Drama CD Review: Thanatos Night Volume 1 Izaya

You want to die so you attract the attention of fallen angels. They want to steal your life away so you spend a few days with one of them before deciding whether or not to go through with it. If you decide to then they sing a death song to you. Since Rejet <3’s music and each character gets their own song rofl it’s pretty obvious what you choose. Spoilers.

This cd stars the fallen angel Izaya, voiced by Hatano Wataru. This man not only has a sexy voice but he’s in a lot of anime. So if you’re new to the delicious world of seiyuu, I hope you’ll start to recognize more voices. Anime is only the top of the trash life guys ;P

He voices Lindo Tachibana from Dance with Devils and sings the ending song to Yuri on Ice to name some of his works.


Izaya is a tsundere fallen angel (I think, he acts like one), or だてんし, who is your classmate. He finds you standing on the edge of a roof one night. When he confronts you, you notice your ikeman has fucking wings. No, he’s not cosplaying.

He teases you, saying if you really want to die, why not jump? He stops you though because he wants to take your life himself and tells you to wait. Because you can see his wings it means that you’re going to die soon, he explains. (Or that she wants to die. Sorry not sure here)

You find him on the roof at school the next day and he’s all wtf this is my turf. He continues to ask why you want to die so badly but you’re all “just cuz” rofl. He gets pissed and chokes you (this was when I started to regret my decisions in life). Apparently you think he must have been in heaven before and he angsts that noooooo I didn’t get to go so don’t ever call me a filthy angel. (Again, not too sure if I got this part here right)


He tells you to go back to class and later he freaks out because he sees some people he knows (muh future husbandos 😉 ) and you hide. He kisses you and the next day he’s all o.O because you came back to the school roof. You tell him you hate people (loner much?) while atop a different roof at night and then you ask to become friends before he kills you. He asks you out because he’s bored rofl SURE and you date for a little while, skipping classes and talking about becoming a star after you die. Because so romantic.

After only a little bit of fluff he falls in let your dreams be dreams and that night he says that he’ll do it because he loves you. Once you hear his song you die. Such romance. Very Uta Pri.

Gurl why you not choose your singing fallen angel bishie?

You promise to become a star and watch over him rofl so after his honestly badass song, there’s an “extra track” where Izaya gets depressed and stares up at the sky where Star-You shines down at him all, Look at my Majesticness bae.


I was really surprised at how easily I understood this drama cd because I’m still just a beginner, but hey, I got lucky! ^^ *Please don’t take my import reviews to heart because I’m still new to Japanese but thanks for checking them out* I thought it was pretty cute, though again, I didn’t completely catch everything 100% so if there was something that would make me rage, I didn’t find any, so for now I enjoyed it.

I’d recommend this to first time drama cd listeners because it wasn’t hard to understand, and this is coming from a beginner! Def getting the rest.

Here is the website and here you can purchase the cd. Purchasing from this link will help support me so thank you!

If you’re learning Japanese, these are an effective way to do so alongside your text. If you’ve been inhaling anime I think you’ll understand a lot of this cd.

Are you interested in drama cds? Have you listened to any? Do you have recommendations for me?

If you like what you see please follow or share. Thank you!

39 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: Thanatos Night Volume 1 Izaya

  1. Eleanor

    This sounds like seventh heaven. Too many feels 😂😂😂 Thanks for the review! I love drama CDs. I’m listening to Hirakawa’s Criminale! right now 😍😍😍😍

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi Eleanor!
      Haha I heard about the similarities between the two, and it sounds like that one is abusive to the heroine (you) so I’m glad to see that this one wasn’t (minus that one instance rofl)
      OMG gur you are!!!? Hirarin is amazing. Is it R18?


  2. Reare Noella

    Hai Leaf!!!! Its been such ~a long time~ since I popped my head in the otome community even though my exam ended in October lol (・∀・) coz why not? My results are coming out less than a week so to take the tension off why not look around and see the updates here and there~

    Didn’t know even you were hyped about Thanatos Night too but I only bought Liam, Oliver and Duran (or was it Dyuran???) but I was really curious about Izaya… (Durara…) And glad to now so far its smooth for now huh. Rejet wasn’t kidding when they announced their new stuff. O(≧∇≦)O rejet writer is getting more creative than ever! Zwei did an absolutely fantastic job too, I was really surprise to see the word libido tho, had to goole that one and I laugh hard XD

    For recommendation, if you are willing to spend A LOT of money maybe Shinsengumi Wasurengusa series… They have so far 4 series and the plot is about The Shinsengumis (Meiji era) and sincee you’re a history buff like I’am maybe you can try (but its like 2 CD so it really takes up your time but *breathes in* its somewhere along the line of R15 they legit make eroi sound effect lmao the sound effect plays an important role)

    Maybe if you like, Yuugen Romantica is also nice (they have two series right now) is about ayakashi and yokkai (7 mystery wonders of school kind of thing) and most of the plot is pretty hilarious and a bit cliche (about the romance) but I still like it (。・ω・。)

    Well, I like the Criminale! Series since the plot makes since and isn’t one of those damsell and distress moments or I-fall-in-love-with-you-on-the-first-sight so I recommend it but again, its a 2CD track… Usually I listen to it when I’m on the bus or waiting for something while trying to keep a straight face.

