Amnesia Memories 100% Review

Intro: Unko awakens to find that a shota named Orion has meshed with her brain and she’s subsequently lost all her memories. If Unko can regain them, Orion will leave her brain! There’s just one problem: someone in her life is responsible for her amnesia, and if they suspect she’s forgotten everything, her life will once more be put in danger.

shinShin: is Unko’s childhood friend who escaped the friendzone. She sucked at singing but she managed to improve through a lot of hard work and even won over his heart in the process. Shin then began to practice the bass in order to join her band. When the two of them went on a camping trip, Shin wanted to progress their relationship as far as he could take it, which freaked her out. So she ran away from him, tripped, and woke up to find him leaning over her. Except the person looming over her wasn’t actually Shin. Enter the next part of the love triangle!! Toma is Unko’s other childhood friend. Toma and Shin both proposed to her when they were shotas, but Unko accepted Shin’s proposal. But Toma wasn’t about to let that stop him! So he evolved into a mega incel and he shoved Unko off a cliff. Then bashed her skull on a boulder because he couldn’t escape the friendzone. Tru wuv. Shin goes Detective Conan on his butt only for them to talk it out like bros…cuz that’s what you do when your best bro tries to kill your girl (ლ‸-)(-‸ლ) Toma turns himself in to the police to clear Shin’s name because his dad was a drunk who killed someone and they assumed Shin tried to kill Unko. Shin had some good moments but I was pissed that he teased her for not putting out only to say it was “just a prank.” 

img_3943IckyIkki: has the misfortune of getting every girl who looks in his eyes after a Disney-wish-upon-a-star. Why wouldn’t he want that? When the only way to walk around like a normal person without a gaggle of mean women chasing after you like a stampede is to don shades or a fugly mask, that’s what. He can’t date a girl for more than 3 months, either, because his club all wants a piece of him. Like damn, dude. Why not set up some boundaries for yourself? The only person Ikki ever took an interest in was Unko because she has daddy problems and ignored his “medusa eyes.” The crazy Queen Bee of Ikki’s club, Rinka, makes the girls keep a record of everything they do with Ikki but since Unko lost her memories, she ain’t got no time for keeping track of that. Which does not bode well for her in her bad endings. One left Unko hospitalized, blind, (eventually) deaf, and so forth. So Ikki goes out to “break” the club. We find out later he was trying to please the club so that they wouldn’t violently bully her like they did to all of his past girlfriends… Like sir. Why did you not try to put a stop to this the first time it happened? Goddamn.

e3209ffb5fc446a1faf0d1dbcdbfebf7Kent: sees the entire world as one big problem. In keeping with that, love is an equation he just can’t solve 😉 He comes across as gruff, intimidating and arrogant, but on the inside, Kent is constantly panicking about how to act and what to do. When he admits he asked Ikki for advice about how to date and voices his concerns, Unko’s all thank god, this is what I’ve wanted you to do since day one! To make up for all of those “dates,” aka walking her down the street, he makes her a math workbook 😂  He put in so much effort and it was so cute! Except the game made me do fucking math. Unko liked Kent the moment he stepped in to teach a class at her college but they bashed heads immediately because he liked her but he didn’t understand his own feelings. They bickered every morning before class when she walked her dog, but one day it ran into the street and was run over  (´;Д;`) Kent decided that the best way to console Unko was to lecture her on pet care because it would prevent her next dog from kicking the bucket. YIKES. Unko told him to shut his trap and that she hated him. So he asks her out the next time he sees her because he’s just so good at timing. Once you get past all of that and see his progress, Kent’s a really sweet guy!!! (´∀`)♡ No jealous girls, no pointless drama, it was just a really cute route. Unko actually had a pretty good role in it, too. 


Cage of LoveToma: If your childhood friend won’t love you, you’ve got some options: bash her head in, or trap her in a sturdy cage. I tried so hard to give Toma a fair shot. I really did. When Unko bonks her head on the street, Toma rushes her to the hospital. The doctor probably bought a license online or something because he couldn’t figure out that she has amnesia and said it wasn’t anything serious. JESUS. Toma takes Unko home, but after a slew of bullying, a missing computer battery, and so on, Toma decides to take her to his house instead and claims he’s “boyfriend.” But after Unko has a second blackout, she starts to suspect he isn’t really her boyfriend after all. Orion tries to get Unko out of the house since she needs to jog her memory and find out who caused her amnesia in the first place, but constant run-ins with Ukyo and near death experiences forces Toma to lock her in his house and drug her food so she sleeps all day. She discovers Toma hid her computer battery so she couldn’t see the hate messages on her computer. You’d think Toma would talk to her about this or even warn her about it. Nah, he just doesn’t see the point in talking to her. He locks her in a dog cage, then later he loses his shit and tries to rape her… It’s only when he reads her diary, which is right next to her, which she says she liked him, that he apologizes. For trying to violently assault her. I’m done. Then her stockholm syndrome kicks in and they become a couple?! Whatdafaqisdisshit?!(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

