Otome Game Review: Princess Arthur

Intro: A twist on Arthurian legend where a girl is chosen to become King of Britain when she draws the Holy Sword. Alu’s brother, Kay, is a Knight hoping to be King. He shits bricks when she draws the sword (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ . After her first battle, there is a ball, and whoever escorts Alu is the route you diverge onto. 

This is the mobile port of the PSP game.

Final Thoughts Below:

2014-04-20-174332Gawain: Has an inferiority complex with Lancelot and believes discrimination against one’s gender is wrong, though his past causes him to be overprotective of Alu.

Algroval starts a war because he doesn’t accept Alu as King but Alu wins the battle. She vows to become a just ruler and the Round Table pledge their devotion to her.

They visit a cave Merlin forbade them against because he’s hiding the “Seeds of Destruction” inside. Sidhe tells them not to go in.

Alu goes with Lancelot the next night but Sidhe’s not there. When they return, Gawain confronts her. She follows him to the beach and just as he’s about to confess he stops himself. Awkwardness ensues so she runs but he stops her, saying he wants to win the jousting because he wants the prize: her kiss. Alu’s all ∑(゚ロ゚〃) SHOKKU! and he goes, “damn you’re dense!” ROFL

444b4b50350f52cf8eb02d1e3650208ce06b55b8_hqHe doesn’t win the joust but shares his sob story. He fled his home when his sisters died in a fight against Welsh soldiers. He left his commander to fight and his sisters went to rescue their neighbor as the enemy was burning the village.

Meanwhile, Lucius, a knight of Scotland, has killed King Oswald. He’s a rapist psychopath and someone set him free. And now he’s in Britian! Fucking great. 😂

Alu sneaks out but thank fuck for Galahad accompanying her because the final boss is here. Morgause spelled Gawain to lead her to the cave so Alu takes the knights to face down Lucius who needs 3 people of Welsh, British, and Scottish blood to break the seal on the Seeds of Destruction.

Lucius goes super saiyan but Gawain defeats him. Merlin says he could’ve resealed the powers but wanted to watch ROFL. In the bad end Gawain and Lucius nice boat themselves and Merlin’s all しょうがないよ! Later, Merlin says Alu must have to make all the moves in the relationship because Gawain’s so inexperienced, so Gawain runs out carrying her and yelling how he loves her to everyone rofl.

2014-04-20-174355Tristan: Worshiped King Uther so when Alu became his successor he was like “I shan’t serve you, woman!” and I agree she was naive but SHE WAS LITERALLY JUST CROWNED SHE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING CALM YOUR ASS SIR.

Tristan’s past is thrown into later chapters but HE NEVER TELLS her so I just sat there like -_- because I didn’t gaf. He goes on and on about UTHER SAMAAAA and “the girl who became King” and how she’d heal his kokoro. Uther just fucking died one day and no one thought it strange but Tristan just KNEW his senpai wouldn’t drop like that. So he went to find someone responsible for Uther’s death ಠ_ಠ

Lucius sneaks into camp, where Alu had to stay behind after losing a fight to Tristan. Tristan saves her and she wishes she were a man so she could fight and Tristan finally reveals he’s not a brick wall and comforts her.

They go fishing and stuff and then he disappears and is seen conversing with enemies. During the Florius festival a rumor about abducting Alu starts and they run into Tristan who kills the guys who were going to kidnap her. He walks away, saying they tried to rob him. It just derails from here.  The round table loses trust with Au because she wants to include Tristan-excuse me?

princess-arthur_0009They steal a document that proves Morgauses’s involvement in a sinister plot and Tristan admits he doesn’t know how he feels about Alu. So they bang and he tells her the next day he regrets it because IDK MAN, STILL NOT SURE (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ Tristan discovers Morgause killed Uther by sneaking poison into the medicine Guinevere-his wife- gave to him. Savage. Alu convinces Tristan killing will do nothing and he relinquishes his revenge and then they cuddled by the flowers 😑

tumblr_inline_o07txyxwyy1t11jpl_500Mordred: is a manipulative asshat. He buys her gifts then passively blames her she when doesn’t do or say what he wants.

