Otome Game: Shall We Date? Guilty Alice Review

Intro: Yui finds a glass heart in a shop and fucking breaks it. Turns out it’s the Queen of Wonderland’s special ❤ and now she must die. Cheshire proposes Yui can make a replacement so Queen Ruber gives her 1 month to create a <3. The only way to do so is to fall in love. Ruber gives Yui a harem of bachelors to choose from and when Yui falls asleep, she goes to Wonderland, known as an “Alice”, the foreigner.

There are 16 chapters and 3 endings for all the characters except Bill, who has 11 chapters. 

Final thoughts below:

9a9b0371ee1c0d944cbfd2be92f71105Ash: Based on the door mouse, he sleeps all the time and is best friends with Mad. I played his route first, and honestly, not much happened in his route-though this could be because I forgot most of it since I played this a LONG ass time ago but I do remember I said, “That’s it?” at the end. He is rivals with the cat from the Black Kingdom.

After lots of fluff and a confession in the flower patch, Yui gets kidnapped and Ash races after to protect her. She finds out that his entire city was destroyed under the rule of the Black King and he holds a serious grudge against the King and the missing prince. While he’s never able to completely forgive the Black Kingdom for what they did, he comes to an “understanding” with Noir. And they live happily and shit rofl sorry it’s been so damn long since I played his route. About a year. The other routes I played just recently.

tumblr_ng7v4vhbkz1sle3awo2_1280Mad Hatter:  A cinnamon roll who lost his parents at a young age and is cursed. If he doesn’t have a tea party every day he’ll die. Cardia (not that Cardia) comes to stop the party cuz Ruber said so and Yui’s all WTF man?! Cardia’s ready to execute her but Mad steps in.

For some reason, Cardia falls for Yui. He says Mad can’t make a ❤ with her so she’ll die if she doesn’t choose another partner. Mad’s afraid Yui will die because he’s clueless about love, so he has a brilliant idea! He kabedons her and leans in for a kiss but Yui’s all NO.

Cardia offers himself as another ikeman ( ̄▼ ̄) and she’s all excuse me? Then Maryanne kidnaps her. After rescuing Yui, Mad realizes he likes her. They decide to find the witch to break his curse.

The witch is his sister, Opera, who thought the best way for Mad to know love was to curse him…but it wasn’t real-what a dick move. Mad isn’t phased because he planned to have tea parties every day anyways…so fail? Before the endings, they kiss…and it was Quinrose level WTF. It looked tumblr_ng7v4vhbkz1sle3awo5_1280like he was kissing her cheek when it says it was on her lips and I guess they forgot to include her eyes.

Sweet End: Yui passes the trial but Ruber still wants to chop her head off because Yui refused to hand over her heart. They flee Wonderland for a few years.

Mad proposes to Yui. Ash, who was eavesdropping, says “Yo you can come back now.” He says Cheshire did something to help them but THEY NEVER REVEAL IT. The game literally goes “Oh yeah stuff happened but LOL we ain’t telling.” ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) (aka buy more routes lol but Cheshire actually was THE BEST so….)

Alice Ending: Mad tells Ruber she wants to know what love is more than anyone else. Cheshire steps in to take over and then Mad and Yui return after a week. He proposes to her. I preferred this ending.

tumblr_ng27cg1c6q1sle3awo2_1280Sakuto: Part of the rabbit clan so when he’s surprised his ears show rofl. It’s a miracle Sakuto hasn’t been assassinated. He has no regard for himself and lets strangers in because they lie about being lost, or lonely. He’s also cowardly in that he doesn’t want to kill others because it will hurt him. So his route is about realizing it’s ok to be selfish.

His route felt like a Disney movie. But the star was Maryanne, who was given her own subplot. 

Maryanne learns to decide her own fate and it’s through Sakuto’s kindness that she finds a way to change. I actually ship Sakuto with Maryanne because she has a crush on him and Yui x Noir are OTP. Maryanne kidnaps Yui because the King still believes her blood grants immortality. Sakuto defeats the Black King and Maryanne almost dies when she tries to help them out. The Queen once again is like Yui it’s time so depending on the ending:

224590aed9c9da01ff9e0943b9d95232Sweet End: After a year, they return to Wonderland, where yet again, no one knows how Noir calmed Ruber the fuck down. Perhaps they fell in love? In his route they both said their feelings were platonic, but it was through seeing love form a ❤ that made Ruber snap out of it….so? It’s cute but the OTP of this entire game obviously is Noir and Yui-so I can’t ship it.

Alice End: Noir convinces Ruber to let them be and for some reason Sakuto doesn’t remember that he was childhood friends with them??? He hints at a possible relationship between the two and then all of a sudden Yui and Sakuto get married. Then the next moment she’s all ya so that’s all folks rofl.

galep_ev0601_1470893879449( ˘ ³˘)  Cheshire Cat: THE BEST ROUTE  His name is Noir and he used to be bffs with Sakuto and Ruber when he was a wee shota but his dad, the Black King, wanted to rule Heart Castle when he discovered that Queen Ruber had began collecting <3’s and ULTIMATE POWA. So Noir set Yui up to break the ❤ in the glass shop so he could show Ruber how <3’s were made.