tumblr_nwqs71bwvu1stfpqoo1_1280N Ukyo: comes across as a super creeper in every other route but he’s actually a precious cinnamon roll and deserves to be the poster boy. Unko  finds him sleeping in the park where he wakes up raging that he’s alive and couldn’t escape this world. He then grabs Unko by her collar and blames her for existing. Alrighty, then. Ukyo then snaps out of it and says he’s going to turn himself in for hurting her. She remembers when Ukyo asked her out so she asks how he FEELS. He says he’s gone insane looking for her and loves her more than himself (´;ω;`) Unko died in a fire on Aug 25 and Ukyo made a wish to save her life. Lord Nhil (Orion’s creator) answered his prayers but it ain’t that easy. So Ukyo and Nhil go through different worlds to find and somehow keep her alive before the 26th. The problem is that while she’s NTRing the poor guy, Ukyo kills her. On every damn route. Because he’s not from that world and shouldn’t exist and Unko’s supposed to be dead. If they both live together in one world, that world will try and kill one of them. So that’s why we have all those routes to play through! She realizes that if she doesn’t die, he will, so she searches for him but the fan club locks her in a shrine and sets it on fire. Thankfully, Ukyo saves her. But someone must die today!!! Unko decides to face him but he nice boats himself. She forgives him and they’re returned to their world. While taking photos, Nhil & Orion pass by them. Their punishment for ruining the human world by meddling with it too much was to be turned into humans. But Unko doesn’t remember them.


Final Thoughts:

Let’s NTR Ukyo the Game.


Don’t go into this game expecting a lot of romance. 

Translations: Are top notch, but they don’t seem keen on releasing physical copies of otoge. Aksyss Games will give us both digital and physical no questions asked and I prefer that. But considering how they screwed up Norn9 so BADLY, I’m hesitant. They managed to get Code Realize right, but holy crap was Norn9 a mess. So much so, they ruined the character of one of the otoge community’s fav: Akito.

Art: I loved it. The back grounds look like half-assed photoshop attempts at being “edgy.” If you want to try and get deep with the game’s metaphors/symbolism (other than blatant advertising for other games lol) I guess you could say because Unko’s memories are nonexistent, she only pays attention to the important things. But…considering her job and apartment are crucial, why would they be blobs of-ugh nvm. 

System: Mini games are meh but I’ve heard that it’s difficult on the PC port. I had a frustrating time with the damn ice hockey thing game on my Vita. The game would freeze for a sec and then Toma would score. Or the touch screen wouldn’t respond and my puck would just sit there. 

Characters: I loved Kent and Ukyo. Ukyo should be the poster boy, he deserves that spot. He was a cinnamon bun who went through waaaaay too much. The rest of the ikemen struggled with their inner demons. I couldn’t justify some of their actions, though. Ikki was one I could “empathize” with but I really didn’t like him. His route was so toxic, too. Shin started off promising, but I personally didn’t like him.


I was reluctant to continue this because damn did Shin’s route turn me off and twitter blew up with Uguu cages. I finally did it but this isn’t your typical otoge. Sweet Fuse at least had more romance, and Nameless, as dark as it was, was something I looked forward to playing. 

Overall, I thought it served its purpose and I enjoyed the break from fluff. I wasn’t a huge fan of the bishies, I hated the constant slut shamingand I wanted Unko to have more of a presence. Despite her amnesia, surely she’d have her own thoughts? Everything was voiced by Orion. Come on girl. Try, at least.

What did you think of Amnesia Memories? Did you want more romance? What other games do you want localized?

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47 thoughts on “Amnesia Memories 100% Review

  1. pokeninja90

    Finally! I loved your post and agree with mostly everything (except ikki…no sympathy from me lol)!

    Kent and Ukyo were the two stars of this game and they deserve metalso and trophies! I wanted to hug Ukyo so hard especially since I played all the bad ends first…it made his route so satisfying in the end! And Kent, I could spend all day unbuckling his thousands of belts just to get to the center of that tootsie pop! Lol

    Fingers crossed that they decide to localize Later and World! I wanna play so bad! I need more Kent in my life!