Mordred pressures Alu into a relationship. After Alu is given the choice to marry the King of Wales, Mordred’s all LOVE ME OR I’LL MAKE YOU (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ He orders her to throw the sword into the Lake. Alu won’t so he goes WELP I’LL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU LOVE. And then her brother and Percival get hurt.

She tosses the sword but Nimue tells Mordred that Alu doesn’t wish to give it up so lol you failed! xD To try and get us to feel bad for Mordred they show a cg of him crying alone rofl.

Turns out he’s the prince of Rendgald, a kingdom that depends on a monster to protect them. Mordred’s shitty dad, Epinograth (ROFL I couldn’t stop reading Epipen) gave his wife to the monster to have a son and Mordred popped out. Since he has no powers, his dad said Son I’m Disappoint.

mordredHe fell in love with Alu somehow so he kept delaying the time he was supposed to capture Alu. Because the sword chose her, Epipen believes the monster will accept her. But Epipen rages at Mordred for not killing Alu (don’t you need her alive?) and kunai’s her. Mordred takes the blow and if its the bad end he dies but if you got the good end it’s only a flesh wound rofl.

Alu and Kay made up so he’s the first on the scene to protect his ne-san ^^ and after Mordred kokuhakus and spills blood over Alu he ends up fighting his dad again. He tells him to grow some balls and walks away like a boss. After he gets super yandere cuz Alu was talking to Galahad and they played creeper music and Alu’s all -_- dude calm your tits. I just thanked him for helping me get you a bday gift ROFL

 tumblr_ms7l55wls21sdqwmno1_500Lancelot: The perfect man that never was. Lancelot is shackled to his duty, burdened by his Sigil, which allows him to never lose, and the pain that he endures when he falls in love. Too bad the fluff didn’t happen until the very end.

The route is copy-pasta of Gawain until Lancelot defeats Lucius. Alu tries to blind herself to the fact that Guinevere is in love with Lancelot because she wants to remember the “pure image” of Guinevere and Uther….and cuz that’s awkward yo.

Lancelot gets drunk to celebrate their victory and it’s the first time he’s not Mr. Perf. He says he only wants to be by her side. The joust tournament arrives. Morgause says Guinevere killed Uther because she loves Lancelot. Alu doesn’t want to hear it but Morgause figures out she has feelings for Lancelot too…such an awkward triangle rofl.

Medraut poisons his sword and nearly wins the joust but Alu calls out to Lancelot and he manages to win. When she goes to help him he asks her to make him a charm. She finds him comforting Guinevere so she leaves. Later she gives it to him and he asks if he can have his victory kiss. She kisses his cheek and he grunts in pain ROFL and the poor girl is mortified. Turns out his sigil is killing him.


Morguase brainwashes the people to storm the castle to kill Guinevere. Marie tells Alu to go to the mausoleum where Medraut knocks her out. He plans to kill her and become the successor to the sword but Lancelot is here! Only to get slammed by Morgause’s magic.

His power level goes over 9000 because there’s actually 2 seals. The other one makes him kill the person he loves so Alu has to stab his heart to try and save him. Talk about awkward time to learn the guy you’ve been ANGSTING over likes you back 😛 Morgause nice boats herself and Medraut…??? Lancelot lives and he pretends to be asleep so he can hold her. He gives himself away by trying to confess to her so she teases him about kissing him and he rolls over all I’m ready! xD

tumblr_nbjr3xj5wl1snz361o4_1280Galahad: Like Alu, his seat is special because his name appeared on it. Those who sit at the round table without their name there are cursed and Galahad’s was empty for years until he arrived and his name just popped up. So people call him cursed. He says she can talk to him but not get to close to him but the moment he sees her in that dress for the ball they both start stuttering.

She asks him to teach her his sword dance but she falls on top of him and he freaks out rofl. One day he cant reach some weapons to show her and gets super pissed when Gawain gives them to her and Mordred’s all Oh myyyyyy 😉

Some King starts an uprising and Alu wants to try a diversion so Galahad volunteers to cross-dress to lure out the enemy because it doesn’t matter if he dies. When she says she wants him to live he flips and leaves the room. Because he was raised in the House of Silverth and was handed everything: beauty, skill, genius, etc. he feels empty and alone.

