Drama Cd Review: Thanatos Night Oliver

You want to die so you attract the attention of fallen angels. They want to steal your life away so you spend a few days with one of them before deciding whether or not to go through with it. If you decide to then they sing a death song to you. Since Rejet <3’s music and each character gets their own song rofl it’s pretty obvious what you choose. Spoilers.

This cd stars the fallen angel Oliver, played by Showtaro Morikubo. He voiced Impey Barbicane from Code Realize and Reiji from Uta Pri. This was my most anticipated cd because Morikubo. And what the fuck…


Oliver’s dealing with a stalker when you walk by and he uses you as a snogging doll to make her run away. Naturally, this leads to you proclaiming how you want to die.

To keep the fans away he pesters you to go on dates. When you reciprocate his feelings, he hugs you. And utters the next romantic line since “You had me at hello.”

“I want to strangle you so bad. Can I kill you?”

Much romance. Such swoon.

Because you’re the brightest star-whoops wrong cd-you scout out his house when he doesn’t call you. Hell, his recording says “Don’t ever see me again” but you still go. You’re being bullied by his fans and this time they stole your shoes so in the pouring rain you stand there. Staring into his windows at night.

Sorry, bud. Looks like you ended up with the one thing you didn’t want after all, a fan rofl. But Oliver decides to brave your cray cray but you say you want to be with him like GURL wtaf.


So the epic romance continues. He says he wants to kill you so badly he has to stop himself when he’s with you. He tries to get you to leave him alone and finally is like

“When I was an angel I raped someone and was punished for it.”


And of course you would say how you would die for him. After he told you he’s a fucking rapist.


*le siiiiggghhhh*

He takes you inside to tell you everything, aka, how he’s going to kill you. You go “THANK GOD” and he fucking LAUGHS. Like you both shared a joke. What is even happening?

Oliver brings you to a museum and sings his song in front of some painting and that was the best thing about this entire drama cd. Like I literally gave no fucks when he broke down after killing you.

Why? Besides the aforementioned he fucking makes out with your corpse.


At least the singing was great…

If you want to give this series a go the Japanese is surprisingly easy to comprehend so it’s a good start for beginners to drama cds. If you’re looking for yanderes, Nia’s your boy. Want a tsundere? Try out Izaya.

If you want to buy Oliver’s cd, please consider using my affiliate link to help support me! Thanks so much!


What did you think of Oliver? Are you enjoying this drama cd series? What series are you currently loving?

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20 thoughts on “Drama Cd Review: Thanatos Night Oliver

  1. shawnelizkwan says:

    So, does that mean you didn’t exactly enjoy Oliver’s Drama CD? I guess you can call him a Necrophilia or Thanatophilia when you said he “made out” with the heroine’s dead body…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 如意 (@Westraid) says:

    Ah what a shame, but luckily you could at least enjoy the song lol.
    I saw the cover once and thought the art looked nice, but never bothered to check out the website. In general I really don’t care at all about drama CDs but I’m a sucker for art and this one looked pretty cool. Ah well, maybe one day there’ll make one that is to my liking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Thank you for reading, Westraid! ^^
      Drama cds certainly aren’t for everyone but there are some that I think everyone could enjoy. The art is pretty awesome, isn’t it? 😉
      Haha I hope you find a series you like some day and have a great day!


  3. Reare Noella says:

    I’m not gonna lie but Thanatos Night is one of the series that I have a complex with. I mean, sure its something new but each character has a weird ass plot twist especially Nia and Oliver.. I’m really hoping Liam and Dyuran(or whatever his name is) turned out good. Well, this is an angst cd so *shrugs* idk what to exlect anymore 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Shuu says:

    I’m don’t think he’s actually a rapist. It sounded to me more of he was pretty violent, and probably punched and killed humans. With the recent twists, this makes me think that Izaya’s like the tip of the iceberg since he’s pretty “pure” in his sense. I should pick up Nia since the series is getting interesting with the twists.

    Liked by 1 person

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