Otome Game Review: Black Wolves Saga Weib und Schwarz~Bloody Nightmare~

Intro: Long ago, in the Kingdom of Weblin, several races (human and demi-human shape shifters) lived in harmony under the rule of the Garibaldi Cats. Until the Wolves rebelled and a plague broke out. To maintain control, the Cats decreed their extermination. 10 years have passed and the law hasn’t been lifted, while the plague continues to ravage the lands.

Fiona Galland, daughter of the Earl Galland, has lived her whole life in a tower, waiting to step outside on her 16th birthday. She is a rare species of humans called Lobeira, which suffer from a weak body and immune system. The villagers direct their anger at Fiona, claiming she’s a witch spreading the plague to sacrifice people for her health. Fiona is sentenced to confinement in the Garibaldi castle to prove her innocence, whose inhabitants have been twisted beyond sanity. 

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Otome Game Review: Cinderella Phenomenon

Intro: Crown Princess Lucette’s life is irrevocably changed when the Fairytale Curse befalls her. Fairies and Witches had once lived in harmony, keeping the balance of the powers of their crystals intact. However, fairytales cast the witches as evil , resulting in the Great War to eradicate them. As vengeance, the witches have been cursing humans ever since. Lucette, brought up to distrust others by her mother, must complete 3 good deeds to reclaim her title after she awakens on the streets in rags, with none but other cursed people to remember her. These deeds show up as pieces of a necklace she wears. At the Marchen Boarding house, a fairy named Parfait and a witch named Delora try to help the cursed. But Lucette has never been anything but distrustful, bitter, and selfish. How can she manage even a single good deed?

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