Study Abroad: Animate, Dining, Pottery Class, and Becoming Nakama with Dorm-mates

Days 5 and 6 have been a true testament to the budding friendship with my dorm-mates. I was so nervous that we would have someone we might dislike or not get along with. Instead, we all get along. We all get stressed out when we get lost in the sprawling city and winding streets as the humidity presses on us, but somehow we grow closer.

On day 5, we had a new teacher and discovered that we’re actually going to be taught by a rotation of 4 different professors! Two women and two men.

I like all 3 that have taught us so far, and it’s funny to see how the female professors are more “Let’s learn” whilst the male professors are more “Pineapple Pen.”

We went to make fans and I soon realized how amazing my dorm-mates are. Despite how some of us are lacking in the art skillz, we all managed to produce some fantastic fans that had me glancing at my own and going “Damn, what did I do?”

I actually didn’t go to karaoke with everyone because Animate was close by and my friends wanted to explore. Plus, Tetsuya will be taking us on more so win-win. That and I don’t want to pay for another bus fare when Animate is right there.

On the way, we found a service of some sort taking place at a shrine/temple. We found a setup for Kasajizou.




And were witness to this beauty.


Yes, my phone edited it. How could I not? It was such a gorgeous creature.

Teramachi is a confusing area to navigate for the level 0 gaijin but we managed. UFO Catchers is a scam by the way and don’t go in unless you like it when people shove things you don’t need into your arms and you keep paying for useless junk. Then again, if you want that, go for it!

We found a Bubble Tea stand, which was a goal of my friend Kayla’s, and we found a bunch of signatures from famous peeps.


There were arcades everywhere and taped to the entrance were photos of ultimate NEET shoplifters who looked like they attempted to steal oppai-mousepads of their waifus.

We found Animate cafe and I nearly had a heart attack because it was so small and it wasn’t what I believed it was supposed to be but fear not. We found Animate.

Firstly, we went upstairs to the manga store where I got tired of not asking for help and went up and politely asked for assistance locating a book. The poor girl looked so uncomfortable that Ms. Gaijin was here but I accomplished my mission.


The building had more floors. One was dedicated to loli stuff and the other was an intense Yugio card tournament filled with your basic otaku. To say they were shocked to see us was an understatement. In this building, I found a lovely poster.


From there we discovered paradise in Animate where my friend nearly shat herself over the Yuri on Ice merch xD.

Dirty doujin lined the back and seiyuu decorated the walls. In between creeped the idol game merch and otoge merch had their own isles but were sparse compared to the other stuff. There were a lot of girls near me and when I started spazzing out over the merch in that aisle, we all bonded over our passion for otoge xD

I asked for help locating DWD trash and once again they were both shocked and nervous to assist me. I hear it’s because customer service is so important over there that they’re worried to mess up and get scolded at if their service isn’t great, but then again, like anyone, they’re people too.

I’d be nervous if someone who didn’t speak my language was attempting to get my help.

Still, it’s a little uncomfortable when it’s clear you’re able to communicate with them and they still freak out. But it’s not my judgement to make.

I found my things and guys. Why is DWD not popular in Japan? My babes need the ❤


My trashcan was filled with treasure that day.


Still wish I got Rem for a badge but Roen is also a fav of mine *he speaks only in keigo*

One of the CR badges is a mystery because it’s a gift for a dear friend who reads stuff on here ^^

If you want to check out my translations for the scenario of this Drama cd series and each character’s scenario, you came to the right place.

Afterwards, we ate at a restaurant and ordered okonomiyaki. Jenna and I split one while my other friends ate their own meals. However, we had to help each other through the meal since it’s rude to not eat everything.

It was delicious and the couple who ran the shop were so kind. Their dog barked and I said I also have a dog (both Chihuahuas) but I used あります instead of いますand he goes, “Ah, your Japanese is so good!” but the damage was done.

Then again, they seem to say that as a default even if you SUCK at Japanese.

My friends and I finished our meal and were talking about the buddies at school and how all of them are cute when one passed right by the restaurant.

We got lost again trying to find our way through Kawaramachi and passed a few guys singing in the street. They were really good!

We made it back but ran into the group that went to karaoke before boarding the bus. Tetsuya dyed his hair to a dusty dark brown which surprised me but he looks good in it. Guys are very fashionable here. I really like that about Japan.

Our next day of class introduced a new teacher to us who is currently my fav. Kuwajima sensei is so funny and eager to teach us. He asked what cars and computers we have and anytime it was a Japanese brand he said, “Very good! Japan!”

His energy was infectious.

He started talking about the Japanese healthy system and it shocked us. When one gets an X-ray, they strip nude. There’s no lead to protect your organs. When we explained it’s there to protect you, he said “No good! Japan is best way!” Then he said that when you get a shot you’re not allowed to shower that day.

We thought he was joking.

He wasn’t.

We went to make pottery and needless to say I was pretty bad at it. Zheni, Tyler, Jenna and I all went down to our bus and had ice cream on the way.


