Otome Game Review: Nise no Chigiri

Intro: The mobile port of Nise no Chigiri released as Eternal Vows. Mana Shiraha goes looking for a shota who ran away from his foster parents. Only to fall into a puddle where a spirit says “You must save Masatora!” She stops an ambush on Masatora’s life who decides to take her in and changes his name to Kenshin. She adopts a ferret-thing called Shiro and now must protect Masatora while snatching a hot ikeman!! 

*Each character (except Kansuke) has 14 chapters for only $4.99. Gorgeous visuals and music. No voice.

Final thoughts below.

snap0002Akatsuki: Tsundere cinamonroll who ‘s deredere in disguise. They’re in the middle of a war but he grows closer to her, buys her hair accessories, and falls for her

Rurimaru takes Mana to watch Akatsuki train and a shuriken nearly kills her. Akatsuki’s pissed they thought sneaking around was a game. Mana decides to apologize but falls out of a tree and kisses him rofl.

One day Akatsuki topples over from wounds he’s been hiding. He has severe PTSD but she snaps him out of it. The next day he’s super dere and makes her a firecracker since she wanted to celebrate Ruri’s bday with one.

When she realizes she likes him she tries to deny it rofl but then tries to confess. But the idiot assumes she’s scared they’re going to war. Suie’s his bro fo lyfe until he betrays Akatsuki which leads to ANGST.

Bad End: Akatsuki confesses to her as he dies and she kisses him before he passes away.

snap0082Happy: She returns to her world and years pass. He finds her trying to rescue a kitten stuck in a tree and she jumps into his arms but they bump heads haha. No kiss cg wth.

Normal: Akatsuki mans up and kisses her YAY. Because raging hormones, she chooses to stay. Which is stupid because in the Happy End it’s revealed that she was gone for 4 months and her family thought she died.

If she stays she might die for reals and women’s rights were nothing back then.

snap0121Kojima Yataro: Only exists to prove again that Mana takes shit from no one….that’s it.

He feels Mana up on his horse and she turns around all TOUCH ME AGAIN YOU DIE (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  He’s like 40 smt who owns all these animals.

Ruri’s too weak against their opponents so Mana takes the hit for Kojima. His previous lover died cuz her health was weak so he flips tables when people he cares about are hurt. They end up fighting together in the war and Tsuyano dies….wtf.

She doesn’t want to go home and Kojima’s all I’m old enough to be your dad but she kisses him to shut him up. And hey, lucky Mana because he suddenly loves her now!

WTF was this route for???? But wait…it gets better…


MMMMMM dat ojissan yo rofl

Togi Kanehisa: Ever wanted to romance a grandpa? No? Well too bad-now you get the route you never wanted. I thought Kojima was pushing it but not only are you romancing a 60 smt dude there’s NO POINT TO HIS ROUTE.

I shit you not all that happens is him reminiscing about the past, talking about the Nokizaru, and how he’s scared of animals cuz he doesn’t want to kill them.

Bad End: He takes the death blow for her.

Normal End: Mana doesn’t go back and lives with him instead.

Happy End: Mana goes back and discovers her relative is Rurimaru and the statue of her says Togi Kanehisa which makes her cry.

snap0111Suien: The flute bishounen who’s the traitor in the game. His route unfortunately was kinda boring in that most of it was long lamenting silences where this dude just stared into the sky and emoed about his life. Except he didn’t really talk so yeah.

He’s a teacher but when one of the kids die he freaks out because it reminded him of his past. When he was captured and tortured he heard some chick’s voice telling him to live so he did.

He says he only sees Mana as a sis so she runs off cuz she’s in love with him but Akatsuki says he’s just stupid and prolly likes her back but doesn’t know it.

His sister Tsukino was taken by Shingen so that’s why he betrayed Masatora. But lol she’snise2bno2bchigiri2bcg_018 been dead for a long time so when he finds this out he’s all wtf did I betray everyone for. I felt sorry for the dude but it’s like the writers hated Suien so he dies regardless what ending you’re going for щ(゚д゚щ)

But because you can’t have a true “bad” end in otoge, she returns to her world and falls in love with his reincarnation. WTF how lazy can you get?!

shuuya-4Shuya: Another cinamonroll who LOVES cookies. Mana’s like dayum he cute so she works for him in his clinic and gets bit by a bug. He sleeps beside her to share his body heat and help her get better sooner.

Well this cutie doesn’t understand he’s falling for Mana so when she starts asking about Suien he gets super jelly and is all “if you like him so much why u asking me instead of him, idiot” so she yells back at him.

