Otome Game Review: Black Wolves Saga Weiß und Schwarz~Bloody Nightmare~

Intro: Long ago, in the Kingdom of Weblin, several races (human and demi-human shape shifters) lived in harmony under the rule of the Garibaldi Cats. Until the Wolves rebelled and a plague broke out. To maintain control, the Cats decreed their extermination. 10 years have passed and the law hasn’t been lifted, while the plague continues to ravage the lands.

Fiona Galland, daughter of the Earl Galland, has lived her whole life in a tower, waiting to step outside on her 16th birthday. She is a rare species of humans called Lobeira, which suffer from a weak body and immune system. The villagers direct their anger at Fiona, claiming she’s a witch spreading the plague to sacrifice people for her health. Fiona is sentenced to confinement in the Garibaldi castle to prove her innocence, whose inhabitants have been twisted beyond sanity. 

*This review only covers the first game, Bloody Nightmare. My Japanese isn’t advanced enough to play without a detailed summary, courtesy of yumemirusekai THANK YOU. If I find one for Last Hope I’ll review it.*


His mom used her sons to kill herself and Mejojo and Auger lost the few screws they’d managed to keep. Then, Elivra Galland, Mejojo’s fiance, fell for a knight named Arles. To keep his pride, he asked his dad to call off the wedding, thinking he’d oppose it. But he granted it. When Arles contracted the first strain of Zodiva, Mejojo used the opportunity to kill him. But Elvira shielded Arles. In self-defense, Arles scarred Mejojo and fled the kingdom. Mejojo was 16 when he spread a rumor about Wolves carrying Zodiva and ordered the genocide of an entire race. He turned his sights on Fiona, a Galland who resembles Elvira, someone he couldn’t have. They accuse her of being a witch and take her in to “assess her.”

She’s given a servant named Julian along with mouse guards-CCK. Mejojo takes her on a wolf hunt to traumatize her and they capture Rath, who is tortured while Arles launches a rescue mission. Arles breaks into the gardens and bites Fiona. Mejojo sees the wound and STRANGLES HER because she “wanted” to be taken Arles (屮゚Д゚)屮 She faints and dreams Mejojo snogs her face off. Nesso and Zara sneak in and Julian tells them about a sewer system they can use. It’s a trap but they escape. Mejojo and Auger kill their dad and Mejojo becomes King. Fiona and the gang discover the cure to Zodiva is the blood of a Lobeira. They seek help from the wolves, Black.Wolves.Saga.full.1120028but they refuse. Fiona decides to return to the Cats with Julian. Auger kills Julian and she’s tortured in the dungeons until Nesso, Zara, and the wolves attack.

Fiona’s forced to watch them kill each other. Mejojo doesn’t play fair and has Arles struck down with arrows, then repeatedly stabs him as Arles says he’d respected Mejojo. But because of how he’d been treated in the castle, Mejojo believed everyone was out to get him and he became violent when things weren’t in his control. Arles blinds Mejojo before he dies and in the “good end” Mejojo rapes Fiona. She’s terrified what he’d do if she refused -_- Bad end: Auger kills Mejojo and NTRs Fiona. She says she doesn’t know who the father of her child is because she’s been passed between them so much. Auger visits her and as they kiss, he guts her. He laughs, asking if it hurt. Bad twin ending:
Mejojo-20Fiona’s locked in the dungeons. She associates the cats with pleasure because they are the only ones she can communicate with. Good twin end: Fiona represses her memories. Mejojo takes her as his wife and they have 2 children. If she says one wrong thing, they’ll harm her. So she must play the role they want her to. Ugh poor girl. Even in the good ends, she gets raped and has to pretend it didn’t happen so she doesn’t go insane.

bws_craycrayauger001_zps7b3edbcbAuger: Auger wasn’t suited for otoge. Why the fuck did he get a route?! Honestly, the cats shouldn’t have gotten any but the game wasn’t going for lovey-dovey. But still! They could’ve given Rath a better route if they’d cut out this damn psycho. Between the twins, he’s the most unstable. His route is the same as Mejojo’s except for the endings and dream sequence, where he fucking feels her up all “Man you’re so flat” Yeah so why you keep feeling her up?! Good end: Mejojo goes insane (how can he go even more insane? lol) thinking Fiona betrayed him by siding with the wolves when she was locked in the tower. He whips her daily and Auger applies medicine to her wounds. He seems truly sorry about her treatment but then you realize he’s really hoping she’ll affirm Mejojo needs him. He believes his brother’s shattered mind is his fault so he cares for Fiona hoping she’ll say it’s not his fault.

15626750429b2aeba36192c8b51ff96bMejojo walks in on his bro tending her wounds and shits bricks. He says Auger planned to take away Fiona from the start. Auger kills Mejojo in self-defense and it was honestly hard not to feel bad for the guy when he was crying for his brother. Despite all the shit that happened, they didn’t deserve it. BUT FIONA DIDN’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS EITHER. So he comes to visit her and he’s now King. They start making out when he wraps his tail around her neck then the screen fades to black. At the end of the song, he says, ばかああああ~. Bad end: Mejojo dies and Auger tells her he doesn’t care what she does. Fiona knows there’s nothing left for her so she nice-boats herself by jumping out of the window where their mom died. Honestly the best end for the cats.

Julian_zps8afbf14bJulian: The canon route in in my eyes. He’s the twins’ half-bro and crown prince. Rayleigh used him to try and kill Mejojo but her schemes were revealed, resulting in disinheriting both her and Julian. He now serves as the gardener and Fiona’s servant. Mejojo forgot the dude has a ding-dong because THERE’S NO WAY an ex-prince could become his rival!

He's just a friend

Julian takes her for some dancing in the moonlit garden. After Arles bites her and Mejojo strangles her to unconsciousness, she dreams of Julian giving her a hickey cleaning her wound. They’re escaping when Julian 360’s on them. When Rayleigh died, the cats tortured Julian in the dungeons until he broke. They escape with Julian but understand the risk. But they’re so kind to the cinnamon roll!╰(▔∀▔)╯

Fiona and Julian help each other cross a river via rocks and she realizes they’re very similar. This is the first time either of them have been outside. The last rock is a little far so she misjudges the distance and glomps him. They kiss shojo style and Julian apologizes but then is all hey baby~ I don’t mind if you puts all your weight on me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

urlAt night and Julian suggests he could be her windbreaker. He’s cold so she says they should press against each other and he admits he’s happy but then denies it (❤ฺ→艸←) They celebrate her bday the next day and then have to cross the border the next. However, they feel danger is waiting to ambush them. Nesso says they can take a more dangerous route. A cliff where only two people can walk at a time. As Fiona and Julian are walking, royal guards arrive. Julian shields Fiona when they start shooting arrows and tells the plebs to leave. Of course Auger shows up and poor Julian reverts to the groveling, self-deprecating husk he was twisted into. Good end: he tells Auger he’s not his toy and escorts Fiona like a swag-ass-mofo to safety while Auger rages. He bemoans his NEET lifestyle but Fiona says he can find something to do. So he asks if they can walk a new life together and when she says yes he kisses her. After the twin’s route this was heaven.

