100 Followers Celebration

When I first started this blog, it was to stalk fellow otoge bloggers. Then it became this wonderful blog. I became friends with many lovely people, I’ve realized I want to be a part of this community, and for some strange reason, you like my blog?


Thank you!!!!

I have no words to express how shocked, happy, and grateful I am. I promise to continue to deliver quality content, and if any of you want to see certain things please ask! I take requests and now that my Japanese is improving, there’s just so much more I can do for you all.

I never thought I’d even get 2 followers, and now I have 100….


I am so grateful.

I hope I can continue to blog for you all and to provide content you are pleased with.

And I hope that we all continue to blog until we are old jiji’s and obasan’s rofl.

29 thoughts on “100 Followers Celebration

      1. pokeninja90

        AWWWW LEAFY, you are seriously making me tear up! Girl, I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us (we’re gonna be Otome Grannies lol)!! *hugs* Here’s to 100 more followers! 😀

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      2. pokeninja90

        They follow you because you are frickin awesome, Leafy!! And I am proud of you, covering all of those Japanese language games and that Japanese lessons post series you do! OH MY GOSH Girl, you do all of that while dealing with school too! 😀

        LOL all of the time! Every time I hit that Publish button I get nervous, which is why I tend to post stuff right before I go to sleep lol Can’t see the comments if I’m asleep!

        YASSSS!! Otome Grannies!!!

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      3. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        You were tearing up?! Gurl, who cut the onion in here??
        Really, though, I prlly would’ve stopped blogging had it not been for you and a few others who encouraged me. I am so very grateful.
        And gurl you got school too and somehow you consistently post all the time and manage everything and you did that paper! Damn you are a badass!!
        And lol really? So glad I’m not the only one who gets nervous about blogging.
        Otome Grannies=The Real OG. Rofl Idek

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      4. pokeninja90


        Well I for one am happy that you kept at it!! The world would be a darker place without your wonderful blog!!

        LOL I’m a slacker by trade… so I tend to procrastinate a lot. *looks around nervously* So 95% of those posts were written when I was supposed to be doing school work. Aww man, Leafy! ❤

        Yup, all the time lol! I always worry some one is gonna say they hate my blog or that my opinion is crap… but it's the internet stuff like that happens…. Luckily, people on wordpress are extremely supportive!

        WOOOT!!! *confetti*

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