He mopes around asking everyone what’s wrong with him rofl cuz he can’t cure this illness he has awwww. Mana forgives him the next day and he’s all stay away I have a disease and gives her his symptoms to which she goes U HIGH BRO? lol

During the tanabatan festival Shuya finally realizes what his “disease” is and goes FFFFFF shuuya10because they’re in the middle of a war so he doesn’t tell her. He rescues her when she’s captured but because they’re in the middle of a war, he’s forced to reject her confession.

She doesn’t give up so he kisses her to slip her some drugs so he can save all of their lives cuz right now her hormones are raging too much rofl and when the war’s over, he confesses like a moe man and the two live in the Sengoku era as medic ninja.

nise2bno2bchigiri2bcg_043Masato: You guessed right! This is the lil punk Masa that Mana was looking for in the beginning. Turns out somehow he tried to stop her from falling into the lake but Minawa flung him into the past before she arrived so he’s been there for like 15 years.

He’s a painter and Mana finds out that he’s Masa from a painting of her high school on his wall. He explains to her what happened and she’s all ok cool. Then she gets captured but he burns the place down and rescues her…but Togi dies. He regrets he couldn’t thank him for all he’d done for him.

Minawa the spirit reveals that he needed someone to protect Mana when she came here to save Masatora’s life. She confesses right there to him and he admits he always wanted to catch up to her in age cuz he liked her.

She doesn’t want to go back so they end up travelling Japan and he quits being a Nokizaru and becomes a painter.

snap036Rurimaru: A true rip off. Not only is he too young to have any romance with Mana, thank God, but it’s mostly a kind of common route. Sure, there were cute moments were they were competing to get the most fruit and he calls her nee-san at the end but it was mostly a way to get all those CG’s of the other characters rofl. Like this isn’t a route at all why are you selling this as one?

At least it proves Otomate actually thought things through back then about time and plot and how Mana wouldn’t exist if she goes for the grandpa cuz he wouldn’t marry her grandma.

kansuke-3Kansuke: Literally the Kazama of the game. Meaning he stalks Mana because he doesn’t know how to approach her like a normal suitor rofl. He’s Shingen’s tactician and can cook. He’s this immortal who met Mana a long ass time ago in a village where she was named Kanade.

He fell in love with her on the spot but it ain’t all happy. Kanade is burnt to death and reincarnated to Mana. Anyways he constantly wants her to go with him but she refuses. He tells Masatora Shingen’s plans and Masatora lives.

So for the endings, either Kansuke kills Mana and nice boats himself or she returns to her world where he stalks her and they get married and he’s no longer immortal. Dafuq




Final Thoughts: 

Less Death Hakuoki (who knew it was possible?)


Kenshin = Hijikata

Rurimaru = Heisuke

Suien = Okita?

Akatsuki = Harada (except tsundere)

Shuya = Saito

Kansuke = Kazama (4 reals tho….)

Mana is a fantastic heroine! Most otoge MC’s are either bland/stupid/too passive/no personality, or all of that and more. Mana isn’t. She talks back, does her own thing, & has a personality. I really hope that in the future (since this is from an old game) more otoge feature fantastic, spunky heroines.


Sure, she had moments where she’s all I WUV U and I must say so during the freaking war but yolo. I mean, she’s not sure if she’ll die in this era so better just try and cross your first kiss off your bucket list, am I right 😉

I did wonder if staying in their world was good because really women had no rights in that time, death during labor was a high risk, samurai often raped them etc. So I preferred the ends where she went back to her world and the guys followed her ^^

Music was really good but no op or ed songs because it’s the mobile port. Also no voices in the mobile, obviously, but I hear the PSP and PS2 versions had excellent seiyuus.

Art was fantastic but since I have a small S3 phone, the CGs were kinda tiny. Still, they were gorgeous.


Fav characters would def be Akatsuki for his adorable tsundereness and nice route, Shuuya because he’s a moe cinamonroll, and Masatora cuz he was cute. Suien was ok but they really gave him the short end and his route was kinda bland and those endings yo….


Rurimaru, Togi, and Kanehisa weren’t worth the money imho and this is one of those otoge where there’s no huge plot reveal really, so you can choose whoever you like. If you want to see why I don’t recommend those 3, feel free to read my summary of their routes. 

But if you want to romance grandpa go ahead….


From the FD

If you play the mobile port, Eternal Vows, I highly suggest using some sort of guide. Unless you bookmark your stuff, you’re gonna have to go through the whole damn game again to get missing CG’s…which happened to me. And dear God the skip function is the slowest thing EVAR. Skip my ass, srsly, just use a guide and bookmark. Don’t do what I did cuz it took me a few days longer than it should’ve.

Unfortunately, not all the routes have guides yet so I found the original guide in Japanese  and it’s not too hard. Just use a dictionary like Jisho and you can easily gauge which choices you need by seeing how many are left (esp if you’re trying to get each of the endings, cuz it’s so easy to see most are in the last chapter).