Bad End: Fiona shoves him off the cliff because she can’t see the Julian she loved. She’s captured and unable to process what happened. True End: like in the cat’s routes, she’s tortured except this time Julian isn’t killed and is forced to watch. He’s made their servant but they don’t expect him to disobey. IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT THE GARIBALDI’S REALIZED-THEY FUCKED UP. He tells the Galland Marquis everything who informs the aristocrats. The guards are pulled out while Auger tells Fiona to lick the tea he poured onto the floor to see if they’ll be merciful and not harm 1178943f4940ea0a7237c7cfd6b90376Nesso and Zara. Julian serves the cats poisoned tea and calls in the guards to take them away when the poison paralyzes them. Julian says the cats will be treated as he was. Fiona agrees to live with him and she suppresses all the signs that Julian is torturing the cats in their dungeon every day. Please cleanse yourself of this shit in Last Hope Julian please you’re too precious for this!!

Arles: The Silver Wolf of Salvation whose life turned upside down when Mejojo killed his fiance and set to exterminating his entire race. Fiona asks to stay and Arles tells Nesso, Zara, and Julian she’s now their family and she must choose between Rath and Guillan for a husband so she chooses Arles. This is his way to show her comrades she made her choice and they’ll honor it.

Fiona spends her days giving her blood to protect them from Zodiva. The first time she does, she goes to Arles to accompany her. He’s asleep in his study and he grabs her, thinking she’s Elvira. He wakes and they discuss his dream. She was there too and he couldn’t save her. The cats find their base and they ask her to leave. She can’t fight and she’ll be able to tell the world the truth. She tells them not to die. Good End: Arles, Guillian, and Rath are the only ones alive and the cats come. When all seems lost, Fiona returns. She draws Mejojo closer, and Arles leaps, tearing off Mejojo’s arm, Auger’s foot, and finally kills them. He’s had his revenge. Fiona and Rath play with her children and her hubby saunters over to get some alone time with her. Her blood is something he wants out09 of affection and not because of its healing properties. Bad End: She’s been living with the wolves, slowly healing them. She goes to the village for goods and information. The cats are rumored to have saved the wolf princess and killed the wolves. She doesn’t believe them and sits outside, watching the stars. And then everyone she loves is burned alive. Mejojo and Auger say she was outed by a suspicious villager. They show her the decapitated heads of Arles, Guillan, and Rath. Fiona charges at Mejojo, saying she’ll kill him, but Auger knocks her out and says she’ll be punished.

rath01Rath: is blind in his left eye and the poor guy gets captured and tortured every route. He’s given up the will to live and hates killing. It’s pretty obvious he’s supposed to be the canon but yet…his route was so short. Bloody Nightmare is the cat’s story and it certainly doesn’t do the wolves any justice. I get that doing so would make the game super long, but damn. We have only a few moments with him. When she must flee with the injured wolves from the approaching cats, Rath asks if he can return to her after the war as his way of a confession. Good End: Auger and the knights corner her and the injured wolves she’s with are slaughtered. Rath pulls her away but they’re surrounded on a cliff. They jump as arrows fly toward them and miraculously survive. Rath says he needs his brother to survive because they’re strong. The two travel to who knows were, staying alive to end the Black Wolves Saga by spreading the truth of Zodiva. Bad End: Fiona is dying of Zodiva after having cured all the wolves. When Rath returns to her, a blinding golden light flashes and the screen cuts to black, implying she had dreamed of him before dying.

BWS_bn172Guillan: batshit insane wolf who addresses himself as ORESAMA and wants to be called SAMA but the moment someone does he can’t handle it and takes it back. He’s also a tsundere but I didn’t like him. He’s very childish and instead of taking blood from her the normal way he overpowers her to get her blood the way he wants. I liked how Fiona was able to actually feel comfortable protesting for once about something happening she wasn’t ok with, but constantly having this guy take over everything sucked. Don’t see how that’s gonna last long lol. Good End: he returns to her after the war and kisses her. Arles died with Mejojo and Auger got away. Rath is coming to lead the cured pack because Guillan’s taking her on a journey to spread the truth. After he ravishes her of course rofl. Bad End: so this fucker comes back with fatal wounds as she’s at a river bank and collapses. As she’s about to call for help, HE RIPS HER THROAT OUT with his teeth because he’s so fucking selfish he’d rather doom his pack to Zodiva, and disregard Arles’s dying wishes all so Fiona can’t have her own happiness. I don’t understand. He’s supposed to adore Arles to the point he’d do anything for him and his other ends validate this and yet he does this. I’m fucking done. True End: Guillan returns with Arles’s arm-which he fucking eats to show his power or some shit to the wolves. Then he kisses Fiona cuz that’s so hot aw yea all dat blood and then he takes over the pack (눈‸눈) 

BWS_bn128Rejet Staple Nesso: Weblin’s strongest knight who’s in love with his half-sis, Fiona. He’s the first siscon I’ve met in a game where he’s proud of being one and he lets everyone know he wants to bang his sister. EVERYONE. Fiona and Nesso promised to marry when they were little, but though she forgot, HE NEVER DID. When Mejojo began asking for Fiona’s hand, Nesso suggested confining her in the tower to protect her. Nesso’s not a bad guy and I love me some Shinichiro but the creepy moments were plentiful. He pretty much made out with her WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD, thus confusing the fuck out of her. When they’re at the campfire and she’s cold, he makes her sit next to him and as they’re talking he jams his tongue down her mouth while she thinks HUH THIS IS WEIRD YOU’RE MY BRO. The problem with Nesso is his ENTIRE CHARACTER is based on his love for Fiona. Strip that away and there’s nothing but white space. Nothing. What does he do for fun? Nothing. He just exists to pine over Fiona -_- Good End: they fall off the cliff they’re scaling and survive except he gets crushed under rocks and they manage to dig him out but he broke a ton of shit so he monopolizes Fiona’s time as she tries to help him recover. It seemed fine until he started making out with her, told her to strip, and the next line pretty much says he stuck something into her…..WOW SUCH SUBTLETY SASUGA REJET( ◉◞౪◟◉) Bad End: he dies when she goes to get help and she loses it and can’t bring herself to believe he’s dead.