She’s unable to express herself so kisses her. She CAN’T GET ENOUGH of shota-kisses and after the battle she follows him to the gardens to get some. They all awkward and he gives her a bouquet of poppies saying they remind him of her and then she goes KISS ME and after much tsuning, he does her and she goes MOARRRRRR. Damn gurl 😉 Inner Do-S discovered!!

princess-arthur_0031His sword turns red and Merlin’s says they can’t see each other cuz Galahad’s cursed so they sneak into this basement. Galahad locks her in a cage and tells her his FEELS. He sends her a letter asking to meet again but Morgause sent Laudine disguised as him. Apparently, the Holy Grail is inside Galahad and he’s just an “observer” meant to oversee the world. Morgause wants to change the world to her liking and after some badass moves by both Alu and Galahad PROTECT YOUR IKEMAN they imprison her and more fluff!

If Galahad didn’t already get enough bias, he gets a forehead kiss and another kiss like damn the bias is strong. Not that I mind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

princess-arthur_0035Merlin: the wizard who had to be unlocked in the PSP but now you don’t have to! He’s ancient and despite how he goes after women, he finds it awkward when Alu has feelings for him because she’s so young. -_- Like yea awkward but ain’t nothing he already done before, am I right?

Turns out he’s not really the lech you think. He plays the role of Alu’s adviser, as he has with countless kings before her, and he takes his job seriously. Behind his “flirty mask” is a man terrified of wuv.

After Wales-jiji asks to marry her, Merlin takes her to his room and says if she’s in love with someone, they can tell the king she’s got a bae already. This ass keeps leading her on when she explains DUDE I LIKE YOU so he pushes her down onto his bed and asks if she’s ever kissed anyone then kisses her. He freaks out that Wales-jiji is so old yet Merlin could be even older???? Just as he’s about to get into sexy times he stops and Alu smashes his head with a book.

She ends up making up with her bro Kay and then her maid Marie poisons her and tries to niceboat herself by taking the rest of the poison. Morgause is all woe-is-moi on Uther’s grave but it’s really Arthur’s grave that’s explained it the “secret end.” She said that he never loved her back and fell for Guinevere who really never loved him back and pined after Lancelot rofl worst #lovelifeever. She nice boats herself and dies instantly because it was super effective.

Alu and Kay race to the forest because it’s raging that the sword was stolen. To stop it Merlin did some Sleeping Beauty act and is hanging from the tree and Nimue’s all -_-. He loves Alu too but he’s terrified of the FEELS. His dad was an incubus who got his mom preggo. She feared he was an abomination so she dropped him off at a convent. When he was old enough to leave the convent his city kind of blew up so now he’s been having this identity crisis because he doesn’t know who he is, who his parents are, and this world is prejudiced against “monsters” so yea…he been doing some hard living.

princess-arthur_0038Alu sacrifices the sword to save him and he faceplants the ground rofl. Nimue won’t have his shit and is all wake up dude stop being a pussy then walks off. Merlin eventually “wakes up” and admits he was terrified of the FEELS and that he didn’t get to die as the hero rofl but he finally mans up and kisses her and kokuhakus. I’m guessing Kay was just in the backround rofl.

In the morning he sneaks into her room to see her sleeping face and says he’s going to awaken her with a kiss but she wakes up. When he starts to leave she glomps him so he’s all gurl you gotta take responsibility now and he slides into bed with her and they fall asleep next to each other.

Secret Ending: I don’t get why you have to pay for this. It should have been included one of your purchases. Basically, the original King Arthur fucked up and as he lay dying, he regretted becoming King. His wish was granted and Merlin explains that Arthur’s canon world was erased and was replaced with a new one so no one remembers Arhur. No one except Morgause and Merlin.

Arthur goes to Avalon to rest and Alu shows up asking Merlin what he’s doing and he says he’s just reminiscing about his friend. As she walks away he says that he’ll protect “your” future.




Final Thoughts:


I’ve wanted to play this game for the longest time but it was only available in Japanese for the PSP, so to think this was localized blows my mind. I mean, not that long ago companies were telling us this was impossible. After all, girls don’t play games and visual novels don’t sell well. 

