Thanatos Night Revival Translation Request

Rejet announced a sequel to an already new drama cd series I’ve become a fan of. Thanatos Night is about fallen angels who sing death songs to their targets. You, the heroine, vary in each cd between desperately desiring death, or longing for love that twists into the need to die to protect their love. In some, the fallen angels fall in love with you, and in others, they deceive you and send you to hell. Each cd features a badass song.

You can check out my reviews for volume 1 and volume 2.

I’m still a beginner in Japanese, but I understood both volumes. I checked a translation that came out a few weeks after I reviewed Nia’s cd and discovered I’d understood the entire thing, so there’s some credentials for me I guess 😛

As requested by shawnelizkwan, I’ve translated some of the ikeman’s likes and dislikes from the site.

Thanks for the wait. Biology took up all of my time but it was worth it because I did great on it. Thanks for understanding!

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know and I’ll fix them and credit you if you’d like. Learning a new language isn’t a solo act so thank you to all who’ve helped me on this journey ^^

Izaya: One-Winged Fallen Angel

Likes: Melon

Hates: Cookies made by Liam


Nia: One-Eyed Fallen Angel

Likes: Girls

Hates: Natto and all sticky food


Oliver:Dark Fallen Angel

Likes: Detectives/Inspectors (kanji specified “human” and “inspector” but could also refer to character. Possible that he likes detective stories)

Hates: Free-time


Seth: Playful Fallen Angel

Likes: Music Appreciation (?) 鑑賞

Hates: Anyone’s Happiness That Isn’t His. (thank you, Illinox for correcting me ^^)


Liam: Deceitful Fallen Angel

Likes: Beautiful flowers

Hates: Soft Drinks


Dylan/Duran(?): Lazy Fallen Angel

Likes: Banana Omelette

Hates: Loud or annoying things


And that’s all! ^^

Of course, there were a few parts that stumped me. One in particular was Sesu. His hated things was difficult to translate because 自分 can mean you, yourself, or another person. I honestly didn’t know which way it was supposed to be.

Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if there was a better way to phrase something. Thank you so much!

26 thoughts on “Thanatos Night Revival Translation Request

  1. FantaMinette

    Woaw that’s some smexy pieces of eye candy I spot there. Wish I’d be more into drama CD’s. I’m really into voices, I’m just too lazy to read(if possible) and listen at the same time. (shame on me.)

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha well you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Since these cds came out, I’ve only seen one translation for Nia but that was a few weeks after I reviewed him.
      These are really easy to understand and you won’t need translations to do so. So you don’t have to worry about reading and listening together since you can easily understand it already. If you’ve been watching anime for a long time you’ll likely understand them.
      However, you will need to have learned some basic grammar.

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      1. Sindy

        I can already read all the hiragana and know very simple phrases because I learnt it as compulsory in primary school. I would love to pick it back up, but I’m too loaded with 7 subjects currently =(

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      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        That’s great!!! I’d highly suggest getting the Genki textbook. That alone will give you the tools to start learning and fast.
        I’m going to be posting about other materials and how to effectively study soon so perhaps that will help. Best of luck, Sindy! ^^

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  2. spritzyclover

    Hehe… leafy is teaching/encouraging everyone (/to learn) japanese… :33 leafy is bae. 😉
    I really need to take your advice and listen to these. Teach me grammar first though, ayee? ^-^

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  3. shawnelizkwan

    Thank you so much for translating their bios! Btw, as for Seth, for his dislike part, the direct translation was “Happiness Beyond Yourself”, so I think it could be referring to the fact that he does not like it when the heroine makes other people happy or something along the lines. That is quite a selfish thing, only wanting the heroine’s happiness for himself.

    Anyway I’m really looking forward to Seth’s Drama CD now. I initially did not have an interest in him, but after listening to the translated voice samples, I learned that he was childhood friends with the heroine and that’s what made me interested in him. I also liked his character song and I’m kind of looking forward to Liam, but really looking forward to Duran!

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      1. shawnelizkwan

        No problem! Btw will you be writing a review on Oliver’s Drama CD? Although I’m not fluent in Japanese, I thought it was really good! He’s my favourite so far Drama CD-wise followed by Izaya >w<

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    1. Ilinox

      Ah, sorry, I couldn’t help but pop in here but Seth’s dislike is actually anyone’s happiness except his own. What a bitter boy LOL. I don’t know if this’ll help but if you take out the “以外” part you can see how the sentence reads as 自分の幸せ (my own happiness). The “igai” just puts an edgier emphasis on how he himself is the exception.

      Also, randomly, have you seen Seth’s first character bio? A friend pointed it out to me and I couldn’t stop laughing. His dislike is “karaoke (because everyone dies)” LOL.

      By the way, Leafy, have you heard Seventh Heaven? It was Rejet’s first series of this kind of thing and you might like it if you enjoy Thanatos Night. Seventh Heaven songs are more ballad-like though (which is why I prefer it over the rock songs from Thanatos, oops). It might be something you want to check out! IIRC a friend of mine has translated the entire CD series too.

      Confession, I got all sad when I heard the announcement for Thanatos Night (especially when they hadn’t even released all of the first season’s CDs) LMAO WHAT ABOUT SEVENTH HEAVEN REJET. How can you work a sequel into Thanatos Night and not do that for Seventh Heaven either T_T (I’m not bitter!!).

      Seventh Heaven’s PV:

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      1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Thanks soooo much Ilinox! I’ve been actually sitting her going “This doesn’t sound right still” lol so I’m glad to see my train of thought was heading the right way! Thanks so much, that really helped!
        And lol really? I had no idea! I don’t go searching for other translations because I want to see if I can do it on my own. Perhaps I should later look for them to check in the future?
        And I’ve been recommended Seventh Heaven a lot but I can’t seem to find any place to buy the cds.


  4. Remy Fool

    Congratulations on acing that biology class so far! I knew you’d be able to handle this semester!

    I really like how they all have their takes on the uniform. It’s the little details that count! Who’s your favorite?

    Thanks as always for going through so much effort to translate these. You did great!

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  5. shawnelizkwan

    Btw, I was thinking, if they made another season of Thanatos Night, do you think they will do duets along with a drama? For example, Izaya vs. Nia and maybe their duet song sends the heroine to purgatory or something along the lines >w<

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  6. MIzuxima Ayame

    The drama is nice,thank you translation,but,sorry,my English is not good。I just understand a little。both English and Japanese

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