Dance With Devils Charming Book Story & Characters Translation

Because I’m DWD trash I’m hyped for this new drama cd series. Not only this, but a DWD movie is coming out this fall. My trash ❤ is pleased. If you want to hear my thoughts for the anime, click here. It’s one of the best reverse harems out there.

As always, please take my translations with a grain of salt and if you spot any mistakes please let me know. I’ll fix them right away and credit you if you’d like 🙂

*Please don’t post these translations anywhere! You can link to this site though, if you want.*

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All rights belong to Rejet


Now that you are lovers, you spend your happiness together.

But one day, the ancient Grimmoire was sealed!

In the book, your boyfriend became the”Prince.”

And you became the “Princess.”

It was supposed to be a happy story, but something strange is happening….

Will you be able to safely return to your world?

The curtain of a new love story shall open.


Kaginuki Rem ❤ – Vol 1. April 19

CV: Saitou Soma

“Though I have no power, I’ll certainly save you.”


We’ve become lovers, but it seems a new trial has come.

To think, of all things, we’ve been trapped in a magic book.

It seems the only way out of here is to become the character and complete the story.

But what is the “The Emperor’s New Clothes” about? (Oh innocent lil’ Rem<3)

…Wh-what? You’re saying I have to be naked!? (YASSSS lol)

No, but this is for your sake…In that case, I’ll gladly bare myself!

Sogami Urie– Vol 1. May 17

CV: Kondo Takashi

“Even if I become *sea foam and disappear, the fact that I loved you won’t.”


We should’ve been spending our time sweetly as lovers, but to think we’d enter a magical book of “Little Mermaid.”

Destined to become *sea foam and disappear….

But I’ll never let you go.

It’s only natural, for I love you more than anyone.

Even if I become sea foam and disappear.

Tachibana Lindo– Vol 1. June 21

CV: Hatano Wataru

“Even if this is a tragedy, I won’t lose hope. I’ll make you happy.”


What on earth is going on?

An empty theater…did we enter the book of “The Phantom of The Opera”?

But, you’re right in front of me-

If you’re the “Phantom”, there’s no way I’ll give her to you!

I can’t lose (her) to you…..! (to Rem? rofl)


Natsumezaka Shiki– Vol 1. July 19

CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

“I won’t leave you all by yourself. When we disappear, it’ll be together.”


Maybe it was a mistake to enter the book’s world.

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin”….With this pipe, I could have so much fun controlling you, but to think I’d be put in charge of a rat extermination.

I don’t really want to do that, though, so why don’t I play this pipe and have fun with you for a bit? 

So….show me a good face, okay? 

Nanashiro Mage– Vol 1. August 16

CV: Kimura Subaru

“If you love me, I’d become a monster for you.” ( 😉 whoooaaa there)


This is all because I was told stupid things like, *”read a book and learn about affection.”

It’s so stupid we’d get sucked into some magic book of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Well, there’ ain’t nobody to butt in, so let’s just have fun, just us, living in this castle!


Hey, ain’t there something strange about my body? ( No, just keep your hair down & your perfect ;))

Roen– Vol 1. September 20

CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa- Vol.1  September 20

“You shan’t become lost. After all, I shall guide you.” (YAS PLEASE)


“Alice in Wonderland”…Since being sucked into that magic book, I wonder how much time has passed?

Over and over, the story ends, only to begin anew.

Even so, we shall escape.

In order not to meet that ‘end’ again-

Princess, I shall never leave you by yourself.

After all, I decided that I would walk beside you.

*Oh good God. Translating is difficult, especially when you have a character that speaks primarily in keigo and one in really slangy/yakuza speech.

I translate the literal meaning then apply the character’s voices. For Roen, I did my best to capture his super polite and aristocratic-like diction. For Urie, he kept saying “foam” but in the original Grimm, the mermaid became “sea foam”, which is more specific and implies a much more definite “end.” I did my best to make the sentences flow better in English because a lot of the sentences had repeating words or redundancy. There’s nothing wrong with translating as literally as possible, but sometimes it’s kind of strange to read them.

