Kdrama Review: Noble, My Love

Intro: Based off a manhwa of the same name, Cha Yoon Seo is a veterinarian struggling to pay off her student loans. When she saves the life of Lee Kang Hoon, the CEO of DOL, she misses the note he left her to pay for the fee. Since she never calls, he goes to pay his debt, but becomes inexplicably drawn to her. He decides to create a contract ala 50 shades for 3 months, where she must be his gf to get rid of his arranged marriage matches. 

Final thoughts below:

As the trailer shows, this show is cheesy as fffffffffffff. Sometimes we all need to just turn our brains off and watch popcorn fluff because why not? If you go into this without thinking too hard, you’ll likely enjoy it like I did. Though the flaws!! Oh the flaws.

Being a webdrama, episodes range anywhere from 15-30 minutes, unlike normal kdramas which take at least an hour for one.

The male lead….



In dramas, he’s the perfect formula for tropes and moving the plot, as well as being sinfully attractive.

Aka, he’s a fucking asshole and in real life, any self-respecting individual would shove him to the curb. But it’s a drama so as cringey and F U some of his lines are, it’s still entertaining. It works because the heroine doesn’t take his shit and deals it back. Despite all the disadvantages, she still makes life difficult for him because she respects herself too much to let him decide everything. Thank God.




Final Thoughts:


Heroine is a veterinarian and saves the male lead? Dayum.

I mean, that’s badass already, but I’m studying to become a veterinarian so that instantly added bias towards my opinion of this show. Peeling off that bias, though, I can say it served its purpose. Fluff, cliches, tropes, and accidental kisses.

You thought they only happened in jdramas.

You were wrong.

Girl was adorable. Like she’s what the rom coms try so hard to get: that optimistic, cute, girl, but it never works. Well, look no further! She brought a smile to my face every episode and her antics never seemed exaggerated. They felt natural and the actress was just so cute I could. Not.

No wonder he fell for her.


I honestly believe everyone deserves a second chance-if they’re genuinely good people. But as we all know, keep your drama leads in dramas because they don’t change for anyone in real life nor do they make ideal partners. (Though he was entertaining)

Otherwise, you may become stuck with a certain someone on Korean Airlines who had to be restrained to his chair and got away for spitting on one of the worker’s face’s because daddy’s rich….and all of it was filmed for the world to see.

What did you think of this drama? Have any recommendations?

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46 thoughts on “Kdrama Review: Noble, My Love

  1. FantaMinette says:

    I enjoyed this little Kdrama way too much for my own sake. It was a good one. It would spike my frustration meter to the roof but it was short and so cute. My only big problem with this piece was the painful fake camera stop. You could still see the actors struggling to keep their pose. Oh, the pain. And some of the camera moves were heart crushing. But heyyy, I’m happy to know you liked it too Leaf ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. remyfool says:

    The heroine is awesome from the looks of it!

    Too bad about the male lead. At least it sounds like he got mildly better by the end of it. Only in fiction…

    Being a vet sounds like an amazing career! We’re all rooting for you, Leafy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dramaobsessedpinup says:

    I enjoyed it for the fluffy drama that it is, tropes and silliness are perfect breaks in between more serious dramas for me. I already liked Sung Hoon from his perfect bromance in Oh My Venus and he was perfect as Mr. Perfect (with a stuck up attitude lol) for this show. I looked and never found the webtoon to read in English which was a bummer. I am looking forward to Sung Hoon’s new drama, I hope in a full length drama he can portray a more multi-dimensional character.

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