Drama CD Review: Grimm Gai no Oujisama Cinderella

Intro: In the Town of Grimm live several Princes YASSS. You come into contact with whomever you choose (whose CD you buy ) and discover how you came to find this Town and just who the Prince is. But the truth might be more than you can bear….

First, I want to say that these drama cds were too advanced for me and luckily I found an AMAZING person named Nurie who just so happens to really like drama cds too! She paid for the translations to this cd and several other series, so if you have this cd (or another drama cd) she has the translations.

If you decide to share the translations she paid for, please be respectful and link to her post as she kindly requests. Do not reblog or repost, she asks, so please be respectful!

Translations are here

This volume stars Kosuke Toriumi, who has played as Asahina Azusa from Brother’s Conflict and Shu Sakamaki from Dialovers.


Cinderella’s track starts out depressing and ends….depressing. You meet Cinderella on the streets, covered in wounds. He takes you to a dilapidated house where the two of you bond. He’s being starved and cruelly beaten by his step-mother and her sons and forced to cook their meals. However, he cannot partake from the food. Poor baby.

His solace is in spending time with you, but at the stroke of midnight, he meets with a magician to keep his “promise.” He’s been fooling the Queen of his country into falling for him with the magician’s help in order to take over when the King dies.


Cinderella falls in love with you and the next day he announces his plans to marry the Queen. Wow. He says he doesn’t love her so it’s fine (which is actually a true fact about Japan: cheating isn’t cheating if you don’t “emotionally” love the other person). You’re upset, but go with him, and he lavishes you with gifts.

Later, Cinderella explains the fence surrounding the castle is covered with a super toxic substance to protect you. Then says he planned an execution for a “certain family.”

The cd concludes with the narrator stating you met a boy on the streets. You were trying to escape your abusive family and strange men came to bring you back. Before you were taken away, a boy showed up, covered in blood. The men rushed to help him while you ran.

You end up living together in a shack and he worries you’ll leave so he bans you from going outside. *sigh* You end up sleeping forever and it’s revealed that no, you don’t want this. The dream is a nightmare for you and a happy ending for him. You can’t leave the dream of Cinderella.


Toriumi and I both agreed on the cd. Not our thing. I’m not a yandere fan and never will be one and the moment Cinderella confessed I went -_- because I knew it was going to twist into NOOOPPPEEE.

I prefer Red Riding Hood’s cd because the romance was more to my taste, though it was darker. What sucks is how poor Cinderella felt like he was fighting by himself-but he never asked for your help in the matter other than “thanks for the necklace” or “I’ll come with you.”

If you like twisted love and yanderes, please consider buying Cinderella’s cd through my affiliate link to help support me and this blog. Thank you!

Again, please respect the person who bought the translations, link to her post, and DON’T reblog/repost. She will take them down if you do.

As always, input—> output, so drama cds will help. For beginners, I’d suggest the Thanatos Night series, starring fallen angels with a badass song for the final track. You can see my thoughts for volume 1 and volume 2. They’re pretty easy to understand.

What did you think of this drama cd? What are you listening to?


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13 thoughts on “Drama CD Review: Grimm Gai no Oujisama Cinderella

  1. FantaMinette

    I saw the voice actor so I was like OHH YES but then I saw Yandere and I went nope nope nope~ I’m outta here. By the way, Leafy, is there a nice way to buy them as only audio without the physical cd? I’m thinking like buying it on itunes or something of the like. Because it’s been translated so I’m curious ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

      1. FantaMinette

        Okay, thanks. I can’t really buy those physical things since they get so expensive with the shipping and everything. Oh well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Yeah I understand. They are expensive. Though, if you sign up at CDJapan, they give you lots of points for birtdays and how many years you’ve had an account there. You don’t need to buy anything for these points. You also get free points for signing up. This can significantly cut the cost for purchases so if you wanted to just stock up on points for the future that’s a great start.
        I’ll look around and ask if there are other ways to support drama cds for you.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. FantaMinette

        aww thanks a lot >.< Drama cds are kinda my thing because I'm really obsessed with voices but yeah, can't afford them and can't understand them when they're not translated x.x

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Np:) I hope you can get them on itunes…oh? Maybe you could look for them? I know the Code Realize Character Song CDs were put on there.
        Also, the Thanatos cds are really easy to understand so if you ever wanted to give it a go you’d be rewarded by awesome music 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Amy

    Aww it’s a shame that this CD turned out to be worse than you were expecting. 😦
    I only picked up Sleepy’s CD although I haven’t actually listened to it yet but I’ll make a note to avoid this one. Out of curiosity, did Toriumi actually say that this CD isn’t his thing in the free talk? That’s pretty unusual haha.
    Are you planning on listening to any of the other CDs in this series?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi Amy ^^
      Haha yea…but to each their own. I hope you like Sleepy! Haven’t listened to his yet.
      Torimui did say that he didn’t like this cd because he prefers happier and more romantic scenarios-just like me rofl. I noticed that seiyuus tend to hide their opinions on things so I thought I should add how he felt about it since he was pretty forward about it in his free talk.
      Yep! I plan on listening to the whole series. I have Sleepy and the next volume.
      I’m also going to listen to all of Thanatos Night.
      What are some series you’re into?


      1. Coconut

        Toriumi was quite open about his preference for happy endings and happy characters in the free talk and has been in the past as well, but I feel like I should point out that he never said that he didn’t like this CD, nor did he mention preferring romantic scenarios.

        To quote the translations you linked, what he said in the free talk was:

        “Ah, it’s already the end. A message for those who are listening to me.
        I did the second part of this series. The second part… a story based on Cinderella.
        What did you think? It was a rather dark story.
        It wasn’t a simple happy ending. I wonder what mood you’re in when you’re listening to this.
        I like happy endings, so I don’t really actively seek to listen or watch these kinds of vague, gloomy endings.
        Hm, well as a voice actor, it’s quite fun to act out these dark characters.
        I was quite into it, so please enjoy it.”

        The only other reference to his preference for happy characters and endings is in his reply to the question “If I could be a character from the Grimm Fairytales, what would I be? Something other than what I just recorded.” What he actually says is:

        “There are… no characters I would like to become.
        Well, I would prefer a happy character if anything.”

        I’m certain you did not mean to imply unprofessionalism on his part as a voice actor, but I think it is important to note that he had not actually expressed a negative sentiment regarding the CD or the character anywhere in the free talk.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Hi Coconut!
        As always, everything is open to interpretation, but regarding the exact quote you picked, I’m going to use that to defend my initial opinion. Of course, that is just that, an opinion and we are free to disagree.
        “I like happy endings, so I don’t really actively seek to listen or watch these kinds of vague, gloomy endings.”
        I agreed with what he said here.
        I was saying that, just like he said, I’m not a fan of stories like this cd. So no, I didn’t try and put words into his mouth.
        I also expressed my opinion using his above statement to show that we both had similar tastes.
        Thank you.


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