BWS_bn148Zara: a war orphan and Fiona’s attendant.  His entire race was wiped out by the 5th Garibaldi King to purge their medicinal knowledge.  He was owned as a slave and cruelly abused so when Fiona’s dad came to purchase him to find a cure to Fiona’s disease, Zara was extremely wary and apprehensive. He couldn’t trust anyone. He was treated with kindness and love by the Gallands and yet he believed it was all a lie. When Fiona was locked in her tower, she was terrified she would be alone since her father was like SO YEA NO ONE ELSE WILL BE WITH YOU but Zara told him he wanted to be Fiona’s attendant. He spent those days teasing her because she was so gullible and he realized that because she was so pure he needed to do everything in his power to protect her (*°∀°)=3 At the campfire, he wraps stones in cloth to keep her warm and they reminisce about books they read and she falls asleep on his shoulder. What I liked about his route was there was no lusting after each other rofl. Zara and Fiona were so comfortable with each other as friends and truly trusted each other with their lives. For this reason, some may find him to be pretty “boring” aka NORMAL to the rest of the cast because Zara is the ONLY PURE ONE in the entire game rofl.

BWS_bn154Good End: Zara gets shot with an arrow as they cross but he makes it and he calls her to see him one day. He could’ve chosen to live his life free after the Galland’s lost their wealth but he continues to work on a cure for Zodiva. He creates it but he’s unsure of if it will work or not and he admits this to her. Fiona entrusts herself to him and thinks she wants to always be with him. Zara says he would like to observe her condition for the rest of his days and Fiona’s all WELL THEN DOCTOR 😉 and they both confess and kiss. Bad End: he’s shot by a poisoned arrow right as they escape to freedom and he fucking dies on the grass, saying he’d rather give up and here’s the recipe to the cure FUCKING NO why did you give up (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻


Final Thoughts:

Dialovers Got Nothing on this Shit


BWS is considered to be Rejets’ best game and it really shows. The world feels like something straight out of a fairy tale. One that could’ve been used to teach children the darkness in people’s hearts and how to treat everyone with kindness. And essentially, that’s what the game is about. The darkness in everyone, the worst possible sides to someone. That more often than not the innocent are wronged and punished for nothing. It’s a depressing truth, but the game doesn’t shy from it. As such, the contents of this game is really dark and at times depressing. It is thanks to how well written the cast is that makes this game hard to put down. You want to know just why they’re doing what they’re doing, and you want to know just how far someone will descend. The title comes from Rath saying the wolves will be known in history as the Wolves’ Saga; a black curse and the tragedy of being violated by Zodiva.



Fiona Galland is the “Pure Girl Who Shows Kindness And Cures The Boys”  poor girl who was isolated from the world her entire life and she’s only been told the good things from her family. She’s essentially kept safe from every evil thing that exists and the moment she gets to step outside she’s set upon by the worst possible things. She’s accused of being a witch, she’s locked up again by the Garibaldi’s, she’s forced to watch them kill wolves and capture one for torture, she’s strangled nearly to death by the man who she believed wanted to marry her, she’s tortured, raped, etc. YOU FUCKING NAME IT THIS POOR GIRL EXPERIENCES IT AT SOME POINT. Like….what sucks is she truly has no idea about her own world because her family sheltered her so much and when she comes out she’s expecting to see only what they thought was ok to tell her. So she has NO idea Weblin’s princes are insane. In fact, no one does. Her family feels there’s something wrong with them but they never effectively communicate this to her until it’s too late. And she’s 16. SHE’S ONLY 16 AND SHE GOES THROUGH ALL THIS SHIT. As you’d imagine, she’s pretty shy and believes the world is the way her family said it was and when shit goes down she has no idea what to do. So she does the only thing she can: chooses what’s most important and fights for it. I loved her and it seriously sucks that all of this happened to her 😦


System: There’s no Skip-to-Next because apparently only kusoge get that. It’s pretty standard mechanics. I loved the additional content. You can “groom” the cast and it’s pretty hilarious. They have extra “sayings” from each character where they talk about their age, race, talk like animals (Julian going NYAN was just) and you can even ask Nesso to speak like an animal ROFL. They also have sweet talk which was nice ^^ There’s a glossary and a memories section where you can replay scenes in the game.

Art: Hot momma is the art lovely! Everything is lush and has a gorgeous water color style. The colors were muted to convey the DIS SHIT BE DARK but there was plenty of gorgeous, brightly colored parts of the game so it wasn’t all depressing. There is a LOT of gore in this game. If you like your otoge to be sweet and fluffy, this is not your game lol. Some of the kiss cgs were a little strange and there were some THAT ARM CANNOT BEND THAT WAY but it was still pleasing to look at.

Music: OMG please someone gift me the soundtrack rofl. I am in love with it. If you played The House in Fata Morgana, the ost is very similar and if you adored that, then just get the game for the music rofl. And the story because both have dark narratives. Although Fata Morgana has more romance than BWS. I know, weird.

Characters: You have to go in knowing everyone (except Zara and her dad) SUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK. They all have or HAD *coughAugercough* good sides to them but this entire narrative is about getting dark. They don’t shy away from anything. So if you’re prepared, than you can really enjoy exploring the psychological issues they’re plagued with. But since I’m doing an extensive analysis of them all in a separate post(s?), and because all of you are here to see if I hate your favorite character how the romance in this plays out, here you go.

I like healthy relationships but I understand some otoge players really like exploring that dark shit. In BWS that’s what you’re getting lol and I have to say I was even roped in. It was FASCINATING and I both felt bad for Auger and Mejojo and wanted them to burn in a fire. Of the two, Auger just breaks the meter for TOO UNSTABLE. Like holy shit sir. WTF. HE’S A LIAR AND YOU CAN NEVER TRUST HIM RUN JUST RUN.


Somehow….he’s included as a route in Last Hope, which is the “lighter” game and focuses more on the romance. He has a route. Auger. 


Mejojo is just…I liked him. I wanted him to be able to recover but it’s not possible (unless Rejet decides to screw over psychological problems to make it so) but he was so interesting. I just hate the other side of him.

Nesso was kind of funny as a siscon but like I said if you take that away he is nothing. His entire character is being a siscon. That’s it. His romance was really creepy as he forced make outs on his kid sister….and other…..stuff…..

Arles and Rath were screwed over in this lol so don’t expect much! No kiss cgs for you. Last Hope apparently rectifies this but like I said, Bloody Nightmare is about the cats and it would be too long of a game to fully cover everything for the wolves. Guillan was the “what if she fell in love with someone who was too in-tune with his animalistic nature?” and yea…..he’s not my cup of tea.


Zara and Julian take the prize for my favs. Zara is the only one in this game who’s pure good. He has no ulterior motives and his relationship with Fiona is one based on trust, friendship, and actual love for her as a person. He’s definitely a good break if the insanity of the others are wearing you down. Most will find him a little boring because he’s normal but I loved him and want more routes like his.

