Otome Game Review: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Intro: Ema Tachibana’s self-esteem is shot due to a combo of RBF and towering over her peers. She witnesses a confession gone wrong and the recipient, Mikuni, chases Ema down because she is his “Muse.” His friend, the super DoS Satoi, drags her to Mikuni’s place he’s been working on creating clothes for her. Reluctantly, she agrees to try on his clothes…and discovers they have more in store for her ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*This is an R18 game and contains adult subject matter.

90dec3ad8a3c4f05a657ee100fabe5fcSaito: doS tsundere in denial who hates people that waste money. He cooks for his mom and makes Ema her lunch after finding out just how bad her diet is. Ema mistakes him for a yakuza and vows to have her dad arrest him if he does anything. After she agrees to model, they take her to the woods for “dead tree vibes.” Miki left the lunches Saito packed in the car so she tries to eat a red mushroom. It could be poisonous so they refuse her them and she starts thinking about her height and how Mario ate mushrooms and shrunk. She borrows Miki’s lighter to cook the shrooms but Saito confiscates it. Miki goes to the nearest conbini cuz she’s getting faint from not eating all day. It rains so Saito gives her his jacket since they can’t hide under bushes or else Miki won’t find them when he returns. She gets hypothermia so Saito strips them both to share body heat. A girl in her class sees her walking with the boys and snaps a pic so they lock her in the shed. Saito carries her out like a princess but he’s shorter than her so Miki helps. They drop her and she skips school for 4 days. She calls them since they haven’t checked on her and they happen to be at her house lol where they kabedon her and tell her they need her to be their model. Saito takes her to his work-a butler cafe where she acts like a Prince and snags all the ladies. Saito doesn’t praise her so she gets the ladies to make him prostrate to her as she sits on the throne. She wants him to treat her like a lady and to rectify the terrible princess lift from earlier so he swoops her into his arms and carries her away.

b3aec57296158d17d72db481f06cd7c4With no warning, Saito dumps her in a love hotel and they bang. He tells her not to make Team X awkward with the FEELS and they act like nothing happened. Wut. Turns out they both really do like each other? and he comes to randomly make out with her at the stairwell. The mean girl from before is super offended to see it lol and they talk about the legendary confession and Ema fantasizes about making Saito dogenza to her. Someone sends Team X a lot of money to attend Expo, where fashion peeps and talented peeps flock and they find out it’s Miki’s scumbag dad, da evil business man who thinks his son is ちょ〜ホモ since he makes clothes (but his clothes are every straight guy’s fetish lol). Ema agrees since why not and Michael Fors visits. He’s super gay and feels up Saito and tells him to come visit him alone at his hotel. Good end: Saito’s an ass to Ema so she sides with Miki’s dad, but regrets it cuz he’s misogynistic and shit. She goes back to Team X but Miki says Saito left to sacrifice his ass for her because Michael Fors is famous and then Ema would return to them for getting him on their team. She races to save his ass and mistakes the whole situation as some BL manga as Saito confesses his feelings for her to Michael. She dogenzas too and confesses and Michael gets angry that as a model she’ll ruin her legs by doing that. So they leave for his party and tell them to stay in the hotel and do whatevs. He tells her he’ll confess only if she proves her sincerity. Afterwards, he begs her parents to let her be a model since they never told them and they dance in the butler cafe and every time she asks about their relationship, he kisses her to shut her up then says they’ll discuss it later. Normal End: Saito vows to create an idol to trump Ema but can’t find anyone so Team X reunites and has to start over.

5067f6eba8551f57e94861c3a5df8cc9Mikuni: a lot of what happens in both routes is shared so Mikuni’s summary will be short. Miki’s the otome shoujo heroine and his route felt like a true otoge. He hits himself with a frying pan when he can’t think of good designs and is a super doM who takes advantage of her exercising regiment to have her step on him. When Ema thinks the powder they’re using is drugs she runs into the room and glomps Miki but he explains it’s insecticide. He was offered drugs in America but he refused them so Ema apologizes for assuming he’s a druggie. Ema wants to be normal so she asks the furthest one from it for help-Miki. They look stuff up on Gracebook lol and fail at all the “normal” things like picking up stray cats that are eating mice and sending it to Saito to prove their social life. Saito tells them to play an otoge called Marriage in a Birdcage and they decide they need to experience a real date. So he makes them yukata and they have fun until she drops the Wow I’m so glad there’s no sexual tension here so he gets depressed and when one of her classmates starts talking to her he takes her away and kisses her. He freaks because he tainted his muse but she’s fine with it and then her yukata rips.