    Have a nice time listening to the drama CDs!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Reare omg how are you??? It’s been a while indeed! Good luck on your exam results haha. I’m sure you did very well!! My finals are starting today so I’m pretty nervous but what can you do? ;P
      Omg haha agreed! I laughed when she said Libido too! Didn’t expect that.
      And as always, thank you for your recommendations! I can always count on you! xD
      I don’t mind any smexy times 😉 at all haha so Wasurenaga sounds pretty good to me! And yas for history nerds! I’ll def look into those but I’m not sure I’ll comprehend half of them since I can only imagine they use older Japanese or keigo, but I’d love to try them.
      OOO Yuugen seems great too! Also a little worried about how much I’ll understand but gotta learn somehow.
      And Haha Eleanor was just telling me about Hirarin in Criminale! so looks like this will be my first purchase since you both like it. Plus it sounds really cool. Haha omg how do you keep a straight face?! I know I’d turn red and start laughing or looking around hoping no one hears this lol.
      Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy your drama cds as well!
      I’ll be slowly improving so that I can listen to more and start taking drama cd requests because I got lucky with this cd. Most of the ones I attempt to listen to are too advanced for me rn but it’s so cool to see how far I’ve gotten!
      How long have you been listening to drama cds and how long did it take you to understand them easily?

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      1. Reare Noella

        Dawwww ( ˘ ³˘)❤ missed you too! Def can’t say anything on about the finals tho especially you’re in the medical field right? Must be hard. Lots of good luck from me ❤

        Yeah I thought libido was something about spine (?) But dear god I was wrong :'D

        I have been listening for 2~3 years and since I have been watching anime for over a decade so I can somehow grasp it (not too sure how to explain it…) And since anime has a lot of slangs and English pronunciation, it actually applies A LOT in drama CDs too. But it depends on what kind of situation too. For example, Wasurenagusa doesn't really used keigo that often (it also depends on the character especially if the character is a megane XD) but they often refer to old Japanese history (sometimes I spend a lot on Wikipedia about Shinsengumi rather than the tracks) so that is the pot holes :/

        Yuugen tends to stay modern ish I suppose.. You just have to know bits about yokkai and ayakashi and you'll be fine ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

        Criminale… You have to struggle to understand the English Pronunciation lol (I know I did) like when they said "Ra Sukara" I was "the duq" that it took me a moment oh… They meant La Scala.

        As for the straight face… Well, Rejet tends to broke our kokoro right? I'm okay about the eroi BUT if there was any angst or super sad moment… Then you'll see me crying Imao. Honestly, I used to grin a lot or gave a chuckle but I always bite my lips (it hurt tho) but overtime I got used to it since I will stare blankly even though my mind is on a roller coaster XD it happens a lot especially in public (but in private, I just ~let it go~)

        Good luck on listening and just enjoy the tracks (I mean there's the sound effects and it helps a lot Right?)

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        It has!!! And yea….haha the bio class has me freaking out. Our class average (for each class) is about 40%…..
        Hahaha yeah Libido is def something else 😉
        Ra Sukara? I am terrible with Engrish lol so I think I might have to ask you later for help when I get these cds rofl
        You lucky! People always tell me that everything’s written on my face so I don’t know how I could hide anything.
        Thank you and I think I understand what you mean. You become so used to hearing the language that you subconsciously pick it up.

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      3. Reare Noella

        Ouch. 40℅ On average? That’s intense pressure man. I can relate too… In my modern maths class, half of my class nearly passed the score while the other, not so much.. (there’s like 13 of us) I barely passed the limit score (of 55 marks- a bit of a wtf) most of us are most likely get 60~70 only. Only one kid will have crazy high marks… I suck at modern maths and statistics XD even though those two paper isnt even related to my major at all ಠ_ಠ

        Engrish is my biggest problem too when it comes to drama CD especially like Criminale! Since they tour around Europe and since I dont even live in europe nor study European cultures that often it caught me by surprised.. But with the power of Google it did help me a lot about european wonders that I wanted to visit (if I had the money rather than spending on otome and stuff XD)

        But overall, I think you weren’t lucky actually. I think even you naturally able to grasp the meaning. Seeing On how you used to play Japanese otome game and gush in disbelief on how you able to understand it, I think you really improve and manage to understand Japanese without having to translate literally.. (Meaning that you have the ability to understand and grasp it naturally and flows into your head without giving it a second though.. Does this makes sense? I hope so XD) I suck at speaking but semi OK when it comes to translating I guess..