Julian!!!! My precious baby. I loved him from the start and despite things that happened to him and what he does I can’t hate him. He’s too precious and I’m so glad his route is canon for this game. He may not be a physically strong guy but who cares? His relationship with Fiona was perfect and UGH I need moar. I just fucking adored him and I cannot wait to play his route in Last Hope!! ❤


From most “romance” to least lol

Julian>Zara>Nesso>Arles=Rath=Guillan>Mejojo>Auger (YOU DON’T BELONG ON THIS LIST SIR)

Overall this was a really refreshing game. Do not go into this for romance because while there is some, it’s not the focus. This game is about psychologically twisted characters who do really messed up shit to everyone. The heroine is not treated very well by a lot of them and is even tortured, strangled, beaten, and raped. As this is a vita game, rape is not illustrated nor is it really described but it’s obvious what is happening. Torture scenes and other gore, however, is illustrated so if you happen to be someone who can’t handle that, this is not your game. It’s really messed up, it’s really dark, and it’s really depressing. Bloody Nightmare certainly earns it’s Cero D rating and only those interested in titles exploring the worst of a person’s heart should play it. Romance is not and should not be your goal for Bloody Nightmare. 

If you’re interested in getting both Bloody Nightmare and its sequel, Last Hope for the price of one all on the vita, please consider using my affiliate link here.

You can play this even if you don’t understand Japanese thanks to the lovely bloggers, yumemirusekai and koiiro. I’m so glad they did because the Japanese in this game is really advanced and heavy on politics. Thank you!

What did you think of Bloody Nightmare? Who was your favorite character? What shocked you the most?

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47 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Black Wolves Saga Weiß und Schwarz~Bloody Nightmare~

  1. 1_chan

    Oh lol. This game is brutal :00. You’re right with how Diabolik Lovers have nothing on Black Wolves Saga. Despite being such a nightmare, the art is very beautiful and ahh~ am quite intrigued with how you praised the world and background it takes place in. It must have been quite solid :00

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha, it is really brutal, 1_chan! But I was really impressed with how well written the entire game was and how much thought was put into the world and cast. If you don’t mind darker otoge, it certainly is worth checking out. There’s only fluff in small doses haha

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  2. otometantei

    Hey hey hey, nice review!!

    I regret to tell you, though, that neither Julian nor Guillan have routes in Last Hope ;w; they both had true ends here because they’re Bloody Nightmare characters only. In Last Hope they’re replaced by Elza (the lion), Richie & Pearl…yeah, the shota dogs have routes. And, believe me, I like shota characters but these 2 are too fucking young (THEY ARE LIKE 12 SERIOUSLY WTF REJET) *sobs forever*.

    Aww, it’s a pity you didn’t like Guillan ksjbgskjdb I loved him so much!! Even his bad end was really interesting to me because, in a sense, every single one of Guillan’s endings show his different sides. The bad ending shows his possessive and selfish side, his good ending shows his love for Fiona and how he’ll probably mature during their journey and his true end shows how he can be a leader when needed, still hasn’t matured but probably will as he gets experience on the long run. But it’s true that he may not be everyone’s cup of tea hehe 😆 (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT HIS SEIYUU ALSO PLAYED IKKI IN AMNESIA LIKE HOLY SHIT)

    As for Julian, he’s my second favorite so I completely understand all the love you show him ❤ Guy is too precious, such a cinnamon roll who didn't deserve all he went through!!! Neither did Fiona, gosh, she's a great heroine but the poor girl gets treated so badly by almost all of them ;__; It feels especially bad with Nesso because he's suppossed to be her brother but the dude has the hots for her freaking sister and keeps being a fucking creepy siscon. Zara is too pure, Zara baby what are you doing in this crazy story lmao 😆

    The cats and the wolves are really great characters, even though the cats are freaking insane and really don't behave well at all with Fiona, the wolves aren't precisely saints either lmao 😆 But goooosh, the story is so good even with all the crazy shit that happens lmao 😆 Auger is a fucking liar and a piece of shit but I'M SO WEAK TO YOSHINO'S VOICE DAMMIT. I agree with you that I can't believe he got a route in Last Hope wtf 😆

    Anyway, I think that even though the cats are clearly the worst out of them all when it comes to being the absolute worst to Fiona, Nesso is still my least favorite character because…DUDE HE'S YOUR FREAKING SISTER JUST KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF UGH.

    Music is sdkjbgskdjgbdjksgb if there's one thing no one can't criticize about Rejet is their music. Ack, it's so good, shut up and take my money, I'd totally buy all the OSTs 😆 the art too ❤ it's the same artist as Period Cube but somehow I liked the art in this one better even though Period Cube came out a lot later :O

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      GURLLLLLLL I agree Yoshino’s voice is too good!! Why does he have to voice the crazy guy and make me want him but then go NOPE!?

      Haha and noooooooooooooooooo Julian doesn’t get a route!?????? (´。_。`) but AUGER GETS ONE?! WTF sorry not sorry lol (and Pearl and Richie….)

      I did like Guillan until the bad ending played out and I sat there trying to process what happened. His selfishness really rubbed me the wrong way but I can definitely see his appeal. I just had a hard time with that after everything that happened in the game so far lol

      I agree with you so much that despite everything that happens it’s like a trainwreck where you have to keep reading it to know what’s gonna happen. I loved how crazy it was soooooo much!! xD

      OMG YAS the music was amazing I’m shook. Haha and yep I prefer this art over PC too!

      Do you have any recs for otoge or visual novels? It doesn’t have to be like BWS but I mean we seem to like all the same games so I think I’d like anything you rec to me ^^

      Have you played Last Hope? You seem very informed about this franchise, Otometantei 😉

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      1. otometantei

        IKR?? Thankfully in Hakuouki Yoshino voices Heisuke who is a cinnamon roll ,> but I like to think that bad ends aren’t really canon so I just usually get them off my mind lmao (I mean, otherwise Ukyo wouldn’t be popular in Amnesia for instance, with the “problem” he has xD).