7e3bb8a90a39ce335867880fd928f0deHe fixes it at home and out of nowhere they do it. Welp, at least she was into it. The next day Saito tries to get in so they pretend they’re not home and walk around butt-naked and start making out when Saito gets in. Miki gives her some clothes and locks her outside while he explains he loves sleeping naked to Saito. He comes up with new design and forgets he left her outside so when Saito leaves she gets inside and makes him kiss a spider because she made friends with it and if he loves her he’ll love everything she loves. At the Expo, Miki’s dad tells him he got them onto the runway and they refuse to do it because Ema’s not a pro model and they don’t want her identity leaked so he gets a model named Ichigo to stand in for her but Miki doesn’t want anyone but Ema to wear his clothes. #HowtoDestroyYour Career101. His dad’s all YOU DO IT OR BACK TO MURICA BOI so they talk to Ichigo to ask how she can walk like a boss model. Ichigo is either a trap or gay and we’ll never know but she tells her to walk how she normally does because Ema’s just so weird it’ll work. Good end: It’s a success and Ema is reborn as a DoS and punishes Miki after the Expo. Miki leaves for MURICA and becomes this hot ass designer so Saito tells her not to jump him when they go to pickhim up at the airport cuz he’s famous now and they want to keep it that way. But the moment she sees him she’s all fuck that and they make out in front of the fangirls because she wants to show them he’s hers. YAS Ema!

Final Thoughts:

Shut-ins Get All Da Bois


You asked for porn and here you go. Localized R18 games aren’t an oddity, but ones for GURLS sure are. We all know all the terrible excuses for not localizing them so there’s no need repeating them — especially if you happen to be a girl. It’s really annoying to constantly hear these. Thankfully, Mangagamer, Aksyss, and Idea Factory International continue to localize new titles for this niche genre.

Heroine: Ema is a creature of habit who resides in her house in her pjs. She eats the same food each day with slight variations. Her parents neglected her so when she asked her dad what neglect meant, he bought her a fancy ass computer 😂. She lets the plot string her along and only seems to do anything when the least amount of effort is required, but it all works with the plot.


System: Easy to navigate and we have Skip-To-Next-Choice. I liked how the game would quick save at every choice. There were a lot of bad ends but they were each very funny and entertaining and if you don’t play bad ends, I’d recommend you try these. They’re very short and you can quickly get back to the main story.

Art: The colors popped and I liked the designs of the characters. Unfortunately, some CGs had some wonky anatomy and the “kiss” CGs were awkwardly drawn.

Music: Nothing stood out in particular. The OP was pretty funny though. There was a lot of looped recordings from audiences and stuff so that stood out.

Characters: The love interests provide some of the best lines in the game. Ema, likewise, is snarky and blunt. A lot of the humor reminded me of Yo-Jin-Bo. I have to agree with the criticisms I’ve seen regarding Saito, however. He wasn’t the best guy. He was very dismissive of Ema, even during their h-scene. They were both willing participants, but he told her that it was something they did on a whim and not to get caught up in the emotions *tips fedora.* Miki was an adorable breath of fresh air. If you like DoM bois here you go:) He felt the most like an otome route.

Overall, it’s a pretty short game packed with word-play, Japanese puns, and snarky comedy. Some players may not get a lot of the references even with the delightful translations by Molly aka Verde. Her translations were fantastic as usual and I sincerely hope we get more from her.

Trigger Warnings: From what I understand, rape is in pretty much every r18 otoge as a bad ending for some reason… Thankfully, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome did not have any sexual assault in the game. Each character is a willing participant. Unfortunately, there is some content that could upset players in this title. There is an abundance of fat-shaming and coarse humor which could trigger someone. It’s still a fun game but Saito has really angered a lot of people with how he treated Ema. Cultural differences aside, this is upsetting to see when you just want to have fun.

What did you think of FLM? Would you like to see more R18 otoge? Who was your fav?

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11 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

  1. Bánh

    This make me hope we will get more R18 (with good plot) in the future. Like Yoshiwara Higanbana, Sanzen Sekai Yuugi, etc.
    I do like Miki more and so my friend. I wonder if their is someone who prefer Saito :v

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      To be honest, while it’s a fantastic localization, for two routes (1 3p route) and about 3-5 hours each, I’d really recommend a sale. I got it when it was $19 and I’d say if you can get it for around that price go for it but it is more of a guilty pleasure otoge. Short and gets to the point.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reare Noella

    Holy cow the intro “self-estime was shot due to combo of RBF dan towering..” is so me XD #probslivinginasia

    Considering an average Japanese female is around 150-ish (correct me if I’m wrong) pretty rare to see a game that describe the pyhsical height over 170cm category. How do you feel when the rated scene slide in :-)?

    I was debating to get it or not but decided to let it go (to buy more drama CDs and Voltage game) but really nice too see this review from this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha omg you’re that tall!? Lucky!! I wish I could see over crowds haha.

      The h-scenes are new for me since I don’t play those games but I did like how both were willing participants.

      It’s a short game and while very well-localized, if you want drama cds more, I’d go for them. I’d wait for a sale for this or when you have time to kill. Oh, thank you, Reare! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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