Zheni has an unfair advantage in Japanese. Since he’s Chinese he said he can understand the kanji here even if the pronunciation or meaning is different.

He was surprised that it was hard for us until we explained, “Well, we don’t grow up with kanji.”

That night we all bonded over some fantastic Japanese lessons on the English language. I cleaned the kitchen with my roommate after dinner and all of us grew closer just like we did the night before.

We take our makeup off in front of each other and dress in pjs. We don’t worry about appearances because we like each other and that’s what matters ^^

I’m going to miss my roommates already and it’s only the 1st week! I’m glad we all talk on LINE often but I hope we get to meet again and again in life.

Tomorrow if plans go well, we’ll be finally paying the Pokemon Center a visit.

I can’t. Wait.

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10 thoughts on “Study Abroad: Animate, Dining, Pottery Class, and Becoming Nakama with Dorm-mates

  1. Lehst says:

    KYAAAA~!! Shinsuke Nakamura ❤ !!! wasn't expecting his appearance here.
    I was just watching him today too lol. I'm not actually a huge wrestling fan, but I got into it last year because my SO has been watching. lol for years I had NO idea he was into that stuff, but his friend got him into it again so now we watch NXT and WWE every week.

    and omg using Pineapple Pen as a metaphor, very nice. Also thank you so much for linking the fantastic Japanese lesson. I saw a clip of one of those used in something but never had any clue what it was from. The more you know *rainbow flies above*.

    Thanks to your posts I'm learning some interesting things. I looked up Kasajizou (those pics are so cute) and what is up with the health care?? for real???

    Ice cream looks awesome! We always wish we had more flavors in boring American stores. Too much chocolate and not enough fruit and dammit I want to try the fun foods flavored green tea and red bean and stuff.

    I also had no idea it was rude not to finish your food. I also heard that the portions are smaller though. Restaurants here pretty much expect you to take the rest home. An exchange student came to stay with my SO's family for week during the school's break and this kind of explains a few things, like I think I recall her feeling awkward and asking us if we wanted the rest of her food at the restaurant. We went to a so-so sushi place, and we asked her if anything was close to Japanese lol. This? no. That? no. That over there? hmm almost. What about that? definitely no. XDD

    lol long reply is long. anyways keep at it over there, and let us know about your adventures when you have time! Fighting! \(^o^)/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Haha I wasn’t expecting it either! xD Wow, really? That’s so awesome!
      Awww //// well I ‘m glad you’re enjoying them Lehst! Haha yep it’s an awesome video for learning English lol
      And yes….I still can’t comprehend their health care….how???? You’d think JAPAN of all countries would be the most concerned about radiation rofl
      Oh god I agree with you so much on the ice cream!!
      Haha that’s the reason! xD
      And no please never worry about long replies. I have so much fun discussing things with everyone. So please keep them coming ^^
      And of course! I’ll continue to do my best!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lehst says:

        radiation rofl !!!! I’m dying of laughter. that’s so awful XDDD
        Jeepers I didn’t even know DWD was a thing that existed. I should check it out (there you go, one more to join your fandom ^^.) and I have to ask: Lindo. Is there like… an ancient vampire bloodline in Rejet-verse that eventually spawned his family and Cordelia’s family? cuz really. who wouldn’t think of them both when you have red hair /green eyes /Rejet style.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Reare Noella says:

    The post is getting cuter ♥ i’m loving it ♥ but Zheni is from which part of China tho? Since he is from mainland china, he has to learn Mandarin (in china they called it Putonghua or so I was taught) so it’s true about the unfair advantage lol. Not too mention chinese have two versions: the modern and the traditional (much more complex to read and understand for me) since I suck in Mandarin and low-key forgetting about Cantonese, but safe to say the similarity between mandarin and japanese is really similar (I would say 40% for the charaters. Grammar are not really the same since chinese is very complex but there is similarity. Just a bit.)

    But another factor for Zheni is his main lingo. If he’s from Shanghai or Beijing then there will be another factor that makes Japanese easier to understand. It really depends how he aproach Japanese too.

    I’m grinning at dat swan too. For a moment I really thought the swan was radiating light lmao XD and isn’t that Nakamura from NXT? I used to watch him in NXT a lot while doing his signature dance XD I missed the days I watch him wrestle with Sami (was it?) aghhh I need to rewatch NXT again *opens YouTube*

    Liked by 3 people

    • Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

      Yes, Zheni is from Beijing. Haha it does stink for me, but for him I’m glad it’s easier to pick up. Languages are hard to grasp in general so I’m happy for anyone who can pick them up easier.
      Aw thank you! I’m glad my phone can let me edit things like this since I’m so bad at photoshop. And hell yea XD

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sylphalchemist says:

    OMG, that Pineapple Pen amv was beautiful. Please tell me the teachers do that crotch thrust just like the Pineapple Pen man jk

    That ice cream looks delish!

    And that swan looks amazing. I honestly thought it was a picture picture – like drawn by someone haha

    Liked by 1 person

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