        You’re face tells everything Eh? That prolly sucks since even now I still have that ~special moment~ where I was listening to surprising eroi moment (you know.. When they suddenly dropped the kiss or blows air to your ear… Even I’m in dazed or simply grin like a hentai ╮(─▽─)╭ ) but most of the time, my friends is subtly surprised to see my ~awesome~ ability from acting normal to sudden sobbing XD

        Again, I hope your exam will be smooth sailing and your result will be as fantastic as you (〜^∇^)〜 be confident and stay healthy! I’m sure all of your followers are hoping you to stay health and do well in your studies 😉

        And I hope you can survive your entire exam duration actually lol.

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      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Wow, you had a lot of pressure too! Congrats for making it though ^^ Math is awful haha I feel your pain.
        Haha Japan seems really obsessed with France and 18-19th century England. And mafias rofl. Oh I’d love to travel too but all those otoge….the struggle is real!
        Awww really? I hope so haha and it sounds like you too are also natural at piking up languages, considering you speak a few different ones already. I really admre people who speak several because in the US we mainly stick to English….it’s honestly depressing how biggoted we are. We’re called the “Melting Pot” yet I cannot tell you how often I hear people say that foreigners need to learn English to live here. Like, why don’t we learn another language? But no, we gotta be self-centered as always….
        You lucky!!!!! I literally try so hard to hide my emotions when I’m sad or angry and it just doesn’t work.
        Thank you so much, Reare!! I sincerely hope so too. I just want to pass Bio and nothing more. I don’t mind a C for once haha.
        I hope you are doing well too and if you ever want to talk please feel free to message me here or on twitter.
        Wishing you the best! ^^

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  3. Amy

    Thanks for the great review & welcome to drama cd hell! Haha.
    This series actually sounds a lot more melancholy than I was expecting for some reason. I was originally only planning to pick up vol 4 (Cess? or something) but Izaya sounds really interesting too >w<

    I've only gotten into drama cds in the past year and a half but I'd definitely recommend sticking to rejet, they seem to be the most consistent company & avoid Otomate Records as a lot of their cds are trash, although their newest round of releases sound interesting enough.

    I tend to gravitate towards the cute & fluffy side of rejet so I'd recommend the Lip on My Prince and Happy+Sugar=Darlin series. The "plot" is kinda weak but there's lots of adorable scenes and the characters are all pretty likeable. They're also super easy to understand. I think that the really plot-heavy cds are those that contain 2 cds rather than one (this should be listed on the series' web page) so maybe avoid them at first if you're not feeling too confident?
    Good luck picking a new cd to listen to – there's so many good ones out there to choose from! 😀

    ( Sorry for the super long comment ^^; )

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hello, Amy and thank you! I’ve stepped into the gates of hell rofl and they closed behind me.
      Yeah, it definitely is more melancholy but I appreciated how it wasn’t the normal “Rejet Hell” everyone talks about haha. If you decide to pick up Izaya, I hope you like it!
      Thank you so much for the advice. I never know which company to support and I also prefer fluffy and cute scenarios. I shall def be getting Lip on My Prince sometime and Happy +Sugar looks right up my alley ^^
      Ohhh so that’s what the 2 cds mean.
      Thank you soooooo much, Amy and happy listening. Please don’t feel bad for long comments. I love listening to what everyone has to say so please don’t be shy!


  4. remyfool

    Oh, my. Not sure what to make of this drama CD. But it has an interesting and sounds like a useful tool for people to learn Japanese. What could go wrong?

    (Thanks for putting in the time and effort into this post during these busy times. Good luck in your finals!)

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      1. remyfool

        Mmm. You’re very welcome! Thanks once again for putting in the effort while you’re so busy. You have these finals in the bag!

        Oh, I graduated earlier this year and I’m just working now, but thanks!

        (https://youtu.be/KxGRhd_iWuE I would play this whenever I would get down while studying. Hope it gets you feeling motivated!)

        (I didn’t mention it earlier, but the link to Shia LeBeouf’s speech was unexpected and hilarious, haha)

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Not at all! Thanks to you as well for making such an awesome blog! I’ve been slowly starting to watch more yuri series now so I’m glad I was able to branch out ^^
        Congratulations! That’s so good to hear. I hope things are working out ^^
        Haha the Japanese version of Shia LeBeouf? Such an inspiration! I shall watch this every morning now 😉


      3. remyfool

        The feeling is mutual! Mm I’m glad to hear that! I need to branch out into otome games!
        Thanks! It isn’t a dream job but I need to pay the bills (and get money to buy visual novels) so I can’t complain.
        The Japanese LeBeouf is very inspirational! Watching it each morning sounds like a good idea haha.

