are no more and sellers have ridiculously raised the price. I was just lucky to get one before it went out of stock.

And yes, Takumi is my favorite due to development, plot, OP, and romantic supports. Here is my glorious trash:Fates Doujin

Personally, my fav romantic supports were:

Takumi x Corrin

Oboro x Hinata

Tsubaki x Selena

Hana x Kaden

Azura x Jakob

I still have to max out the others to find if I prefer others.

Want to play Fire Emblem? Pick up:




Have you played Fates or a FE game before? Who are your favorites in Fates? What did you think of the game?

If you like what you see please follow or share! Thank you!!

25 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Conquest, & Revelations Review

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    Awesome review, you really got me hyped to play Birthright! I plan on spending my summer (off and on) with this game. I’ve never played these types of games before, so I’m playing through Awakening first just so I can get a feel of the mechanics and whatnot! I will definitely be relying on you for guidance, so get ready for a wave of tweets in the near future lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bloodiris says:

    It’s funny how you said BR is the easiest one. My boyfriend is a huge FE fan (played all of them I think), and he’s stuck in BR because he can’t choose between shipping who he wants to ship and the benefits of shipping people hahaha.
    I do love the animations, they’re such eye candy, but I’m going to back out on this one. I’m known for losing battles on even the easiest difficulties for SRPGs (sobs).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      LOL the shipping can get intense!! XD I hope he figures out which ones he likes best, bc he’ll have a lot more fun in Revelations where the possibilities for shipping are endless.
      Well, I used to suck at sprgs and I guess I just got better at them. Still, it’s your decision! ^^ You might find BR enjoyable though since it really is intended for beginners and there are a ton of options to make the game even easier.
      Still, up to you and thanks so much for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Teruru says:

    I was obsessed with farming support convos in BR because of the virtually unlimited resources that I got sick of the game. LOL. I personally like Conquest characters a lot more than BR (so do my friends) so it’s pretty refreshing to see someone who prefers BR characters!

    P.S. I realize you got the special edition FE. I remember it being all sold out on Amazon 30 minutes after the page is up. 8D

    Liked by 2 people

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha supports are addicting, aren’t they? XD
      Interesting! I like to think that Nohr has more visually appealing male characters while BR has better females. Then again…I just really, really, really love Takumi 😛
      Yep! Haha I had no idea there was even a Special Edition until I saw it on twitter and I got the last copy! XD


  4. Reare Noella says:

    Lololololol after a while, I was wondering what happen to this blog then here I am, screaming and fangirling non stop right after I saw FE XD.

    I ALSO MARRIED NEIL OMFG NEVER FELT SO ACCOMPLISH. I agree EVERYTHING you type. LEGIT. Nothing to be said since it’s kinda the fact lmao.

    Thanks for the review as usual~~~

    Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        Yeah I’m kinda dead in the inside because of life problems but at least I’m breathing so *punches air* yasss. Since I’m having my semester break, I can sit back and catch up other otome blogger that I missed 😀 but thanks for asking 😀

        Btw I still can’t let go of pineapple Takumi XD why so creative Leaf XD my bro called him “the extended Rapunzel” :’D I’m still ROFL-ling here omg.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Aww are you alright? If you wanted to talk about it we could. I know that always helps for me when I’m stressed. We could talk on another site if u felt more comfortable than on here.
        LOL Extended Rapunzel?! That’s awesome!! Tell him that was hilarious! XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        Nah, it’s not a big deal. It’s just the usual school stress problem (I’m taking one of those big exam soon, in October). Thanks for asking, I really appreciated that 😀 usually when I’m stressing out, I would run or take a long hot and cold shower. Since I lived near the mountains, I usually just screamed and do lots of yelling and only the animals can judge me XD

        Ah, sure. He pretty much looking at me with the hope you said something like that lmao.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Reare Noella says:

        Yep, running is the best way to release stress~ but screaking at the animals felt satisfying tbh. Idk why tho.

        I do have other FE game before and play it with my bro but then he was so engrossed and took over instead while I was playing other otome game ^-^;

        Liked by 1 person

  5. stephytx says:

    I want to give this game a try later on. At the moment I’m switching between too many games ^.^;; . My boyfriend has loved this series for a long time, but I haven’t played the older ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      You don’t need to play the older ones. And since you’re new to the series: the older games can be frustratingly difficult, there is no romance like in the newer ones, and they’re super expensive now.
      If you want to give the series a go, try Awakening or one of the Fates ^^ I hope you like it and thanks so much for checking out my review!!


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