KDrama Review: Goblin

Intro: Kim Shin loses his life to a heartbreaking betrayal. His anguish is so great, he is cursed with immortality and becomes a Goblin, doomed to watch those he loves die. His only hope resides in finding the Goblin’s Bride, who can pull the sword from his chest. Ji Eun Tak lives with her stepmother after her mother’s death and learns the Goblin saved her life when she was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. However, Kim Shin is falling in love with her, the bride who is fated to kill him.

Final Thoughts Below

*I won’t be spoiling anything. If you were unsure about this show because it was tagged under Melodrama, like Scarlet Heart, don’t worry. There’s a happy ending in this one!


If you’re like me and are getting tired of kdramas or are completely new to them, Goblin is my recommendation. There were no cliches found in kdramas. It had humor, it had meaning, and it had a lovely message.

For a show centered around human mortality, it was never a depressing. Sure it can definitely hit you in the FEELS but it never hit you over the head with it.



Ji Eun Tak good Lord. This woman. The actress, Kim Go Eun, was marvelous. She played both a young and an older character with such grace I believed it. She was a delight to watch, she wasn’t frustrating, and she endured so much abuse with her stepmother’s family. In a way, it almost felt like a Cinderella retelling, except Prince Charming had a personality.



Goon Yoo plays the Goblin and ❤ he’s like wine. The more he ages, the better he gets. He got his big breakthrough with Coffee Prince, but I didn’t understand exactly why that drama was such a hit. He’s pretty much dedicated to ending his life when he meets his fated bride, but as fate would have it, he falls in love with the one capable of ending his life. I loved his relationship with everyone, especially the Grim Reaper.



Grim Reapers are making up for the sins committed during their life by guiding deceased souls to their afterlife. They don’t have their life’s memories and so the poor guy is at a loss when he meets someone who might be the key to his memories, the beautiful chicken shop owner, Sunny. He’s such a tragic character who proves that everyone deserves second chances if they truly repent.


A fiercely independent woman who knows she’s gorgeous and uses it to her advantage. I’m so glad she wasn’t someone who didn’t know she was beautiful for comedy. Not only this but she adds something a lot of dramas are missing. In fact, a lot of media in general is. Female friendship. Despite the romance, this show passes the Bechdel test.


Cinematography is breathtaking and we even get to see them magically open a door to Canada.

My only complaint has to be the multiple flashbacks from episode 1. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting drama.

Final Thoughts:

“Because there is death, life is brilliant.”-Episode 13


If you’re trying to get into dramas this is honestly the series I’d recommend. Or for those who are starting to get tired of them. It has a very Harry Potter meets Disney fairy tale vibe. Except it deals with topics like death, religion, God, and fated love.

It was such a breath of fresh air. The female characters all supported each other, the guys were all great bros, and everyone had a part. Even the side characters. The scenes in the tea room where the deceased were passing on brought a smile and some tears.

The romance was so achingly sweet and beautiful. And episode 3 was fantastic with the “kidnap scene” with the song choice.

Fantastic drama that everyone will enjoy and is perfect for someone wanting a story with a beautiful message and a heartfelt romance. Definitely worth the hype and it has a happy ending so don’t worry about that ^^


59 thoughts on “KDrama Review: Goblin

  1. FantaMinette says:

    Damn, you beat me to it Leafy! I was going to release mine on valentines! But you’re 100% right. It was the best I’ve ever watched and the OST ohhhh boy. This OST was made in heaven…

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