        Let’s see…an otoge I can recommend…I haven’t played Last Hope but I did read a lot of spoilers at the time since I was super curious 😆 Maybe I’ll buy it someday. Anyway otoges to recommend hmm hmm…well, I don’t know that much japanese so I can only recommend the ones I played that have been localized or the indie ones if that’s ok 🙂

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      2. otometantei

        Aww thanks ❤

        Hmm let's see…good otoge recommendations hmm hmm

        Okay, this isn't an otoge but have you heard of Odin Sphere? It's an RPG with 5 main characters. The music is GREAT, the graphics are GORGEOUS and the story is really good. It has quite a bit of romance too, I think you'll really like it. I have a spoiler free review on my blog too if you're interested 😉

        As for otoge, let's see…I see you've played Nameless. Did you play Cheritz's other games? Dandelion and Mystic Messenger? Dandelion has a great MC and the characters are all pretty cool. My favorites are the tsundere bunny and the shota bunny 😆 As for Mystic Messenger, the romance can feel a bit forced since you're suppossed to fall in love with them in like 11 days (even less x'D) but then again…Period Cube was worse lmao. Also, the MC is suppossed to be you, so she doesn't have a set personality, it's the options you choose. Of course, also no back story for her but it's still pretty fun!!

        East Tower is another otoge series that I really like. It's nothing too serious, really, the game has a lot of comedy. A thing to note though is that the art is pretty bad, but the game is voiced in japanese!! So that makes it earn a lot of points. Again, it's nothing very deep, but it's a good game to play after having played something as dark as BWS 😉

        Some mobile otoge that I found pretty good were Castle Break and Ephemeral. The art is gorgeous (especially in Ephemeral) and even though there are some cheesy and cliche stuff, the heroines aren't stupid at all AND I LOVE THAT SO MUCH OMG THANK GOD.

        Also, have you played Liar! Uncover the truth? It's Voltage game where you need to discover your true love among 10 dudes. 9 of them are lying pieces of shit lmao 😆 (though you can still pursue a route with the last 5 of them lol)!!

        I can recommend more if you want or specific routes from the ones I mention too, just let me know 😉

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      3. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        OOOOO I’ve been interested in Odin Sphere for a while so I’m def moving this up higher now lol
        I watched an entire playthrough of Dandelion and I liked most of it but tbh I hated the really rapey bad ends lol and the whole system but the bunnies were adorable!! xD

        OOOO *writes down Castle Break and Ephemeral* thank you they sound really good!!!
        Haha I haven’t played Liar but I heard great things about it from pokeninja so I do need to check it outl Have you reviewed it? I’d like to hear your thoughts on it! ^^

        And yea gurl go for it I really don’t mind if you spam on here or anywehre lol we all need more good games! ^^ (they don’t all have to be otoge too. I literally play anything!)

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      4. otometantei

        Haha, yay!! I hope you enjoy Odin Sphere, it’s a real gem that one, it is!! As for Dandelion, I totally ignored the bad ends so I’d say just don’t mind them too much and enjoy the fluff x’DD what bothered me most about Dandelion (and Nameless too actually) is that the “happy endings” aren’t really…happy (except for 1 or 2 characters). And I’m freaking tired of bittersweet endings, which is why I was thankful that Mystic Messenger had REAL happy endings.

        I hope you enjoy them!! I haven’t played all of the routes but the ones I did play were pretty good 😉 As for Liar, I haven’t reviewed it yet, still playing it since it’s so long 😆

        Ooooh, awesome, don’t mind me then, I’m a sucker for giving recommendations 😆 What other types of games do you like apart from visual novels and RPGs? Do you like mystery games? Point & Click adventure games? My gamer heart is screaming so loud lol 😆

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Thank you I’m certain I will! It looks like a ton of fun xD And haha yay! Fluff is always the best 😉 but I will agree that the Nameless endings weren’t completely happy as you said. *shudders*

        I’m not sure if I want to play MM but that’s likely due to the fandom and all the problems it caused. I may someday though but it’s not high on my list tbh.

        Haha yassss and whoa really? Then Voltage made a pretty solid game? Wow, that’s pretty exciting. I liked their Thief X game but I had a really difficult time finding another game of theirs that clicked with me. I think I’m just not a fan of their office stories and sexual harassment lol and prefer the fantasy ones Solmare has.

        Haha I will literally play anything. Really. So list away! ^^


      6. otometantei

        You’re very welcome 🙂 And I completely understand about MM 😦 the fandom really didn’t behave well with Cheritz when they’re such hard-working and awesome people. Still I hope you give it a try someday, don’t let the fandom ruin such a great game ❤️

        Oh gosh, you get me so much. I used to be a great Voltage fun, but like you said…there’s a bunch of office stories and a bunch of not-really-ok romance. What especially annoys me about Voltage games is how MCs are usually really stupid/pure/etc and don’t even get me started on how they’re loved by almost all the guys in every game (especially in Thief X, which I found extremely unrealistic and annoying). Also, for some reason, the MCs never seem to have any distinctive skills, it’s almost always the men who are oh so talented and fucking awesome but oh no, their personalities tend to suck. Maybe I got too critical after having played so maybe mobile otoge, but there are very few MCs I like in Voltage games and very few male characters that stuck with me in a good way. I’d say Kiyonori from the After School Affairs is the one I liked the most. Takuto from Thief X used to be a favorite of mine…but as more stories kept being released…I started getting really annoyed at how their relationship moved forward, plus the MC (who I used to like before) started getting on my nerves.

        Solmare does have a lot more variety. I prefer their games too, even though there are some really awful ones out there as well, even worse than some Voltage ones 😆

        Awesome!! I’ll think of a list of good games to recommend and then comment again 😉

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      7. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        True! I just want to wait until I don’t feel like I’m playing a game that feels like a chore because of that haha.

        Oh god lol I hear you on some of solmare’s games *coughCan’tSayNocough* lol. Aw that sucks to hear Takuto and the MC got worse as it went on but I do agree that the premise for the whole game was really about suspending your disbelief.

        And aw yea 😉


    2. Bánh

      For Dandelion, I think the MC not cool, she just a normal and poor girl.
      For MM, they have good characters but so much plot hole for both story and romance. It’s good for mobile otome but not THAT good.
      For Liar! Uncover the truth, at first I like it but from the 6th liar I began to hate the MC. She just want the guys be this and that but she don’t try to make herself better. And at first she didn’t req “she have to be the first love/wife” but then she add that req? It’s like Voltage out of the idea so they just make out any reason. And she’s 30 already, how could she make that impossible req?
      If Leaf-san gonna try Liar I will review it. I have so much things wanna discuss and complain about that game.

