Drama CD Review: Thanatos Night Volume 2 Nia

You want to die so you attract the attention of fallen angels. They want to steal your life away so you spend a few days with one of them before deciding whether or not to go through with it. If you decide to then they sing a death song to you. Since Rejet <3’s music and each character gets their own song rofl it’s pretty obvious what you choose. Spoilers.

This volume stars the fallen angel Nia, played by Masuda Toshiki-thanks so much for correcting me, Retsuya! One of his roles in anime include Kashuu Kiyomitsu from Touran. (Plus, he’s also a total ikeman 😉 )


Nia is seemingly the perfect gentleman. He befriends you right away and consistently asks you to go on dates with him. You’re at first reluctant to do so, but go along with it. You start to fall for him right when this ass leaves you sitting on a bench at the amusement park to get drinks.

You catch him talking to another girl on the phone promising to meet later and he says he loves her. When he sees you heard everything you run away. He catches you and says it was all a misunderstanding. That you’re the only one for him.

The next days consist of going on more dates until he decides to celebrate your anniversary. He gives you roses, saying they mean “love” and inside the bouquet, you find a note. He says he bought you a one-piece and wants to meet with you tonight. And you gotta wear that. Wtf she ain’t no doll of yours


As anyone could guess based on the premise and this guy’s weird af eyes, he’s been lying this whole time. Before he reveals it, he asks you to marry him. You end up seeing his wings so he’s all “Welp, cat’s outta the bag now.” He’s here to kill you and if you love him you should let him kill you. -_-

He says you’re the cutest when scared and then he sings his badass song. Like seriously, despite the lyrics talking about how he loves to deceive you and kill you such romance it’s catchy af. Listen to the sample here.

After you die, he makes sure to remove your ring because he needs it to play his next victim, Ms. Phone girl. Like damn son! Guy has no remorse at all. He’s a real fallen angel. As such, I was pretty impressed that they didn’t sugar coat stuff considering his “job.”

Again, I should stress this drama cd series is really easy to understand. I’m still a beginner in Japanese, yet I was able to understand both volume 1 and 2 with very little problems. Sure, there are words and sentences I don’t fully understand, but the point of listening to these (especially when learning Japanese) is to get through as much as you can. And have fun 🙂

Here is the website and here you can purchase Nia’s cd. Purchasing from this link will help support me, so thank you!!

What do think of this drama cd series? What are you listening to now?

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30 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: Thanatos Night Volume 2 Nia

  1. Retsuya says:

    Hey Leaf! Just a big typo to tell you, Nia’s CV is Masuda Toshiki 増田俊樹, not 帝王 hahaha. Masuda has done stuff like playing Kashuu Kiyomitsu from Touran.

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha he was….so I didn’t really like this one but oh well.
      Aw thank you as well, Remy! You always are coming out wiht so many well-written posts. I’m going to have to binge read them when I can just like with pokeninja’s.
      I hope your new year and classes (if you’re taking them) go well too. Mine unfortunately are all weed-out courses but if I can get through this semester, med school isn’t too far off! ^^

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      • remyfool says:

        Yeah, I can see why. Oh, well.

        You’re very welcome! Well, thank you. Please take your time and binge read time when you literally have nothing else to do besides watching paint dry!

        Thanks! Oh, wow, you’re almost there, then. This is just the final stretch. You got this!

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  2. Reare Noella says:

    Hello again Leaf 🍃🍂 being the most random people on le blog, I hope your finals went smooth!! Have you heard that Rejet release another thanatos night CD? Honestly. It was pretty shocking since I didn’t see it coming at all XD but again, I’m still convince that your Japanese had Improve a lot over the years so nothing could change that fact ❤

    Idk what to feel about Nia tbh since he's expected to… Be a douche… I have no idea why but the situation is very similar to a certain drama CD that I listen to a few tears back…. Right now I'm listening yuugen romantica uchouten! Its only a one CD track but I could hardly had the time to listen to the entire CD.. Anyway, hope you had enough rest since you will totally be needing it after the.finals lol and as usual nice review of Nia 🙂

    Fun fact: whenever I see someone post "nia sing" I can't help but to laugh since it means to.. Well its a very very bad word in Cantonese lmao. Yes. I like to swear a lot.

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Thank you, they did go well! ^^ How were yours?
      Ohhh really? Which series is this one :)? Awww Reare, you’re too sweet!
      Haha I should’ve read more on his character before I ordered it but oh well, this is great listening practice! ^^
      OOOO I really need to find some copies of that series.
      Thanks so much, Reare, and I hope you’re doing great! xD
      And ooooooo rofl “Nia Sings” I shall never forget this now rofl. This might just become a thing in my posts now lol

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      • Reare Noella says:

        Well, I’m not too sure about the name but if I ever recalled it I will inform you. My exam went well and I got a good marks buttttttt my math and science were destroying my overall grades lmao. I got As, no Bs, and Cs but jumped forward to D. The contrast was too obvious that my dad made a joke saying that I should cry because I received good marks yet terrible marks for the most important one (even though I’m taking in another major lol)

        Take your time and enjoy it as much as possible! I’m mean That’s the beauty of language right? No mater how hard or how weird a language is, it would DEFINITELY pay off soon so enjoy the ride Leaf and don’t push yourself wayyy to much 🙂

        Idk if you had Google the word nia sing but I hope you had a vague idea what it is XD

        Hope your bio result will be a blast ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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  3. shawnelizkwan says:

    Btw, have you heard of the Thanatos Night second series, Thanatos Night Re:Vival? I’m amazed how a series debuted last year and suddenly they’ve decided to have another season of it! I hope it’ll eventually become an otome game or maybe even an anime like Diabolik Lovers (cause Diabolik Lovers started out as a drama CD series and it eventually became a game and an anime)

    As for the second series of Thanatos Night, the prologue stated that the angels have lost their memories of 100 years ago or something along the lines, and do you think the word ‘Revival’ could be referring to that? Or is it possible that the heroine they killed at the end of their dramas in the first season is somehow brought back to life hence the word ‘Revival’?

    Have you also checked out the bios of the second series website? Oliver and Seth’s bios have sort of changed. Do you think you can explain their likes and dislikes part?

    I don’t know how the second season is going to be like, but we shall see 😉

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    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Hi shawnelizkwan!
      Haha I sure did! ^^ They must be doing really well in order for this to happen. that would be really neat if they had an otoge for this. The heroine would certainly be interesting considering how different she is in each cd.
      I haven’t gotten a chance to check out their site but I plan to.
      As for translating their likes and dislikes, I’ll see if I can. I’m still pretty bad with kanji haha so please don’t take my tranlations to heart.
      I believe the revival refers to the heroine coming back, kind of like a reincarnation? And this is just wishful thinking, but I’d like it if the angels went back to hell and met the heroine again there but forgot who she was. And then they fall for her again and decide to fight hell to get her back. (lol really wishful thinking xD )

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      • shawnelizkwan says:

        I think I kind of like your theory for what’s going to happen in the second series of Thanatos Night! I don’t know about Nia though, cause he deceived the heroine throughout his entire Drama CD in the first series. That kind of also goes for Seth and Liam, because I have a feeling that they will also be like Nia… I don’t know, but we’ll see what happens 😉

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      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha yea….Nia would be really different. Perhaps he’d actually fall in love?
        I looked at the site and I think I can translate it for you ^^ Thanks so much for the request and your patience. I’ll be releasing that right after my DWD drama cd series translation post. ^^

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  4. shawnelizkwan says:

    Liam’s voice sample and song just came out today on the first season’s website, and based on one of his voice samples, HE IS QUITE SCARY!!! Could he be yandere???


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