Mangagamer localizes otoge and BL in English

Not only is Aksys Games localizing 4 otome games for the West  but now Mangagamer is going to localize some more titles for us!!!

First off is the BL game Hadaka Shitsuji or Naked Butlers rofl


If you don’t know what BL means it’s essentially yaoi or boy’s love.

If you want to play another of their BL games, there is No Thank You!

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Next is Bocchimusume x Produce Keikaku or Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome.


Like the BL game, this is R18. However, the Steam version won’t have the explicit scenes. So if you’re unsure about that right now, Steam has you covered 😉  Here, you can read up on the game. I played the trial demo when it was released and enjoyed it enough that I considered buying the whole thing. The art was fantastic, the heroine had a personality and was interesting, the love interests were also good, and I was really into the demo.

2016 is already looking to be a fantastic year for otoge lovers.

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14 thoughts on “Mangagamer localizes otoge and BL in English

      • HijackedCat says:

        It will, as long as they’re successful and commercially viable, I don’t see MG stopping. As long as companies see it sells, even the Japanese ones, they’ll okay localisations.
        Those people are just sour, they must realise there’s space for eroge, BL and otoge, it won’t decrease MG bringing eroge /sighs
        Exactly, more types of games is better for the company too, it’ll bring more customers (≧∇≦)/

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha it’s just really annoying to see all those lolicon fanboys getting their boxers all up their butt because of girls getting games. Which is ironic considering so many of them want us to play games. It’s only when we don’t play the ones they want us to that they get so mad. 😛


      • HijackedCat says:

        You can never have enough lolis, it seems. I just want to be graced with more shotas, since they’ve so many while we like 3-4 so far ;_;
        They wants us to “like” games, but it’s mostly just so they can play and not have GF bitch about them playing too much w

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        And omg that’s the only reason lol they might want a gf to play video games with sometimes but I can’t tell you how many times a guy will tell me I can’t play so and so bc girls suck at video games….
        Sure I might not play this one game or franchisee you have been for days or years, but that in no way matters what my gender is, thank you very much.


      • HijackedCat says:

        Gender =/= skills in certain games. It’s pretty insulting when they think we’re trying to steal their hobbies, like who the fuck are you to tell me not to read comics/manga/whatever or play whatever I want? EFF that noise, they can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine 😤
        /opens arms
        May all the shotas come to my welcoming bosom in the future O(≧∇≦)O

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  1. ʚ♡ɞ Hanako ʚ♡ɞ says:

    i’m so happy for all the otome titles that are coming our way. I first got into otome games when Hakuouki was translated and ported to the ps3, so i’m pretty new and haven’t waited as long as some other bloggers! But still, extremely greatful and hope they continue!! Also… that Ubisoft survey… it’s plain stupid, I am so surprised 😦

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