Blog Anniversary: 2017 Games In Review

2017 was a surprising year!

Some companies screwed themselves over *coughE2cough* while others proved otoge localizations are possible-if only fans continue to support and not shit on them by pirating.

So let’s see the Drama Cds, Otoge, and Visual Novels I experienced this year!

And review what’s in store for Otoge players in 2018!!

Drama CDs

Thanatos Night Volume 2: Nia


I think all of us can agree this Cd traumatized a lot of listeners…and I liked it. Easy to see coming, but the performance was breathtaking. FANTASTIC music.

If you’d like to purchase it or anything on here, please use my affiliate links to support this blog! THANK YOU!

Nia’s Cd  

Thanatos Night Volume 3: Oliver


……..凸( ̄ヘ ̄)(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ  Not for me. Such a shame. I love Morikubo and while his music was AMAZING the scenario itself was nope. Though, a lot of people liked it….so I mean, up to you? But as always, the Thanatos Night series are easy to understand so that’s a plus.

Oliver’s Cd

Grimm Gai no Ouji-Sama Volume 1: Akazukin


Really good! I loved the twist at the end. If you like darker scenarios this is for you. A girl wakes up in the land of Grimm where many princes exist and you find out some shit. Loved this. Tsundere red-riding hood.

Akazukin’s Cd

Grimm Gai no Ouji-Sama Volume 2: Cinderella


In stark contrast, I really disliked this cd. Yanderes have never been my cup of tea and it doesn’t look there will ever come a day I do like one. Still, many liked this.

Cinderella’s Cd


Ah yes, the steaming piles of shit that is inevitable in everyone’s lives. We all have opinions and we should respect the fact that opinions don’t=fact. 

“Oniichan Online”: Period Cube~The Caged Amadeus~


One of the WORST titles I’ve ever played. This game preaches that women are too stupid to play MMO’s and Kazuha is the epitome of this stereotype. Writing was sloppy, lazy, convenient, and pandered to tropes. The latter is never a bad thing if it’s done right but holy shit was this handled the wrong way. There are a ton of other options for localized otoge but if this game is calling you, or you love uguu cages, oniichans, cardboard heroines, and no character development, by all means.

 The Decent

“Some Guy Wants Me To Model But He’s Got Some Weird Taste”: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome


I was pleasantly surprised bless the Lord there’s no rape in the bad ends because for some reason Japan just puts that shit in every. PC. otoge. WHY.  Fantastic translations. Really short and the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) stuff happens out of nowhere. Worth checking out since it’s the first of it’s kind to be localized for Western audiences. 

The Good

“Breaks Shit in A Store, Doesn’t Pay For It, Gets A Reverse Harem”: Shall We Date? Guilty Alice


Once again, I have to hand it to Solmare for producing some of the best mobage available. Compared to Voltage, Solmare has the “it’s almost an otoge” vibe. Heroine was great and if you choose 1 route DO IT FOR CHESHIRE ❤ 

Had this been the entire game I’d be raving about it. Choose Cheshire. You won’t regret it. ~MWAH~”

Friend Code for a FREE CG:  Gyd0pPFPcs

“Mother Doesn’t Know Best”: Cinderella Phenomenon


Not only is this FREE to play but it was so well-written. Lucette is a snappy, rude, bombass heroine and I loved her so much. Will be getting the FD. 

“Can I Go Back to My Tower, Please?”: Black Wolves Saga~Bloody Nightmare~


A classic title from Rejet that scarred everyone’s <3’s while Auger played his violin in the background. Not for those seeking romance, as it deals with very dark subject matter. It is for those craving a well-written story focusing on psychologically twisted characters, political intrigue, and a fascinating, fairy-tale-like world. 

“Where’s My Promotion?”: Collar x Malice


A solid title and a fantastic commentary on justice and the failure of the Japanese justice system (albeit exaggerated to fit the narrative but nonetheless still strikingly honest).