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      1. otometantei

        Well, it’s a matter of opinions, really. Personally, I think Dandelion’s MC was fine. Not amazing but she wasn’t bad at all.
        Mystic Messenger is quite a good game in my opinion. It’s true that there are some plot holes here and there but not that much. The main problem is that to get to a romance route, you basically have to praise the character you’re after all the freaking time xD thankfully it’s not that bad when you’re actually IN the character’s route. The romance is a bit rushed, but then again, aren’t many otoges like that? Plus there’s no other choice for MM to be like that since the game only has 11 days.
        As for Liar, I agree that at a certain point, the MC’s request for her ideal man were just too much. But that doesn’t mean she’s a bad heroine, she’s not perfect but I actually prefer a heroine that has some flaws and isn’t innocent/pure/perfect. Plus, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be mad if they found out the guys they were seeing had secrets like the ones these dudes have? Also, you can actually pursue the last 5 guys apart from the ideal man, so it’s just a matter of who you like best (I bet the first 5 aren’t an option since they weren’t really interested in her and were complete scumbags).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bánh

        I don’t mean much the rush since it’s otome and mobile, I just mean it not that gud (mah, most of the players not even a otome gamers…)
        lol actually I prefer a reality heroine so at first I like her. But man, I don’t need she to be perfect, but she just want her man be this and that and do nothing to make herself better for that high req. Even her best friend have to admit the fact she’s not a wife material. She not good at cooking but she can try to learn. She’s a messy ppl then she could try to be a liver. No. She do nothing. For the extreme guys I don’t care but who she think she is to have the permission to slapping them? And I know the reason she want to know everything about them because the fotune teller but hey, she’s don’t have the right to violate their privacy, and she don’t tell everything about her either so why would they have to? She’s the queen, the goddess or something to have that right? It’s nonsense!


      3. otometantei

        Haha well, again, I think it’s personal for every player. I agree that MM isn’t the best game ever, but it’s really good for a mobile otoge. There are so many awful mobile otoges out there that MM was kinda refreshing in a way. But it was a bit too tragic for me at times. Again, MM isn’t my favorite mobile otoge ever, but I personally think it is much much better than a lot of others out there.
        Haha, true! The MC seemed to be more realistic at first but, afterwards, her expectations were just too high. Still, I don’t mind it that much. I think it’s fun to investigate and find out how the guys lie to her 😆 It’s true that it’s complicated, but then again it’s not like she wants to know everything about them, she just doesn’t want to end up with a bad person. I don’t think everything is completely her fault, I mean, the fortuneteller did make her raise her guard a lot. Again, I agree that she’s sometimes too harsh but who wouldn’t be upset if they find out someone interested in them is lying about something BIG? For example, being a yakuza guy isn’t exactly a small secret. There are many mobile otoge that treat mafia like nothing but if it happened in real life…would someone really want to be the lover of a mafia guy? I agree that her not knowing how to cook AT ALL is kind of extreme, but apart from that I can’t put all of the blame towards her. She just wants to fall in love and get married, maybe her expectations are a tad high, true, but then again…can you really blame her after all those awful guys she met?


      4. Bánh

        I’m this angry because Sotaro. She writing that cleanning and cooking is her strong point so Sotaro thought she’s his ideal. Actually the ideal man is Sotaro not Itaru. And in love route she don’t have feeling for Itaru but she don’t tell him directly and secretly meet Sotaro wtf? In Itaru love route when she knew he’s a stalker and someone she knew in the past, who know everything about her bad things then she run to Sotaro wtf x2?!?! Where’s her best friend? Why Sotaro?!?!


      5. otometantei

        I haven’t made it to that part yet but again, I think it’s a matter of how the story reaches every player individually. When I talked with other friends about this game, many were really happy that Itaru was the ideal man.
        If the MC really lied about being talented at cooking and cleaning then it’s not very good, but I think I can understand her feelings. She’s desperate to have a husband because of all the pressure in society. Like Leafy said, it’s tough for a woman reaching her 30s or in her 30s to not be married in Japan. As much as I love Japan and their culture, it’s a sad truth that they’re very sexist.
        Again, it’s certainly not okay to lie, but compared to the lies from the other guys, I think lying about not being able to cook/clean is a much more innocent lie than, say, lying about being single. The MC is very feminine, but she’s not very good at cooking and cleaning, and that worries her because it’s not “lady like” (personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not knowing how to cook or clean lol, I hate cleaning and I’m a woman; but cooking and cleaning are stuff that have been associated with women for centuries, sadly).
        As for the love routes, I’d have to judge for myself, really, cause I haven’t reached any of those yet ;w;


      6. Bánh

        then Sotora’s lie also a white lie. That’s bcs she’s almost 30 and want him never married/have anyone before. Lied about can cooking and cleanning isn’t wrong? It’s married things you know, they have to live together forever. She COULD TRY to do them at least.
        I’m also happy that Itaru is the “ideal man” at first, but when I knew the truth, the real ideal man is Sotaro to me. Still, although Itaru is a creepy stalker, MC still not worth to him.


      7. otometantei

        Again…I can’t really judge because I haven’t reached that part but it’s ok if you think Sotaro is better than Itaru. Not everyone’s going to like the same character. I really like Itaru and Sotaro but my favorite is Azu.


      8. Bánh

        Which part you already reach? 7th? Bcs your fav still Azu 😂 Plz prepare yourself bcs Azu is the only bastard from 6th liar to me 😂
        I like Itaru the most at first thou lol but his love for MC just… hm..


      9. otometantei

        Haha, I already know Azu’s lie but I still liked him lol. I’m currently at 7th liar. But I don’t care much for Kazumi 😆 I want to finish the game so I can pursue Azu’s love route aaaahhh


      10. Bánh

        Kazumi is a great man to me ;;-;;
        Azu love route is kind of… eh… Should I say the heroine suddenly so… soft heart to him?


      11. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        she’s not perfect but I actually prefer a heroine that has some flaws and isn’t innocent/pure/perfect. Plus, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be mad if they found out the guys they were seeing had secrets like the ones these dudes have?


        Agree so much. And also with you on Dandelion. Just because the MC isn’t some badass lady doesn’t mean she isn’t strong. I really hope people start to realize strength comes in so many forms and that having feelings and emotions is what being human is and doesn’t make one weak or ruin a good story. If we didn’t have any characters with some emotion, why would we care?

        Liked by 1 person

      12. otometantei

        Totally, sometimes I just don’t understand what people expect of a protagonist. If they cry they’re lame, if they fight back they’re too rough. Why so extreme?

