Hyakka Hyakurou is coming to Steam in English!!



Forgive me for being a day late but hey, it’s good news to bring regardless. With the addition of Hyakka Hyakurou, this is 7 otome games we’ll be getting in English next year. 7.

It shall be called Nightshade in English.

And for those of you who don’t have a vita and are really bummed about the amazing releases coming out next year, now you have a game you can play!!

There will be voice acting!! For all of the details, please go here.

However, I highly recommend that you save up to get a vita (preferrably this Black Friday or near Christmas) because you will be missing out. (Not included in this post are the newer localized games including Hakuoki)

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9 thoughts on “Hyakka Hyakurou is coming to Steam in English!!

  1. Sindy says:

    Ah! Finally one I can play! Having to wait until I graduate to buy a Vita is painful, but I’ll get to those Vita games eventually.
    I’m so happy because the art looks amazing and voice acting! Great news indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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