All in all, I’d say it’s an enjoyable otome game with some obvious faults. Feel free to skip routes that disinterest you cuz you won’t be missing out. The routes are pretty long and filled with gorgeous art and music, so your $’s worth is more than covered.

Worried the history will be too dense? 

This isn’t like Hakuoki though there is a lot of history thrown in and war strategy. Also, it’s not so damn depressing as Hakuoki so that’s a huge plus.

Confused with some of the finer historical details?

Mana must save Uesugi Kenshin. He’s called Masatora at the start of the game but later in history became a monk & changed his name to Kenshin. Mana’s family guards Lord Kenshin’s lake, which she falls into. 

What period is she in and how did it come to be?

Financial/autonomy problems w/ the poor & the Shogunate arose, culminating in the Onin War. This led 2 the Warring Period where Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, & Tokugawa Ieyasu fought 4 control. The Tokugawa Shogunate was the result & the Sakoku era began. Mana is now in the Warring Period.

What did you think of Nise no Chigir/ Eternal Vows? Who was your fav? Do you prefer Hakuoki over this?

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29 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Nise no Chigiri

  1. otometantei says:

    *Claps excitedly* Nice review!! I didn’t read Kansuke’s and Masa’s cause’ I’ll probably play them soon buuuut I know Kansuke has the “dead lover syndrome” so I wonder if I should really bother…

    ROFL the grandpas omfg, I don’t understand why they even have routes wth 😆 like, seriously, Mana’s like 16 gimme a break. Rurimaru is super cute but yeah, I read that his more of a common route so having it being sold as a route in Eternal Vows is a complete rip off, just like you said.

    MANA IS SO GREAT, I think she’s definitely one of my favorite heroines. In my case, I think I like Hakuouki better because it’s better managed with story and all that. Nise no Chigiri has some big plot holes, at times (in Shuya’s route she suddenly forgets about her family wth). BUT I would have enjoyed Hakuouki A LOT MORE if the heroine would have been as awesome as Mana; CHIZURU WAS SO ANNOYING IN SOME ROUTES IS2G.

    Akatsuki was a really cute tsundere but, for some reason, I kinda expected a bit more from his route, I don’t know hegchech. One of the bad things about this game is that, in many cases, the romance is veeeery little and always towards the end. Shuya is my husbando AAAAHHHH his blushing face is my weakness and I loved how his and Mana’s relationship developed.

    It’s a pity this game is so short and with no voices fhdhchdhch I would love to hear the character’s voices ;A; and AGREED why doesn’t Kenshin have a route? What gives? 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GlassWisteria says:

    Great review! I’m currently stuck on Yataro’s route because I’m getting too much sugar-daddy vibes and the fact that Mana’s 16. I bought his route because I was curious but now I feel like I should have spent the money on Shuuya ;w;
    Masato was my favorite and omg it was so sweet when he gave Mana a painting of her ❤ I feel like I would have liked Akatsuki more if there were more deredere scenes but alas they're in the middle of war so no time for dating.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hi, GlassWisteria ^^
      Aw I’m sorry, I thought Yataro might be good too, but it turned out a diff way 😛
      Masato was so cute in a teddy bear way and Shuuya was a moe ball.
      I hear you on Akatsuki. He kinda failed in his job as a tsundere rofl
      I hope your next game or route is better and thanks so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Amy says:

    My favorites are Shuuya, Masatou, and Kansuke. When I played it, I was quite interested in Suien because his design + TsudaKen lol. So I was pretty disappointed that his route turned out so boring, and in the FD it wasn’t any better. Ruri has a better route in the FD, there was no romance though (there’s an interesting reason for it). I thought this game was okay but the war parts bored me because they’re all the exact same and you can’t skip them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hua Ming Juan says:

    Thanks for the review! I skipped around to avoid spoilers (will return to read it all later) but it’s good to see an MC with an actual personality. That alone makes it worth trying out for me. So! Added to the queue~!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. HijackedCat says:

    I can’t with how otoges give suitors of like 25+ when the heroine is 15-17 jfc gross 🙀
    I didn’t know about this one, but I might look it up to see how it works/looks, but probs not gonna play xD;

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hi Cat!
      Omg right? It’s sooooooo creepy.
      Haha if you do play it I hope you like it. I thought it was okay but the plot wasn’t very strong. It’s easier to get into than Hakuoki because it’s not info dumps of history, but still the romance does take some time to go anywhere. If you want romance from the start, Shuya’s route is a good one. Other than that….yeah, it just happens rofl


      • HijackedCat says:

        Hi, Leafy <333!
        It's so creepy, such pedophiles and perverts @_@
        It sounds nice that it isn't infodumps of history, but I dunno, I might not like history games all that much 😅
        I like slow burns in stories, and natural/organic that grow, but those are hard to find in otoge 😅😅

        Liked by 1 person

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