He figured Ruber’d be all “dat beauty” and stop stealing people’s hearts. Cuz that’s bad. Yui’s PISSED he set her up. To apologize, he offers to help. So now he’s with her day and night!

We have the immortality subplot and a creepy ass Alice sprite who keeps luring Yui into the rabbit hole. She gets away only for shit to hit the fan.

Ruber releases the <3’s during a raid on her castle. Noir takes Yui to a spring to heal their wounds and the creepy Alice drags her underwater. Yui’s hair turns golden and Noir says she can’t come back to Wonderland because its dangerous.

Alice summons Yui during Noir’s confession and says she’s Wonderland itself. Wonderland’s a product of the Alice’s dreams (the foreigners that visit) but all dreams die. To save Noir, Yui should merge with Alice, which will kill Yui.

galep_ev0603_1470893893933 (1)Yui transforms into Wonderland and the others start to disappear. She says she wants to save both herself and Wonderland. Right as she confesses Noir kisses her. CG was beautiful ( ˘ ³˘)

Sweet End: Alice is renamed Alicia and follows Yui around calling her oneesan. Noir proposes and she becomes the Dark Queen Fuck yeah! But Alicia’s peeping on them so he transports them back to her room for sexy times 😉 Such a good route.

Alice End: Felt like they were trying to have a second end just to have one. Wouldn’t recommend it because the romance was practically nonexistent.

Really loved this route and I stockpiled on every spin off there was available XD Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

76f850abfdfb550e82b2df362dae5377Joker: His dad painted the roses red but they wilted so Ruber demanded he name his son Joker, dooming the shota to become the butt of Wonderland. Yui takes him to visit the Duke of Protea, whose wife ate a mushroom and grew so big her head sticks out of their mansion. They go to the Mushroom Valley to get a mini mushroom to heal her.

They help out others and Mad invites them for tea and flirts so much with Yui, Joker gets jealous. The twins say there’s trouble and they find a dead flower, Tiger Lily. The flowers blame Joker. Turns out a praying mantis loved Tiger Lily so much he tried to hug her…and then sliced her in two (ლ‸-)

He kisses her forehead and says he wished she had taken initiative ; ) Bill and the twins spend a day with them and she realizes she loves Joker. They go to the White Knight’s birthday at Chalk Castle and dance. The lights go off and Yui decides it’s time to kiss her man but she’s too short rofl. Joker suddenly kisses her (only if you chose the right answer) but something crashes.

Maryanne kidnaps her so Yui scales a cliff and jumps across giant mushrooms to escape. Joker battles her and Cheshire shows up to say her blood is lethal and laughs when Maryanne leaves.

img_0984Sweet End: At the trial, Joker’s about to fight Ruber when Cheshire saves the day again, saying to banish them. A year passes. Joker takes her to the beach, they go home, and have sex. Game hinted pretty heavily at it rofl. That night they return to Wonderland because Ruber rescinded her orders. Best ending because it resolved Joker’s problem-learning to help others and rely on their help. And no insta marriage.

Alice End: Guy is so tsun if you pick the Alice choices. Ruber steals the <3. Joker shatters Ruber’s heart staff. Joker and Yui marry -_- helll noooo. If you’re so “love-hate” and never are affectionate before you marry you’re just setting up for divorce!!! WHY U DO THIS?!

galep_ev0504_1491955977855 (1)Bill: The hippie-high-as-fuck-elfman you never wanted but joined the harem anyways! He’s a popular guy in his Lizard village where they have vegetable-racing contests. He ditches Nerida the faceless jealous girl (I have to give props for Yui taking the time to understand her situation and for Nerida actually DEVELOPING despite having no face. They become friends at the end ^^) and drags Yui around like a doll.

One morning Cheshire Cat pulls her into an alley to say someone’s a traitor in her group. I WONDER WHO. They visit Sakuto where Bill tells her he used to be a thief who stole from Ruber and was about to be executed when Sakuto suggested they use his agility to become a repairman….LOGIC.

Sakuto says it’s unusual for Bill to go out of his way to help others. Yui finds Bill talking with Ruber. He’s a completely different person and they’re discussing making Yui’s <3. She runs away after confronting him and gets caught up with thieves trying to kidnap Maryanne. Bill tells Sakuto he teamed up with Ruber because she promised to not attack Sakuto’s kingdom if he got her a <3. Maryanne duels with Sakuto while Yui gets away and Bill scares the thieves off. He suggests she fall for someone else since he betrayed her and she goes with Mad for tea.

As they’re talking about making a ❤ with Mad, the village is attacked by Gentiana. Nerida told them Alice was there but they betrayed her. She’s galep_ev0508_1491955987904 (1)almost killed but Yui saves her. The Black King shows up but Bill gets her away and he kicks him off a cliff.

Sweet End: She’s thrown into the dungeons (wow that escalated) and Bill swoops in to make out with her and say it’s going to be fine. He shoots an arrow and destroys Ruber’s staff and then they return to the village like nothing happened. That night they go humping and when they wake up in Wonderland, they get married.