“CxM is one of those otoge that did really well with Japanese audiences and fans who imported the game overseas. “

Despite the other number of great titles to choose from this year, Collar x Malice will likely top everyone’s otoge/visual novel lists this 2017. The romance serves as a subplot.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ The Best Of 2017 ( ˘ ³˘)♥

This category will only include ONE otoge or visual novel. The visual novel must include romance to count because most of us came here for that. 

“On My First Mission Everything Went to Shit”: Nightshade/ Hyakka Hyakurou 


Again, most people will find CxM topping their lists, but for me, I have to hand this to Nightshade. Available in English on Steam (and in JPN), I was very impressed and had soooo much fun with this game. Considering the cliff of fails D3P had been tumbling down, no one was expecting this to soar to the heavens. A surprising game and one I think many were glad to have experienced. Fantastic heroine, great love interests, and HANZO ❤

This earns my top visual novel award of 2017! 

Confirmed English Otoge for 2018 (so far)

  • Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence-visual novel
  • Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows-visual novel
  • Cinderella Phenomenon’s FD possibly

A Thank You To My Readers

Wow….it’s 2018 in 2 days?! I still can’t believe it. While this year has been one bag of crazy, I was lucky to be able to play some amazing games. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete a few in time, so those will be going onto next year’s wrap up, but I’m so lucky to have such amazing readers and friends in this community! Your support means so much to me and it’s thanks to you that I’m able to continue this passion of mine and provide content for you ^^ 

I hope you all have an AMAZING 2018 and you get to play some awesome games 🙂 Take care of yourselves and thank you so much for always supporting me. After this year, my blog will be 3 years old (unless I really can’t math oh lord). I’m a pretty lazy person who starts things and then drops them and I’ve kept this blog up for so long! 😀 

Thank you all so much and let’s all have a wonderful next year!!

What are you looking forward to next year? How was your 2017?

If you like what you see please follow or share. Thank you!!


15 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary: 2017 Games In Review

  1. 1_chan

    Thank you for the overview! 2017 has been the hectic year, but it’s also the year I’ve been getting back into seriously playing otoge. Definitely looking forward to more localizations, and I’m trying to save up enough to get the consoles for the titles I’ve had my eyes on haha~ Hope you have a great new year’s holiday, and cheers to another year! See you xDD

    Liked by 2 people

  2. yaoidaisuki

    Thanks for the post 🙂
    I bought CollarxMalice but can’t play it bc I don’t onw a Vita x’D …yet
    “Definitely looking forward to more localizations, and I’m trying to save up enough to get the consoles for the titles I’ve had my eyes on” -> Same!!!
    I only played 4 VN this year(otoge and BL) ;-;
    I hope I can have more free time to play my games next year. I even bought Nightshade but I couldn’t play it ;;
    Happy New Year!!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Karina Valshe

    Hey, happy new year. Okay, i know, it’s toooo late >-<
    I need these games, except of course, Period Cube. I'm not crazy about spending money on games that follow that line, ugh.I need these games, except of course, Period Cube. I'm not crazy about spending money on games that follow that line, ugh. It's sad that the game is bad, but my personal saying is "less a bad game on the list, more money for the good games" XD
    I did not know Guilty Alice, but now I'm interested!
    I hope 2018 is a good year for the games and that the universe has mercy on us, we do not need porths like that of Taishou x Alice @.@

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 Post author

      Haha, Happy New Year to you too, Karina ^^ It’s never too late 🙂 Haha I like your way of thinking-really helps you get what’s good for your money.
      Yes, I sincerely hope 2018 is amazing since we’re getting some awesome games! And yea….oh Taishou….why…..
      Thanks for stopping buy 🙂


  4. The Maniacal Book Unicorn

    OMG!! All those gorgeous guys 😍❤ I never thought I’d fangirl so hard over fictional guys 😂 I’ve still never tried out any Drama Cds or Otoge, but have been curious about it…though what you said about those “bad ends”, pretty sure if you hadn’t put out that warning my first experience would have been my last lol. Now I know to try and avoid it.

    Liked by 1 person


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