Drama CD Review: Prince of Grimm Red Riding Hood

Intro: In the Town of Grimm live several Princes YASSS. You come into contact with whomever you choose (whose CD you buy ) and discover how you came to find this Town and just who the Prince is. But the truth might be more than you can bear….


First, I want to say that these drama cds were too advanced for me and luckily I found an AMAZING person named Nurie who just so happens to really like drama cds too! She paid for the translations to this cd and several other series, so if you have this cd (or another drama cd) she has the translations.

If you decide to share the translations she paid for, please be respectful and link to her post as she kindly requests. Do not reblog or repost, she asks, so please be respectful!

Translations are here

This first volume of the Grimm series stars Akazukin, or Little Red Riding. He’s voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru. Some of Hikaru’s roles include Diabolik Lover’s Ayato and Uta Pri’s Eiichi.


Akazukin leads the Red Hoods, a group of hunters that kill man-eating wolves. His family was murdered by wolves and since then he’s been on a revenge mission. You end up surrounded in the middle of a battle and Akazukin destroys them all to save your life, only to learn you’re not from his world.

He decides to take you to Grandmother’s house to get answers. Along the way, he attempts to steal a present to bring to his grandma, but you admonish him. You end up staying the night out in the woods and teaches you how to use a gun.

You get into an argument but he comes back for you when the wolves show up.



Unfortunately, she’s been killed and you’ve fallen into the wolf’s trap. You and Akazukin take down the wolves together fuck yea and because you’ve been tainted with the blood of the wolves, you can’t return to your world and I mean granny’s dead too soooo and all of a sudden he confesses his undying love to you ROFL like dayum that was fast.

The narrator concludes the cd with the twist:a burglar broke into your home and murdered your family. You stabbed the guy but he got away. Since then, you’ve been plagued with nightmares. One night, you are granted a nightmare that becomes your fairy tale.

Loved by a prince in a world torn apart by wolves and blood.

You will never leave, because why would you want to when all your dreams came true?


I mean, I was worried it was just going to end but there was a plot twist! xD And it was really good. Definitely a drama cd that’s aimed for people who are at least intermediate and above in Japanese. Thankfully, there’s a translation available.

If you want to buy this Akazukin’s cd, please use my affiliate link to help support me. Thank you!

Again, please respect the person who bought the translations and link to her post and don’t reblog/repost. She will take them down if you do.

As always, input—> output, so drama cds will help. For beginners, I’d suggest the Thanatos Night series, starring fallen angels with a badass song for the final track. You can see my thoughts for volume 1 and volume 2. They’re pretty easy to understand.

What did you think of this drama cd? What are you listening to?


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8 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: Prince of Grimm Red Riding Hood

  1. Reare Noella

    Yassssss finally on time!!! Oh, Happy Chinese New Year Leaf, may you have a prosperous year ahead!!!

    Akazukin looks interesting but I splurged my money towards otome Games and RPG this time.. (Damn you Resident 7 and Rejet!!! XD) soooooo it would take me a while to listen to the tracks since one of my friend who have the CD live in another state from me 😥

    Hopefully there isn’t any jerk face who will do the shitty repost without permission (even though Nurie protect and secure her blog like woah) and respect her since I see a lot of translators quit the fandom because of the demanding fangirls really make me go “Why?” I guess Nurie had a lot of experience looking how it happened..

    Anyway, thank you for sharing Leaf and again, Happy Chinese New Year (xīn nián kuàī lè)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Happy Chinese New Years, my dear!
      Gurl don’t worry lol you gotta make some priorities for your fandoms ^^
      God, I hope so too. I really don’t want to see any of that happening. Pay for your stuff and don’t disrespect artists lol. It;s so sad to see so many self-entitled people in this fandom.
      Thanks so much for reading, as always, Reare, and have a wonderful New Year and day!


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  4. Miu

    I’m so confused lmao like I just finished and was it all a dream? I’m under the impression that the burglar guy came and killed her in her sleep but before mc died she was able to have this peaceful dream of the city of Grimm. Or something. Lol

    Liked by 1 person


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