Otome Game Unboxing: Shiro to Kuro no Alice




Hello!! I hope you’re having a great day ^^ Here’s a look at one of the newest otoge to hit shelves xD

I never got to play the Kuni no Alice games so I was really excited to play this despite how there’s so many spins on Alice.

Plus, the premise seems really fun.

I just hope it doesn’t fail.


My dorm mates witnessed the glorious unboxing and one was really surprised at how much came with it.

Yeah, America. Why don’t our games come with extra stuff? 😛

I don’t really invest in LE’s because that’s less money for other games. Plus, LE’s don’t really give much (IMO) unless you get special sets.


But you never know if they’re worth it because the game could be kusoge.

Please don’t suck game.

At least it will look good on my shelf.

The art book is pretty neat and the art looks stunning.


And that’s pretty much it!

Hope you enjoyed this and if you want to get a copy, please use my affiliate link to support my blog! ^^

Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “Otome Game Unboxing: Shiro to Kuro no Alice

      • Lehst says:

        lol. where’s the castle route??
        we need another crack!otome where you date furniture.

        anyways, looks really nice! lol unboxing is fun with witnesses XD. and I learned a new word, “kusoge” ! XDD I can pretty well guess how that word came about lol. I want to use it now. except I don’t, cuz who want’s more kusoge? XDDDD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lehst says:

        ROFL i didn’t think of that! It’s the perfect name for him. totoyandertower. very nice. man, I still have to do the grand ending. i did the not-so-grand one and cried so much lol. Kyrie always makes me cry, wtf?! x’D

        ok enough off topic nonsense. Oh yeah, and you said in your post you don’t usually do LE’s cuz yeah, they cost a lot=less games. I totally love them though, since my other hobby is collecting merch and stuff XD.

        Liked by 1 person

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