Learning Japanese Part 5: Genki Chapter 2

Hope things have been well and you’re ready for Chapter 2!!!

If you still have not gotten the text, you should really try to because I can’t post the entire thing on here and it will help you much more than I ever could in the long run.

Like last chapter, this is just an overview of what to expect for this one. I suggest going over the chapter in your time in a way that works for you.

This chapter is also really simple so you got this!


It seems long but I promise once you learn this you’ll see it was nothing.

For the first 3 lessons, you’re introduced to location words. Stuff like

これ    この   ここ

それ    その   そこ

あれ    あの   あそこ

どれ    どの   どこ

You’ve heard this in anime all the time. Now you finally will understand just what makes each one different!


This is like one of the many revelations you’ll have.

In lesson 4 we cover the “Who does this belong to?” because useful life situations!

And we talk about the lovely particle も which lets you say “also” or “too.”

There is a little part in this I’ll go over in depth in the review because damn can it get confusing. Make sure you read all the footnotes my peeps.

The rest is pretty simple stuff that I’ll cover in the next post and you’ll likely find interesting.

The next part tho….

Now I suck at math and numbers but I’ll break it down nice and easy for you. Just read it over and let it soak in. Don’t panic just yet.


Really, don’t worry about it. It’s essential to know anyways so yeah.

Just go over the chapter and use your CD guys don’t neglect it!!!

I shall see you in the next post where I will try and clear up any confusion you might have over this chapter.

Do you have any concerns over the last chapter?


  • Review Chapter 1
  • Read Chapter 2
  • Do Exercises
  • Space out homework in workbook chapter 2
  • Record yourself speaking and compare it to the CDs.
  • Sing Japanese songs. Get better at pronunciation.
  • Review material.
  • Get the texts if you haven’t.

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