        It’s like you said, being strong has nothing to do with “being badass”. I admit that it annoys me when heroines are always protected, but when they’re in a situation where they really can’t fight back with force, I think it’s perfectly okay for them to ask for help. It’s a matter of writing, imo. There have been thousands of otoge where the girl is the constant damsel in distress, but among those, there also have been times when I was pleasantly surprised by the heroine’s attitude. It’s one thing to be scared and call for prince charming, it’s another thing entirely to be scared but try to think about what you can do to help yourself in the situation you’re in. Just like how many guys in otoge have these usual tropes assigned, so do many heroines, so it’s refreshing when we see a heroine that has more personality 🙂 Because just like the tropes in guys (like tsundere, yandere, etc), it’s also really common to see heroines with similar traits (being pure, innocent, defenseless, cute). Which is why I appreciate when a heroine is more than just a pretty girl being protected.
        This talk reminds me of Nanami from Norn9, actually. It may be an unpopular opinion, but the reason why she’s my least favorite heroine in Norn9 is precisely because even though she’s suppossed to be trained like a ninja from childhood, she doesn’t do anything to fight back in situations where she could have done something. I didn’t expect her to be super badass or anything since, after all, she’s only human. But I guess I didn’t like how she was portrayed as “frail”. As for Dandelion’s MC, I found her really brave. Don’t know how much you know about the game but her mother is the main reason why she’s a bit of a pessimist. The animals she found (aka the bachelors lol) were just what she needed to make her life brighter and it does wonder to her character development, imo 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Amen. And girl I have to agree with you on Nanami…..I actually really liked Koharu because she tried so hard to do things despite the disadvantages she faced.
        Yep^^ Watched a full playthrough of Dandelion and I liked the MC. Though I will say I do prefer Nameless’s heroine lol

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      14. otometantei

        *High five* Koharu is great!!! I really liked her a lot. Especially in Senri’s route ❤

        Haha, I do too!! Even though Nameless is a darker game lmao 😆 but she's more cheerful 🙂

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      15. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Dandelion’s MC being normal is alright ^^ We all have our strengths and weaknesses and being normal isn’t a bad thing 🙂
        Yeah, I heard a lot about how MM was just alright.
        Haha it seems like Voltage really needs to come up with more things before they make otoge. But if she was alright for 6 routes then it seems they were desperately trying to fill in something. I’ll try it out eventually since I’ve heard mostly positive things about it ^^
        Although, this is intended for a Japanese audeince, so a lot of those choices like “first love/wife” makes sense in Japanese culture. Single women in their 30’s are sadly frowned upon. It’s very sexist and backwards in Japan, and when I was studying abroad, a lot of the guys believed women needed to be married before 25 or else they would be seen as undesirable as they got older…. -_- but this is a different culture soooooo lol
        Oh, you’ve already played liar? Why not review it, Banh? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

        Liked by 1 person

      16. Bánh

        I kind of like Heejung though. She slow with love but fast to realized her feeling after his cfs. But I HATE the canon. Urg…
        I already review it long time ago, but in Vienamese though (bcs most of my followers is my friend…). If you want to read I will try writing it to Eng.


  3. Reare Noella

    Hey hey hey ♡

    I remember playing this game back in the golden 2013 :0 (the year i was exposed to PC otome game and all types of port) and spent A LOT of tears on this game muahaha…!

    I think you did a brilliant great job on making this review. I still remember the struggle on trying to figure out how to pronounce every Katakana in that game. I once call Arles Aruru (coz thats what the others call him rite) and legitly call Mejojo- Meyoyo until I stumbled upon a certain blog about the correct way to write and pronounce his name. XD

    Honestly I love Mejojo and can’t blame him for being a psycho kitty cat (maybe because I’m biased 😛 with Sakurai) yet I hate dick-headed Auger (sorry not sorry) despite sharing similar past and dream on crushing the wolves and rule Weblin… *slapped//*

    BUT I LOVE AND LIVE FOR THE WOLVES KYAAAA!!! My love for Rath has no bounds and I’ll admit Rath would always be my fav otome husband of all time with Arles as my second fav in the series (with dem deep voice uhuhuhu) and I’ll be thrilled too see your views on Last Hope 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Reare!! How are you? It’s been a while haha 🙂

      Awww ///// thank you so much haha I don’t think I can do this game any justice but thank you so much! ^^ Haha omg yes their names are so hard to figure out! I thought it was Meyoyo too xD And agreed! I really like Mejojo but Auger….lol

      AND YAS GURL the wolves are amazing! I really hope they get good routes in Last Hope because Rath has so much potential and he’s supposed to be canon. And omg he’s your fav otoge husband?! Wow, then I will definitely look forward to him!!

      Haha I hope I can review it someday and thank you!! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Reare Noella

      I’m doing fine like the sun- hot and humid hurhur *making a lenny face* how was your overall stay in Japab btw? Read your twitter and it really feels like Leafy had became the protaganist in her own exclusive shoujo manga ;D

      I won’t spoil LH since it’s your journey and adventure to discover on your own gurl 😉 but I think its safe to say that LH is more subtle when it comes to violence and it does focused more on the wolves. BN focus more on the cats and much more violence been showed here doesn’t it especially when it shows the part where Mejojo and Auger subcautiously killed their own mother.. im right here going WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I MEAN I’M NOT A MOTHER NOR DO I HAVE A MAN WHOSE USING ME AS A CONCUBINE OR WHATEVER THE REASON IS BUT DONT DO THAT! OMGOSH DID YOU JUST REALISE YOU’RE CREATING A PAIR OF PYSHCO KITTIES RIGHT NOW? YOU’RE MAKING HISTORY TURNING BLACK, LADY

      Sorry for the caps tho XD but honestly this game made me think a lot about human behaviour and got me hooked up on psychology and power of having a “mask” since all of us have 3 types of “mask” don’t we? (for public, for personal contacts like family and friends,and our true colors)

      Not too sure if you use similar terms since I noticed that during our old convo you mention that America is classified as “melting pot” (or was it hotpot?) I learned that the melting pot (or whatever it was) it’s actually a term for those who only use one language and use it as an official language and only accepting a culture rather than being a diverse. The term “salad bowl” is used in my lectures instead, to describe a multicultural country (like Indonesia and Malaysia)

      Back to BWS, I actually prefer BN for plot tbh but LN for the ending hehe. Either way if you played both series you can tell how the charaters developed really well. Rath does have potential to improve and if you played LN you can understand what I meant about how did he became my fav husbando *luring Leaf with bad advertisement on LH* Besides, apart from Guillian, he seems the most sensible one to pair with Fiona for me.

      Considering she is still a teenager who has the mind of a saint, I’m not that keen to pair her up with any of the cats for some reason hmm. Same goes to Arles maybe because of the 14 year age gap? Not into big major age gaps sorry bro..

      Who was your top ikemen otoge husbando then? Apart from Rath, Fran from CR also swoon my kokoro lmao. But I could never forget my dear Ken ga Kimi bois as well XD


  4. Bánh

    Sadly, this game don’t have canon, just OTP (Mejojo for the cat and Rath for the wolve).
    And yeah, DiaLov just use the “dark and reality” story plot as BWS, but it have anime so… But I don’t care, if BWS have anime and become popular as DiaLov the game would be flop and milking like DiaLov, no tks.