Take that! BOOM there is a market after all 😉

I’m glad to play this no matter what platform, but it’s a darned shame this wasn’t released on the Vita where voice acting would’ve been kept intact. Aksys get going rofl. It’s definitely not the “girl hating” otoge I’ve seen many call it. It’s really a study of gender roles and most of the characters learn that gender roles aren’t a thing here. While not the most “feminist” of games, it did try to explore these issues.


Alu begins insecure and unsure of herself, which is expected. She’s suddenly picked to become the King of her country. Expectations are heaped upon her and her people mock her, attempt to murder her, etc. 


Alu takes action, does what she can, and makes mistakes. She strives to ensure peace, but understands it’s unrealistic. 

Though Alu stands for a lot of good things, the writers can’t back it up, so the game boils down not to how she rules, but how the knights change. She’s not doing much in the way of ruling considering the writers never took advantage of the fact that, you know, SHE’S A KING. So that was disappointing, but if you play this for the romance, you’ll enjoy this.

System: Being the mobile port there are no “choose location” like the original. For some reason, Solmare removed the ability to send CGs to my email so I had to get them elsewhere-all rights belong to Otomate.

Art: Um, am I the only one that likes it? It’s obvious these characters are European for once rofl, but every review I’ve read (just about) thinks the art is poop. I mean, different opinions, but yeah, I loved it.


Music: Compared to a lot of otoge it’s not amazing, but it sets the tone for the game and this is a mobile port with this quality of music! Hell yeah.

Characters: I really wanted Bors, Ibris, and Medraut to have routes but it was pretty hefty already so *sigh* wish we got a fan disc. I mean, Medraut went through a lot of development and he and Alu would’ve been cute af.

Gawain was a teddy bear, Lancelot was boring and I wanted more fluff, Tristan was Van Helsing of Princess Arthur, where the heroine must show him change is possible. Galahad’s best boy and is the classic tsundere.  Mordred was a little shit and Merlin was really neat. Would recommend all routes but Tristan’s. Some might like Mordred but I didn’t.

Play order for least to most romance: Tristan>Mordred> Lancelot>Merlin>Gawain>Galahad.

So Galahad was obviously bae and I had a fun time with it. Like I said, play it for the boys and nothing else and you’ll have a good game. Just wish they gave more development for Alu. She shined the most in Lancelot’s, Galahad’s, and Merlin’s routes. Obvious villains were obvious. Overall, a decent game and I wouldn’t mind a FD released in English because Lancelot barely got anything before it ended and fluff is needed.


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15 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Princess Arthur

  1. remyfool

    I can’t see why people would consider this to be “a girl hating otome” to be honest. There’s certainly worse games in that regard.

    The routes sounded romantic…for the most part. I wasn’t a fan of Tristan or Modred from what I read in your review, either. High five!

    Alu being a king was just a foot note to the very end, huh? That’s too bad. The whole storyline probably would have been very similar if Kay was the king and Alu was the knight, from the sound of it.

    Thanks for sharing! c:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Aw thank you, Remy! Yeah, I’m not sure either but a lot of people tag this game as such. I think it’s because it was set during an era where women were absolutely forbidden from doing certain things.
      And yea she was a foot note haha. Probably! Though they did make it sound like Kay was power hungry at first so it was nice to see him overcome his jealousy for his sister and work with her.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. remyfool

        Sure, this takes place in an era where women’s lives sucked, but it didn’t look like the game focused on that aspect at all (thank goodness). That’s a bit silly of other folk, then. Oh, well.
        That’s some good character development on Kay’s part, then! Always a fan of seeing characters become better people.

        Did Alu improve as a character, too? It sounds like it was mostly the men around her who were changing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        She actually had most of her development in the beginning where she first ran away from the palace and then realized running would do nothing. So she went back, apologized, and then went to war for the first time. The routes varied in terms of how much she took action in future wars or political decisions, but mainly focused on how the guy’s changed to fix their pasts.
        Haha yea, I’m glad they didn’t constantly berate Alu though it is a good thing they didn’t romanticizie everything.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Haha agreed! Boris is bae and I got the manga just for him! xD Not a fan of Blood tbh and I feel bad for Peter.
        I wish….um forgot, the mouse’s name? he’s super cute so I’d love to see him get a route.
        Julius always was one of my favs cuz long haired megane bishies fuck yea
        I never understood the fandom for the twins bc they’re children no matter if they “change”


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