Anime Review: Dance with Devils

Intro: Ritsuka attends a school where ikeman pose sexily the moment she walks into the room and break out in dance and sing like Disney Princes. Her mom goes missing and now she’s in danger. If you’re not prepared for the singing, you’ll prolly start rofl going WTF is this shit? but if you’re prepared for a reverse harem with an actual ending and romance, cheap ass plot, and manservice, you might be okay with this show. Just don’t think too much.

Final thoughts below

Ritsuka ain’t that bad of a MC. She talks back to the ikemans, she even breaks out in her own Disney Princess songs, and she seems to have somewhat of a personality.


Unlike most reverse harem heroines, she seemed to actually be another character.



The ikemanz

Rem: The super rich leader of the student council who surprisingly is the main love interest. I’m always expecting some dark haired bishounen to be the endgame, but for once, it was different.


Rem is the only normal guy of the harem and could be a cross between tsundere and kuudere depending on how you look at his character. He and Ritsuka actually had chemistry (OMG no way ur kidding right?) which shocked the hell out of me. I could easily accept the feelings these two had for each other and I’m so glad he was the love interest because everything just worked so well.


SisconLindo: The dude who’s crushing on his “sister” but is really her cousin. An exorcist who looks like he could easily be one of the devils in the show and tbh, I kind of thought he was going to be the canon guy…


I look good in everything, gurl 😉

And also tbh, I kind of wish he was the canon guy. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rem and all but I felt so bad for Lindo. Normally I’d hate this trope but Lindo won me over. Plus LOOK AT HIM. Nuff said. Although we gotta talk about ep 4 ppl. I understand he wants to keep Ritsuka safe but it seemed way out of character for him to go yandere mode and start locking the windows and doors. Later on he was so rational and worked out a plan to attend school with her…like dude wtf.



Mage: That tough guy who’s always trying to show off his arm muscles. He’s also pretty dumb but I surprisingly liked his character, mainly because he got so dere when Ritsuka was involved.


However, this guy should honestly stick to keeping his hair down because sweet Lord muffins:


She’d fall for ya if u kept looking like that

Shiki: Can’t decide if he’s Do S, Do M, yandere, or a fallen angel. Seriously, as mysterious as this bad boy is, he just can’t pick a trope and stick to it. Not a bad thing, especially considering he’s voiced by the Almighty Hirakawa Daisuke.


But it’s like the more screen time he got, the more questions I had. Not really in a good way considering the anime is just a tactic to get us gurlz to buy the otome game, but who knows. Lots of chicks dig this guy. And for someone who doesn’t like yanderes or sadists….I admit I liked him….and I totally was shipping Shiki x Azura….


Exorcist x Fallen Angel. I can’t not ship it

Urie: The womanizer who just freaked me out because ew no. I don’t find any enjoyment in these tropes and what made it worse was the fact that his whole episode was this rape fantasy.


All these girls are under his spell and when he doesn’t get Ritsuka to fall under it, the girls all proceed to chase her through an amusement park. Only for him to conveniently rescue her and trap her. Considering the lyrics to his song, everyone knew what he got up to in his spare time which made everything seem super rapey when he tried to force her to give up her pendant. Who knows-maybe he’s diff in the otoge. I wasn’t amused.


Roen: Cereberus who pretends to be a dog for half the show and then BAM he’s an ikeman! I always find myself really liking the look of characters with this hairstyle 😛


He was a puppy right before this rofl

I wanted to know more about his character despite how he was all, “Enter this uguu bedroom of love” for a year or so lol. Also, his song was pretty good.


Final Thoughts: Devil Musical x Disney ‘Rejets’ lol look how smart I am


I…actually considered purchasing a few CD’s…

I can deal with characters making dumb choices. It leads to development. If ur bro claims your ikemans are devils, would you believe him? Maybe not BUT Ritsuka’s seen way too much to prove that this might really be true-so why didn’t she ask to enroll in the exorcist school he went to?

Well at least she can break free from uguu houses of love…

dwd crowbar

Japan’s supposed 2 b a safe place so why does she have this in her room?

Plot: Could’ve done more. There were things that made no sense like if she’s the grimoire why hasn’t anyone told her to protect her? Or train her for the day creatures will hunt her down? Oh well, she’s got ikemen for dat.

What pissed me off:

When the Vampires bitch slapped her.

Urie when he tried to “romance” Ritsuka.

Lindo’s confession: After a ton of emotional trauma, Lindo goes “I WUV U” right after she tells him she only cares for him as a family member…then tries to force a kiss on her like WTF?! Dude, I feel bad for you but that was plain selfish. He put her on the spot to accept his feelings when it was clear she saw him only as a brother…


And don’t get me started on all the hate for Ritsuka simply because she’s the heroine. Like holy shit this is a reverse harem what did you expect? Everyone will fall for her regardless of whether she’s a walking piece of cardboard or not!