Alice End: Same thing happens except Cheshire Cat arrives and reveals his identity to calm Ruber down. Bill and Yui leave and apparently they’re already married but we never got to see that. Because they didn’t give us a single damn kiss cg in the entire route, they give you fanservice.




Final Thoughts:

Sacrifice and Ikeman the game


When I got my new pone I had to reinstall the game and Yui’s name changed to Akari…-_-

Heroine: So for those of you who haven’t played this yet, the heroine used to be called Yui but now it’s Akari. So based on my initial play-through, I stuck with Yui. She’s honestly one of the better heroines you’re going to get in mobage. She shone the most in Bill and Cheshire’s routes. I liked her a lot and wanted her to succeed.

System: Oh bless the skip read function! I wish we had jump-to x though but that’s rare to even get in commercial otoge. You can save the CGs to your phone and email them to yourself unlike what happened with Princess Arthur. 

Art: When I first played this I was like OH SHIT this is butt ugly. The sprites were awful and there was just something about it I didn’t like. Thank goodness the cgs are actually really good! But after a route I became used to the art and overall I think it did a very good job supporting the story. But Bill….please just wear something else….

Music: Fits the game. It’s cheap mobage music. Can’t say more.

Characters: All of them are great and all of them serve your basic otoge trope needs. Joker’s your tsundere, Bill’s your flirty genki guy, Sakuto is the embodiment of oujisama, and etc. But we all know that Cheshire is BAE. If you choose one route, do it for him. I have no words. Had this been the entire game I’d be raving about it. Choose Cheshire. You won’t regret it. ~MWAH~

All in all a good mobage I think is worth your time and money. Remember, don’t complain about getting to play a route for $3 when most people pay $60 for a game on the vita. If you’re not a spoiled brat, then enjoy this mess:

Screenshot_20170325-161825 (1)

But if you can’t believe your eyes head down to the playstore! Countless gamers are baffled they have to PAY for games. Holy shit. Also, compare the ratings of the games that are ticket-based to the ones that ask for a small compensation in order to make a living. Yep. The ones that ask for some money are rated much lower because I HAVE TO PAY WHAT IS THIS?! 

Don’t be one of them.

Have you played Guilty Alice? Do you like Solmare’s games?

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30 thoughts on “Otome Game: Shall We Date? Guilty Alice Review

  1. FantaMinette

    Oh no! You need to pay for that thing you enjoy! You have to support those who worked hard to give you a game! What a disaster! Give bad ratings so people know those people needs to make a living from this new game they made!

    This never cease to amaze me how egoist people can be. Those people may be making games for your enjoyment but they still need to live and… you know… THEY HAVE TO PAY BILLS? Maybe? Maybe eat too? Because the people who produce Games don’t have to feed themselves….

    I saw one review saying that a game was garbage because it wasn’t in french… I wonder how much dumber a person can get…

    I’m really sad I can’t play any of those Mobage. Unfortunately, I don’t own a cellphone. But this one looks pretty good.

    As for the art, I say, I know Otoge and VNs in generals are supposed to be supported by nice art but I also think the story should beat the art. Give me the best story ever with stick-men as art and I’ll be happy if the story was worth it. (But, of course, it shouldn’t be butt ugly.) I saw incredibly beautiful games that were bad. Poop that sparkle is still poop after all.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. FantaMinette

        I think Chojiro but its sooooo hard to choose. I was dying when I started playing. First time i see sprites with animated mouths .-.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. FantaMinette

        yeah… But really I’ll just take pretty much everything I can get. I’m not really complicated in that regard xD Maybe DiaLovers would be nice but I fear it might give Otoge lovers a bad rap…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. otometantei

    Omg you need to pay for a story? What is this madness?! *sarcasm*

    I freaking hate it when people rate games with 1 or 2 stars just because the game isn’t free or it isn’t in the language they speak. Gawd, it can really hurt the companies when they do that. Plus, seriously, the ones who work on visual novels need to earn money to live. I guess some people don’t care *sigh*

    Yay for the review! I’ve only played two routes so far (Mad and Cheshire), but even though I liked Cheshire, I have to admit that I prefer Mad 🙈 he’s such a cinnamon roll and I actually liked seeing how he got angry for the MC when he’s such a cheerful puppy. I’m really curious about Ash, Bill and Joker. Sakuto, not so much, ouji-sama types tend to bore me lmao 😂

    Btw, I just started Nightshade so I’ll be sure to read your review when I finish it 🎉 hehe

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, otometantei!! It’s so nice to see you again. Hope you’ve been well! ^^
      Haha yea….they really just care about themselves.
      Aww thank you! I’m glad you liked Mad ^^ He’s too precious for this world haha. And yeah you’re not missing out on much with Sakuto tbh lol.
      OO I hope you enjoy Nightshade!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. otometantei

        Hi Leafy!! I’ve been well, thankfully, hope it’s the same for you too! 😀
        I see, then I won’t bother with Sakuto lol.
        Btw, I’m amaicherii in twitter (Karin) 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. otometantei

        Haha yeah it’s me, Karin!!
        Princely men are usually not my type so I’ll think about it but I’m definitely more interested in the others 👀 especially Bill and Ash, they seem cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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