New Otome Games Licensed in English For 2018

Perhaps the time has come.

We are being recognized as a market. We did it you guys!!! ^^

Here are 3 new otome games announced by Aksys to be released in 2018!!

First, we have a confirmed release date for Bad Apple Wars, which will also have a LE, on September 29, 2017.


And Collar x Malice is being released this month!!!


New Licenses:



Kokuchou no Psychedelica


and Haitaka no Psychedelica!!


I have all of these already but being able to finally play them is something I cannot believe is happening. All of these titles deal with a heavy story line and the romance adds to it rather than takes away.

In particular, the last two games are unique. The heroines are voiced and each of them are fleshed out and serve a strong purpose in the game. So if you liked Cardia Beckford you’ll likely enjoy these heroines a lot.

Please continue to support the otome game industry by buying these titles when you can for this is the only way we can continue to get new titles.

*All were announced at Anime Expo. While I was not there, many fellow otoge gamers were and have shared such announcements on twitter.

Which are you looking forward to most?

If you like what you see please follow or share, thank you!!

13 thoughts on “New Otome Games Licensed in English For 2018

  1. Lehst

    @_@ WOW~!!! and the new titles for localization look so good!

    I think right now I’m most excited to find out what the LE for Bad Apple Wars will have. Although that image for 7’scarlet is very appealing!

    Also hearing that Psychedelica titles have a well-defined heroine is also good news! I don’t know a whole lot about these title though since I see little point in looking up games I can’t play, but also, if it’s a publisher or team I believe in, I like to just go into a game blind. (and at this point i’m a total Aksys fangirl LOL. and it’s not like mobile games with the low-production value.) Anyways, I like my gaming to have a mix of silent protagonists and ones that are voiced and centrifugal to the plot. Code Realize is in my top 3 so~! wooo! Thanks for the announcements update!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      I know I can’t believe this is happening rn.
      7’Scarlet got a good review from Hinano so I’m pretty excited to play it and understand what’s happening. It has some really cool animations.

      The Psychedlica titles are reall good. You don’t need to play them in order as they’re each their own story. Just some fun easter eggs for others if they play in order.

      Haha same!! (despite that horrendous mess up with Norn9) I’m so happy that Aksys is constantly giving us otoge. I hope this spreads into a business for other companies.

      And yeassssssss CR is bae ^^

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  2. Reare Noella

    Hey hey hey ♡ have been MIA for some time now and glad to see the post since I’m usually so late on licensed otome game. I’m really hyped for bad apple wars and psychedelica series tho since that game is pretty awesome OwO

    p.s. happy forth of july
    p.s. happy belated eid (even tho its like day 9) XD



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