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      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Well if you decide to, I think you’ll really enjoy Code Realize or Collar x Malice. Collar, from what I hear, focuses less on the romance and more on the badass mystery aspects, whereas Code has more romance but is more about the steampunk and terrorism plot. Hope you find one to your liking! ^^
        And yea, so long as you can survive that’s always good. ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      5. remyfool

        They both sound pretty interesting. Definitely into mystery…but whoaaaa steampunk has my heart in a chokehold! Thanks for the recommendations! They’re going on my bucket list~
        Mmm gotta live first and foremost! c:

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  5. Zefanaria Rea

    Hello there! I have stalk your blog ever since your CR post (ohh creepy me) I did thought and read the comments section and wanted to point out some trivia’s:

    I would really recommend you following Amy-san’s advice and stay away from Otomate Records as they tend to recycle the same god damn plot over and over again and the plot tend to be really “weak and cliche”. Rejet’s drama CD (and games) tend to brake your heart at some point lol so you have to prepare your heart and eyes to start crying out of the blue. As for the 2 CDs.. it really depends.

    Criminale! series is actually easy to understand (but Reare-san has a valid point, it really brushes up your Engrish, so if you’re not comfortable with Engrish then you should stay away) but honestly speaking, Criminale! isn’t as hard as one might would think. So I would def say you should try it out and use it as a practice instead.

    As for Wasurenagusa… it’s a bit advance and Reare-san wasn’t wrong when she (is a she right? Dear Reare-san, if you are reading this then I really apologize since I just presume you’re a female. No offence taken) said they don’t always used super hard keigo. Only a few used keigo but not the overly polite one, But the potholes is not only the history background (since they alter it a bit) but the classic Japanese reference (Wasurenagusa tend to use meanings of flowers in most of their tracks.. for example, hydrangeas can mean a lot of things depending on their color, blue means patient love but generally their general meaning is cruel and something like that). So I won’t really recommend unless you are willing to do research every 20 minutes lol.

    Yuugen… Is actually a good choice! Is not hard and it’s pretty easy to understand so I would def recommend this to you Leaf-san ∑d(゚∀゚d). This same goes to Seventh Heaven (a lil angst on some characthers) and Lip on My Prince, they are easy to digest but the plot is kinda predictable.. Happy+Sugar=Darlin is a good choice too! It’s very fluffy and kinda hilarious XD.

    I have been listening to drama CDs ever since 2013 so I can’t really gave out any advice apart than just enjoy. But, maybe you can try with character CDs from otome game? CR has just release their very own character CDs so maybe you can check it out!

    If you can’t tell, I love to tl;dr lmao.. Thanks for reading and love how you summarize Izaya ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hello, Zefanaria and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
      Sorry for the late response.
      All of you have been extremely helpful with Drama Cds and I cannot express how grateful I am to you ^^
      I’ll def get the Criminale! series now and thanks so much for clearing up the language usage in Wasurenagusa.
      OOOOO *adds the others to cart*
      Wow, 2013? That’s impressive! I hope you don’t mind me bugging you in the future for more recommendations haha!
      Thank you sooooooo much, Zefanaria (such a cool name btw) and I hope to see you again!


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  7. shawnelizkwan

    Will you be listening to all of the Thanatos Night drama CDs? If so, I’m looking forward to Liam and Duran. Besides Izaya and Nia, those two also caught my eyes. Thank you for your reviews, they really help me understand what’s going on in the drama CDs!

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      1. shawnelizkwan

        I found Izaya pretty sweet and tsundere. I think Oliver might be a kudere based on his voice samples (can you translate his voice samples on the official website?). Nia completely shattered me at the end and I think Seth and Liahm might be the same as Nia… but I really want to know why Izaya hates Liam’s cookies and I really look forward to Duran! Do you share CDs?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Omg yes he so was! ^^ Maybe Oliver is kudere.
        Hmm I’ll see when I can-so sorry, my classes are taking so much of my time!-but I’m pretty sure a lot of people on tumblr have done so already. If not, I’ll see what I can do for you ^^
        And well, not really. I don’t endorse any kind of “stealing” or such, but if you mean exchange media files, I’m not sure what my stance on that is at the moment.


  8. shawnelizkwan

    It’s more like exchange files. Only one of Oliver’s limited voice samples has been translated, but the ones on the official website haven’t…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Sorry, I don’t give out any of my contact info due to horrible past experiences. I don’t mean to lump you in with them but I’d rather be safe than sorry. If you do want to talk to me outside of my blog, you can do so on my twitter. DM is fine.
        I’ll be making a blog post for those translations.


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