Animal Complex Otoge Demo Review


If you wanted to play Beast Master & Prince, fear not! Minus the petting, this otoge will get you your boys-turned-into-animals fix 😉

Intro: Clena’s just been fired from her job and happens upon D. Circus where she will later try and get some d but she’s lost her wallet and can’t see the show. When she turns around she runs into a cat who transforms into a tsundere ikeman!! Now that the secret is out, Clena is taken to meet the mother of the 7 ikeman. She hires Clena and says that lol like it or not, you have to marry one of my sons! Bc this is only a demo, Kad the tsundere cat is only available as of now.

Clena: Funny and a little ditzy, but she’s upbeat and made me grin. She loves food, cute animals, is adorable, and is super genki and hardworking. And she’s afraid of scary things (soooo like every shoujo heroine ever?) I loved her varying expressions and how she glomped anything that was cute. Her design is fantastic btw.


Mom: Knows she has a reverse harem of ikeman and proudly declares this to Clena. She’s a little bit of a sadist and it’s obvious there’s more to marrying one of her sons than she lets on.


Kad: The tsundere, shy neko that’s only available for the demo. And I love my tsunderes so hell yeah was I excited. And he’s such an adorable tsundere. Kad’s the most susceptible to transforming into a human. He wants to perform but due to his nerves transforming him, he can’t.


Clena, just rejoice.

All of the bros have triggers to turn them into humans. They’re all cursed  and I’m guessing that if Clena gets one of them 2 fall for her, it will be broken and they’ll remain human. Who knows, it could go anywhere.

Music: Cute, fits the theme, and doesn’t sound cheap. Sound effects were good.

Art: Very pretty, as you can see. The character profile for Clena was my fav tbh because of her expressions. Backgrounds were good as well. Animals were adorable and the guys are ikeman.

Writing: I spotted only one typo. Other than that, the diction and sentence flow was great.

System: Simple. I was so glad we could use both the control pad and the mouse to control the dialogue. No issues with anything regarding the controls. Very happy. The gameplay involved cleaning areas after inspecting them and then you either collected a puzzle piece for extra cgs or nothing at all. You can also talk to one of the characters. Clena didn’t have enough $ and likely time to go shopping since this is just a demo.

Story: From the demo, it was very upbeat, happy and very otome like. Cute and innocent but I’m hoping there might be something a little darker along the road. Kind of like in Nameless. But if not, that’s fine. I thought it was really cute and I’d love to buy it and continue the story.

Final Impressions: Zeiva Inc, I would love to buy this. Like I said, I’m hoping for something darker to happen but if not, fine. I hope the romance develops but since this was only a demo, there’s likely a ton of stuff to surprise us. It seems the routes will be released either one by one or all together on steam. Here, the creators talk about this . I’ve never played any of their games before, but it seems like previous iterations were depressing 😛 so it looks like they’re trying to round out the FEELS with cute fluff. 


If you want to try out the free demo click here. I’ll be following them to learn of any future updates for Anicon.

Have you played the demo? What did you think? Whose route are you looking forward to?

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19 thoughts on “Animal Complex Otoge Demo Review

  1. randomlynormalaya

    I have never played their other games either (I plan to soon), but this game holds a lot of potential. The art and music have captured my attention, at the very least. And Kad is such an adorable tsundere (*´∀`*)
    And instead of asking whose route I’m looking forward to playing, it should be “whose route am I NOT looking forward to”(・∀・)Their human forms (the ones that we can see in the demo, at least) look so delectable it’s hard to choose XDDD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HijackedCat

    Cat boys! Nekomimi! Aaaah O(≧∇≦)O
    I’ve never played their games, but I’ll be on the lookout with this one └(★o★)┐

    Liked by 1 person

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