Learn Japanese Part 3: Genki Chapter 1

Where do I start? What’s the best study method?

There’s no true answer.

My schedule:

Chapter X

  • Read dialogue
  • Peruse the Vocabulary
  • Write down grammar points
  • Study the other topics introduced: Numbers, time, etc
  • Practice with the CD in the back

The next day:

  • Go over my notes
  • Complete the chapter questions in the Workbook
  • Use workbook CD

Later, I’ll start the next chapter, applying what I’ve learned.


As a precursor to Chapter 1, we’re introduced to:


I suggest listening to the CD for this (the number of each track is listed by the sound icon).

“I already know greetings, Leaf.”

Awesome! Still, you must ingrain Japanese into your soul. You might be going WATASHI WA DESUUUUUU and not realize it until someone points it out (if they even let you know) and man is that embarrassing.

Don’t be that guy.


Don’t use romaji. Sharpie that out or put post-its over it. Romaji is NOT Japanese, it will NOT help you, and besides, you know kana!

Read page 36 and the culture note on 37. Understanding a language requires one to understand the culture.

Skip the Practice sentences above because you prolly don’t know this right now. We will soon.

Now we begin with かいわ=dialogue on page 38.

Listen to the CD after reading through it by yourself and COVER UP THE ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS.

Focus on the pronunciation. Soak up the language.

Next, look over the たんご= vocabulary.

  • Some will find flashcards useful

The next part isn’t very exciting.

Grammar Time.


You can have a Mount Fuji’s worth of words in your arsenal, but if you can’t string them together, GOOD LUCK XD

Thankfully, this first chapter is pretty kind. If you ❤ numbers….

Before you dive in:

*Japanese is based on context, meaning that subjects, topics, particles and etc can be dropped from the sentence because it’s assumed the listener knows what you’re talking about.*

Genki will give a brief cover of these grammar points.

There’s also a blooming romance to keep Genki interesting 😉

Mary and Takeshi have a romance throughout the Genki series rofl and we have the lonely Robert, the beautiful Sue Kim, and many others….

Well, not really LOL because poor Mary is being swindled in Japan. All the time. Takeshi is a jerk. This post above details some of the shit Takeshi has done to the poor girl rofl.

As you read Genki, you will feel their PAIN.


Space out your learning this chapter. Find out what is best for you. We’ll be going over chapter 1 in detail next post because I want don’t want you to worry about learning every detail in the text.

You have the motivation to learn Japanese. Even if one day you drop this language, realize that this is something you should be proud of. You chose to try to learn this and no one else made you XD.


  • Read Chapter 1
  • Listen to the Cd for listening comprehension
  • Eat snacks and chill
  • Look at your motivations
  • Do the homework in your workbook
  • Remember you’re awesome

You don’t have to master Chapter 1 by the next blog post. We’ll be reviewing Chapter 1 next post and if you have any questions let me know 😛

What are you looking forward to learning about? What are some of your motivations?

If you like what you see please follow of share! Thank you!!





9 thoughts on “Learn Japanese Part 3: Genki Chapter 1

      • FantaMinette says:

        ah im good but i had to stop school because of those damn shoulder and wrist pains. And your motivation made me go back to learning Japanese. I had to stop previously because of school. stopped for too long so i had to relearn all the kana too but it’s okay, im slowly learning them back. And yes this website is definitely good to learn. I love how there’s all those little quiz to make sure you learned right. And there’s also a level up system and the site will stress on the things that you are the most struggling with. Along with Genki this goes very well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • FantaMinette says:

        thanks. I’m getting better of course but i have limited time over the computer so i can get better but learning japanese doesnt could mouhahaha! the only thing missing would be some learning buddies but ill try to involve my bf or something xD

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Cat says:

    Awesome as usual, Leaf! I love how funny and personal your posts are about learning JP ❤
    Very true about having vocabulary and not being able to string it together /raises hand I have trouble stringing stuff together cause dundun GRAMMAAAR T.T

    Liked by 1 person

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