Don’t Know What to Get You or Your Friends For Christmas?

Yes, it’s October, but Christmas is going to hit you like a snowball to the face if you’re not paying attention. While I’m passionate about otoge, I also love many other things. If you’re stumped as to what to get your friends or even yourself, here are some of my picks. And if you don’t agree with mine, please feel free to make your own list and share them with others in the comments below! ^^

Otome Games

If want to get into the world of otoge hell these are my top picks. These are available in English. Both deal with emphasis on story, have a likable cast, and feature strong heroines:


Code Realize is my favorite otoge and if you like FMA, romance, sweeping adventures, and a good story, this should be on your list. Plus, the anime is coming out Oct. 7 ❤




While Nightshade is shorter, it packs a punch that most otoge unfortunately lack. Great protagonist and wonderful cast of ikemen.



Have a friend who’s into otoge but have no idea where to start? They more than likely have played either of the two the above, and most certainly have played Hakuoki and Amnesia.

tumblr_ob9vc6va8r1u1zlsco7_1280In that case, consider the recently released Collar x Malice. While there are some definite translation and localization problems, this has been on most otoge fan’s radars.



Bad Apple Wars is also releasing Oct. 13, and would be a lovely treat for excited otoge bad-apple-warsfans.

If you really have no clue and you want it to be a surprise, you could just get them a google play card so they can scroll through the endless selection of mobage.

If all else fails you could ask if they have a game they want. But if you want to keep it a surprise, getting them merch of an otoge is a safe bet. Some of the more popular series are Diabolik Lovers, Amnesia, Code Realize, and Mystic Messenger.

Drama Cds

I’ve just started to explore them, so I really can’t recommend anything other than what I’ve reviewed.

The Thanatos Night series has been a surprisingly addictive series featuring fallen angels and amazing music. The Japanese is also very easy to understand.

The Prince of Grimm is likewise addicting but darker. The Japanese is more advanced.

Dance With Devils has several series and if you’re a fan of the series they’re not to be missed!


If you want shojo:


Honey So Sweet is a fantastic series of 8 volumes that highlights several different relationships. If you like Strobe Edge or Ao Haru Ride (with less angst lol) this is worth your time.


Kamisama Kiss is a longer commitment but one of the best supernatural romance manga out there. The heroine even has to save the love interest’s life during the series. If you like Inuyasha, but want a little more romance, a kickass lead, and really like Japanese folklore and myth, this should be your next read. It clocks in at 25 volumes and just ended this month.


Yona of the Dawn is an homage to the series that came before it: 12 Kingdoms, Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi. This is an epic fantasy series featuring the best character development I’ve seen in a lead character. There’s plenty eye candy and even more ass kicking. Definitely one of the best series out there. Like Kamisama Kiss, it’s a long investment, but worth it.


After YEARS of begging, Princess Jellyfish was finally licensed in English. This has been turned into an omnibus format, so you get 2 for 1. The characters are college-aged NEETS whose lives are changed when a cross-dressing rebel boy saves the heroine from having to deal with normal people lol. There’s romance, comedy, and life lessons.

If you want something else:


A renowned surgeon saves the life of a boy who becomes a serial killer. This is a masterpiece that really shows just how much manga can accomplish. It’s a story worth every second. Please give Monster a try. Everyone can benefit from a good story.


Requiem of the Rose King tackles subjects most manga licensed in English don’t. There’s discussion of sexuality, intersexuality, gender roles, etc. all amidst a backdrop of Shakespear’s draft of Richard III. Aya Kanno also wrote Otomen lol.


Imagine Studio Ghibli meets Harry Potter meets Beauty and the Beast. That’s The Ancient Magus Bride. It’s a delight to read.


Everything about The Children of Whales screams Studio Ghibli!

Video Games


Nier is going to be the top of many’s lists this year as one of the best games ever made. Beautiful ost.


Pokemon hit a new level with Sun and Moon, and this newest entry, Ultra Sun and Moon, is a much darker spin off/sequel to it. Which version are you getting?

61f2brx-3otl-_sx215_ 61jhd8feubl-_sx215_ 619bwtobxsl-_sx215_

The Fire Emblem series was saved with Awakening from fading away, and now it’s here to stay. For good reason. If you’ve yet to play one, start with Awakening and then move to Fates. Echoes is snubbed because there’s no WAIFUS but really, it’s a great game worth playing.

This is just a small selection of what I think is worth considering. If you’re not the target audience of this blog, I hope I turned you into a fan of otoge where we can all burn together. If you’re a reader, you’ll likely find something since we must have the same taste 😉

What are you getting for Christmas? What are you looking forward to this year or the next?

If you like what you see please follow or share. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Get You or Your Friends For Christmas?

  1. 1_chan

    Thanks for the suggestions! Honestly, I’m already considering gifts even though Christmas is still a couple of months away xD. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one worrying lol. I’ll definitely keep these in mind when I’m picking out gifts (most likely gonna treat myself out with these ahaha xDD).

    Liked by 2 people

      1. TwoHappyCats

        Hehe thank you! It’s 10 November 🙂 Last year my dad got me a $50 gift card for some sports equipment (T_T) so at least this time he’ll have some proper direction of what I like 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Cho

    Nice list! I’m still trying to decide on a next otome to pick up, once I have the time to read through one. I am interested in Nightshade (as I like traditional Japan settings), but I really wish it were on the Vita.

    To add to your list, I’d like to recommend otome fans check out some of the shoujo ebooks being released by Cross Infinite World. My Favorite Song, The Violet Knight, and I Became the Secretary of a Hero are titles stories set in fantasy worlds with magic and whatnot. And then there’s Akaoni, which is a vampire story I rather enjoyed reading. These are all web novels from Japan that have been translated into English and given illustrations to make them like light novels. There’s also an upcoming title, Obsessions of an Otoge Gamer, which has the protagonist reincarnated into the world of an otome visual novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Hi, Cho! It’s nice to see you ^^ Nightshade is really good but I also wish it were available on steam. If you decide against it, Code Realize is honestly one of the best otoge available right now. Especially if you’re a fan of FMA.

      Thank you so much for the suggestions!! Those are really good choices and I didn’t even know about Obsessions of an Otoge Gamer. (Oh, I am really liking the Rokka light novels so thank you so much!!!)


      1. Cho

        I’ve read Code: Realize, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next entry for that, whenever it releases.

        (Glad you’re enjoying Rokka! I plan to get around to volume 2 this month, hopefully.)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha it’s hard to find fans who aren’t JUST anime fans. There are people in my Japanese language class who said they have no interest in dramas, music, or anything that isn’t anime because that’s the only reason they took the class. I mean, sure. It’s fine to be passionate. We all are. But these same people argue with our NATIVE JAPANESE teacher lol about how she’s wrong about x or y because they watch anime so they JUST KNOW lolol.

      Thank you, Remy!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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