Otome Game Unboxing: Black Wolves Saga Weiβ und Schwarz Limited Edition


Several lovely bloggers and otoge fans had recommended this very game to me in the past. The problem was I had no PSP and the language was too advanced. Now, I can play it thanks to lovely bloggers who pretty much translated each route. And, both Bloody Nightmare and its “less dark” sequel, Last Hope was ported to the Vita.

Essentially you’re getting 2 otoge for the price of 1.


I’m nearly done with Bloody Nightmare so you can expect a review soon. If you do pick it up please understand the game is heavy. The cast is ridden with psychological issues and there’s plenty of torture, death, and gore in every route.

The entire game explores the darkest aspects of a person’s heart and unfortunately our heroine, Fiona, she has been sheltered in a tower her entire life because her immune system is so weak she could die from a mere cold. When she finally gets to go outside, she’s thrust into a world driven by madness.

As such, things don’t go well for her.


Here’s the biggest dick-wad to ever be conceived in an otoge. He has a route….


If you want to pick up a copy for yourself, you can do so here.

In a separate post, I’ll be analyzing the cast and discussing the way the male characters are forgiven for the shit they do in here by some fans. The reason being that everyone is so adamant about feminism and yet this is a prime example, along with Diabolik Lovers, of ‘Girl is raped/beaten/tortured by her love interest and fans say the she was at fault.’



Media really does impact us whether we want to believe it or not. If we become so numb to offensive material that we can say a girl who was raped or tortured in a game deserved it because she was THERE, this already shows the extent of the damage.

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2 thoughts on “Otome Game Unboxing: Black Wolves Saga Weiβ und Schwarz Limited Edition

  1. blogwrym

    Not to sound like a complete dunce, but does BWS have rape? It’s just I haven’t exactly read reviews since I want to play it myself, and I thought the most it had was torture/blood/gore.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hello, blogwrym!

      Vita games in general don’t necessarily have sexual content. However, they can imply it. This has happened in Dialovers, Kamigami no Asobi, and a few others.

      As for BWS Bloody Nightmare, yes, there is a very heavily implied rape scene as a bad ending for one of the love interests. Basically, you are told that X is on top of Y and Y doesn’t exactly want this to happen but because of how insane X is and she has no way to protect herself if she refuses….Y unfortunately just lets it happen. What that is is never explicitly said as the game ends and the ending song begins. For this same love interest, Y bears children with him and she represses all of her emotions so she doesn’t anger him. She pretends she’s living a good life.

      Since this game focuses on the darker parts of humanity, there are scenes like torture, murder, and implied rape in SOME endings. This is never shown.

      If you’re not comfortable with this, I’d choose another game or just not play the cat’s routes. Or Nesso’s, if you’re uncomfortable with incest and using “reasons” to justify making the MC do sexual things with him-again, only at the ending. However, this one isn’t subtle and it’s very clear what’s happening. It’s only one line but it’s obvious.

      Aside from that, if you want a darker narrative this might be worth picking up. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I hope I was able to answer your question! Also, if you want to check out my review for the game, I put a non-spoiler section under Final Thoughts in case you wanted to check that out. If you’re worried about some of the routes, you could browse through my summaries but there are spoilers in them.



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