I hope this clears up things if you were wondering about word choice. Please let me know if I made any mistakes. I’d love to learn how to become better at translating!

I’ll be translating the Thanatos Night Revival Character Preferences as requested by shawnelizkwan soon.

What drama cd series are you looking forward to? Which DWD boy are you looking forward to? How do you think Rem will handle the nudity? ROFL

*Please don’t post these translations anywhere! You can link to this site though, if you want.*

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9 thoughts on “Dance With Devils Charming Book Story & Characters Translation

  1. Candy says:

    Oh gods, this is going to be great!
    I had no idea that I needed this new part of the series so much. ❤ Good heavens, I hope I won't miss these… I need more Rem, Urie and Mage! Thank you for much for translating this!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Candy says:

        I can tell that Rem is going to have some amazing scenes! Hahaha, so I’ll definitely get this one. I’m so in love with the first CD.
        Serious Rem getting into such a strange situation? This is pure gold!
        Story-wise I’m looking forward to Urie, I hope there will be a little bit of drama. I’d love to see them suffer but get a happy end (hopefully? the little mermaid didn’t end too well but it should be fine). Also, I love the portrait. AND I love Kondo Takashi. Though I prefer the deeper, more mafia-like version of his voice acting. :”D
        Ah, I also love Beauty and the Beast as a story. I haven’t listened to Mage’s eversweet cd but this one sounds great.
        I’m not particularly interested in the piper and Alice in Wonderland.There are so many Alice in Wonderland themed stories, spin-offs… So this one I shall probably pass.
        … And I like Shiki but I’d need to get into do-m mood before listening to that particular story. xD
        I just realized that I forgot about Lindo. I’m not a big fan but I’m still rather curious.
        So yeah, I don’t think I’ll get every cd but I’ll save some money for Rem, Urie and Mage.
        Hm, my reply got so long. But I could not help it! :”D


      • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

        Haha agreed! xD
        While I’m not a big fan of Urie, I see what you mean. I want to see how it turns out too.
        FINALLY someone who doesn’t LOVE Lindo! xD Haha I love his seiyuu but Lindo was just -_- for me. His whole cd sounds like an NTR scenario rofl.
        I’m getting Roen simply for Tatsuhisa san RIP wallet.
        Beauty and the Beast was my fav too so I can’t resist it!
        Haha these cds are going to be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see what you think of them, Candy!


  2. Candy says:

    Yeah, Urie-type characters aren’t 100% my thing BUT the story looks promising. Who knows what we’ll get in the end. :”D For now I can still hope that it will be awesome.
    Oh, Lindo. He’s fine, just not my type. I’m not too much into onii-chan characters. xD But to each their own I suppose. I can imagine what attracts people to Lindo.
    Aaah, I can undertand your feelings here.
    I’d get them all if I could. But I don’t think that my wallet will be able to handle so many cds. We’ll see, we’ll see. xD
    Are you going to make a review? I also love to see what people think of the cds that I’ve listened to.
    Hm, you don’t have to reply if you aren’t comfortable with this, but have you decided which shop yo are going to get them from? I’m not sure whether I want a regular cd or maybe a little something extra. xD I just want all of them but that will never happen, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      I hear you! Haha I can’t imagine the types that like the incest stuff but to each their own.
      I’ll prolly get them from CDJapan since it’s cheaper. If I get to go to Japan I’ll see what they have for Rem but I want to be able to save money with my points and get more things ^^
      What about you?
      And yes, I’ll review all the Cds I get


      • Candy says:

        I see. I would usually go for CDJapan as well. I like the cover art though (that’s probably going to be featured on some extra items like buttons)… so yeah, I’m not sure whether I want to use a proxy service for that one. xD
        There’s also a post around tumblr featuring some new buttons(? I’m guessing that they are buttons, anyway) with the characters’ art in the charming book costumes, I’ll have to see whether it’s possible to get my hands on them instead.
        That’s great : D

        Liked by 1 person

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