    I had no idea about your personal experience with stalking 😥

    But I agree Toma’s route deserves to have so many trigger warnings…heck, it should be optional! I was so pissed at Orion for victim blaming the MC and at the MC for being okay with everything. When the guy who locked you in a cage says you have bad taste in men…there is a problem!

    Awesome review! The white van w/of candy pic was hilarious…the whole review had me rolling!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      OMG poke rofl that comment about Kent’s belts XD
      Yeah, it’s really effected me badly tbh, so I honestly can’t understand why ppl love yanderes bc I went thru similar things irl and it’s terrifying & you’re always watching your back.
      Exactly! Why do ppl always blame the victim?!
      Lol thanks so much, poke and I will def read your other route reviews. I just have to get more college stuff done 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. pokeninja90

        Hey! I’ll do whatever it takes to unwrap that cinnamon bun!

        Yeah I feel you, I never got the appeal. Yandere characters are scary, and I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through that. I can only imagine how horrible that must have been.

        Almost rage quit after Orion started blaming her! Victim blaming is never okay!

        How is the end of your semester going?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        And thanks, poke.
        True, it never is. A girl at my college was raped and they said that because it wasn’t “on campus” they couldn’t do anything. To make things worse, they blamed her for wearing running clothes bc it was too revealing. FFFFFFFFF
        I actually finished and am on summer break. I’m trying to transfer and do a consortium agreement-so I take classes at two diff colleges. The credit hours, courses, etc have to line up exactly on certain dates and have to be checked so it’s sadly frustrating. But I started planning ahead of time so it’s not as bad. Wbu? ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      3. pokeninja90

        That is ridiculous! What a woman wears has nothing to do with anything! The problem lies with the person sick enough to do something like that.

        Ooh, summer break is awesome! But it sucks that you still have to do paperwork. I’m just job hunting for a permanent position, and waiting for the journal we submitted our capstone paper to to respond back with revision suggestions.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. pokeninja90

        Exactly, it’s an unfair system. I hope you get the paperwork done too!

        Well I have a summer job as a research assistant, but it’s only until August I need something for after that though…and Thanks! XD

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  2. Cat

    Congrats on finishing it!!! 🎆🎇🎉🎊
    I feel pretty similar to you. I liked Shin because he’s my type, physically, but his route was a letdown ;_;
    Kent love hurray!!
    I hated Ikki and Toma so damn much, idgaf about them, and if this was R18 they’d both be the rape filled routes =_=
    Tbh, when I reached Ukyo, after playing Kent, I was just “I want this game to finish already”, so I found him so-so, but I do understand why fans like him! (Unlike Toma/Ikki fans 😅 )
    I love those nicknames for the characters, BTW 😂
    Best boy is definitely Orion, like yes shota growing hot!
    I really hated the damn fanclub, and how heavy it starred in some routes. It bugs me that they made this girls vs girls because of some manipulative asshole =_=
    Looking forward to more reviews from you, this one was hilarious 😂

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      1. Cat

        I was expecting more from the game, I wanted more romance/dokis, but the game was littered with stabbing, bitchy and annoying girls. Only Sawa was a good female character, even Mine went derp on Kent’s roure :/
        Oh well. I’m hoping your next game is a blast, and doesn’t remind you of creepers in your life! /hugs

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Yeah, I mean it was nice to take a break from fluff but romanticizing of abuse in Toma’s route, the subtle jab at “not putting out” in Shin’s route, and Ikki’s mess of a route left me so tired of the game. I was glad that Kent and Ukyo at least were good. And Sawa deserved a best friend route or an ending w/ Kent^^


      3. Cat

        I definitely understand what you mean, though with Shin I felt it was more about him wanting her to start being affectionate towards him too (not necessarily sex), but can definitely see how it can also be interpreted like that! 😅
        Ikki and Toma…/shakes head
        I wanted a lesbian or best friend route with Sawa too ;_;
        With Kent? The one she likes is Shin, so let MC get Kent and I get Orion ufufufu (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Hmm, I see what you mean. Though I took it that way bc he was so embarrassed to hold hands-even refusing to do so with her.
        Right? Sawa is bae.
        OOOOOOOOOOO lolol I totally thought she liked Kent.
        And yas, Kent and Orion!! He should get a route cuz he’d treat the MC right. And his dialogue was on point.


