If you want Kenka Bancho Otome vote on Spike Chunsoft’s twitter NOW


It’s only going to be available on Steam BUT this is the only way we’re getting this game in English. So far, 428 is beating it, so please vote for this otome game.

Here you can vote on their twitter


Your vote matters. Please vote for Kenka Bancho otome if you want this game in English. Tell your friends and spread the word!!

Many reviewers have already given this game glowing reviews praising it for it’s badass heroine, great cast, and comedic moments.

If you like what you see, please share and follow. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “If you want Kenka Bancho Otome vote on Spike Chunsoft’s twitter NOW

  1. Lehst says:

    omg thank you for posting. i usually totally miss this stuff. gonna share it wherever i can lololol (begins shameless plugging)

    never heard of 428, it sounds cool, but totally want Kenka Bancho more. srsly. cuz Banchos. (i wish more of the regular series games made it over too)

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  2. FantaMinette says:

    I voted and shared this on my blog. I hope we can make a difference. As always, Leafy, you’re my primary source of information on that stuff and I appreciate it xD.

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  3. Lehst says:

    I just gotta say this somewhere….

    OMIGOD Kenka Bancho Otome pulled into the lead!!
    right now it’s got 1% over 428, but do the math and that’s a lead of over a hundred votes. 4303 people voted otome! 8D

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      kljgaldjakfjafja fadjfafafj omg right?!
      Keep informing your friends Lehst! I got my bro to vote for it cuz he looked at it and went, “you know, as much as I like the other games, they’ll get brought over anyways and you all have to do so much for one damn game.” so he actually voted for it and got his friends to also! They all thought it was messed up and hilarious that so many fanboyz would be raging over this and said practically the same as my bro on this.
      But keep telling ppl cuz we have 2 days left and anything can happen in that time.


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