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      True, but considering the events of the game and how the narrative developed, Julian truly felt like the canon route of Bloody Nightmare sine he actually did something about the cats and was able to resolve pretty much everything (kind of like Lupin in CR).
      Yea, DL does, but the whole franchise is pandering towards the fans and what they want to see so all of the original characters were screwed over as it went on. Plus, despite how there was an interesting narrative in the game, it was never completely fleshed out so that I could get behind it. BWS in my honest opinion felt completely developed and so well written that I fell in love with the world and the cast despite how much crap happened lol


  5. Karina Valshe

    Well, this game is not for me. But I already knew. Rejet does not seem to make games that escape that dark, depressing tone. At least the writing and development of the world is incredible.
    I do not intend to play Black Wolves Saga, because I possess some psychological ailments, and well … it would be like a shoot in my own foot / mind. Anyway, I really like your reviews!
    If you play Last Hope, I hope you enjoy it!

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    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, Karina!
      I have to agree. Rejet isn’t always my cup of tea. I prefer lighthearted otoge even more since Rejet can be too much sometimes. Some of their games can be good but I think that’s mainly their much older games since they were concerned with actually crafting a compelling story instead of constant dark fanservice 😛 Thank you so much haha I’m glad you find my reviews entertaining and i hope to see you again. What games are you interested in or are currently playing?


      1. Karina Valshe

        The games that I’m interested in? God, sit down, because the list is huge! Haha.
        Well, my main interests currently are CollarxMalice, Code: Realize, Kenka Bancho Otome, Heart on the Kuni Alice and a few more. But I will not play them early, for a fact: I do not know Japanese (worthy of tears), I am still learning English (including, sorry for any mistake), and I have not bought a psvita yet.
        But, some that already have in English, I want to play Sweet Fuse at your side (Your review made me very excited), Nameless, Dandelion, Cinderella Phenomenon (I already played another of the creators, Locked Heart and I liked it, so I have good expectations) Dragon Essence – Color My World -, Area-X (both from the same indie company. The finals are bittersweet but as the first one deals with Chinese mythology and Area-X is a science fiction, I’m very curious.)
        I have not been in the world of otoges for a long time, so I did not play that much. I am not currently playing anything because of personal problems.
        Oh, before I forget, I loved your post about the heroines of otome games! I had to share it! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Whoa we seem to have the same taste in otoge!! :O Haha that’s so cool! What is your native language, if that’s alright to ask? I had no idea English wasn’t your firsts language. Really, you’re very good! I’m still learning Japanese too but I’ve made so much progress thanks to otoge. Psychic Emotion 6 for the vita has very easy Japanese. It’s definitely intended for a younger audience but it’s enjoyable when you want to relax. Oh, I hope you like Sweet Fuse! It certainly surprised me with how much I liked it!
        And awww haha thank you you’re way too kind ///


      3. Karina Valshe

        This is really cool, I think that’s why I like your comments so much and I trust them when it comes to the games! Since I do not know people in my social environment who play otoges, it’s nice to meet someone who has a similar taste, I can get tips for my latest addiction haha
        My native language is Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese, to be more exact). I’m happy that my English is not as bad as I thought 🙂 I’m studying alone, interspersed with other studies.
        Otoges should help a lot, it’s great when we can learn something fun too. Something that motivated me to learn English were the otoges! Even though most of them are in Japanese, I can take advantage of those that have been translated, because in my language there is only the mobile Genius and well … They are not a masterpiece
        And I’ve seen something about Psychic Emotion 6, it seems like a lightweight game, I like games like this when it’s all crazy
        I hope I can play Sweet Fuse by the end of the year, I’m looking forward to it!
        I was curious now about one thing, do you have a favorite character type or does it vary a lot?
        Oh, no need to thank! I like to comment, even if I do not do much in English for being insecure with a language that is not mine, but I do when I think I need to say how much I love someone’s work! I know you probably can not get anything from the blog and still share what you do and everyone thinks it’s really cool. At a time when people like to distribute free hate on the internet, why not say how much I love something? ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Karina omg you’re way too sweet ////
        Thank you, I sincerely appreciate it. Haha I honestly never thought anyone would ever read my silly posts but I was so glad I made this blog since I met so many passionate fans of otoge and other media. Otoge fans are hard to come by where I live too so the struggle is real 😛
        And please don’t feel insecure with your language skills! I can understand you perfectly fine and dare I say you sound fluent! I have a few readers who also feel bad about their English but still comment and it’s been such a joy to become their friends and talk about all sorts of things so please don’t ever feel like you’re not welcome or anything haha.
        Portuguese is so pretty!! I’d love to learn it one day when I’m not too swamped haha. A lot of my readers have mentioned that they learned English to play otoge too so that’s so cool. That’s a lot of dedication and hard work so props to you and everyone who does that-or learns any language ^^
        Sweet Fuse is pretty cheap on PSN so I’d grab it when you can 🙂 We unfortunately can’t know when the support for the vita in the west will fail even the PSN 😦
        Again, thanks so much and I hope to see you around soon! ^^ Much love!


      5. Karina Valshe

        Thank you, you’re very sweet too! >///< God, I do not know how to react when they say that! I'm very shy personally and despite loosing more on the internet, hahaha remains a chaos
        I'm glad you did your blog, even if you did not think someone would read your posts! It's one of those cool surprises that life holds us back, is not it? And I feel less alone knowing this, glad that there is the internet! I'm trying to convert a friend into this otoge world, but it's still a hard battle u-u
        I thank you very much for that! I feel more relieved knowing that I am not a complete chaos, this motivates me to continue learning English, in a way it became something pleasant as the months go by to learn that language ^^
        If you risk Portuguese in the future, I wish you good luck! You seem to be doing very well learning Japanese, so I bet you would do very well.
        I love the otoges by somehow encouraging us to learn another language, of course it's great to have something in our first language, but broadening our horizons is never a bad thing!
        I'll buy it as soon as I can, I do not want to miss a chance to play it! I will cross my fingers so he does not fail until then.
        Whenever I can leave a comment, I really like your blog! See you and continue with the great work ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

        Aw Karina haha 🙂 Really, you’re good! I wish you luck with getting your friend into this hell haha. Code Realize is a really good entry point since all of the cast is likable and the heroine is great. Wow thank you! I’m really not that good at languages. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing 😛 but thank you that really helps! ^^ Good luck with English, but you don’t really need it haha xD
        And omg you’re too nice haha thank you!


  6. Shiawase

    I know this might be a bit too late but I just noticed… You might want to correct the Game titel from “Black Wolves Saga Weib und Schwarz” to “Black Wolves Saga Weiß und Schwarz”. b and ß are not interchangable and in this case a rather unlucky combination. Weiß means White. Weib is a bad outdated way of saying woman and is only used by horrible sexist men today. You only hear this word in movies depicting old times and even there it’s always a insult and has the underlying meaning of “Know your place woman!”.

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