      5. Cat

        It’s why he was embarrassed holding hands with her that I didn’t take it in a sexual way, but I do understand why it could be interpreted, since it was only hinted at and pretty vague.
        I thought Mine liked Kent, and then when it was revealed I did 😂
        In Shin’s route it was hinted that she liked Shin when you spent time with her, I think she even said she wished she was a childhood friend too to get on his boat (^_−)☆
        I’m thirsting for Amnesia fandisk because Orion gets a route, bless him 👌
        Orion was the blessing light during the less than tasteful routes 👍
        No lie, I actually flipped when Orion disappeared for a while and I was ready to murder Toma because of lack of Orion sprite and his midraff 😂
        Kent! ❤
        I don't know how Japanese players didn't like Kent the most, and he's actually the less liked over there ;_;

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Cat

        But Kent is so refreshing! D: I don’t see his type a lot, plus underneath the logic he was all fluff and dokis and cuteness 💖
        Ugh, those cages >_< blargh just no. I still haven't understood the yandere craze, though I wish I really did because it sounds fascinating people would want someone to like them that hardently 😅
        They sure like their yanderes and douche playboys 😐

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Right? Same w/ Axel (minus the stupid NTR)
        Me neither. I wasn’t a fan at first and then I experienced stalking and creepers for about a year so I really cannot understand anyone’s interest in yanderes…but I try to just go “Ok, glad you had fun?” lol


      8. Cat

        We need to do a petition for more guys like Kent and Axel, who BTW both use glasses I’m seeing a trend 😉
        I can only imagine how upsetting it is to see these type of things be glossed over and okayed in the name of “love”, when it is anything but that 😐
        There’s a few reasons I hate rape and old dudes hitting on teenagers as love interests in otoges, it really creeps me out since I’ve had bad encounters with older man since very young 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Cat

        I don’t mind of the girl is at least 18, but when I see protags as 16 and some skeevy 40 year old dude as a romance option, plz ffs why?? 😠
        Oh yeah, definitely. I almost got raped at 6 by a gang of teenagers, and then had some skeevy encounters with an old men in his 50’s where he groped me, and since then I’m just not trustful. So older man with teenagers, just nope. It’s one of the reasons I refuse to read Lolita, I’m just not about that stuff 😅

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  3. Reare Noella

    You manage to finished the game, *throws confetti* honestly this game was a bit… Too much for me to digest in Toma’s case. In fact, the ONLY moment that I enjoy in his route when he is together with Shin talking about shits and stuff. Or maybe when that one scene when he went to that lingerie store that was funny af :’D.

    I agree about ukyou should be the poster boy. He’s a sweetie pie eating sweets. WHY. Shin stole the spotlight and made everyone think he’s the main dude. Nope. It’s ukyou.


    Honestly, I never encountered any sexual harassment so far in my life (thank god) only street harassment and stupidnsexism joke everyday (things like “hey aren’t you should be staying home for your husband *snickers*). My sister ALMOST got stalked by a pedo guy few years back (a legit hand was seen in the middle of the night at the window, scare the living shit out of her). That was the most darkest days in her life. Honestly when I think just because the heroine was amnesiac it doesnt gave any right for Toma to be that over protective. I mean the heroine can’t be that dumb to stay at someone who you barely remember and.. For God sake his a GUY cmon’ ever insert “self awareness” in your book of self protection???

    I do enjoy this game but some times.. NO. I have this over the top hate when it comes to unnecessary rape and incest (unless they are not related or share the same DNA) it just disgusting nto me. I had a few share moments when one of my friend was rape… By her brother and father. The reasons? Wearing very tight clothes. My friend is chubby and has an hourglass figure so when she’s wearing clothes of course her body kinda shows but the clothing was thick and she wore a freaking jacket and a maxi skirt wtf. Now she’s pregnant but she ain’t gave a shit and still kicking her grades and received her diploma *salute* and still going to class without fail. That’s what I called strong willed women. Nothing is holding her back.

    Anyway, thanks for writing these as usual Leaf <3. Ciao and grazie infinite ^^<3 and sorry for the unnecessary ramblings ^^;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that about your friend. I’ve thankfully never experienced that but I do feel bad. At least she was able to show them how strong she was. Make sure you always remind her what an amazing friend and woman she is, bc she is, and she prolly has moments where she breaks down.
      And I COMPLETELY agree with all you said. And good for you. You don’t want to experience stalking or any of that. I’ve had ppl in the otoge community send me private messages telling me how “wrong I was for not liking the attention” like lol WHAT? But yeah, it was a hard game to sit through and the MC wasn’t some pet. She could leave if she wanted and it was Toma’s fault for locking her up “for her own good.”

