Study Abroad: Abandoned Schools and Getting Lost

img_20170515_092249859.jpgAs if getting lost the day before wasn’t enough, we fucked up big time today.

First, we called a taxi and my friend’s luggage was too big so the driver had to strap the trunk down. Before he arrived however, we found a rundown school and an old park, which we explored.


The hostel/inn we stayed at was called Okara and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s in Kyoto. The owners are very nice and it’s a very cheap stay for excellent service.


We called a taxi to our campus.

I had to bumble my way through directions with a police officer while my friends waited in the middle of campus. With our bigass suitcases and luggage. As students walked by exclaiming, “Holy shit” or “Their luggage is bigger than they are!” etc. to that effect.

The officer directed us with a map he sketched for us and after walking for 15 minutes, I realized this wasn’t the way to the dorms. My friend sat down to look up the dorms on her laptop and an officer strolled over to assist us.  He directed us to a middle school (he’d said it was by the middle school).

It was at this moment we fucked up.

See, we made it to the middle school. Ratsukei turned out not only to be a mix of both middle and high school students, but it was nowhere near the dorms. My friend couldn’t understand the lady on the phone when we called the campus, so I had to talk to her and it went fine.

We fucked up again.

The directions didn’t take us to the dorms and we lugged our baggage about 5 miles at the insistence of my friend who said her map was correct. We believed her because she’s good at directions.

We forgot how the map lied to us yesterday.

I love my friend dearly. I don’t fault her for the extra 5 miles.

I blame the damned map.

Needless to say we had to call another taxi and we safely arrived at the dorms. I can’t explain my relief. I’m like a piece of firewood: I’m weak and burn up quickly.

I lost a life today.

Good things: I got the directions right, they just forgot our area doesn’t cross over to the streets they wanted us on.

Thankfully no one noticed how drenched my shirt was and my friends also managed to cool off before we were taken inside. Here is a look at the inside of the dormitory.


Turns out Orientation starts tomorrow and today was just a “Hurry up and get your roommate” so Tuesday the fun begins! I get a language partner and get to go to a museum.

My roommate is very kind and said she was nervous. In Canada, she lived with host families, so she said she didn’t know how to get along with a roommate. She’s from China and is studying Economics.

It’s been a long day but I’m still really excited to see what happens and who my buddy is tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “Study Abroad: Abandoned Schools and Getting Lost

  1. Reare Noella

    This actually reminds me when I first move from my good old village (my house is legit deep in the forest in Kota Kinabalu) and went to the big cities in Kuala Lumpur right after I got my high school result (think of it as an SAT/ACT result)….

    At that time, I never step foot on Kuala Lumpur before so I didn’t know what to expect but the moment I arrived at the airport in Kuala Lumpur then I went to full mode astonished Reale lmao. This was a few years ago XD way back before I knew otome or drama cds lol and people knew I was a country bumpkin so good ol’ times… I got lost in my campus, roads and pretty much everywhere in Kuala Lumpur similar to your case where I did use maps and gps and all but still manage to make myself in a shitty state. Years later, this place is my home now and I only have next year since next year is my last semester.. 😥

    But, damn about your friend XD I can’t imagine being lost for 3 hours in the hot blazing weather, salute to you gurl *clinks glasses of cold solid ice water*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sylphalchemist

    Gah on getting lost D: Imagine years ago before the advances in technology we have now: no cells phones or computers to aid the lost. I always think of that as I use my GPS to guide me lol (my thought pattern sometimes…)

    But yay! You found your dorm 😀 Hope you and your roommate get along!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      God I can’t even imagine what I’d do. Thankfully Japan is a much safer place for women. Still, scary things do happen. Just last week we saw on the news a man who murdered a high school girl he was dating and set her on fire.
      And yas! She’s awesome!



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