Study Abroad: First Day in Kyoto

I only knew that Kyoto was a tourist city and it was famous for its older buildings, but now I’m here. And we’ve been able to pick our way out of tourist traps to enjoy some of the hidden delights of the city!

Not really anything super eventful, other than arriving 15 minutes late. Meaning I was sweating to death in the Japanese airport as I was lugging my bags and rushing to our bus.

The Japanese plane (JAL) was comfy and we could watch movies, read ebooks, listen to music, etc for free. They even fed us full meals including dessert for free. The 12 hour flight wasn’t fun but it wasn’t awful thanks to the amazing service.

And the flight attendants were absolutely gorgeous.


We’re staying at a kind of “hostel.” On Monday we begin orientation xD

We went to a conbini where they sell tights/hose that are for super pale people like myself (America why you don’t sell those?). I was so nervous I handed them 30,000 yen instead of 300 yen and the guy had to hand it back, saying “No! Too much!”

We went to Aeon Mall and found some lovely stickers


I didn’t get any but there’s a huge selection of more ikeman so if you need your fix, Aeon has you covered.

Then, while this is my first time going, I had to get my friends to the magical land of Bookoff. In my state, we don’t have any, but there are around the globe. Bookoff is a wonderful store where you can get newly released books for half off and old books for dirt cheap.

Since manga is already 4 yen (depends) and then was slashed down to 2 xD what a deal! For the price of 1 manga in the states, I got 4.


Needless to say this will become a frequent stop.

On our way back we took a wrong turn and ended up walking 4 miles before finding our little hostel tucked away in the winding, sun baked streets.


This was one of the many intersections we had to cross, and despite the cloudy weather, the humidity still weighed us down. And so the ladies are always with their umbrellas.

Along the way, we found a little shrine/temple (how do you differentiate them?) where we went to pray.


We also found a mini model (?) of something at the Kyoto Station.


So far it’s been a pretty good day. Despite how bad all of our feet hurt and the humidity, I’m so glad I was accepted to study abroad.

Also, the staring isn’t too bad. Every now and then someone will look at you and do a double take or check out your outfit, or stand there openmouthed as you pass by. Perhaps it’s because I’m with friends and there’s so many people here, but I’m really enjoying my time here.

See you next time and look forward to more otoge reviews!! ^^

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14 thoughts on “Study Abroad: First Day in Kyoto

  1. TwoHappyCats

    Looks like you’ve had an awesome start! My Japanese teacher also recommended I check out Book Off! He said when he went back to Japan with his Australian wife, she spent the whole trip in there 😛


      1. YvoCaro

        But arent they very hot to wear? Over here in the Netherlands it has been way too hot for the past weeks, so I can only imagine it way hotter over there in Japan!

        Liked by 1 person

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