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Reare Noella

      Yeah when she did have her mental break down either she blame on the hormone or she was hungry lol. I’m so amused by her.

      Well, for me there’s a difference between getting praised for something and getting called out ot the blue.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Amy

    Hmm isn’t that Nova and not Orion? But I didn’t play World so I don’t know lol. I’m just going by what the official site says. A slightly grown up Orion does appear in Crowd, but it’s just one short scenario.

    Oh gosh I’m sorry to hear you’ve been stalked. That’s never fun. 😦
    I like Toma a lot but I don’t try to defend his actions. I understand what he did was wrong, yet I chose to accept him. I find yanderes interesting with their “extreme love.” I would not be okay with one in real life though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Oh! Haha I guess he is Nova then. Thanks for letting me know, Amy.
      And well, at least nothing too bad came out of the stalker but thanks for your concern.
      And I can see what you mean w/ yanderes. I’ve just had too many experiences that mirror those types irl for me to have triggers so I can’t find the fun in them. I’m glad you can though and I’m glad that you can see the wrong in what he did but still like the character type:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amy

        That’s good to hear! ❤
        That's what I like about fiction, I can still like a character even if I don't condone their actions.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Bánh

        You’re wrong then =))) Otome have so much game which canon isn’t poster boy: Yoshiwara Higanbana, Norn9, Kokuchou no Psychedelica, Code:Realize, Taishou Alice, ect :v

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  6. Chou

    It’s a shame you don’t like Kent’s normal ending because it was by far my most favorite ending of the game. As for favorite guys? Ukyo and Kent I guess. xD Ugh. I can’t choose who I like more between the two of them. I do ship UkyoxHeroine as OTP. Then again, after Ukyo’s route, I don’t think I would be able to ship her with anyone else. ;;v;; Poor baby. </3

    Anyway Kent's normal ED is my fave because the little detail the writer put on it was so subtle yet sweet. Basically, in the beginning (the prologue I think?), the MC(along with Orion) complains that Kent texts so curtly with her and wished he will reply with something more personal and affection, like "I want to see you"
    And guess what he texted the heroine in the normal ED. I literally squeed ;;w;;. Idk maybe I'm the only one who finds it romantic but aaaaaaaahhhh I just found it really sweet and better than the good end but that is just my opinion. xD

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  8. Bánh

    My friend brought this for me last year and now I just have time for it.
    -Shin is poster boy and Ukyo is canon. The poster boy is someone to attactive the player, canon or not depend on dev. For a game like Amnesia, they dont make Ukyo as poster boy because it’s kind of spoil.
    -I love Orion so much but I dont want his route in this NTR the game lololol
    -Ukyo normal self is sweet… And I have a crush on his voice. Like, when ever I heard the voice I screaming UKYOOOO!!!
    -Ikki route is bullshit… I like him but the way he solving problem, his past, his fg… urgggg
    -Kent really need more love!!! Purest route in this game!!! A most normal guy among a osannajimi who want to do adult stuff, a manwhore, a half cinnamon roll half crazy man, a scary – crazy yandere.
    -I like Shin thou. Most ppl dont like him bc they dont like the way he treat Toma. But I think it’s the best solution and he’s pretty cool. He know what he want, he face the problem bravely. The reason he escape the familyzone bc he dont be like “I like her but I scare that if I confess and she reject I cant be friend/bro with her anymore” (I’m screaming YES for this).
    -The heroine is good. Sweet devil girl. I just wish the dont make her amnesia self THIS plain. She’s so calm even when the guy encage her ._. An amnesia ppl have reaction, too!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, Banh!
      I hope you like the game!! ^^
      Haha that makes sense but it kind of stinks that the canon route isn’t given more of a place on the cover. Had I not known about Ukyo from the anime I’d never have guessed he’d be a part of the game. Plus, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in seeing what he offers-but as you said, the canon is what the devs assume most people find attractive.
      Orion was really good but I agree-too much NTR haha
      and YAS Koki Mitaya is a fantastic seiyuu!
      Kent def deserves more ❤ but Japan likes cages 😛
      And I don't understand how fangirls get so mad at Shin for calling out Toma. Had he not I'd be mad at Shin ahaha but I personally didn't like his route that much. I can see his appeal but I was expecting something else.
      And YAS the heroine def wasn't the best we've had but she wasn't awful. ^^


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