We’re getting Kenka Bancho Otome in English!!!

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We did it!!! Spike Chunsoft asked if we wanted this game so we told them, then they included it in their poll. And we WON.

This is all thanks to you guys who made it possible. And it’s thanks to Spike Chunsoft for giving us this chance.

So what does this mean for future otoge?


Mangagamer, Aksyss Games and now Spike Chunsoft are all bringing over more. And now that it’s clear there’s an audience, expect more to come!

You all deserve the world and now it’s time to party!

Please make sure to thank Spike Chunsoft and remember, you earned this! XD

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26 thoughts on “We’re getting Kenka Bancho Otome in English!!!

      • vglovestory says:

        They can rage all they please – they’ll rage if we get it, they’ll rage just because we had the audacity to ask for it – but I don’t have to listen to them and I won’t 😀

        Seriously, with the number of COD, Battlefield, and yearly sports releases they get they should be way too busy to care about one game I might get the chance to play 😉 But honestly the most important part of this is that someone within a company asked us for our opinion, we gave it, and now they have actual numbers they can show next time someone else in said company says “there’s no market for these games”.

        After the Beastmaster failure I was so worried it would be taken as evidence otherwise, but I really think going through Kickstarter opens a whole extra can of worms. We’re starting to see some very prominent failures from once successful campaigns and it’s scaring people off the platform regardless of what’s on offer. Done properly, by a more widely known company not begging for money up front, and the support is there.

        Plus there’s always the chance that the news story alone will get some people googling “Otome” and learning about this genre of game for the first time. Potential new players, fans, and supporters 🙂 After the news about the Code Realise FD being localised I saw a fair few people in the comments asking where they could find the original game in English, if it was on PSN in their country etc, and that gives me hope!

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        vglovestory you hit the nail on the head!
        Really, does the gaming industry cater only to men? Because no sirs, that’s so pretentious of you all to get upset about otome games because you think you run it rofl.
        What angers me further is that guys are always whining that “girls don’t play games” and the moment they realize that we do, they get pissy because it’s not a game they would play!!!
        And exactly! I also think it was because Beastmaster wasn’t marketed right at all and there are a ton of articles about the failure of how it was set up. Which stinks because that game is honestly really good and I’d love it if others could play it.
        And YAS!!! Aksyss Games really is fantastic in that they’re giving us these games (regardless of their translation issues) at the least they’re trying to show others that a market exists.


  1. Lehst says:

    ah .. they didn’t say the winner would definitely get brought over. their latest tweet was “The poll has no winners or losers, we just wanted to hear what you had to say. (Yes, we read all comments!)
    Please stay thirsty, not salty.”

    so we really made an impact, and they also read comments from ppl that wanted more than one game. here’s hoping for good news!

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Thank you, Lehst, but I’m hoping this spreads positivity and desire for the game. See, they’ve already said that if we want this game brought over we had to tell them and they’d consider it.
      Based on the poll, their “consideration” was proven in our favor so this can only mean we’ll be getting this game some time down the road.
      After all, if they didn’t after all this, a lot of people would be asking and asking them rofl.
      Thank you though for updating everyone! ^^

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      • Lehst says:

        right! didn’t mean to be a downer, just techincally there hasn’t been confirmation. but since they’ve led us on this far I think its incredibly likely it’ll be in the works. I think everyone should continue to follow this title!

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Not at all, Lehst! I should’ve said that but I was pretty excited and the odds are so high for us that I honestly can’t see them NOT localizing this-esp. considering the question of the poll and that it was listed on there.
        Thanks again, and really, I appreciate it! XD


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