All these ppl saying that Azuna deserved her fate because ‘she was a bitch’ ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Also, did she not graduate from exorcism academy or smt bc damn gurl, you were so cool and then BAM.


If it’s jealousy that causes hate for her, wtf is wrong you ppl?

Ritsuka understandably would be weak. I wouldn’t last a second if devils or crap were after me. But the fact that she relied so much on her ring or pendant was infuriating. Ritsuka could’ve been so much more but the writers put her in a situation where she stood no chance unless MAGIC ex machina. 

The Cringe:

This anime had Disney rejects rejets  all over it. Sometimes it was omg make it stop kind of hilarious, and other times I literally covered my face at the cheese because the second hand embarrassment was that strong.


WTF is happening

What I liked:

The music was so out of place: during fight scenes, during romantic ball room scenes, etc. and it’s bc of this that I had so much fun with this show. I wanted to know what cringey things the ikeman would next sing, what questionable things they’d do, and what innuendo they’d sneak in


The character designs were fantastic. 

Ritsuka did pretty well on her own. She stabbed a Vampire King with scissors, she fought back, talked back,etc and I cheered for her. Yes, she’s weak but I couldn’t fault her that. Girl had guts. (Just would’ve been great had the reliance on her pendant gone away sooner)


The ending. Song was really good (tho I felt bad for Lindowho was watching the whole thing) when Rem and her finally confessed. They actually kissed yay and while I was sad about her decision, I could respect her choice and see why she did that.


Surprise I actually like the canon pair

So, all in all, this is in NO way a “great” anime. I bet a lot of you were going to expect me to tear this up but tbh…I actually liked this cheesey, tropey, reverse harem. Mainly due to the music rofl despite the poor timing, but ugh idk, I actually liked this anime and would watch again.

Wished there were more cute scenes btwn Ren and Ritsuka…and I might get the game now rofl so wow Rejet, it worked. You got me. Someone who hates yaderes and oniichan tropes.

Guilty pleasure for sure. Recommended if you don’t think too hard abt it rofl.


Want a really good reverse harem anime with a canon romance and a great heroine? Try:

Akatsuki no Yona

Kamisama Hajimemashita

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32 thoughts on “Anime Review: Dance with Devils

  1. sindyblue10 says:

    I’m not one to analyse things too much so that’s probably why I liked this anime. Like you said, it’s not a GOOD anime, but I found it enjoyable because it was like a light-hearted watch. The episode where Mage was with Risuka was pretty cute. Rem was a good canon route but I also felt bad for Lindo. Always feeling sorry for that boy that knows the heroines the longest but fails to get her love lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Billy says:

    I enjoyed watching this, like I never thought of the music inserts as bad, more or less I would laugh and not take it seriously and just enjoy it lol. Like when I anticipated a music number to come on I would scream and laugh when it actually happens so it was so much fun.
    Also for Urie, because I’m kind of gullible he seemed nicer in the game (but it was to coax Ritsuka into a false sense of security I think). I was in the middle of his route but stopped because of new games but tbh his route was pretty interesting, tho I’d rather not spoil it for you.
    I still feel bad for Lindo (apparently marrying your cousin in Japan is OK), hes a nice guy but goes a little berserk when it comes to his precious imouto. Plus his seiyuu is my fav so I guess theres a bias there lol.

    Thanks for the review, I’m glad you enjoyed watching it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hello, Billy! ^^
      Haha yeah, I don’t think the music was bad either, it’s just the timing was so bad that it kind of made me think it reflected on the song. Does that make sense? lol
      I really liked the end song though, cuz everyone was all “We’ve fallen for you!” or smt while Ritsuka’s being held at scissor-point rofl
      OOOO really? That’s good to know! Have you finished the game or other routes since then?
      OMG Lindo’s seiyuu is HNNNG I had never heard him before (at least I don’t think) so I fell in love with him even more.
      Aww np and thank you for reading! XD

      Liked by 1 person

      • Billy says:

        Like sometimes the songs make me question if theyre really singing irl or its just some fantasy lol. Tho considering the last song happened within the same reality of the bad guys holding Ritsuka at knife point I’m gonna guess it really happens in reality.
        I finished Mage’s route and the bad ends made me cry like a babby because I am pretty emotional when it comes to bad ends. In the end he’s really sweet, goofy and a nice guy.
        Lindo’s seiyuu is Wataru Hatano and he voices for Adonis (which is maybe why I love him so much).

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Karandi says:

    I really liked how different this felt even while it kind of just trod over the usual reverse harem / supernatural romance storylines. Okay, I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t inspire musical anime all over the place, but for a novelty it was certainly enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

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